If you are a stay at home mom, does yoru husband help?

I’d like to know if any stay at home moms do all the cooking and cleaning laundry dishes without so much as a finger lift of help from there husband’s they do work full time and help with kid just not any house work cleaning shopping. Is that really considered 50/50


50/50 means while he’s at work, you are at work. You do all the cooking and cleaning at home because that’s your work. Now when he comes home he should help with the baby to give you some free time from that but he needs free time from work, so he shouldn’t be doing the cooking and cleaning (unless he wants to).

SAHM for 5yrs we have 4 kids. I did everything cleaning cooking, laundry etc he took care of the outdoor stuff. He works 12hr or more days and I did not expect him to help. That was my full time job, I did expect him to spend time with the kids when he got home which he always did. It makes no sense for him to help when he works. Maybe you shouldn’t expect so much after he has already put in work at work.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. If you are a stay at home mom, does yoru husband help?

I think is depends. When I had my first I did all the housework by myself. Second one came and he started helping. Now on the third? Bitch you cleaning and stuff too!

So you expect your husband to work full time, come home and take care of a kid and clean/cook? You have one kid. What do you do all day? Sounds like he is putting way more into this than you are. Maybe you need to research what 50/50 is because this is not it at all.


My boyfriend has always worked hard and his job is very physically demanding .
The first year and a half, i stayed home with my daughter . But after that i chose to work , part time and i still take care of the home and our daughter . That’s not say he doesn’t do anything at our home , because he does . But i do not ask him for help.


As a stay at home mom, the stuff you mention is your job….your hubby works full time, don’t expect to him to help with the house chores :woman_shrugging:t2:


I do the inside he does the outside.


I think helping with the kids so you can do the chores are more then fair.

When I stayed at home I would rather do the chores and have him handle the kids so I could catch up on a few things.

Even now we both are working but I am home more so I handle the chores and he helps with the kids as we both work outside of the home and he has a more flexibility then myself.


My husband works 6 days a week 15 hour days. Does absolutely nothing except for outdoor chores. Or if I ask. But nothing in his own accord.

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Mine changes the litter box and takes out the trash. Unless I’m sick of course he does more. Other than that the household/kids are my job. Of course when he comes home he plays with them and gives me a mental break though. 

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I stay home, we have 3 kids and I babysit 3 to 5 kids a day, I pretty much do everything but when he gets home, (he works a very physical demanding job outside) he will help and play with the kids and he helps me pickup if I didn’t get to it, about once a week he will help me cook dinner, and he does the bath, bed routine with the smallest one. but I will gladly do everything if he has had a hard day


I have been a SAHM for 10 years, my husband worked shift work for 8 of those years. He cooked, cleaned & helped with kids when home. It was absolutely 50/50, we now run a cleaning business together & are together 24/7. I would be willing to admit that he does more for our children now that we’re both home because we have a special needs 10 year old whom I cant lift anymore so he does 90% of the things with/for her. Working in the home or out of the home shouldn’t matter, you’re a team!

Edited to add- we have 4 kids total & it’s always a circus here :sob::joy:


My husband will help me with whatever I ask him to help me with even if he did work but I like my house cleaned the way I like it cleaned like I hate the kids even helping me because then it’s not done my way i am very control freak over how everything is done so I very rarely ask for help with stuff but that’s speaking for me you have to do what personally feels right for you

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I’m a stay at home mom and my husband works full time. Not to mention he drives 2hrs 1 way to work and 2hrs home. But when he gets home he will help with me with whatever I’m doing. There are alot of times I tell him it’s ok I’ve got it but he insists on helping. He does work some Saturdays but for the most part he helps alot on the weekends


My hubby will help when he’s home, he’s been working 14-16 hour days so those took a toll. But it will be going back to normal soon so he will be helping more.

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If you stay home full time, that’s your job. My opinion.


My husband and i never believed in the 50/50 it has always been 100/100. When i was a stay at home mom, he worked 12,14,16,18,24+ hour shifts… so i never asked him to do anything… but he always helped with kiddos and any clean up. I always did laundry,cooking, cleaning… i have always enjoyed doing those things…i wouldnt want him to do those things anyway.

My husband works full time and overtime. He still helps me at home. Not an equal share of housework obvi but he does some. He would never expect me to do 100% of everything even if I’m staying home.

