Ideas for inexpensive homecoming outfit for my son?

I was wondering if anybody has any good ideas for homecoming attire for boys that are not costly. My husband and I are both on disability, not because we want to be, we both have real medical issues/diseases. We're raising our two kids in that income alone. No other assistance. My son is a freshman this year and on the football team. There are all kinds of ideas for girls formal attire that helps with the cost of dresses or donated dresses. I can't find anything affordable for my son. Thrift store suits are usually pretty awful. I'm also old and don't know the current styles. Any ideas that would be affordable, stylish, and maybe somewhat casual. He likes to be kind of fun in his clothes choices. Any ideas rigid be greatly appreciated maybe even photos. Thank you so much for taking time to read my post and thank you so much if you have any ideas.

Never wrong to go old school. A nice tux and you can find those thrifting! Or try one of the online auctions.

Check Asos! They have a great sale section (just checked for male suits) and you could pick up slacks and an outfit pretty cheap. Some pants are on sale for around $20 (depending on size). If you have a Plato’s Closet in your area, those tend to be better than thrift stores as the employees sort through the clothes and only buy what is in style.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for inexpensive homecoming outfit for my son?

So suits usually aren’t worn to homecoming, just a dress shirt and slacks. It’s not as formal as prom. So find him a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie or bow tie from a thrift store :slightly_smiling_face:


Walmart has dress shirts for $12

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A dress shirt and a nice tie or bow tie

Walmart usually has pretty inexpensive dress/formal attire. Paid of slack,a button up and paid of vans? Any grandparents or family members that you’re close enough to,to maybe ask for help getting him an outfit?

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Jeans and a button down is what the guys at my kids school wear

Kohls is also not a bad option and they have great deals. You can also reach out to your local church to see if they could also help.

Ask the school if they have any resources that you can use. As in they maybe aware of local places helping with this sort of situation. I am sure you aren’t the first or last person to need a little help

Just need dress pants, shoes and button down. Any place like Burlington, TJ Max, Walmart and Target even

Check Amazon. The typical attire for homecoming is not formal. Does he wear uniforms for school? If so, have him wear his khakis and maybe a nice shirt, or just nice jeans and a new polo or button down. Depending where you live, check out places like Plato’s Closet

H&M, Forever21Men, Shein and Amazon

If he is a football player won’t he be wearing his uniform ???

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Ashland?? Try the Dressing Room in the Neighborhood! They dress boys and girls for prom!

Check Facebook market place for your area to see if anyone is giving away attire or selling for a low cost. There are other apps too like let it go and offer up where you can see what people in the area are getting rid of. Where I live there are Facebook pages for our area called free cycle. It’s a page where people post all their unwanted items for free in the community. Your community may have something similar.

Definitely look at a Burlington or Marshall’s if you have one near you. Or maybe even Facebook marketplace ?

Walmart and get them tailored to fit.

So walmart has lots of stuff that would be appropriate. My cousin wore a pair of khaki and a collard dress shirt and nice shoes. He looked really nice and paid 40 dollars for the whole outfit.

If he is a football player they are usually in the football uniform

Burlington my sons prom outfit cost me 30 dollars . ( country boy ) dress pants and dress shirt cost me 20 and i had to rent the tie . Could find one to match his dates dress

Burlington coat factory as really nice ones that are inexpensive and do layaway

Definitely ask the school they often have programs or know of programs for dance clothing. Some schools also will have resources for school clothes and supplies as well. If that’s not an option see if your town has a pay it forward Facebook group you might be able to find something there.

Ask the school. I know some schools have donated attires for this reason.

Check places like TJ Maxx, K&G, Burlington… I would also just reach out to local fb resale groups, the school, or churches to see if they can help.

If you have a Platos closet near you… they are like a “thrift store” only more upscale so to speak. They won’t just take anything. All he needs is a nice dress shirt and slacks since it’s not as formal as prom. A store like Ross or Burlington if you have those by you would be perfect. Even a bealls outlet store.

Thrift stores are a good place to start! I’ve found lots of formal wear and brand names (my prom dress was from Ross- not exactly thrift, but it was gorgeous and only $40).

Amazon! I got my sons and husbands wedding suits and they were amazing. A 5 piece set for $45

I’m thinking a nice looking button-up shirt and a pair of black slacks and maybe a tie and he should be good to go you can usually find that stuff pretty cheap at Walmart or Goodwill

Nice button up shirt and dress pants! Look for coupons! That’s what I do for my son.

