I would like to know your sentiments, opinion about this issue

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now.. we had a 1 year old daughter.. we started dating when the pandemic started so technically we only get a chance to be with each other (dating) 3 times only before i got pregnant.. we lived together. i work from home .take care of our daughter and do some household chores from time to time.

I feel bad when usually go to his friends to drink or what not… it seems that there are more times he likes to go drinking with them compared to him asking me for a date.

i think im jealous of his time… i cannot see the effort that he wants to make time with me… we had a talk few months that he is not sexually attracted to me but he loves me and our daughter .i already accepted it and kept quiet about it and feel the pain on my own… but i dont see any efforts that he wants to be with me or spend time with me…

i know he is depressed about money about losing his job . about having a baby. about many resposibiities. .

so do i let him do what he wants to and enjoy from time to time with his friends?

how about me… i stay at home 24/7

i feel sad and alone , lonely and empty

what can you say guys… any same situation? how did you handle it?