I need info from c section mamas

I am on my third pregnancy and my doctor has suggested that I get a c section because while pushing my second one out I had complications and so did she. I’m pretty worried about how my body will heal after the c section, scaring and if my stomach will ever be flat again, (I’m a very small human lol) does anyone have any input that will put my mind as ease?!?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need info from c section mamas

I’ve had 3 csections and have the pooch but my babies have all loved cuddling on it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My took forever to heal and is still tender. Baby turner two this week. :confused:

My pubic hair covers my scar.

I’ve had 4 c-sections and they were all different experiences from good and bad. Just know that you’ll be ok! The surgery is pretty quick. The next couple of days won’t be easy but it’ll be over before you know it plus seeing the perfect little baby makes it all worth it. If I could I’d do it all again

I’m about to have my 5th c section.
You will need alot longer to heal its definitely not easy.
But millions have done it before and recovered.
My advise if you do get one roll a towel long ways to wrap around your stomach and press firmly whenever you need to move at all cough sneeze stand anything… it’ll be your new best friend. Also a physiotherapist told us to lay on your stomach asap so it can heal quicker.
And the drs actually push the placenta out of your vagina they don’t pull it out the c section.
But it’s all worth it in the end.

I’ve never had a c-section but I’ve been pregnant and had kids and that “pooch” and all our stretch marks and any scars are nothing to be ashamed of! For crying out loud, our bodies have carried another human being around inside of us for 9 months and been stretched to the hilt! If anyone can do that a couple of times or more with no pooch or marks/scars and still have a perfectly flat stomach then they must’ve had surgery to cover it all up. Be proud of your battle marks/wounds!


My second c-section was scheduled because my first was difficult due to a narrow canal. That was 10 years ago and it’s still numb in that area.

If you had complications and the dr have suggested it, then listen to them, your baby’s health is more important then any birth plan or body appearance.



My 3rd delivery was a csection and it was totally fine! Sure, you’re recovering from surgery – but it really wasn’t a big deal. Healthy Mom and healthy baby – that’s the end goal!
Also, my scar is barely visible, and no ‘pooch’

If the c section will ensure yours and your babies safety the affects on how your stomach looks should not be a concern right now. Focus on bringing your beautiful baby safely into the world. If your stomach goes back flat after a natural birth it will after a c section too. Mine did . Baby 8 was an emergency c section after 7 natural deliveries. Be sure to talk openly about the surgery with whoever is in charge of your care and you can ask they ensure the cut is below your underwear line unless an emergency arises and it’s not possible.


I’ve had 2 C-sections, they were no big deal. Of course I have nothing else to compare it to but I didn’t have any problems, very little pain and after delivery bleeding was not bad, sore for a few days and just be good to yourself and all will be good.

I had a csection with my boy, had no issues with it. You will need time to heal and abit more time to heal internally, your stomach won’t go back to the way it is now, you will eventually get the pouch, we all have that has had a c section. The safety of you and your bubs is priority, doesn’t matter on what you look like afterwards or what you look like 12mths after

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A planned C section is a safe and controlled procedure. I had 2 and no problems afterwards. Healed well no drama. You will prob get your flat tum back so don’t worry. Only focus on positive comments and experiences! If you want to heal and recover well… just expect that you will.

Well woman have an extra natural layer of fat to keep our babies warm so if your stomach is actually fully flat congratulations :joy: that’s all to do with age and genetics tho none of us can speak to what you will experience exactly in that sense. My first C-section was hard my second was really simple I healed pretty quickly. I will probably never loose my lower tummy and I have tons of stretch marks but I think I look great for 2 kids :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d be more worried about surviving the birth than a flat tummy
I’d be more worried about nerve damage in vagina or c section area afterwards than maintaining a flat tummy( there’s meds for that now )I think your missing the point. The point is to love yourself and accept your body as is! You can’t expect a perfect body after giving birth to three children. Nurse as much as possible that helps to loss weight and a c section doesn’t give u a pooch. What gives a tummy is getting pregnant and getting stretched for 9 months.
If your a petite woman then I would go with a c section … excessive tearing in the v birth is what’s most concerning.

