I tested positive for COVID and am afraid I am going to pass it to my kids: Advice?

I have tested positive for covid 19. I’m terrified of my kids getting it… I have a four-month-old and five years old. Wtf do I do, guys. I’m freaking out and. I feel myself get weaker as the night goes on; I can’t smell… losing my taste, and energy is fading. I have no cough or fever… but I’m so scared of my babies getting it because they have already been exposed to me. Ease my mind… help me through this, please I know there has to be someone in this group who’s been in this situation


I haven’t been but you are in my prayers.

I got a 16 month old and I am terrified of being put in this situation.

So sorry :pleading_face: don"t know what to say wash your hands and wear a mask…God bless u and wish u the best

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I had it and nobody else in my house got it. Four kids and a husband who didn’t leave me TF alone. You’ll be ok :slightly_smiling_face:


I have read that kids don’t have the receptor that COVID attaches to. Hope this eases your mind

My sister in law and her husband both tested positive and all 3 kids were negative. Hope that helps calm your nerves at least a little❤ I hope you feel better soon!

Praying for you! I had it and my husband was with me constantly during quarantine and he never got it .

If they have already been around you just quarantine at home. Kids are less susceptible.

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I got sick with the flu really bad last year. I had a one year old at that time. I felt like I was dying but I wore a mask, gloves when I had to make his food or hold him or do anything with and for him. After everything I touched I wiped it down and kept hot water and bleach in a bowl wiping everything. I also sprayed Lysol everywhere I had been in the house. I kept the sheets, blankets, etc washed like clockwork. He never got it and I can only hope it was because of everything I had done.

Sequester yourself as much as possible. Wear a mask inside. Use a separate bathroom from the rest of the family. My cousin got it and her husband and child didn’t.


Wish you the best,hope you feel better soon :pray:

Know of someone had it did t give to kids , wash hands , were a mask around if when to an are them to., Clean house with disinfectives

I had it. My 5 year old has chronic asthma and my daughter is 3. Mind you, my husband also has an auto-immune disease. Obviously I was unable to isolate myself from any of them. Not a single one got even a runny nose. Now I’m not trying to downplay anything, but we were all good.


Praying :pray::pray::pray: for you to get well soon

My husband and I both had it. We just washed our hands regularly, sprayed lysol where we sat, wore our masks in the house and did not let them in our room at all. They didnt get it thank god.

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My 3 year old son and I are going through this right now together…thankfully I got the worst of it. He has a cough and we’re closely monitoring for anything more serious

My mom had it and my dad never got it and they live together

Have your 5 year old wear a mask and you wear a mask at all times. They’re less likely to get it but it can happen. I had it and passed it on to my 10 year old but my 4 year old and fiancée were negative. Even though I bathed my 4 year the day before I tested positive and she also slept next to me. Don’t stress.

By the time you test positive you’ve already exposed your kids. I’d watch them for symptoms we’ve had several providers and staff at my job get covid and their family members didn’t.

Myself and my partner have no taste or smell for the past week, I lost my nana 10 days ago to covid and mam has it now too, from looking after nana while she was I’ll, my best advice is isolate together children are very resilient to this virus I have a 2yr old and there is nothing we can do but isolate together, :two_hearts: best wishes for you all

You nursing? Pass the antibodies and have your older one drink your milk.

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My husband, myself , our 5, 6, and 8 year Olds all tested positive and we only had it mild and are over it as of the last few days. I was nervous for all of us, but we made it through :heart:


I had it last week but my daughter is older (almost 13). So I quarantined in my room for 10 days and did not come out. Anything I needed, my daughter brought and left at my door. She did not get the virus


I just got out of quarantine and have a 2.5 year old. I am also 14 weeks pregnant.

When I spoke to my daughter’s doctor she told me to be more worried about myself and that if my daughter got it, it would likely only result in a runny nose, minor cough and maybe a rash.

She hasn’t shown any symptoms but is in her 14 day quarantine now that mine is over.

It will be ok!


I literally just got over it while pregnant and I have a 1yr old a 6 yr old and an 8 yr old. My kids did all get it as well. They were sick for 3 days no worse than a cold.

I had it my husband and my toddlers are fine. We have the same symptoms I don’t have fever too and cough. I’m okay now.