:yawning_face: I work full time, do all of the cooking/cleaning and pay bills along with taking care of 3 boys… and pets.
Yes - I’d love some help, but he’d do it wrong anyways or half ass it and I’d still have to take care of whatever it was. A relationship of any sort is not 50/50. It’s just about getting shit done.

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Um that’s fair. You sit at home all day and do some chores :rofl: It’s your job to do all of that. Only thing I can see a man doing if he wants is the yard. But he has a full time job. What maybe get a 30min break? Lady you get breaks all day. Nap time, TV time, you time. No mom ever is just on her feet 24/7 when being a sahm. Sure he can help with chores on his days off, but not when he’s working 10 plus hour shifts a day. Come on now.


I think that’s fair :person_shrugging: only thing I would require is him doing heavy lifting and trash otherwise yup that’s fair.

70-30, he washes dishes and does whatever laundry I’ve forgotten, changes diapers and hangs with the older kids so I can get a break

If he works full time for your income, that’s your full time job to take care of him and your children. :woman_shrugging: Be very thankful that you CAN stay home all day with your child. There’s a lot of parents that can’t afford to do that :woman_shrugging:


I work 40 hrs a week…do all the cleaning cooking and shopping. He does laundry and some grilling but thats it…def would appreciate more help.

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There is no 50/50 in a relationship. Its 100/100 my husband works we have 4 active kids I do all the house work because he brings home the money to pay for the house and it’s contents. He works his butt off to provide for us. I should do the same to keep the house clean and kids taken care of. Is my husband against doing anytime of house work? Absolutely not! He will do dishes and laundry and whatever else needs to be done if I fall behind. Because I do. And he does most of the yard work. The least I could do is do the house

Not all of the time, but when he can. He works a lot.

My husband works full time, I take care of everything at home and everyone but he does help when he’s not completely exhausted. He doesn’t expect me to do everything I just do it bc I feel it’s my job :woman_shrugging:


I work 45 plus hours a week and I still do all the cooking and cleaning lol I think that’s just part of being mom. It’s not fun but you gotta go what ya gotta do

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He should help with kid so u can cook,laundry, dishes whatever u need to do.

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From stay at home mom to full time working mom my husband has always helped me. We help each other. Dishes, yard work doesn’t matter… :woman_shrugging:t4:


My husband and I have both worked full time always and we split it up he does heavy stuff I do not the heavy stuff but I read your post a couple times he works full time you have one kid and what did you want him to do do you do the lawn if you have one do you work on the vehicle to make sure it’s running why does he have to do so much after working a full time job I think grow up is in order here…


He does outside stuff. I do all the inside stuff.

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Mine helps with everything I need when he gets home… which is basically just the kids.

My husband absolutely helps. He works full time and gets an hour or so after work to chill then he takes over taking care of the baby so I can get some time to relax and then get dinner ready. We take turns every evening getting up for the baby, we split the cleaning etc. I hate seeing women saying like, “you’re home with one kid, what are you doing all day??” Um, diapers, bottles, clothing changes, endless laundry, endless dishes and trash, lunch for me and husband, cleaning, etc. Taking care of babies isn’t just a walk in the park whether you have 1 or 5… my husband adds to the filth in the house, my husband helped make this child, therefore, he helps with everything. :woman_shrugging:


Mine does his share mostly. He’s usually gone 12-14 hours a day so during the week I don’t ask for much, just taking out the trash and helping with laundry. On the weekends he does whatever needs to get done. Our take is that we both live here and the house is all of our responsibility. And he wants to show our boys that they can take care of where they live, it’s not a woman’s sole job.

My partner helps a lot. If I make dinner, he helps clean. If I ask him to switch the washer into the dryer, he’ll do it without complaints. Although I take care of things most of the time (kids, cooking, cleaning, grocery/home shopping, doctor’s appointments, school drop off, homework, etc), he appreciates me for it all and will help here and there, especially when I communicate certain needs. He also takes care of the outdoor work. :heart: Everything is team effort. If he needs guy time, I watch the kids. If I need girl time, he watches the kids. It should never be about who does more. If you guys aren’t tackling this as a team, that’s the problem.

I should add, that I do work 3 days/week. The money I make goes solely towards the kid’s needs (clothes, shoes, extra curricular activities, birthdays, etc.), my needs, and whenever I want to surprise my partner with something. :blush: He takes care of the bills with his income.