I’ve had 3 c sections and two of those were in my 30s, im a very tiny person as well. My belly is not pooched at all, but once I was cleared with each started doing core work outs.

My 1st 2 were c sections. My 3rd was a vbac. It went very well. I had a great doctor.

C sections are a big deal! They’re a scary thought for sure! But an elective c section is a lot more of a chilled calm environment so you will hopefully feel more chilled and calm. You do get a pouch, my c section was a year ago and its not as saggy as it was but its still there. That being said ive made zero effort to lose any of it😅 i also had a c section 17 years prior to most recent one and that pouch was non existant! The one thing id say is ask for a dissolvable continuous stitch rather than staples or stiches that need removing. Staples are uncomfortable and leave a not as neat scar and they have to be removed.

I had twins emergency c section I have a tiny scar across my pubic area, I went back to a size 8 days later an the scar is my pride and joy without it twin one and me would not have survived (lots of complications) yours and the baby’s health is more important than worrying about how your body will look after. Good luck xx

I had my 3rd c section 11 weeks ago and I swear healing and recovery were so much easier this time! After the first week I was doing the normal stuff but obviously take it easy.
If you went flat after the first two afterwards you would probably be lucky again and get back to pretty much normal. Don’t stress about it lol

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Once your babies are delivered safely, you don’t really care what your body looks like. Yes it hurts, it’s major surgery. Get up and move (still take it easy) it’s how you’ll feel better faster. Sleep in a recliner if you can. Try to stay out of the car… then just do the thing. I’ve had three, first one was emergency so I healed like shit for that one… but the other two I was up and moving about 6-8 hours later… once I could feel my legs lol. A boppy or pillow will be a lifesaver for breastfeeding and pillows are perfect to hold to you if you need to cough so your body doesn’t move as much.

You will sag if you’re big. If you’re small and skinny you will be fine. But everyone is different.

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I have had a csection with all 3 of my children, you can hardly see my scar what so ever even after 3 kids. I was up walking around super quickly with all of them even my last one I was up changing diapers two hours after my surgery and did it without pain medication. After working out normally my stomach went back to normal too. I will say everyone is different and will have a different experience though. Go in with a good mind set and positivity and you’ll be just fine hun.

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If you don’t need it don’t do it


Its better to have c sec if you have already had them. Is what my dr told me. I healed a little faster 2nd time than 1st

I had complications after #4 and almost died. I was terrified to have #5 but she was worth it :). While pushing 4 out i tore my left ovarian vein it was overlooked i was discharged went home and coded received 13 units of blood cut from pubic bone to belly button the had to remove my left tube and ovary listen to your body

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A healthy baby and mama should be more satisfying than a flat tummy and small scar. I’ve had 2 csections and healed faster than some that had vaginal births. That falls back to everyone is different though.


If you can avoid a c section, I would recommend. Everyone heals differently but I’m 8 weeks post op with only more complications and hospitalizations. I’ve had one natural delivery and one c section and the c section has been a much worse recovery. If you have to schedule it to keep your baby safe, do it - just read up on everything so you are prepared. It is MAJOR surgery and healing could take a long time. Best of luck to you!!! :heart:


If you do EO using frankincense seems to help a lot with healing scars

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Yes a c section hurts and takes longer to heal but if its what is best for baby and you then do it. You can’t even see my scar. I had one and having another in may.

I’ve had 7 c-sections…my stomach looks awful. I can’t stand the touching from naval down. Recovery sucked for me. My 1st was in 2000 and my last was in 2017.


I was on third pregnancy had c section with number 2 , and emergency with number 3 a week ago I’m tiny and my stomach has flattened slowly I’ve been wearing the undies I pull over my stomach or a sarong

You will have a scar but typically they do it low. I was 25 when I had my first, they try to cut you below your bikini line if possible but you should discuss with your surgeon, I did. My stomach went back to pretty flat after my first. The recovery is hard it is very important that you don’t lift anything but your baby until you heal.

