I need opinions on if it's okay to send my kid back to school

We all know are kids went back to school recently, well In just this week alone(yes Monday and Tuesday) I’ve already received a email each day saying that they’ve had confirmed cases of COVID-19. This morning my child woke up not feeling well (stomachache) I kept her home, when I called the school they said ok she can return tomorrow since that’s the only symptom. Now my question is, Will y’all still send your child to school even if feeling better ? I do t feel like I need to take her to the doctors since she’s feeling better. (They said if she’s out longer than 2 days she needs a drs note) Also before anyone asks Yes she wears a mask to school. T.I.A

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need opinions on if it's okay to send my kid back to school

I’d send her back. They can always send her home again if she’s not feeling well

Besides if she was by anyone with Covid she may only show very few symptoms. And no quarantine?

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I would take her to get tested just in case. I would not send her back without confirmation.

An upset stomach is just that she does not need to be tested if its covid she would have a fever


As long as she’s fever free without tylenol for 24 hours, she’s not vomiting, no sore throat, no loss of taste or smell & no flu like symptoms (body aches, chills etc) she’s fine to go back to school. If she gets sick at school they will send her back home.

Trust your instinct. I wasn’t running any fever at all. I only had a very bad migraine and got tested. It came out positive. I now can’t taste or smell anything at all. Still no fever, but the migraines have continued. Get tested anyway

I personally wouldn’t test her :woman_facepalming:t3: the test depends on multiple factors to even be correct. The tester HAS to go in far enough, it’s difficult with kids Bc they fight, if her viral load isn’t large enough but she still has covid she’ll give a false negative. If she’s back to herself and feeling better, send her back. I wouldn’t be quick to test even if she was exposed and showed multiple symptoms, at that point I’d quarantine and watch her and test after consistent multiple covid symptoms. Masking last year kept RSV and other viral diseases away, now that we aren’t masking RSV colds and so forth are ALL surfacing at once.

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Probably a stomach bug. People did get sick before Covid. If you’re not sure, get her tested.


My daughter tested positive wensday and the only symptoms she had was a stomach ache and Headache…she was negative for strep but positive covid and now she has congestion and a cough she has yet to run a fever…

Wow that’s completely opposite of my sons school. They don’t want you there if sick unless you have a negative test and or a doctors note saying it’s not covid. If they were directly exposed they still have to wait. And they don’t require notes if you are out cause they know it’s covid related. Idk that’s how my son started with covid. Vomiting and stomach issues, then fever and cold like symptoms.