Buy a KN95 mask from Amazon, wear that over the blue surgical mask in the house and at all times, if you sneeze or cough, I would try to run to a corner where there is no one and cover your mouth over the mask, then toss that mask and wash your hands with Dial soap. Constantly wash your hands before any contact with your kids. If you have help from their dad, or grandparents, even better. Give them vitamins and probiotics daily to help keep their immune system up just in case. Spray Lysol on anything and everything you touch throughout the day.

I had a positive test result as well with only loosing my smell and taste for a week a head ache and bit of a stuffy nose I have 4 children and my husband all of them have tested negative no symptoms I just wore a mask while I was around them have hand sanitizer everywhere Lysol spray everything… Take vitiams drink hibiscus tea Mucinex DM

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Your kids might get it but will likely have no symptoms!

Just a question for everyone that’s gotten Covid… where did you come in contact with it? Is nobody staying home?! This is starting to drive me crazy!!’

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My husband and I had it and my son literally slept with me, kissed me, drank after me. We totally thought it was too late and he was already sick too (long story) But he tested negative twice. We cleaned a lot.

Relax & breath!!! I know it is scary but your most definitely NOT ALONE! I tested postive as well, I was tired AF and lost my taste and smell too for 6 WHOLE days it was hell not enjoying my favourite food or being able to smell my favourite face wash, those morning cups of glory !!! -GONE…I would stay in my room all day and wear a mask when I came out, my little 4 year old was coughing a week b4 and tested negative like what the heck I’m glad he is fine though… the minute my sence came back I was crying eating pizza sniffing it like a mad man LOL… the worst part was indeed feelinging like crap I had hip pain and then when those symptoms left I got a cough no fever tho… its my last day quarantining and the worst part was trying to help my kids with learning so there not in front of t.v all day and having my son say the worst part of me being sick is that I cant kiss or hug them!!! Oh I cried behind closed doors but I promise this will pass, I’m glad I had this experience with kids cuz it just goes to show how strong parents really are ESPECIALLY during a pandemic…:heart::pray:

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We had COVID in our house and only 2 out of the 6 of us got it. It is possible to live within the same household with someone who has it and not pass it to their people that live in your house. Wear masks and keep your hands clean. We have a two story so we were able to keep the two that had it upstairs while everyone else stayed downstairs.

You can lock yourself in your room. Dad can take of the kids

Me and my husband had it we never tested our kids but I’m sure they had it too, it was nothing worse than a common cold to them, they are 7,9 and 10. Two of them showed no signs at all and the other has a stopped up nose and a small cough.

Give them to someone you trust until you feel better.

Wear your mask all the time in the house, especially if you are near your kids. Wash your hands as much as possible. Try to stay away from them… hopefully you have someone that can care for them besides you.

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I currently am positive for COVID and also have a 2 year and 11 month old at home. We are on day 5 going on 6 of quarantine and they are showing no symptoms at all. Not giving out any medical advice, but Sudafed helped me with the body aches and gave me a few hours of feeling “normal” again. Call or do a telehealth visit with your doctor to find out what medications you can take to ease your symptoms.

Praying you will get well soon

I had it and I was worried too for my 5 kids and my nieces that had been at my house. No one else got it that we know of. We obviously quarantined, but we didn’t get anyone else tested because they showed zero symptoms. My kids range from 1 to 14

I was positive and so was my now 11 mo. Premie boy. My 6 yo tested negative both times never got sick. I’m still nursing baby that’s the only think I gave him for “medicine” I’m the only one who took antibiotics. 2 weeks later we all tested negative and I still feel like poo :sob:

I am pregnant and I just got over it along with my man and our 10 year old and two year old and a few others in our family. Our doctor told us if we have it then there is really no way of getting out of our kids having it. Just remember most kids have stronger immune systems than we do. Needless to say I 15 weeks pregnant got it worse than anyone in our family and our kids got over it super fast.
Don’t stress too much on it mama. :heart: just monitor them and make sure they are getting plenty of fluids.