Getting my third csection in February. JleaFitness LLC was able to get a flat stomach and abs :joy::heart: #hardwork

What were the complications?

It doesnt really even hurt much… ive had 2. Take ur meds and keep moving… staying still is the worst u can do


Planned csection def goes a lot smoother than an emergency csection :woman_shrugging:


You’d be better off to have the elective if that’s what’s suggested and have a calm delivery than having the stress and trauma and recovery of an emergency

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I had two c- sections I would not wanted any other way , no it doesn’t take that long to recover, Make sure you are active walker the more you are active the better it will be


After my 3rd C- section I was shortly home doing dishes, laundry and running the vacuum. Breastfeeding will help you loose some weight as well. No problem. Stay active

I’ve had four. :slightly_smiling_face: the recovery wasn’t terrible. And I don’t regret it. It saved me and my children.

The “bounce back” will take longer, yes. Bc you’re on more restrictions to heal.
But you can AND WILL get your stomach back if you work to do so! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a larger person lol always have been. But after this fourth, I’ve did a lot more to get smaller. I still have a whole ass kangaroo pouch… lol but I blame me ignoring it the last nine years after birth. If I would have worked off the extra belly before another pregnancy I whole heartedly believe I could have lost it, and you can!

I had an emergency c-section. My stomach went back to being flat & you can barely see my scar. Also, recovery was no problem. I was doing everything I normally do when I got home. Idk if this is a typical experience, but it’s definitely possible that you’ll bounce right back.

Honestly after just carrying one kid, your stomach is never really the same. I look at it as I earned my stripes and scar. 3 vaginal and my last was a c section. It was in the best interest of myself and child. I don’t care what my stomach looks like. I was able to lose some of my stomach from the vaginal deliveries. The c section is not much different, although I will always have a little pouch and I’m ok with that. I was actually up moving faster with the c section than with the vaginal ones. Everyone is different of course. But if you listen to your body I believe you will be just fine afterwards. Best of luck to you.

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It depends on the elasticity in your skin etc. My first 2 kids (1 was natural and 1 was a c section and I didnt even look like I even had a baby) my last 3 (1 natural and 2 c sections and now I have the pouch) all my deliveries went well.
I know how you feel about worrying about your stomach I have 5 kids and hate looking at myself and my pouch of a stomach. So I see your concern and know how you feel. My kids were all healthy babies and that’s what matters even though secretly I hate my body on a daily basis. That’s the truth if you want it. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’ve had 3 c sections. They can be scary. Each one went very differently. The recovery sucks but just do what they tell you to and you’ll be fine. I didn’t care about the scar and my stomach looks awful. But I don’t care and you’ll feel better about it if you don’t care either lol. I know it’s easier said than done. Ice packs helped a lot with the pain. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, take the stool softener, trust me lol. The baby is usually born within the first 20 minutes, if that.

I’m honestly very happy that I had a PLANNED c-section. My baby was breech and my cousins had both had emergency c-sections with their twins the year before and they said it being emergency was traumatizing but my planned one was so smooth and having the date and time honestly helped control my anxiety

Ive had one emergency c section. It’s very painful imo, I struggled even holding my baby. The more active you are and staying up on meds are definitely helpful. I didn’t want to be too medicated to take care of my child so I didn’t take medication correctly and that could have been a big factor to my pain. The scar is barely there. They glued me so there’s no marks from stitches. My stomach definitely still hasn’t gone back to size and I have a pouch that I hate. Honestly though a scheduled c section would probably be less tramatic because I was on labor for over a day so I was really exhausted.

