I'm being pressured to move in with a man with a shady past

He seems like a really sweet person, BUT…before I began dating this man, I told him that I care for my mother, my brother and my 3 children so I could only see him once a week. He admitted RIGHT BEFORE our first date that he did not have a driver’s license because he was a convicted felon, that he’d been caught with drugs and a firearm that he wasn’t licensed to carry. He said he was in prison for 3 years, and that he had been on his best behavior, had a legal job and his own house now. I’ve seen for myself that all of that is true BUT he has been pressuring me after only 3 months to move in with him, get married, have a child and I’m not interested in that AT ALL! On top of that, I’m the daughter of the sheriff in my old town (he’s passed away now) and I had a funny feeling in my gut so I started digging…he’s outright lied to my face about his name…he has so many aliases that I can’t keep up with them, so I can’t even find his actual arrest record because I can’t figure our which name is real. He said that he was released from prison February of 2021 yet there are photographs on his mother’s Facebook via snapchat that are timed and dated with them shopping and going out to eat when he was supposed to be in prison, so he’s lied about the date he was released. Obviously I’m going to break it off with him, but I’m just wondering if any of you have been through this with a man?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I'm being pressured to move in with a man with a shady past

I have never been through this level of extreme…but I have dated a felon before… and never again. The difficulty that alone brings to your life is not worth it… before any of the others lies come into play. Be careful!!! Cut it off now.


Does she really need advice?! :woman_facepalming:


Nope. Never been through it… I tried not to date repeat convicted felons and bring them around my children. But that’s just me… you can do better.


Why are you still entertaining this man?

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Girl run! Run so fast and never second guess or look back!

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Run do not walk away from him but run away from him


Run away NOW! Girl, this should be a no brainer…

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No I haven’t had that awful of a time with a date. Although yes I’ve been lied to. One man I dated kind of forgot to mention he was involved with a different woman and they had a child Another year a man who seemed great also failed to report he was already married, so you see you had lots of company. But back to you… this person could be dangerous. Be careful as you break it off. Be very clear that it is over. If he doesn’t take the hint, say you don’t want trouble for him, but. You are not involved any more. If need be, get a restraining order. Good luck. There are nice honest men out there. Take a bit more time first.


You already know what you should have done. Praying for you and those in your care. Please be smart. Save yourself and those you love.


If there was ever a Lifetime movie plot…this is it lmao. Girl RUN. Hahah


Always go with your gut

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Girl get away and fast! He may have a plan in mind which includes you. Cut him off, block, shit even a restraining order should it ever get to that point. Trust your instinct! :running_woman:t2::dash:

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Yes. Been there. Was forced to uproot my life and go to Florida due to the situation I found myself in at 18 with a very similar man. RUN. DONT CONTACT HIM ANYMORE. That’s the only advice I can give.


Definitely don’t go for someone who has lied about going to prison lol not sure what the catch is there

Run and don’t look back. Don’t answer his calls and don’t leave a forwarding address. Get a protective order for yourself and your family.


Prisoners especially with so much on their plate usually lie, you’re on the right track DUMP the guy like now. There are better fish out there. Honor your father’s memory by being good to yourself :pray:.

Red flags all throughout. Do not continue with this man. If he does anything get a restraining order. Your safety and your families safety is priority

Thank God, no! I ran fast at the sight of red flags!

What does it matter if others have been thru this? WHY did u even go this far with him??? Get rid of him, grow up and use some brains!!! U have so many responsibilities that u have no time for such drama and obviously TROUBLE!!


The moment someone tells me they don’t have a driver’s license or a car, it’s a no from me.
On top of that, I would have gotten up and left right then and there once he’s told me he’s been to jail/prison. No thank you.

Sssooooo many red flags! If he’s worth it…wait and see. He gave you a fake name? Really? NO reason to move fwd w/this one!! It’s at a HAULT. If he has a job and his own place, leave him right there. Let him take care of himself, so you can see if that much is true…

Sounds like a grifter/scammer or could even be a pedophile. Or both.


You are the smartest woman in the world. This is a big problem and it could get worst. He is a con man and you are about to become his victim. Get as far away from him as you possibly can, do it for your family, you do not want to be just another statistic.

Please please get away now. I’ve been through this before with a man who had felonies for weapons, Drgs, and other aggressive crimes. He ended up stalking, intimidating, and shoting up my house twice in one night. Not saying everyone is like that but it really doesn’t give me a good feeling

Do you need an artist to paint you a picture?

Don’t think twice about it…! Trust your gut, always

I only needed to read the first few sentences to tell you this is not a man you want / need around your children. If hes pressuring (controlling) you now then it will only get worse when you move in. Im not juding just been there done that.


If you have no peace don’t do it. Period.

Damn, people really weren’t kidding when a woman can find out shit about they man’s if they wanted to lol.

Nope don’t get stuck in that mess

I have never been in that kind of situation but you’re definitely making the right decision to break it off. I would also seek a protection order if you think he may be dangerous and try to come after you

Nope. Nope. Nope. Dated a drug addict that I didn’t even know was using drugs until months in. Just NO.

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Your answer is in your question to us all!!

I would flat out tell him you did some digging on his background because that’s what one should do when a person is pressuring you into moving in and having a kid and he’s a lying pos and if he is on the prison network, his REAL name is on there somewhere, should be right under his picture! He wants you to take care of him. Bet.

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I did, once. Started dating a nice guy then ran the background check on him. Turned out he had four counts of domestic abuse on his record. Break it off in a public place or take somebody with you.

Do you really need someone to tell you to lose this guy? Dang!!! Read your own words

Turn him in, get away from this person

Leave him. More trouble to come, better to cut it off now.

3 months is a little sketchy honestly

Damn I want to help investigate! :joy: nosey bitches are better than some FBI agents!

Run as fast as you can!!!

You’ve laid out all the facts, I think you know what to do. You don’t need Facebook to tell you :heart:

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Girl!! :running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2:

Follow your instincts!! Run

I would have run at first!

Run! Run as fast as you can! RUN!

Noooooo… Soooo Many Red Flags !!! RUN FOR THE HILLS GIRL!!! :running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2:


NO NO NO. “Shady past” says it all.

Ummmmmm were you or were you not taught to follow your gut instinct? If you are feeling this way then that’s a huge red flag that you should end it. Don’t be manipulated by anyone especially a liar!!! Do better sis. Don’t want to hear your story on ID!

Be prepared to block his number, screen your calls, lock all your doors, lights all around your home, file a restraining order, & last but not least have a firearm to defend yourself in case of the worst case scenario. Breaking it off will be the trigger!

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Dirty John! Stay away.