My husband just had it but myself, 7 year old, and 7 month old did not. He just stayed in the basement as much as possible. He also has an auto-immune disorder but had very mild symptoms. He lost his sense of smell so that’s how he knew to go get tested

My husband and I tested positive 2 weeks ago. Our son (3) didn’t feel well for like a day… I also was super scared because of the :sparkles:unknown​:sparkles: but his pediatrician really calmed my fears. Told us that the majority of kids he’s seen have shown no symptoms worse than that of a cold. I made sure I had cold meds and Tylenol on hand. Hope you all start to feel better soon!

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I had it and also my 6month had it at the same time as me. We both made it through and are fine now. Trust me it is scary but I found if I stayed calm it helped. I also constantly was cleaning frequently used objects in the house several times a day

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I just tested positive sat and had zero symptoms and have been around my 7 yr old 5 yr old n four month old. They have not shown any symptoms so far. Praying they don’t catch it either. It’s hard when your the primary care giver

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My son has it and so far his brothers hasn’t… We’ve been Lysoling everything… keeping him in his room as much as possible… my wife and I both have it but we are the caretakers. As much seperation as possible. Lysol. Bleach water. Hand washing. My son that tested positive hasn’t been no where but school where they do social distancing and wear masks all day… If your children become symptomatic dr will likely tell you it’s safe to say they have it instead of putting them through testing considering you are a known positive. (They told me since he has it and if his brothers get sick it’s safe to assume they will have it too because it’s so contagious.)
It’s scary but relax and you’ll get through this momma.

I had it! I stayed in my room and thankfully my room has a restroom
my husband cared for them the whole two weeks went to go them tested twice since we had close contact and they were negative! I have a 10 month old and a 5 year old. The hardest part was not being able to touch kiss or be around them! But all three of them were fine.

Your kids have already been exposed at his point.

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My entire household got it. My husband and I and our kids ages 19,13,12,7, and 6. We wore masks and social distanced but they started school snd were exposed. My husband and oldest son were really very sick for about 2-3 weeks. The rest of us only had mild symptoms and really wouldn’t have known we had it except for getting a positive test. Just watch your kids and make sure they are hydrated, treat any symptoms and take them to the doctor if it’s something that persists. Do the same for yourself. It’s very scary and it’s the fear that makes it so bad. Really bad things happen to some people but stay positive and don’t think about those things unless you’re in that situation. Stress takes a huge toll on your body. Rest as much as possible even if you aren’t tired. Hopefully your symptoms will be mild and if your kids get it theres will be also. I started giving my kids vitamin c and Zyrtec and vitamin d and taking them myself along with mucinex dm as needed.

My husband and I had it two months ago and our 4 & 5 yr olds were negative. It was hard but since we couldn’t isolate from them I reminded them constantly to keep their faces away from ours and no kissing or touching our faces. Lots of hand washing and tried to disinfect as much as possible. It was hard cause I ended up in bed half the time and daddy would take over as his symptoms went away much quicker. We didn’t allow them to come to our bed on mornings. Short term halt on snuggles. Hang in there.

Speaking from experience. My husband and I have had Covid. I went to my mom’s house one day (which my mom never leaves the house). We ended up getting Covid from her and no one else in her house had it other than her. Our symptoms weren’t all that bad. We have a 6 year old daughter which they put on quarantine to be safe in case she did have it however she had no symptoms whatsoever. My daughter has a friend from school and the little girls aunt had it, but I believe none of the kids got it. My niece and my dad didn’t have it even though they were exposed to it. I have seen quite a few people say they’ve had it and their child didn’t get it even though they were in the same household. I agree with other’s just wash your hands regularly and disinfect wherever you’ve been and try not to be too too close to your kids faces and distance as much as you can.

I had it and so did my husband at different times. My kids never showed symptoms. We quarantined both times. We have a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old

We just got rid of it last month I was the only one affected by it my almost 2yr old was perfectly fine she showed no symptoms at all

I can say that I haven’t really heard of it affecting kids at all. Google it! I’m pretty sure they can spread, but they don’t get the more serious symptoms


I have it…my husband and son tested negative. I’ve stayed away from them and wore mask and used Lysol and sanitizer and so far they are good.

My husband had COVID. We all got tested (three kids - 2 months, 3 and 6 -and I) and we were all negative. Things were basically business as usual in the house, but he worked from home in the basement during the day, he kept his distance from the baby, kept good hand hygiene and wore a mask. We all got tested and everyone was negative. A few days later the kids all got the sniffles and Public Health suggested getting retested if symptoms worsened but they didn’t. We all isolated as required and that was that.