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2 c-sections 11mos apart on the day, worked till the day i delivered & went back to work 2wks later! Easy peasy😊 everyone is different.

firs tof all a really good OB will assess the situation as you go thru labor, so moms do need a C.S & some don’t, A lot of OB’s just do it because it is convenient. Bit if it is done, the healing is good, We usually get moms sitting up OOB with 6-8 hrs, walking within 12, after the foley is out, We encourage resting, walking drinking & eating well. We use Duromorph in the epidural site, so moms usually use less pain meds after 12 hrs, But I do encourage then at least at night time & when first getting up in the morning, They usually are not need every 6- 8 hrs like many hrs ago. No exercise until OB allows, usually after 6 wks, Just do things slowly & easily & you will be fine

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I had two c sections with my two boys. My first was emergency due to my having severe preeclampsia. It was terrifying because I had to have the c section at 28 weeks pregnant. My second was planned due to my complications before and because my body just simply wasn’t trying to get my son out. I was over due with him. My experience, because everyone is different, wasn’t so bad. I have one scar because they cut the same cut as my first, it still has partially no feeling and a little scar tissue underneath. Personally I think they did a pretty good job considering I was the second size of a blimp the first time. I stand at 4 feet and 11 inches and at the time I was 100 lbs soaking wet, when I got life flighted to the hospital I was 140 lbs! My stomach went flat both times.

I’ve had 2, one emergency and one planned. After first I was only 16 so bounced back pretty quick, for it being an emergency the scar was so clean, the belly under the button will always be numb. As son was 6 weeks early and I have heart issues I was 5 days in hospital. The recovery itself was hard, and the one thing I wish I was warned about was the first poo after! It feels like ur insides are coming out :flushed: 2nd one was harder due to age and health then I contracted sepsis and was back in 4 weeks later with serious gall stones. But I’m now 31 all healed and both kiddies fine and healthy! Good luck mumma! Don’t over think it. We all heal differently! Xx

I’ve had 3 c - sections. The 1st was unplanned and very traumatic. The other 2 were planned and much easier. I recovered quickly after all 3. Take pain medication as indicated by your gynae. It really helps. Don’t over do it. Listen to your body and rest. Walking really helps but take it slow. Everything of the best with the birth

My third was an emergency C-section. Besides the emergency part & all that led upto it he was my easiest labor. If I were to have more children & had the choice I’d have a C-section. I was up walking about 6 hours after. They offer you meds for the pain. My son’s father would glare at me & the nurse whenever it came up & I wasn’t allowed to fill my script when I left. So I had very little pain management. I had to walk up a fight of stairs to get in my apartment & wasn’t allowed any help with my toddler. I would’ve preferred the meds but even without them id do it again.

I had to have an emergency c section, after laboring for 3 days, I was up showering and walking down the hall the next day. I honestly think it depends on the doctor. I went back to work in 13 days, not because I wanted to because I had to. No narcotics afterwards just Tylenol due to the fact that I was breastfeeding. Good luck momma :heart:

I’m a very small person. I had 2 c sections. My stomach is still flat. (Does take a few months to go back to normal) Leaves a gnarly scar though! Do what your dr thinks is best :heart:

No my stomach never went back to being flat.

I am a very small woman

You Can’t even tell I had a child let alone a c section, as for my scar it is minimal but I wear it proudly because that is how I brought my greatest gift into this world!!

I had to do everything on my own after this extensive surgery although I have a very high pain tolerance so there is that.

You will be just fine the first 48 hours are the worst an abdominal binder will be your best friend for a bit but other than that it was fine!

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Ive had 3 c sections, two emergency and one was planned. Im completely healed and just fine. My first was emergency and I felt entire procedure, second was better and my last and third I was bleeding to death and we both almost died. But you can barely see scars. My last was born at 32+4 and in NICU for almost 2 months. More than likely you will have to have a ce section if you already had one though sometimes I hear women say they have had a c section then go on and do a vaginal so really its up to your health and doctor.

I am also a small human my second was a section…my tummy went back to normal after the scarring Is way was low in the pubic hair so no one but u and ur so will see it i can even wear tiny bikinis if i wanted (i dont lol) and no would see it…what I thought was the craziest and still is…all around the section incision was numb for a very long time (yrs) all the docs said it was normal due to the cutting of nerves and such that the feeling would come back it did in most spots I still have numb areas along the scar 14 yrs later it’s not really a big deal though it doesn’t effect anything

Both of my kids were planned c sections … the scar is barely noticeable, I weigh 108 lbs
I gained 40 with my son, 45 with my daughter zero stretch Mark’s.

