I Want to Sleep in a Bed

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"I have been with the man I have been with for 5 years we have never slept in the same bed nor the same room the couch is worn out and I'm pretty much sleeping on a sheet of Love word and every time I bring up sleeping in an actual bed it turns out to a full-out fight we both have children from previous relationships 1 each but I asked for a bed and I am the worst person ever"

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"Why are you even still with him?"

"Big red flag! I’m not sure of your story but from what you posted,I would be looking for somewhere else to stay"

"Um, you are roommates and he’s a jerk"

"I have so many questions here… how has this gone on for 5 years? Do you have a bed but don’t use it? What is his reasoning? Like…. What."

"thats just weird and why have you been doing this for 5 years is my question?! RUN"

"Wth 5 years and you live together and haven’t slept in the same bed? I don’t know anyone that would put up with this"

"i dont think so … you need to ditch this loser"

"That’s very bizarre definitely would’ve been gone a very long time ago"

"Some people don’t like sharing a room, but I’m confused on why you can’t have a bed? That part is the strange and not ok part. You shouldn’t have to ask for a bed of all things!"

"Not to sound harsh but what the hell are you still doing there?"

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