I'd like to ask for reviews for an anti depressant i just started taking

I'm 27 years old. I was prescribed adderall for 9 years, 30mg 2X a day, after about 5 years i began abusing it and taking way too much. The past 2-3 years i was taking 90-120mg a day and just began spinning circles. im 5ft 2 inches and weigh about 125. Nobody my size should ever be taking that much adderall a day. I have 3 babies, my oldest is five. Last year my daughter was born two months early and was in nicu for 2 months (shes perfectly healthy now turning 1 in two weeks) after that i just hit my rock bottom, eating adderall like candy, being rude and just plain mean to everyone in my house.started gambling, drinking, distancing myself from family and friends... a HOT mess to say the least. In june, I left my babies and fiance and went to rehab for 3 weeks and was properly diagnosed with depression with adhd symptoms but i got a new doctor and expressed to him i cannot take stimulants so he prescribed me wellbutrin. Im on day 4 and all i feel so far, is im not energized alll day but cant sleep at night. My depression is not sad. For the most part, im not sad. Ive never been suicidal or anything like that. Im just physicallly drained everyday for no reason, i feel mentally paralyzed, have absolutely no interest in doing things i love. Even brushing my hair feels like a job. So anyways my doc says that this wellbutrin is going to help and i hope it does and ive been reading all these reviews on google but feel like none of them particularly relate to my situation. Everyone thats taken it on google seems to have had MAJOR depression and other mental illnesses that i just dont relate to so wondering if this group can help me out with some more relatable reviews....

I always read the discussions on here and it seems alot of people know what theyre talking about so help a sista out
Im like extremely anxious for this to change my life but nervous cause i dont know what to expect.

Hey! I don’t have any advice or reviews for the tablet you’ve just been put on, but, I’ve been diagnosed with post natal depression and anxiety. I feel very similar to how you’re explaining. I do feel the sadness to but not so much as mental exhaustion.
I’ve been put on something called sertraline and I’ve only been taking it a few weeks and I feel so much better in myself. I feel like an actual functioning human for the first time in a long time, so if you feel the ones you’re on aren’t working or not for you, I’d recommending sertraline.

I hope you start feeling better soon :heart: Mental health issues are so horrible! Especially with children and babies!

Wellbutrin was added to my list of meds for my ADHD symptoms. I take sertraline and buspirone for my anxiety and depression. I started with 150mg of Wellbutrin and after a while upped it to 300mg. I’m my experience it has helped me focus and get things done. I did see improvement in my sleep after a few week. But I don’t know if I’d say I have more energy. Maybe just less executive disfunction.

That being said I would give the meds a month to really know how they make you feel, UNLESS you feel like harming yourself/others or anything along those lines.