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My third baby was a cesarean before labor started because my doctor said he was concerned I would have a hard time because baby was big…he ended up not big and I ended up having to have 4 more babies by cesarean because my hospital doesn’t support vbac so just be secure in your decision if you want more kids.I healed differently with each surgery my first wasn’t too painful after but my first left me very numb on my belly for three years which kinda made me anxious.As far as what my belly looked like I got the belly pooch after number one and cesareans dont cause those its a combination of how your body heals,how much weight you gained during pregnancy,some bodies bounce back after 10 kids and some don’t after one its facts sadly.

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Had 3, none were traumatic, less than 12 hours after my 3rd I was ringing for the nurse to take my foley out, up and showering, blow dryer my hair and put clothes on and walked across the hall to the nursery to get my baby.

Yes I went right back to pre-pregnancy size both times with no issues. Healing can be a little painful but it passes quickly. The scarring is internal where the sutures are. I do have a scar but it sits super low so you can’t see it even in a bikini.

Honey I had a c section with my other two and now I’m on my third kid and I have to have another c section again your body will go back to normal trust me cause mine did but also I did a lot of walking and drinking alot of water it helps but you will be fine don’t worry too much even if your body don’t go back the way you want it you should be proud to have that body cause it makes you a mommy

Recommend being glued instead of stitched. Makes healing less painful!

Also you’ll bounce back. Takes about a year for the scar to really fade. But it is barley noticeable in a lot of cases.

I would choose having a safe delivery instead of thinking about having a flat stomach


It’s major surgery so healing is long and slow. You will have a scar, overtime it may not be noticeable. But maybe you will still be able to see it, everyone is different. And usually you will have an overhang. That’s hard to get rid of, maybe some have.

I’ve had two!.. My first suggestion is GET UP AND MOVE! Yes! It hurts! But the faster you start moving around the less the pain is! I definitely milked it with my first child with my second child I made myself get up out of the bed and walk down the halls of the hallway I healed so much faster and had so much less pain.


I had a C-section, I’m small, you can barely see the incision site.

4 csections here! It was so easy…recovery is fast…I was up walking 3 hours after except with my 1st because she was emergency…you will be fine!!

I had one 3 weeks ago and I’ve healed absolutely fine :sparkling_heart:

It’s so sad they always want woman to have a c-section. Know your Rights and refuse the c section and do it natural .


Ive had 2. One emergency where I was cut bellybutton down and the 2nd traditional. I’m small and my body bounced back within a few weeks. I have a flat stomach as well. BUT with my first I had no stomach fat as I had just gotten out of the military and was solid muscle. The Second I was still somewhat fit. The scars are minimal, but my vertical one is obviously visible, but not so much that it bothers me.

I don’t have a flat stomach anymore like before pregnancy but I probably could if I worked on it. The scar is at the very top of like the panty line and it’s so thin and tiny you have to really search to find it. My doctor did an amazing job. I had staples and dissolving stitches. The pain was not unbearable cause I only took Tylenol for it but you will be sore for 2-3 weeks.

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Start walking as soon as you can. Walking keeps the gas from accumulating. Gas pain is worse than incision pain and can even make your shoulder hurt. Cough with a pillow to your stomach to decrease the pain. Do not lift more than 10 pound for 6 weeks. So you don’t dehiscence. Keep incision clean and dry. Try not putting any lubricant over incision to keep infection down.

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Everyones body is different so keep that in mind while reading these… My body bounced back really good after 2 and for scar cant really see it and i was huge with both pregnancies

I’m 5’2” small frame weigh 108-112lbs I had two sections 12 years apart, my body healed fine and you can barely see a scar, I don’t have a fold or scar tissue

I was fine the next day , after was release I had to take my other kids to school, and I was driving. But not that bad was sore but was it

What do you mean if your stomach will be flat again ,??