My husband works full time and I stay home (not due to my choice) he helps with cooking cleaning yard work pretty much anything that needs to be done

I do the majority, however he definitely helps out… he does live here and make the mess too. I am the primary house cleaner/cook, not the maid.

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Nope! They get to leave work, do you?? Not 50/50


My husband works long hours
Like 15 plus hours
I handle cleaning the house, cooking, dentist /doctor sports everything pretty much.

My son and I take turns mowing the grass and outside work.

I guess I don’t really accept much from him because he does so much

He absolutely helps. I’m a SAHM and he works 50+ hours and still helps, there’s no reason he couldn’t or shouldn’t.


My husband helps with everything. Sometimes I have to “remind” him to get stuff done but he will always help without hesitation.

Mine helps and works full time 70/89 hours week! He will help do whatever I ask or needs to be done! I just started working again but we both help do everything we can! I make sure bills and all finances are done on time he grocery shops, and we work on the yard on our off days together! Our kids are older so we don’t have any problems w that!

My husband works full time and does his own laundry and most of his own food. I full full time owning my small business from home and do all of the household duties (except the grass cutting) and every single thing to do with the kids on top of my work.

We both work a full time job and we both do the household chores…if I didn’t have to work that man would have to raise a finger to help around the house…don’t take what you have for granted


i am a SAHM and now that both kids are in school, i do 99% of the cleaning…. but he never hesitates to help if i ask. he has an appliance business, so he does wash and dry our clothes as he’s testing them, but i still fold and put them away.

outside of cleaning, he is very helpful when he’s home. he gets the kids ready for school while i pack their lunches and get everything ready to go. he helps with dinner if it’s not finished when he gets off. he helps clean up after dinner. he reads to the kids every night and brushes his teeth with them before tucking them in. if our cat or dog ever have an accident, he always is the one to clean it up because he’s the first one up in the mornings.

i try to need his help as little as possible, but he’s always been one to clean up a mess when he sees one and never say anything about it so i’m sure he does more than i notice :rofl:

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My husband works 12 plus hour days I don’t expect him to do anything at the house other than help out with the kids. His job is outside of the home my job is in the home so the laundry dish is cooking is my job he doesn’t call me to go to his job and help him. He does maintain outside the house so grass trash things like that

Short answer… Yes
Ur job is the house, cleaning,shopping
his job is working to pay the bills,
And BoTH to take care of the kids!!

The fact helps with the kids is awesome because a lot of dads don’t…without a fight.

I would like to add just because it’s your responsibility for the house doesn’t give him the right to leave his stuff laying around and not picking up after himself. 
Also when I’m sick or just feeling down he does my part as well as his part, that’s real 50-50…
You sound like you have a good partner in life. 

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I have worked and I have been a stay at home mom. Both are tiring. However if I worked all day and he stayed at home and after I get off I would want to spend time with kids and catch up with them. I don’t want to come home and cook, clean, do laundry if he has been there all day. I could understand if he was sick or something I would. But now I am a mother of 4 and pregnant with baby #5 and work a full time job (at 35 weeks pregnant) and going through such a messy divorce and do it all by myself every bit. It’s not easy and I fail daily and cry a lot but I do it. Be grateful for your family that you have and that he at least plays with the kids

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If your husband is anything like mine, if I ask, he will do anything and/or do it all. If I dont ask, he just assumes I dont need his help. It is the males way of thinking. With that being said, have you tried asking him to do certain things like, fold laundry, load or unload the dishwasher, change the linen, vacuum, etc? Again, my husband will do anything, but I do have to ask.


Single mama, but when the father was in the picture, only thing he did was make things more difficult, never helped…ever

Childcare is a full time job that people are paid full time wages for. House cleaning is also another full time job that people get paid to do. Not to mention planning and managing appts and homework/projects/ etc. After your work day of providing care for your children, when the husband returns from his job, if there are tasks to complete around the home then they are both of your responsibility having both performed your full time job for the day. You shouldn’t be expected to work 24hrs a day while he only works 9.


When I was a stay at home mom I had older children that did the chores like the dishes. They do their own laundry. My husband does his own laundry. Will help with bedding and what not if needed. Does yard work with the older children. And will mop the floor once everyone else has picked up once a week. But he works usually 7am- 3pm and off Saturday Sundays with holidays off and paid. When he works longer stretches he can fall asleep as soon as he gets home. That happens a couple of times a year. Also he got behind when he had his hernia.

