I was told my 3-month-old has bronchitis and there was nothing we can do about it: Advice?

I brought my three-month-old son to the doctors, and they told us he has bronchitis. Can anyone give me advice on what to do? They told me I can’t do anything about it but just to wait. I’m so worried about him and plan on staying up tonight to make sure he’s breathing okay. I’m a first-time mom. Thank you.


Don’t bundle him up in blankets. Being to warm isn’t good for the baby.

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Cold air is good to help the swelling go down. Bundle up (if cold out) and spend time outdoors. Remember to not keep baby too hot that will create coughing and discomfort. Keep the baby’s head elevated so nothing settles in his chest

Did they test him for RSV? If not, id visit my local childrens hospital and request he be swabbed and tested


Elevate/tilt his cot/basket so his head is slightly raised, vicks in hot water next to him or a vicks plug in is better

Have a humidifier going in his room, you can give the baby tea as well to help cough up mucus. Needs cool air to help open airways

Has he ever been tested for allergies?

Make sure he drinks plenty of fluids, try to keep him up right it might help ease his breathing a little bit and nose drops I’m not sure if hes old enough for those. Hopefully this will help and I hope he feels better soon

Second opinion, and everything else here in the meantime.

Are they just to Young for the medication? I remember always being given a prescription when I had it, some nearly cough syrp at the least

My daughter was given medicine in an oxygen mask and a puffer to bring home. Yes she was that young. I would be going back and demanding something for her.

They should have given u breathing treatments, and antibiotics right then and there. Take him back. Demand more. Praying for u mama!

Second opinion. They should have at least prescribed antibiotics to keep it from progressing to pneumonia.
He is however too young for any cough medicine, antihistamines, or even zarbees. Sorry…but that part is true.
Hot steam will help loosen the mucus and make it easier to cough up. You can give very gentle chest massage. Prop baby up right while he sleeps which will help him feel more comfortable.

When my boys were 3 months they had it as well they now have chronic bronchitis (they end up with yearly breathing treatments because of it (their first treatment was at 3 months)

Humidifier and Vick’s will help open up his airways. Down let him sleep laying down flat. And hylands cough and cold medicine helps too.

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I used a warm mist humidifier when my son was a baby. Put it in the nursery and close the door It helps them breathe easier.

Crub wedge for under the sheet to keep babies head slightly elevated and a cool mist humidifier :black_heart: my oldest got rsv at 3 months and we were lucky enough to be able to treat at home. Scary part was she never showed any signs, I went in to get my chest looked at and they swabbed her as a precaution.

Second opinion there is vicks for babies don’t use regular vicks it could burn the skin rub the vicks for babies on the feet and put socks on use a cool steam vaporizer if you can keep the babies head elevated

I took my baby to hospital a month ago and they said he had bronchiolitis (he was 2 months old) then to the dr and his dr said it was just a cold… suck his nose and use humidifier…

Humidifier you put a cap full of vicks on the top, and baby vicks on the bottom of the feet.

My first had it at the same age. Just becareful it can turn into pneumonia(hers did). Sitting in a steamy bathroom helps.

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If baby has hard time breathing run hot water in bathroom , make it like a steam room and take baby in for 15 mins at a time , vicks in the feet with socks if no fever and u take baby back anytime u feel u need too, if u feel uncomfortable leaving hospital … don’t … tell them ur not leaving till baby better

Vick’s Humidifier! Works wonders, you can grab the humidifier and the liquid to pour in it at Walmart

Cool air mist I believe .

They didnt even give him a nebulizer? My son got one at like 4 months for constant cold and croup

Hylands tiny cold tabs cold humidifier steam in shower anything to loosen mucus put chest rub on bottom of feet

2nd opinion, my son was 2 months old and stopped eating because f all the mucus ended up in the er with 2 breathing treatments and a powerful suction to clean him out. Finally was able to get him to drink on his own. Broke his fever. At home was 3 days of steroids oxygen, mask, humidifier, nose suctions, sitting in a steamy room and lots of love

Take him in bathroom and make it steamy , then pat his back like youre burping him but while hes laying flat itll help loosen gunk in chest.
Instead of proping him on things (dangerous) , place either piece of wood under one end of his crib to slightly angle it about 15-45 degrees. Can use same size hardback books as well.
The dr probably believes baby has a virus (no need for antibiotics), if there’s a fever give meds . If fever goes above 102 call your nurses hotline (on insurance card or your drs office) . If you are uncomfortable with the diagnosis take baby to an urgent care for second opinion. If you take to er take extra precautions as its rsv and flu season. Keep baby covered in carseat or stroller , do not touch baby without using hand sanitizer on yourself and watch putting diaper bag on floor or chairs ( make sure you spray or wipe down with lysol wipes when you get home and a good lysol spray of vehicle.

