I wrote in a non bio father on my kids birth certificate and need to change it

I’m a first time mom and my daughter is 16 months old. Me and her father weren’t together when she was born nor when I was pregnant. She has the last name of the guy I was dating at the time she was born because he was all for her having his last name, being her father, etc. Turns out he was abusive and lied all the time. I ended up leaving him and now he doesn’t see her, ask about her, anything and hasn’t since March of this year. Is there any way I can get her last name changed? How do I go about it? He did sign the papers at the hospital, but we don’t have her birth certificate due to him refusing to give me the paperwork to send off for it. I just need to know where to begin to get her last name changed please.

If he signed the papers acknowledging paternity the only way to get him off is to get the bio dad to take a paternity test at least in my state through the courts. You need to talk to a lawyer bc you both falsified a legal document. Id tread very carefully. Changing the last name would probably require the same thing going to court

I would not recommend putting bio dad on there at all. File with the Court to have her name changed. Request DNA from bad bf if the court requires. Then tell them you don’t know who the bio dad is. They can’t make you “remember if you don’t.” Bio dad has no business being on anything either. If he wants to in the future then he can go ask the court properly.
Then it will be only you and baby on there. Take care of and focus on you and the baby and good.job getting out of a bad situation.