For a while my husband stayed home and I worked. He was great. Did everything around the house and rubbed my feet after work. I’d help here and there. Then roles switched and he worked. I kept up on the house. He traveled for work so was only home periodically, but he would get up and clean the entire house and let me sleep in once or twice a month

As a stay-at-home mom, I would say I do 96% of the cleaning. My husband has never cleaned our toilets, but he has done dishes, washed floors, folded laundry. Not because he felt he had to, but because he is a good human who can recognize when someone needs help. Plus he has admitted my job is a lot more difficult than his. We both chose to be parents and buy a house. We also mutually decided that I would stay home. Therefore we should both contribute to raising the kids, keeping a nice home, and supporting one another in our roles. :+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s his house too, is it not?? I’m not his maid. I’d have to clean even if I did have a job, right? I’d be a mom and do mom duties even with a job, right? Yeah, so that goes for men, too. Thankful I have a husband who’s never expected me to just be a housewife and maid and always put in his help around here and with our kids💯

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My husband helps. He does most of the cooking and I do most of the cleaning. He does the yard I do the inside. But he still does some laundry sometimes and even sweeps and stuff sometimes. We are a team. Yes my main job is the house but he lives here too and acts accordingly.

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No I do all the cleaning,taking care of the kids, he works

I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 4 years. My fiancé works 12 hour days and still does the dishes, takes the garbage out, gives the kids baths every other night and mows the lawn. Just cause he works, doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of helping out. I didn’t make these kids myself and we both agreed me staying home would save us money. He knows how stressful it is some days for me with a 14 month old and a 4 year old. It’s a partnership. It’s 100/100. Men do not get to slack on parenting just cause they make the money and get to physically leave the house everyday. It would still be the same even if us moms went to work and came home. We would still have to be a mother, just like they should be a father after clocking out :clap:t2:


He should be doing some housework. However, expecting 50/50 is, I think, unfair. He is the sole provider for the household. He brings in the household’s total income. If the poster wants a 50/50 marriage she should also get a part-time job and bring in some money. They can then split the household chores and yardwork evenly.

I’m a stay at home homeschooling mom. I teach my children during the time he is at work. When he comes home he does do outdoor chores and help with the kids. I do indoor chores and cook. Sometimes we cook together. I will say though also that if one of us notices something needs done or that the other hasn’t gotten to we tend to just do it or help. Its part of being a team. Also im over the 50/50 thing. Its 100/100. You both need to give 100 percent to everything. :woman_shrugging:t2:

These are giving old generation vibes🤢
My husband makes our income. But he still does laundry, cleans, cooks, baths the kids, and a lot of other stuff.
I don’t make him do any of this. I’m very OCD and like things certain ways so I prefer to do it all myself but I can’t and that’s okay.
My husband notices it and pitches in.
Everyone is raised different but let’s break that cycle. We are NOT their moms or maids.


Husband’s should help.

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As a sahm the house work is your “job” but I always put a limit to it. Just like he gets off work in the evenings and weekends so do I. I’m not cleaning and doing laundry during the time that he’s home (besides cooking and the basics of taking care of kids which he shouldnt mind pitching in some). I would always get done what I could during “work hours”, and for me that included yard work because I enjoy that, and then I hung out with him and the kids when he was home. And come Monday I picked up the mess of the weekend and got back to regular household chores and taking care of kids.


I do almost everything he does the trash and outside work. But if I ask for help with something he does help. (Sometimes) but I don’t ask him to do anything that I can do while I have the time.

These comments are sad. Being a SAHM is a full time job, your husband should be expected to at least help with the children or complete a chose every once in a while to give you a break. A mom has to take care of her kids round the clock, a working parent can come home after work and leave work at work. You should never have to fight your spouse about that care of the children. That’s called being an absent father


He helps with whatever I need because we are a team. No one person does everything. Is he dedicated to his job or his family? Don’t have kids if you won’t help with things involving them. I do most of the cooking and try to keep up with cleaning. But if I need help, you bet he gets the things done without me having to ask.