They should have given you a nebulizer

Baby vics, steam, and humidifier

Boost his immune system!! Let his immune system do what it needs to do. Dont use tylenol bcus it depletes glutathione which is an essential part of the immune system. Use vitamin C . elderberry syrup. Collodial silver. And a healthy diet with lots of coconut water for electrolytes. Humidifier .

Humidifier and lots and lots of warmth from mama :purple_heart: Lots of nursing if you are doing that too!!

Yes Vick’s warm air mist humidifier, I use mine every night in winter, it does wonders. There are also some safe essential oils you can rub on babies chest to help with breathing, I think at this age only lavender oil is safe. It definitely helps with breathing and sleeping. Also pat babies back to help break up mucous. It’s hard when they don’t really know how to cough or blow their nose. Nose suck the boogies our constantly

You could give him some echinacea tea it will help boost his immune system to fight it off faster

Baby Vick on babies feet , then socks over that . I used the Vicks humidifier as well . The cool mist one . But with it being winter , it may be different . I also have a suction nose thing , and do that three times a day . Probiotic have helped me son when he’s sick .


My sons 8 months old he was diagnosed with bronchitis yesterday hes been really rattley and coughing they prescribed anti biotics and a one time steroid for if I noticed his breathing was getting to labrhoured.

Get a Vicks humidifier put on the opposite side of his room it’ll help open his airways and help him breath better.

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Yes!! Angle the crib mattress and warm humidifier. Prayers Mama :heart::heart::heart:

Try, a vaporizer.Plenty of fluids,keep him , in a upright position to ease his breathing and some doesn’t choke.Pray that he doesn’t get an earache or a fever.I know he’s to young for meds ,but when my children were just babies,my doctor told me to give them ,weak room temp ginger ale an ounce or two,every few hours. It helped,to soothe their throats.Try it,it won’t hurt.

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All of these tips to give a 3 month old something to drink other than breast milk or formula?

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Try these saline drops highly recommend, along with a humidifier. Bless you momma I know your pain. You need to talk to your doctor about a nebulizer and breathing treatments

Do you mean bronchiolitis? I thought that was what it was called under one. My son was prone to it. They would give him oxygen and some ventalin and he would be okay.

What Tasha Favron said. Plus sitting in the bathroom with baby while the hottest shower possible is running and once it gets good and steamy gently bounce the baby that’ll help loosen everything up. The Vics Vaporub steamer is a miracle worker!

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Sit together in the bathroom and run the shower on hot the steam from shower will help do it several times a day

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Humidifier will be your best friend. Also if he has any nasal congestion/lots of drainage use saline and place 2 drops in each nostrile and suction out with a nasal aspirator 3-4 times a day especially prior to feedings. We just got over this with my 2 month old. Took about 10 days for her to be back 100%. Also keep propped up and do not lay flat. We used the boppy a LOT. Hope your little man feels better soon!

Yea nothing to do but treat the symptoms elevated bed, steam humidifier etc

Humidifier. If you have a swing put them in that position. Use a sucky nose ball to clear breathing passages. Baby vicks. Boogie wipes so the poor things nose isnt getting rubbed raw. they didn’t give you care instructions?? That’s really odd especially for a first time mom. I’m sure my list could use more work I’d look online lists.

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Baby Vick’s on his feet with socks. It’s safe babies 3 months and up. Also a humidifier


My son had it at 3 months along with pneumonia, they ended up putting him on oxygen and giving him an inhaler

My children’s pediatrician recommended that I steam up the bathroom and sit in there for a while. Vapor rub for babies, breast milk has vitamins and minerals in it to help fight it off. Angle the crib mattress and humidifier too.

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He shouldn’t be given anything other than what a doctor has prescribed, hes a new baby!!! If the doctor was concerned he would have given him antibiotics

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We got a nebulizer for my son when he had bronchitis last month. And gave him Tylenol for his fever

We just did 6 days with my 7 week old at CHKD for bronchiolitis (RSV) it doesn’t necessarily mean a hospital admission but was definitely scary. Saline and suction to the babies nose frequently to keep secretions down, keep them sitting upright as much as possible, keep them hydrated (but formula or breast milk only) and take to the closest childrens hospital for fever, not eating, or if their skin sucks in around their ribs when breathing. It is terrifying to watch such a small human suffer through this. Good luck mama.