I’d rather avoid baby having complications. Baby’s health is more important to me than a flat belly.
Had a c-section with my first, but I’d been in labor for 2 days. The healing was a little rough, I hear it’s faster if you weren’t in labor at all. My second was stillborn. If there were any risk to the baby, I’d just have a c-section. Having a live healthy baby is the most important thing.


I had 3 which is major surgery but I’m sure you will do fine. Get up & move within a few hours after your baby is born. Yes it will hurt some but it will be good for you to move around , it will help you heal faster. Best wishes for you!

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It’s a major surgery… however…your baby’s health and safety should trump everything else in my opinion.

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Everyone is different with mine I had 3 epidurals amd spinal block.
Went home 3 days later took a shower the next day after the c section walked alot. Went home my mom made me rest for 4 days then 3 months later I was working in the heat advertising.
( but I did have complications)

I would suggest doing what is safest for you and your baby. And if you have confidence in your Dr. Then follow his suggestion.

I had 3. I healed just fine. I do have a big vertical scar (first section was an emergency), but I’m okay with that. The scar was worth it

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No it will never be flat again. I’ve had 2 C’s and I have what most women get, I call it my kangaroo pouch. I hate it and tbh if I could afford any PS, I’d get a tummy tuck. I can live with everything else, but it bothers me most

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I had 3 and was fine. I never got the flat tummy back. But I got 3 beautiful healthy babies and I count that my best blessings ever. I would give up anything for them. Best wishes to you!


I had three c sections first w one was an emergency second two scheduled I bounced back quick, but my scar I used alot of coco butter on it and they cut same spot all 3 times so it’s barely noticeable when your recovery try not stretch it too much

I’ve had two normal c-sections and 1 emergency c-section with the last child. She’s 11 now. I have a little scaring but Dr’s reopened same scar area from first 2 babies. No problems with scaring. I don’t wear 2 piece swimesuits so I don’t worry about the scar nothing to worry about in my opinion. No real flat stomach but little muffin top maybe but its all good… lol Congrats and things will be fine.

I’m going to be having a third c section in January. I honestly have two c section scars and I’m upset about that .Ones longer than the other and honestly can’t be seen unless fully naked. After two I had a flat stomach but this third one im the I’m thinking I’ll be getting a pouch but I’m also saving for a tummy tuck incase. Everyone’s body is different I wouldn’t stress to to much until you see whats going on. P.s. I’ve had friends who’ve had c sections their pouch isn’t seriously big or ugly it’s really just a little loser skin I’d probably not know until they pulled it out.

I had a csection in may of 2019 my scar is maybe 8” across the top of bikini area and so light it’s barley noticeable. I was up and walking 10hrs after surgery and completely healed on the outside 2wks later

Ive had 2 c-sections. Your body will heal however it healed after a natural birth. You may be a little more sore after your c-section especially if you over do it during the day. My 1st was harder then my 2nd (only because i probably learned my lesson after the 1st and slowed down). As far as scaring goes as long as you dont have keloids it should end up being almost invisible once all healed.

I had a c section. It’s not that bad, yes it does take some extra healing time but it gets better each day :wink: take it easy and take any help you can for the first two weeks after that you’re good just not heavy duty cleaning you will be ok​:relaxed:

I actually had faster healing after my c section than my natural delivery. It did take awhile for my stomach to go down (I’m kinda skinny) and I do still have a small pouch but nothing crazy. My scar is damn near invisible unless you’re searching for it. My dr did internal stitches and glue. I know body wise and healing wise it’s scary to think about but the safety of you and your baby are way more important than a pouch! And healing wise everyone is different but you got that!!

You should have taken this into consideration after your second child and thought about the future when you had a third child because I’m more than positive that your doctor discuss this with you after your second pregnancy. Your child is more important than the way your body looks afterwards. I suggest you get your tubes tied after this if your body Images what’s concerning you instead of your child safety.


I’ve had 3 and 2 other surgeries. The scarring is very minimal.

I’m 4’9 and 95 lbs. I do have a scar but my stomach went back to normal.

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I think overall you should prioritize yours and babies safety. It’s different and it sucks for about 12 weeks but you will be ok. I never got my “flat” tummy back but it was life or death…