Well I was “brainwashed” by my ex and his family that it was solely my responsibility to do everything and ha e supper made for when he gets home and do all laundry including his and having his lunches and meals ready for the days. He was allowed to come home and relax and have 0 responsibility. Didn’t even know our oldest specialists name. Never came to any school meetings. Now there were other things involved… emotional/verbal abuse, manipulation etc… hes a classic covert narc. But I thought it was my job because he worked. Well i finally got myself out of that and being depressed… no… he should be helping. When he is home it is his job to help with all of that stuff because a working mom would be having to do the same as well if both partners were working. They are his kids and it is his house too and it is both responsibility. Yes majority may fall on you. But when he is home from work and on weekends it is just as much as his responsibility as yours. And you deserve the same amount of down time as he does as well. Put your foot down. A loving husband will want to help and will want to take as much pressure off your shoulders as he can.

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My husband does the yard and trash but I do everything else

Our relationship isn’t 50/50. I was a stay at home mom for years. I babysit 7 kids out of my home. We are a team. If I’m tired he does more, if he’s tired I do more. This morning I needed an extra 20 mins of sleep, so he helped the kids get ready for school and packed their lunch. We just do what has to be done. Sometimes I do 60/30, sometimes he does. He helps pick up and I clean clean. If that makes since.

As long as he is doing yard work you should he doing everything else.


Mine doesn’t help clean or cook (unless it’s the grill lol) but he works and is an awesome dad and husband. Does the mowing/weed eating & all the random stuff around here that I don’t know how to do or don’t have time to do.


I’m not his maid so yes he helps.


I’d say house and kids for my husband and I would be about 80/20. Me being the 80. He also works 50hrs a week so I feel that thats fair. The 20 for him consists of helping the kids with homework when they need it, keeping them occupied while I’m cooking, getting them to bed half the time, cooking on some days and making sure his stuff is picked up. I take care of the house, make sure the bills are paid, take care of the kids and animals and run all the errands and take care of school functions.

In my opinion yes your husband works 8-10hrs a day but the house and kids is 24/7 so he should help some. He shouldn’t become your extra child. But on the same hand he shouldn’t work then come home and clean the entire house either. Its a balancing act. But everyone’s house works differently too.

Also I have a son and 2 daughters. I dont want my kids thinking they can go to work then come home and be a slob and take advantage of their spouse. I also don’t want them thinking if their spouse works and they’re a stay at home parent they have to kill themselves to take care of everyone 24/7.


My husband cooks i prep it all but he does the cooking. I do the rest like cleaning taking care of kids lawn work etc.

He works full time and still does housework, cooking, shopping, and helps with kids after work and weekends (when needed). I try very hard to have everything done so he doesn’t have to, but he definitely picks up my slack when needed. He’s also the one that gets them up, feeds them breakfast, packs lunches and takes them to school.


My husband works 7a-6p everyday. Occasionally he will take a day off but rarely. I have an 18yo who works and goes to school and 4M old. He doesn’t expect me to do all the chores. He’s okay with whatever I can get done with the baby here with me all day alone. He helps out A lot! I’m very grateful that he kept his word in helping me around the house once baby arrived. My daughter helps too with baby and chores.

I do all the cooking and cleaning. And all the kid stuff on weekdays bc he works second shift. He does trash, yard work and anything icky that I don’t wanna do like cleaning the dishwasher flitters. Sometimes he does the floors when he can tell I’ve gotten in the weeds a bit

I did when we had our first. I did every little thing! That lasted about 2.5/3 yrs. Then he started to help with alot. We had our 2nd 5 yrs 10 months later and he even did laundry. All the time. He is absolutely amazing. Were on our 3rd and the growth he did is out of this world. Some come around and some dont. Between oldest and youngest its a decade apart.

My husband always helped and still does love him.


My husband helps with everything maybe not everyday but he gets up and does things all the time as soon as he gets home he will start doing yard work or work on the house that needs to be done he’ll do it if the yard and stuff are done he’ll come help me with dinner or cleaning whatever I’m doing and then get all the kids in bed he helps with that as well. I usually have it all done for the most part but he will definitely pick up my slack if necessary

Yes he helps alot, says its his responsibility

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Mine works full time. But does do most of yard work, takes out trash most of time. And definitely helps with kids. I do all cleaning, cooking and chores tho. I dont mind. Thats my “job” so to speak. He does hold baby when he gets home so i can get more done. He works his butt off all week. So im not expecting him to work at home too. If hes off on weekends. Then he can help with baby extra. But not expecting him to clean and do dishes etc. He does pick up my slack if im not feeling well and vise versa. Team work makes the dream work

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If he works full time and helps with your kid, then yes that is 50/50. He works, and you stay home. So you can clean and cook. Now if he didn’t help with the kid I would definitely say that is not 50/50. My husband will help with anything I ask, but he works outside all day so I don’t expect anything from him. I’m home all day, so I will take care of it.