Do you have a Gabriel’s store

You can rent tuxedos for fairly cheap for one night just make the appointment early before homecoming is close or they get more spendy the closer get to the date

Try TJmaxx or Amazon! Very affordable. He doesn’t need a full on suit for homecoming just a button up, tie, and slacks with a belt or maybe some suspenders will look great!

Ask friends or family if they have anything

The clearance section of JCPenney has great suits and separates. I always grab pants and blazers for my son for around $20. And you can use coupons to get them even cheaper. I get my kids formal event clothes from there every time.

Ask the school if anyone is donating outfits or funds.
Also, check Good Will, TJ Maxx, Burlington, Marshall’s, etc.
I’m rural and my son decided the WEDNESDAY BEFORE PROM that he wanted to go. I found a lil hole in the wall store for a suit. It was $89.
Also, call around and ask about rentals. Some places, even small shops, do rentals. :heart:

Amazon has great deals. We got my dad a nice vest and a button up shirt on there for like 60

Ross, goodwill, FB market place or amazing is great. Could also maybe post his size in fb yard sale groups around you see if anyone has one they could donate.

I don’t know if this is possible since I know these posts are anonymous, but I would like to help out if the original poster wants to send me a private message.


Look into tuxedo rentals. Also sometimes if you are willing to do a little work you can find a nice suit on amazon for a great price.

Check thrift stores or even goodwill

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Jcpenney is usually pretty affordable. I’d start there.

Clearly no one read where she said thrift store suits are pretty awful) wherever she lives).

My son wore black slacks and a black button up shirt with a tie that matched the girl’s dress. From my experience Homecoming isn’t usually as formal as Prom. Some of the kids wore suit jackets, but not all of them.

Most of the boys that I’ve seen when my daughters went to formals just wore well fitting slacks and button down shirts with a tie or bow tie

How about dress shirt, tie and suspenders. Maybe a friend or neighbor has them.

Dark navy or grey slacks and a red/burgundy button down or vice versa, roll sleeves 3/4. No one ever wore full suits to our homecomings. That was more for prom. Amazon has tons of options

Like stated above I’d check JC Penny’s but also consider just a nice pair of slacks. Since he likes to be colorful you may have an easier time just finding a nice dress shirt and tie. The guys normally always ended up out of there jackets at the dance because they get hot. When I was in school home coming wasn’t near as dressy as prom was. It was more of a fun casual ordeal

Homecoming is usually more laid back, slacks and a nice button up with a tie that matches, you could even do more casual with nice jeans and a sports coat. It’s really up to him, but homecoming usually isn’t something people wear a tux to!

I would say go to a goodwill or thrift store. He doesn’t have to wear a suit. Most the boys wear is a pair of dress pants and button shirt.

Look on Facebook marketplace for clothes or ask a local Facebook sale group if anyone would be willing to lend something. Ask a local church also. I’m sure some youth pastors would be willing

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A lot of kids where I’m from wear nice blue Jean’s, a button up, and cowboy boots. Can never go wrong with that outfit. Please if you can private message me I would like to see if I can help in anyway!

There you can find nicer and pants and tops

Thrift shores honestly you can get cheap dress close also look up charities they have a lot that do dress clothes for teens. Not sure if if this helps.

H&M is usually pretty reasonable and current. Maybe you can find something there?

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Khaki pants, white button down shirt and tie that matches date.

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Ask churches or someone in your community if they have a clothes closet.

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Get him a pair of blk jeans and if hes got a date matching colored button down shirt.suspenders and a bowtie or tie depend on his style.let him wear his tennis shoes.maybe kill 2 birds with 1 stone and buy him a new pair…its for the gurls boys really dont care.

I would say just a black pair of dress pants or even a nice pair of jeans with a solid color button down shirt keep it a neutral color, and try to match the tie to the dates dress. Even a pair of khakis and a simple dress shirt. Even when I was in school, which was awhile ago(I grad in 2005) guys didn’t really wear suits for homecoming that was more for prom. Keep it simple.

Something like this should be fine. And honestly I’ve bought outfits like this for a wedding from WALMART before! They legit had shirt/tie sets for like $11.99


Kohl’s has great sales I’m men’s attire, H & M Trendy and cheap, Forever 21 same thing. Even look online at those stores on their clearance sites

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Dress slacks, a nice shirt,vest and a tie. Dressy, but not overly so. More comfortable as well, most young men end up taking the jacket off anyway.

Where is the OP located?

If the mom wants to message me I will buy your son something to wear. Im a sale shopper and im sure we could find something he loves! Please message me i will be glad to take him or donate money or whatever helps!