They gave mine Albuterol and a nebulizer. Told me to keep his head elevated. Ask your pediatrician if that is an option for your baby.

When my baby got bronchiolitis we were given some medicine in a vaporizer. I also had it so I would do our treatments together as they had to he every few hours. That’s all we got.

Humidifier keep moisture in the air. When my middle kiddo had it I used a nose cleaner to keep him comfortable the best I could and did not sleep I was checking him constantly

Like everyone is saying, steam up the bathroom, just a heads up, dont bath baby too much as it messes with their body regulating temp if hes got a fever.

We did shower steamers and a humidifier.

Bronchitis is a viral respiratory infection and antibiotics can’t do much for viral infections other than manage sypmtoms IF symptoms are severe but it’s not good for infants to have antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. If his pediatrician said he didn’t need any medication then the infection will clear up on its own. Maybe call your pediatrician and ask if there is anything you can do at home to help with his breathing. some infant Vick’s vapor rub might help and a humidifier. I know how scary it is to have an infant that is sick but just listen to his pediatrician and keep an eye on his symptoms.

how worrying for a mum with an ill new baby wouldnt you think that the dr would advise the mum on how to treat the baby at home more than have her so worried a little support goes a long way x

I would say a humidifier or sitting in the bathroom steam with the shower running on hot will open up those airways.

Albuterol breathing treatments

Get a cool air humidifier for his room

Thake him to another doctor but the above advice is quiet good

Don’t smoke around him that’s bad for him

Have your baby tested for RSV! In the meantime take a cotton swab swabbed with alcohol and wipe the navel with it. It helps open up the bronchial airways do he can breathe better. Our nerves are centralized in the navel :blush:

Cold air helps the cough. We had to take my brother outside at night to stop the cough. Not much you can do. as long as his lungs don’t have fluid in them it really is a waiting game

This is a viral infection if you give your child antibiotics with a viral infection you will suppress it’s immune system and cause more problems then it will help. Treat the symptoms, stuffed nose zeebees has a green labeled medication that is specific to mucus because baby can’t have mucunex, that will have clear the airway of extra flem, also Vick’s vapor rub on the feet put on socks afterwards

Vaporizer a small amout of baby Vicks on his chest and keep his nose cleared out. Literally all you can do. Other than sitting in a steam filled room.

put him on his stomach, cup your hands and beat his back to get the cold out.

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Warm compresses for the chest. Bronchitis can make your child’s chest feel heavy and the bronchitis cough can hurt. Provide warm compresses to your child’s chest to make him or her feel better.
Add some humidity. A steamy bath or shower or just running a hot shower and sitting in the bathroom with your baby while they breathe the steam may help ease your child’s breathing. And a cool mist humidifier in his or her room overnight can also help. These are a couple things I found online & tried when my son had it.

Saline spray in the nose if he has a stuffy nose, a cool mist humidifier in his room at night, a small amount of vicks on his chest and feet (check with your pediatrician first). Keep him hydrated, offer milk/breastfeeding more frequently. Check his temp once a day and know when the pediatrician wants you to call. Typically 103>. Also know that children can have higher fevers and not show syptoms. Tule of thumb for fevers in kids: if they’re acting sick with a fever its worth treating (fevers aren’t bad things! They help fight off infections).
Things to look for: Stridor (loud gasping on inspiration), wheezing, lung retractions (breathing will look like someone is sucking on the ribs and clavicle. It is very pronounced), blue lips and/or nose, change in level of consciousness (very drowsy), and decreased wet diapers.

Give bath with this. Really helps

Use a cool mist humidifier, keep him elevated as much as possible but do not give pillows to a 3 month old, use saline nose drops before every feed and nap along with a nose suction bulb to remove congestion and keep well hydrated. If he is really struggling to feed or shows any signs of difficulty breathing take him straight back in


Cold air is good for baby.

