I need opinions from IEP moms

I started a job working with kids that have IEPs I myself have two kids of my own that are on IEPS… DIFFERENT SCHOOLS then where I’m working I feel it does not meet the criteria with IEPs they just pull the kids out of class and have them watch a movie or play games instead of having them work on what is necessary and what they need help on and what is met in their criteria as in math social studies or science… Me having two kids of my own on IEPs makes me wonder if taking this job is worth my time… I want somebody that’s going to take care of my kids and to teach them what they need to know being on a IEP instead of just taking them out of the classroom and putting them on a tablet or TV to watch something to make time pass by


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need opinions from IEP moms

If the school isn’t upholding their IEPs I’d report them to the superintendent. Maybe that can be done anonymously. If that doesn’t work then maybe the states dept of education.


If you feel the school is not meeting your child’s needs… speak up! You have to advocate for them. You have to be their voice mama :heart: I have 2 children with an IEP so I understand how crucial that is. My oldest is a senior this year, and with the extra help he’s gotten, with said IEP, he is now an A & B student!! 🥲 Definitely speak up. IEPs stemmed from the No Child Left Behind Act. It’s the law that your children are entitled to whatever educational needs they have! Good luck mama. Definitely speak. Up! :heart:

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Have you read their IEP’S or assuming they are not getting what they need. Maybe their IEP is designed to give them a break at a certain point doing the day.


Take this to the district special Ed department. If they don’t start adhering to IEPs than take it to your country special Ed department. IEPs are legal binding contracts but the poor kids not getting the education they deserve and need is so sad.


My youngest is not on an IEP, but he did a lot of his math work on a tablet. The math app worked at the pace of the child. He is very advanced in math and was able to go farther then other students. I’m not sure about the students you are referring to, however maybe what they are doing in the tablet is to help they areas they are deficient in. I could see an app helping with math, English, language arts.

Maybe you were put in this job to step up for these kids and put a suggestion in. I am a SLD (specific learning disability) and MD (medical/multiple disabilities) paraprofessional and these kids have so many different abilities. Some are nonverbal, some we have no clue what they are learning and some are just very very slow learners but exposing them to different types of things (colors, alphabet, sounds, pointing/sorting, etc.) maybe you could suggest these things to the special education teacher or principal. It’s amazing what we think these kids can’t learn but they show us everyday they can learn. Maybe not on the level of other kids, but they learn.


#this! It was one of my major complaints. I felt the school would fail my child because when he was removed from class he learned nothing! He played games and he never LEARNED.

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Every kid is diff . Maybe they need time to destress and yours don’t. Don’t compare kids and their IEPs.


I got pulled out of class for reading in elementary school. We definitely were their to learn to comprehend & they actually helped. Might be the school you are at. I still remember it clearly till this day.

I’m very frustrated with my daughters learning and school system. She’s also on IEP’s and because she struggles to read and write with dyslexia they told her to vocalize her answer instead. Instead of helping her with her learning disability they’re accommodating it in a negative way. How is she supposed to learn and become a stronger reader?
If you are working in IEPs now I suggest you do the best you know how with what you have. Every child learns differently. Take the time to know them so you can help with their issues. You can be the change.

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We applied for an IEP for my son. My first question was if he would be removed from the classroom. They said they want to keep him in the classroom as much as possible but if his specific need was better served out of the classroom for 1 on 1 they would do that. We are still doing the evaluations to see if he’s eligible for an IEP or if he’s okay with a 504.

My daughter has IEP. Definitely need to put your foot down and tell them what you expect with your children. They will try to bully you but don’t let them. Go higher up if need to be. Good luck.


This is what they do for my daughter who’s on an IEP. I feel as though it causes her to fall even more behind .


That shouldn’t be happening. And it will.get notice when they have to reevaluate. But there ia specifics that are document whats interventions they are doing. Parents donhave the right to do checks in monthly ect to check in on their childs progress. I am that parent that ia bery involve . I have to do my part for all 3 of my childern who have IEPs so i expect the school does theirs. Which i am.bwey fortune my childwrns school is amazing🙏

Every kids IEP is tailor made to fit that kid. So maybe you are on the part of distressing the kids. My son has in his where he can go to a room and basically do what he wants when he gets sensory overload. I wouldn’t judge. If you have concerns with your child’s IEP then speak to them and the teachers.

Maybe your opinion/voice is the wake up call the district needs❣️

This is exactly what they would do to my son who has adhd and dmdd and they demanded he couldn’t come to school unless I put him on medication. They never upheld his iep instead they just put him in a room to play and wondered why he was still acting up. He was smart he knew if he annoyed the teacher enough he could get out of doing actual school work.