My whole family had it, including my 3 year old daughter. She had no symptoms even though she tested positive for both the rapid and 2 day test. The rest of my family were very sick for about 2 days and then it was over. It took me a little longer to heal. I ended up with a secondary infection in my throat but I was still up and going by day 4. I still don’t completely have my smell and taste but it’s slowly coming back.

8 people live in my.home. only one tested positive. We did not quarantine him. We had already been exposed so no point. No one else got it. He also had zero symptoms. Don’t worry. Take elderberry, D3, zinc and vitamin c. That’s what we all did. He did as well and tested negative after 4 days.

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I had it, my 3 year old was in my face the whole time and never got it…my 13 year old that is mostly in his room ended up getting it…my 10 year old and 15 year old didn’t get it unless they had no symptoms :woman_shrugging:t2: this virus is weird

My husband tested positive (in April) and i had all symptoms, but my then 3 year old and 4 month old were totally fine! My 4 month old had a snotty nose and cough for maybe 3 days, but that’s it and my 3 year old had 0 symptoms. Kids are resilient! It will be ok mama

Edited to add that with both of us adults affected we couldn’t really quarantine from our kids. We just went about our normal routines at home and our babies were fine :blush:

Statistically speaking your kids probably were carriers of the virus and passed it to you. Kids don’t show symptoms but carry the virus.

Yes me my husband and my son all got it but my other son didn’t and we were all in the house together. My son had absolutely no symptoms at all and was perfectly fine. It was tough being sick and looking after the kids but thankfully we got sick a few days apart so were able to tag team a bit and if I can give a bit of advice wear a mask around your kids to help stop spread of infection, disinfectant the crap out of everything u touch and invest in some glen 20.

My husband and I both had it. None of my 3 kids got it. By the time we realized we had it, it had been 5 days that we were exposing them. Just continued on daily life at home with them and thankful they didn’t catch it

I’m a single mom to one 11 year old autistic daughter. I had covid but still had to care for her while quarantined together for 2 weeks. I stayed in my room as much as possible. She only used the main bathroom I was using to shower, the powder room the rest of the time. I wore my mask anytime I left my room. I washed my hands frequently especially when preparing food. I rested when I could but cleaned and lysoled a lot too. Open window a crack whenever you are in a room to keep fresh air circulating. Spend time outside breathing fresh air everyday. My daughter did not catch it from me.

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I got a positive test only was tested due to about to have surgery and I have a preemie who just turned 1 year old on Thursday and she had open heart surgery at 3 weeks and very high risk for it and my son is 8 years old and neither of them ended up getting it - I caught it from my aunt who works at a nursing home who lives with us as well :woman_shrugging:

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My husband and I had it right after Christmas. No clue where we got it from. By the time we even realized we had it, it was too late to do much. We wore masks all day until they went to bed and tried to keep them out of our faces. Every night I lysoled the bejesus out of the house. To be honest, I think they got it from us, how could they not? The only symptoms they showed (2 yo and 4 yo was they slept a little bit longer, the 2 yo much longer, and were a little bit whiner than usual.) I messaged our dr in a panic because our 4 yo has breathing issues. Luckily, if they did have it, it was pretty mild. Good luck and I hope your symptoms are mild.

My daughter and husband have it. But their 4 month old daughter doesn’t. So just relax and take some deep breaths it’s gonna be ok momma

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I caught it too and so did my 5yr old. Nothing changed for him health wise…for me just like many people say. Flu like symptoms…and I just had to take it easy and rest.

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3 in 100,000 kids experience symptoms with covid so I wouldn’t be too concerned! Just take care of yourself, mama.

My husband and I had it… can’t keep a 3 year old out of your face or away from you and he never got it

Everyone had it around me yet I never got it. Even my 5 month old had it mildly. She coughed directly in my eyes and I didn’t get it.

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They will probably get it too if they haven’t already and I know that must feel terrible for you (as a mother, I’d feel the same way) but I guess try your best to be as healthy as you can? I haven’t gotten covid that I know of but I’d imagine it would be the same routine as the flu or something. I know you can’t really quarantine from your kids, so maybe start having them take vitamin C and stock up on medicine!