My baby has it too, he is 7 months adjusted. His pediatrician put him on breathing treatments and prednisonal (gross but it definitely helps get the mucus to come up)

Prednisonal and Antibiotics. My 4 year old has the same thing currently

My daughter gets sick every year it seems like. I put Vicks on her feet with socks over them. Humidifier with those vapo pads. Baby Vicks on the chest. Tylenol or motrin when there’s a fever. She also has asthma and needs 2 inhalers when sick and sometimes a breathing treatment. Steam room in the bathroom. There’s also some cough medicine you can give your 3 month old. Brand is Zarbees but make sure it says 2m and up before buying it. I swear by Zarbees. My daughter is 4 now so I give her the one with honey in it and the night time one that has melatonin in it. Helps a lot. ALWAYS check your little ones temp to make sure they’re not running a fever. My daughter had bronchitis and it turned into pneumonia. Scared the hell out of me. I’m also a first time mom as well. You also could look up home remedies on pinterest for 3 month olds. It’ll give you tons of ideas.

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I was in the same situation w my son but luckily he has a good doctor , he had to be put on a nebulizer and she prescribed him with antibiotics and it cleared on it’s own

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When mine gets a congested nose, I run a vaporizer, use boogie mist to loosen up the mucous & then suction her nose, nebulizer treatments, and benadryl. It’s just about all you can do for them as babies.

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If it’s a virus there is nothing you can do but help with symptoms. If he is having coughing spells, steam from a hot shower may help. I used to do that when my son was a baby and had croup.

Nebulize collidial silver

If it’s cold in your area bundle him up and spend a bit in your front yard like 10 or 15 minutes. Cold hair always helped my girls. Cool mist humidifier, bulb suction for his nose along with saline drops, the more hydrated the better so let that baby go to town drinking. Also you can run a hot shower and sit on the floor of your bathroom near the shower with him so the steam can open him up. Just don’t get in the actual shower with water that hot going and you don’t want to slip while holding him. If he stops wanting to drink, isn’t making a regular amount of wet diapers take him back in. If his breathing is distressed or his color is grey or blue call 911.

(Mom of 6) Cold air. Even standing with the freezer door open helps.

Vaporizer. Elevate their head when laying down. Skin to skin, lots of loving and rest

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Was it viral ? If it’s not viral they can give antibiotics

If your child has bronchitis, do not offer milk, it thickens the mucus …makes it worse…give water, Sprite, pedialyte.


Humidifier. Or I used the steam in the bathroom from a hot shower. And saline drops.

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Bronchitis needs antibiotics, take the baby to another doctor, urgent care, or emergency department for a second opinion. Bronchitis can go into pneumonia quickly without intervention. I get pneumonia every year from bronchitis, so it’s something I have lots of experience with.

They should have given you antibiotics, there’s always something they can do, id call 111 and explain that to them that’s what doctors said because they shouldn’t have sent you away saying there’s nothing you can do, if effects their breathing too x

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Put a humidifier in their room or wherever they are sleeping. It will definitely help. If you don’t take care of yourself how are you going to take care of your little one? Make sure you are sleeping too. Set an alarm every 2 hours to check on the baby if your baby is already sleeping through the night.


Get a 2nd or even a 3rd opinion, I went to 8 different doctors until one of them knew what the hell was on my sons ass. It was a boil and hereditary from my father. 2 doctors or 3 is better then ones opinion!


this is common for bronchitis they don’t give you anything unless it’s bad enough to need an inhaler. Use a humidifier bring the baby in the bathroom and let the hot water run put vapor rub on their feet and put some warm socks on etc. The cough should go away in about a week


That is complete nonsense. They should have given your baby antibiotics. My son was 4 months when he got bronchitis and he got antibiotics and was fine after.


Take him to the hospital. The doctor was wrong!


Went through it when my daughter was that age to and we put a Vick’s humidifier in her room with the Vick’s pads and the liquid and within 3 days it was basically gone


All 3 off my children have had this… my 11 month old currently has and was in hospital over night, not much they could do. If you can prob the cot up one end its easier on them to breath. I had a next to me cot which allowed me yo have one end higher x

They’re right … nothing you can do… best thing you can do is give time to recover and lots of fluids. An air humidifier helps , and Tylenol or Motrin to relieve any fever . Good luck


Warm cloths on the chest over the area of the bronchial tubes eases breathing discomfort.

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I put a few books under the mattress to prop my little one up when he has a bad chest . All u can do is give him calpol and Keep a eye on his temp , don’t over heat him … keep the window open a little to let fresh air in . Another good tip is have u got the vapour rub for babies ? Put abit in hot water and put it in his room to air. My baby gets it all the time

Plenty of fluids, humidifier if the indoor air is very dry. Bronchitis is a virus but if your baby is running fever ask your pediatrician if you could give ibuprofen. I would also keep other people away from the baby.

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