I take care of the home when he’s not home, but when he is home, we work together. Ignore the people who say that it’s not a job, it is. I’ve literally done both and you do get breaks at your job constantly, even the lunch break is something that people don’t appreciate. I went from one to two kids and I literally never sit down. I know it will never get through some people’s head, but you have to pay for daycare, someone to cook for you, to grocery shop, to clean your house, to manage your money, etc. And we do all that for free. Literally the only thing that he “pays” for is my food and clothes and I make up for that in daycare fees by miles :roll_eyes:


My husband is a rock star. He works, cooks some, cleans (better than me) , folds laundry. Etc.


I can sympathize with you. I do work as a realtor, but I am not extremely busy so I take care of all the cleaning, dishes, laundry all that only because I am the one home all day most days. If he’s home he does help with those things mostly on the weekends. He works 50 hours a week & pays for almost everything so it’s fair to me.

My husband & I both work for ourselves, so things are a little tricky.
But based on what we have going on during the day, some days we each do more than others. If I get home early, I get majority of the housework done. And same goes for him.
He just won’t do dishes or clean the kitchen. But he prefers to sweep/mop/vacuum. Other than that, we do things together. But that’s what works for us.

I stay home with the kids during the summer. During that time, I keep the house clean & don’t expect him to do much when he’s home.

I do all the cooking and laundry. He helps clean. He also helps with dishes/ clean up after dinner. Also once he is home he helps with our daughter. He also does her bath/showers most of the time, unless she jumps on the shower with me. Weekends he helps me clean the whole house. I do the bathrooms and kitchen and he vacuums the whole house and mops the main level. He works m-f leaves around 7/7:30am and gets home between 5-6 pm

I do basically everything but once or twice a week he will take the trash out. But I even clean the dog shit out of the back yard and the cat box for the cat he wanted. Minimum help with kids. He is supposed to do trash and dog shit.

My husband cooks, takes care of kids, mows the yard and yard work, takes trash out and fixes our vehicles and does house repairs. So I cover laundry, dishes, house work and getting groceries.

I’ve been a SAHM for 7.5 yrs.
Kids are 7, 5 & 2
He helps a ton with kids, yard, house etc
Not cooking or dishes though. He never learned to do much in the kitchen and it’s never really bothered me that he doesn’t help there

Mine has always helped.

Yes, my husband helps. He is a police officer and works 12+ hour shifts and gets called in a lot at all hours but does what he can on his off days or whenever he gets off at night. I try to have supper ready for him the nights he comes home (sometimes im running the oldeat to and from dance), but he does 90% of the dishes and cleans the kitchen sometimes too. He takes the garbage out. Picks up groceries sometimes, he helps clean floors mostly bc he likes to run my carpet cleaner lol. He will clean up messes, feed and water the dogs if he notices they need it, let them out. He helps with putting our 3 y/o to bed and go potty. And he does most of the yard work. He will swap loads of laundry if he notices or i ask him to as well. He does it all. And he is a great cook, so he does some cooking as well! I am very fortunate and lucky. Id say we are close to 50/50 on housework and help with the kiddos!

I did all that as a stay at home mom and my husband did nothing. He worked so I took care of the house. He never allowed me any time to myself so eventually it became a pain point between us. He would come home and decompress with Video games and I was with the kids until they fell asleep day in and day out. I hated it. I hated feeling like a slave. Like I didn’t know myself. So I eventually left. I work full time now and so does my partner. We split everything 50/50.
Maybe on fridays he could help you complete all your chores for the weekend so you all can spend time together? You have to find some sort of compromise before resentment sets in and you end up leaving.


I work very part time. He works very very full time running his own business. I take care of everything inside and bringing the kids to all their school events and sports. He takes care of everything outside like mowing the lawn, snow removal and everything else outside.

I’m a stay at home mom, my husband helps me as I’m also disabled. I try to do more than him during the week, on weekends he basically does all the cooking and helps with the dishes, laundry, and trash. He washed the floors. I try to maintain everything during the week, some days he’s barely home long enough to sleep so I don’t ask for any help. I also order takeout whenever I dont have the energy to cook.

Mine does when I ask for it. I try & do the majority myself, but if I ask he’s always willing. Sometimes he even does it without asking.