This is yet another one of our unfortunately just beyond broken systems in our world today​:broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: That being said though, I would never stop fighting for what my kids deserve​:muscle: And not in this scenario have i personally had to do so but I very much have in other areas and I didn’t give up for nearly 7 years until EVERY SINGLE OPTION WAS EXHAUSTED!!! I’ve known a few different families to struggle with issues with IEP’s and just issues within the school system both and you do have options! I would start with expressing your concerns but do so IN WRITING…alway, alway back yourself and communicate in writing because unfortunately they will and do just say whatever they need to to make things “go away” in the moment​:roll_eyes: After that escalate your issues to your local school board and/or as well as superintendent and anyone and everyone else you can find that may be even slightly involved in the decision making process for your schools IEP’s. Again, do all of this either in writing or invest in a recording device that you can easily use (that’s harder than it should be when your not good at tech stuff though​:weary:) and as long as you inform them you are recording at the very beginning of your call they can’t say or do anything about it so don’t let them tell you otherwise please. Not all school boards are positive with these types of issues though and so I’ve seen people have to go as far as their local news even​:pensive: But that’s where you start…Making sure your concerns are brought to attention and documented as well! If they make it clear they just aren’t going to attempt any better then I’d get in touch with anyone you can local to you that is better informed than you are now and start asking all the questions you can! In my personal experience also, you tend to meet some really great people that already feel really passionate towards what you’re advocating for and they can direct you to other resources as well as you guys working together to get a better end result​:revolving_hearts: It very likely won’t be easy love and this may end up being one of the biggest battles of your life but who better to go to war for than your babies right??? Take care of yourself though!!! That’s the hardest part when going into something uphill like this​:grimacing: It shouldn’t be the way it is so it’s very very easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted in the process of the fighting for what’s right​:sleepy: I truly believe our kids see this stuff though and they know we’re doing all we can for them​:muscle: Also it shows them not to just sit back and accept things the way that they are and they see mama fighting for a change so I whole heartedly believe it’s these moments that are shaping our future leaders as well​:pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crossed_fingers: Idk about your area but in my local area we have a resource hotline we can call, it’s called 211 and you just dial that number on your phone and they can give you any and all local resources related to whatever issue your experiencing at that moment and fr they are a huge huge asset in any scenario where I’m clueless about a Certain topic or area and also when I’m helping other individuals with their crises that I may not have experienced myself so I’m starting from the very beginning and new lol. Good luck sweetie!!!

I work in special education at my daughters school. She also has an iep and I love how amazing my coworkers are with her! It’s actually nice to see what they work on every day and to know they actually work with her.She is pulled from class for some things but not everything! It is just what works best for her!

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That is illegal and hopefully the parents find out and fight the school u can also bring it to the school boards attention . Not following a child’s IEP is illegal I have a daughter with an IEP also

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My daughter is on iep and I have never heard of that happening. That’s not even an option for a legal iep. Did you get a copy of your kids iep? Will tell you what is supposed to happen. If it’s not for your kids or other parents report it! It’s against the law. I even have sat in classes to watch. Also the parents can recall a meeting anytime they want or feel like it’s not going right or needs addressed

You could be the change this district needs.

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Sadly every single school is different in what they require/ how they teach. Also noticed that some schools are best known for math and others for reading or stem etc. And this is why my kid is in an iep math class her elem school was strong in the reading dept but lacked in math and I never knew till we moved and she switched schools and was way behind in math. Thankfully she’s in a well rounded school now with amazing teachers that are going above and beyond to catch her up to where she should of been. Sorry for the rant. Be the change!

My daughter has an IEP. Virtual school gave me a look at what she does in those groups & private sessions. Some like social work & OT do use a lot of videos. But there’s discussion or instruction with it. I love my daughter’s OT. She personalized her lessons to her while incorporating what she’s learning in GE with what she needs to focus on. They do a lot of art for kids pictures which helps her define her writing skills while drawing things she loves like pandas, bows etc. Anyway her resource uses videos too. They use electric company a lot. But there instruction along with it. I think videos are ok as aides as long as the teacher is teaching. Not if they’re expecting the video to do the teaching.

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I hate my SD’s iep.
They keep her in the classroom, which is nice. But they will give her a 10-15 word spelling test, compared to the 20-25 word spelling test for others. Her grammar is not worked on AT ALL. Pronunciation is ignored. Handwriting ignored. Wrong answers not counted most times on tests.
If she gets it wrong, they’ll work with her and basically give her half the answer. That’s not learning. She can barely ever do her homework, and cries when I don’t give her the answers.

My son has had an IEP since headstart and yes I agree with you 100% they need to be teaching them and helping them in the areas that are on their IEPS instead of just putting them in front of a TV/tablet etc. I don’t play when it comes to my sons IEP and his education . I’ve sat in IEP meetings up to four hours before because I didn’t feel they had my sons IEP right and it needed to be corrected before I left or I wasn’t leaving. They are hurting the children in the long run for not following their IEPs and giving then the help/education they are needing . IEPs are there for a reason ! I’d bring up your concerns about it and if you feel you weren’t heard or it isn’t being addressed , then go higher up !

That’s an IEP fail. My son has an IEP and he gets sessions everyday in a group setting. His math is split between an online learning curriculum to where he practices and the other half is done in the group setting. With his language and reading comprehension it’s split basically the same way. Half the stuff is done on a device the rest is a group activity. My son has problems with writing so he is issued a device year round but it is firewalled and monitored constantly to ensure he is doing what he is supposed to. He also sees an Occupational Therapist once a week for his writing. The counselor who oversees it all can be a pain to get ahold of but the school principal has been able to help with issues.