My family had it and couldn’t stay away (since I had to care for them) from my kids they both had asthma but my husband and I stayed a good distance from the kids and wore our masks in our home when the kids were around.

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I know a family that got it and they have all recovered. They had mild symptoms like yours. Most people that get it recover with no problem. Unless you have an underlying condition most people don’t die from it. Plus our bodies are being exposed to it in small doses and are building up immunities. Just continue to practice safety measures. Washing hands , disinfecting and all that.

Depending if you have the more contagious strand. In San Bernardino County it’s everywhere, my entire household and my parents got it no one was spared. My kids took 3 days to recover and my nephew only 24hrs with fever but no other symptoms. Everyone’s body will react to it differently so its hard to say. Take your kids to test because even if there not showing symptoms they may already have it and can expose others.

It’s gonna sound weird but both my sisters and I got COVID at separate times. We live in 3 different states. My son and I got it at my house (I believe he got it from pumping gas) my husband and 2 other kids were all negative. Both my sisters husbands and children did not get it as well!

I tested positive back in November and I have 4 children. Aged 1,2,11,14 and my elderly dad who lives with me and they all tested negative! I was shocked because my 2 small ones are stuck to me 24/7

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wear a mask and frequent hand washing, and keep bf if you are the baby

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My baby was 7 months old when i got it and i have a 4 year old with low immune system and a daughter whos disabled with low immune systems what i did was send them to my inlaw she took them to get tested and i was exposed to them they all came out negative pluse my inlaws but the dr did tell me since i was exposed to them if i had no one to watch them to put my mask on every time i was around them or my pets not to lay all day take a walk alone to grt your body working wash hands frequently sanitize every thing after use what i did was spray lysol around the house when my husband left the house i sprayed it in the air and if not that even the Clorox spray and dont worry about smell i got that back a month later take vitamins have and eat alot of fruits and veggies alot of orange jusice at least a cup a day pluse lots of water hope u get well and dont stress the more u stress the more the days will seem slower🙏

My husband and I both had it…3 months apart. Our daughter is a year half and both time tested negative. He stayed in our camper for 2 weeks when my daughter and I tested negative. But when I tested positive I had no one to keep her, she stayed home with me and he worked. She was fine. I was over it in about 2 weeks, besides my smell took almost 2 months to come back.

My husband and I both had it at the same time and both our boys 9 and 5 were fine. They never even had a runny nose. Just stay calm and take care of yourself. Take 1 day at a time.

I had covid, my boyfriend and I both had it. I was sick for 3 weeks. I tried staying away from my daughter… and sanitize and wore a mask for a bit. She seemed fine. I do think she may have had it a month prior but I’m not sure.

Do your best not to stress … keep breastfeeding and id definitely wear a mask and wash high use surfaces and ur hands frequently through out the day its a scary time just do your best to ease your mind u and babies will be fine

My husband tested positive first on Christmas Eve! He had several days of low grade fever and cough, lost smell/taste. I had slept in the same bed with him every night leading up to it. I tested negative. My son tested positive 3 days later but had no symptoms. My daughter tested positive a few days after that, had a slight fever for 1 night and lost smell for a couple of days. I tested negative again, and still have had no symptoms. There does not seem to be rhyme nor reason to it. I pray your situation is mild and your children stay safe and healthy. Take care of your symptoms and try to follow the CDC guidelines of mask use, washing hands and monitoring their exposure as best you can.

I had covid, my 2 yr old son co slept with me for the first 2 weeks of it before my hospitalization for it. After a week in the ICU I returned home and he was back with me. My son never had any symptoms. My 10 yr old daughter had sniffles for 2 days and my husband had the cough. Best thing you can do is take care of yourself so you don’t get worse. They need a healthy mama. Increase your zinc, vitamin d3, and vitamin c intake.

Myself and my 4 yr old had it. Mild symptoms for us both that lasted around 3 to 4 days. Was tired as all get out but I’m a single mom of 2 and still had to put my oldest (7) on zoom. I had her tested a week after our positive results, but she never got it.