Try Goodwill or Salvation Army

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Walmart has nice button down dress shirts for $15, and pants for maybe $20

Button down shirt and a vest

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for inexpensive homecoming outfit for my son?

What state do you live in? I will try to locate some resources for you. Homecomings are normally pretty laid back. I’d think he can go in jeans and a nice shirt. Something he feels comfortable in.

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Where I’m from the football players always wear their jerseys.

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When my boys were in high school & I had very little $$. I bought a tuxedo shirt & a cumberbun with the matching bow tie… Amazon has them in different colors. They wore no jackets & a Pair of black pants. It worked for them. & they looked great…


Try Goodwill, they normally always have suit jackets, ties, belts, mostly anything he may need. You could get lucky and find something nice and really cheap. Just clean it up and he will be fine. Check out marketplace on Facebook. Possibly, post on your local Facebook yard sale sites and ask around. Maybe someone would let you borrow or even give away. Let us know what state or city and maybe someone here can help you. Best of LUCK. :blush: Uptown cheapskate or Plato’s Closet is around here, that people find really good deals.

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Honestly black/khaki dress pants, a white button up shirt, and a tie matching his girls dress. Pretty much all things you could find at Walmart or targets or whatever retail stores are in your area.

If he really, really wants a tux, a lot of tux places rent them out so you don’t have to buy them outright, they normally come with the shoes also, so you’d only be stuck buying the socks at most.

Attire really depends on where you are Black jeans Clean boots Collared shirt Is all the guys really wear in my kids HS And since he’s only a freshman and still growing Just ask around and borrow a shirt. Most schools also have a contact that will help kids out quietly Coaches are a good/trusted resource to go to as well

Have you checked into renting one? It’s usually pretty cheap.

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Reach our to your school counselor and see what resources may be available that you are unaware of

Shein men’s section has some pretty cheap button up choices and cheaper pants as well!

I thought the only guys that had to "dress as in a jacket and tie sort of thing) were the guys running for home king, or if they were escorting one of thr girls running for quee . However I’m sure it differs from school to school. Before you start shopping I would call the coach and ask him what team is required to wear. If anyone knows what the te wears he will!

Walmart for some slacks thrift store for a button down. Or rent one

Tuxedo t shirts. Amazon fun to wear.

Aww just a shirt and pants are fine👍 good luck❤️

Do u have Plato’s Closet in ur state? Cheap & stylish used clothes. Good luck!:purple_heart:

Amaxon has a try before you buy option, usually gives you 7 days to decide. That may be an option.

Join a local moms group on FB and ask if anyone has anything to donate. I buy used all the time off FB. don’t be ashamed!! I buy used all the time. single mom here and I save grocery and bill money buying used and my son doesn’t mind one bit. it’s in his closet and he wears it all with no questions asked! as far as outfit…let him decide what he wants to wear. life is so casual these days - maybe he wants to match friends or can find inspiration online to base your search on

Homecoming is pretty much Ed laid back casual attire nice jeans button up shirt casual shoes

Blue jeans and a button shirt from Walmart

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All great ideas!! I would suggest that if he wants to go in a more formal attire reach out to your Elks Lodge, Mens Bible studies group at a local church… they always seem to lend a helping hand even if it’s just for a pair of Jean’s and button up shirt :blue_heart:

Homecoming dance outfits are actually pretty casual compared to things like prom! So khakis and a button up shirt should be good! Maybe a fun bow tie or socks to spice it up?

He could rent one and return it. That’s what my dad and brothers did for my wedding. It wasn’t that expensive. Or JCPenney had nice dress shirts and jackets.

Visit the formal shops in your area and ask for any community aide for male students or you could ask the school principal/teachers. They help girls so I d think must be help for boys also in need. Some tux rentals may be helpful

Dress pants/dress shirt and Amazon has great deals for the bowtie and vest sets

Blue jeans, a buttoned shirt and suspenders.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for inexpensive homecoming outfit for my son?

For homecoming there weren’t a lot a guys in tuxes. I wouldn’t recommend one. Mostly slacks and a button down, maybe a tie. You can get slacks at Ross for pretty cheap, just find a good Ross or similar store.

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Most people from my school didn’t do fancy, unless it was Prom. Wear a dress shirt or a nice looking solid colored longsleeve (roll the sleeve up when hot), some slacks or clean black/grey pants. If you happen to have dress shoes, awesome, if not black sneakers should work well enough

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I’d say go to Marshalls or stores like that. They always have nice dress pants for button up shirts/ties for a great cost

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U can rent a suit/tux in most menswear stores

Some community school offices have donated homecoming attire.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for inexpensive homecoming outfit for my son?