I need advice from women with PCOS

I’d like to hear from other women that struggle with PCOS. I know that it affects all women differently. For me, I’ve had struggles with fertility and having a normal cycle. Here is another struggle that I think could be caused by my PCOS. I have a very low sex drive. If my partner doesn’t initiate it, we’d likely never have sex because I don’t care to. I absolutely adore him and being attracted to him is unquestionable. Once we’re started, there’s no issue, I just don’t care to initiate it and I know that it makes him feel that I’m not attracted to him or that he doesn’t turn me on and I don’t want him to feel that way. Could PCOS be the cause behind this? Of course, I know that I should talk to my doctor about this. I have an appointment coming up and could mention it but I just feel so uncomfortable/ embarrassed talking to a random man about this and almost ashamed to even have to mention it. And even if I have a hormonal imbalance and there’s medication that I could take, I’m breastfeeding and would possibly have to hold off until I’m done. So I’m just looking for advice from someone that has been in a similar situation and if there’s anything you did that helped, without medication. Thanks in advance.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need advice from women with PCOS

Mine is hormonal imbalance, no periods, I struggled with infertility, I have the excessive oily skin, beginning to be what might be insulin resistance, the hair loss, the can’t lose weight issue and so much more.

I have the same issues, and definitely talk to your doctor about this. Don’t be scared! :heart:


It could be, or it could be any number of reasons i.e. you prefer someone to initiate to know they actually want to first, you like the dominant trait, you have anxiety

My biggest piece of advice is, find another doctor. Maybe a female doctor. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing everything with your doctor, then I would find a new one.


Yes pcos can be the cause , definitely find a reproductive endocrinologist! They’re so great with pcos and solutions . Good luck :four_leaf_clover: inositol is amazing for pcos too !! It’s been helpful . There’s different kinds available.

I’ve struggled for 8 years. I had a high sex drive until I had my daughter to be honest. But I’m also almost 30. I had ovarian surgery almost 2 years ago. And I’ve also been pregnant with my daughter and now son for almost 2 years :woozy_face::rofl: it could be several factors!

My Husband feels the same. I deal with the hair loss and nonexistent sex drive even on meds. If this is fairly new I suggest going to couples therapy so he can understand that it’s not a HIM problem, it’s medical. Unfortunately I waited to late for couples therapy and we are at the point of no return on the sex thing. As far as everything else, your Endo, or GYN is your best friend. Find one you trust and keep looking until you do. You got this!

That’s also common with breastfeeding; I’m literally in the same boat and I’ve always been that way. I don’t think it necessarily has to do with PCOS.

Yes PCOS can cause low sex drive, it is a hormonal imbalance after all. I go through phases personally. I recommend finding a reproductive endocrinologist, they seem to be more knowledgeable about PCOS. I also have very irregular cycles, can’t lose weight even if I starved and can grow a better beard than most men I know (yeah, not happy about that one :joy::joy:) good luck!

i find that men doctor generally care more in this department (women) are brutal with mine excessive wieght gain 7 miscarriages I finally gave birth to my 5th witch almost killed me he was a tripplet and lost one at 7 weeks amd another at 12. total embalance of hormones… currently losing wieght no more babies as we just took in a 17 year old and my husband said he couldn’t see me on death bed again so he got a vasectomy

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Absolutely. I too suffer from PCOS and also struggle with little to no sex drive… it’s even worse when I’m on birth control :sob: was told by my drs that it’s most likely PCOS related because PCOS is a major hormone imbalance usually. As far as meds I’m really not sure I haven’t really looked into that end because wanting to get pregnant was enough for me to just do it regardless of drive but now that I’m pregnant with my second in 2 years (4 total) I’m probably gonna have to look into it because hubby is getting fixed so I don’t have to do birth control again but I want to actually want it 🥲

Switch to a primary care doctor or GYN who makes you comfortable, maybe a woman. If you don’t like talking about it, write down your symptoms, possible problems (PCOS? Hormone imbalance? Etc.), hand the list to your doc & ask what tests you should get & what could be wrong.

You may just be asexual. Lots of people are. It doesn’t neccessarily mean there’s anything wrong unless this is a new development. Have you always been apathetic towards sex?

Finally having a complete and total hysterectomy is what finally solved the damn problem for me. Of course I had to fight over 27 doctors in a 12 year span to get it but finally I was able to find a doctor who didn’t question what I already knew. Just remember you can fire doctors. Yeah, you’ll have to wait another x-amount of days before getting into another practice but it was worth it(for me personally). I rather wait to see the next doctor than keep getting medical advice I know doesn’t work. (For the sole fact 7 other doctors tried it beforehand.)
Good luck and keep trying. I know it’s exhausting on top of what you’re already feeling but there is treatments and surgeries that can help.