I have 4 kids (they were 5, 4, 2 and 3 months at the time). Me and my husband both got Covid last June, but we have it at different times. Literally the day after I came out of quarantine he tested positive, but he quarantined just to be safe. Even though our kids had been exposed(twice) none of them got sick.

I tested negative and my 12 year old daughter is currently positive. We Have shared food drinks and everything up until we found out she was positive. Both my parents where in close contact with her every day until she tested positive as well and they are negative. :woman_shrugging:.
I had a friend test positive and his 6 month old and wife never caught it.

My fiancé tested two days after bringing our newborn daughter home. We also have a 1.5 yr old son. Once we found out, he was quarantined to the bedroom and if he HAD to come out he would wear a mask and wash his hands. It’s been 10 days and neither the kids or I have symptoms :crossed_fingers:t2:

I think it is the same as any virus in the family. Take precautions in cleaning, sanitizing and resting to get better. Everyone is going to react differently. This virus has not been around long enough to know specific facts on what to do, which makes it really questionable and hard. Especially as a parent. Prayers for recovery for you and your family

I have COVID now. Only reason I got tested was to see an ent for tubes in my ears. No one in my house has tested positive and I have 0 symptoms other than the ear aches I’ve had all year. Don’t stress yourself out and take lots of emergency vitamin c.

I tested positive back in August just make sure u have ur mask on i did just don’t sleep with ur mask on. Drink looks of tea and stay hydrated and I would always was my sheets and sprayed everything I touch I would shower everyday and was my clothes separately it was horrible :tired_face: praying u feel better soon

I had it and still home school my kids and cared for them (until I got super sick, then my husband took over) they gave my kisses, hugs, and even snuck into bed with me, my kids and husband never caught it, somehow. :woman_shrugging:t2::woozy_face:

I had it along with my whole family. I have a now 7 month old and a 2 year old. My advice is do your best to stay clear of them until you are better. However, if they do get it pay attention to their symptoms and treat those. For example my baby has a fever so we treated it with Tylenol. My 2 year old complained of a headache and had a fever, we used Tylenol. None of us had significant breathing issues though I let the two youngest sleep in my room with us. Baby co slept and 2 year old on floor pillows. It gave me peace of mind when I was also so sick that I didn’t have much energy. They also had significant fatigue so they slept a lot too. We made sure we all stayed hydrated though as well. We are all better now but it was 3 days of extreme exhaustion and then every day was a bit better than before. It took a bit longer for smell and taste to return. Prayers and positive healing vibes to you.

Make sure…your droplets doesn’t fall near them…wear mask all the time…take 3 times steam, make sure to use paper towel to clean runny nose and flush it, and sanitize the area.gargle with luke warm water and salt, 2 to 3 times a day.make sure to take vitamin d3,b12, c 1 tablet and zinc 2 tablet a day.

My husband and I caught it, but our kids were never sick! No fever or cough or anything. Perfectly fine :blush: I got the worst of it, but nothing more then fatigue and a migraine. They’re already exposed so taking extra precautions isn’t going to do much.

People forget that even quarantining in your room doesn’t stop air from circulating throughout your whole house through vents :joy: you cough, germs spread, travel through vents and filters aren’t 100%. Don’t stress it too much. It’s happened. Treat the symptoms, take some vitamins and rest.


My husband and I had it, we had nowhere to keep the kids other than with us so we did. They tested positive a couple days later but were fine. They had no symptoms and the same energy :expressionless: my doctor said just make sure they wash their hands alot and there isnt much you can do. We did wear masks the whole time and I prepped their food with gloves on.

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Don’t you remember our government said at the start of this BS. Kids can’t get it. That is why children under the age of 6 are never required to wear maskes. So DON’T WORRY. GOVERNMENT SAYS THEIR IMMUNE.

We had someone in our house test positive. They quarantined in their room, and when they came out for the bathroom or to grab a plate of dinner, they wore their mask and we required that they sanitized and washed their hands repeatedly. Nobody got it here. The doctor who tested us even said she had big families come in at Christmas to get tested and only one or two usually tested positive. It’s going to be okay! Don’t stress yourself out. If you are extremely scared of passing it, the CDC recommends sanitizing your house. Basically wash counter tops and anything else with hot soapy water before applying a disinfectant.