I'm conficted on my feelings for my ex: Please help

Run, Run for your life.


Definitely don’t go back to that asshat… think of your baby first

No no no no… Leave him. You deserve so much better. Don’t doubt your worth. You have a child who will be watching.

What exactly are you in love with?


Been there done that girl! Don’t go back!!! It will be worst then the 1st time.

God this is obvious. Get out of there and find someone who values you & your child.

What’s the question…girl. go.

No you did not spoil that baby hes a baby you can not spoiled a baby. your being a great mother and it angers him that he can’t come close to your mothering stay strong, listen to your gut and your amazing motherly instinct. Youve sacrificed so much already. You deserve to be a happy mom. You deserved a happy loving pregnancy. Know that you alone provided a better life for you and your baby. And your giving yourself a chance to let a real man figure to come into your life and give you guys what you deserve. If he were to change it would take lots of time and there would have to be real proof of it and it would have to be him on his own these are huge dangerous habits he form and he has to fix that himself with out any weight put on you. So I wouldn’t trust him now. Also before you do start to date make sure you know why you where attracted to him and know why you stayed, basically figure what went wrong in the in that phase of your life and make sure it never ever ever happens again. I’m not faulting you at all I know that they can be very deceiving and you’re basically tricked into thinking that you’re being with someone who’s compatible and who you love and then returned flip the switch to something so horrible. I just don’t want you to fall into the same pattern especially because that baby is counting on you to give him a good life I’m proud of you and your decision to leave feel free to message me and way to go momma.

Nope. Narcissists don’t change.

Leave abd font look back!!

Love yourself first. Love your child first. Don’t be afraid of being alone. There are plenty of amazing men that are going to treat you right without the emotion turmoil. With out you having to beg. Do not go back.

Marriage won’t change him, the only thing that will is for him to want to. If you stay with him, always keep that in mind. His behavior will likely get worse. Please be careful.

Girl! GET AWAY while you can.

RUN as fast as you can. As far as you can. An never look back. He’s never going to change. If he’s treating you an YOUR CHILD THAT IS HIS THIS WAY… he will never change it will just become your fault… an it’ll lead to more than just verbal abuse.

You’re being abused…leave. It won’t change. He won’t change. Take your baby and get the hell out of that mess!

Never, never, never expect change. Accept them at their worse. If that’s too much for you then you have your answer

Run ! Honestly I would be scared he would be hurting baby behind your back. It does happen. Run away and never look back

You have to even ask about going back to him? There is something seriously wrong with you!

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Sounds like you already know he’s a piece of shit. Listen to your instincts and know that he’s not going to change.

Do not go back! He is never going to change! Hes already yelling at your baby for crying look at how he treated you. You don’t want that for your baby or worse. This shouldn’t even be a question honestly. You might love him yes but he does not and never will love you the way you love him.

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Just remember why you left. He want change. And you deserve better

That fact that you’re even considering it is crazy to me…

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Run like the devil is on your heels

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He will not change do not go back he is controlling and abusive. It will only get worst. He is lying to you and making it seem true just to have you back. Move on you will find someone better

Your conflicted ? Your being abused and need to run as far away from him as possible. Your son will thank when he’s older.

Dont go back! He wont change if you go back. Do you want your son to grow up thinking that is how a relationship works?

Sounds like you answered your own question.

Leave and don’t look back

Don’t ever go back… RUN!!! If you want you and your child to have a happy life, don’t go back to him.

GIRL RUN AND DON’T LOOK BACK! You and your son dont deserve to be treated like that. If you cant stand up for you, take a stand for your son. Do you want him growing up thinking that behavior is right???

Sounds like you both have issue to addressed if we’re being honest about it. You need to go to therapy and he needs to go to parenting classes and how to be a man one. Also, clean you room and make his food if he the only one that works then help out in other ways.

What is there to love about this person? You are a victim of abuse. Do not go back to this man, and get yourself into therapy.

Omg, you funny wei!!! Read what you wrote 10 times and then let us know what you think.


How is this even a question???

Sweetheart, don’t waste your time on a guy who treats you and your child like garbage. Don’t put yourself and your little one in a toxic relationship/situation by saying “yes” to marriage. You’re going to regret it. Trust your gut! Reconnect with family and friends; don’t isolate yourself from the biggest support system you have. Be the best mom that you can possibly be and focus on your son. If you feel lonely and want to meet people, make a dating profile or go out with some friends. But I highly suggest to get “babydaddy” paying child support. Your child doesn’t deserve a father who manipulates and emotionally abuses his mother. There’s a ton of resources out there that specifically help single mothers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!! Best of luck mama :heart::heart:

No matter how many times a snake sheds his skin, it’s still a snake. Run, honey.


If hes yelling at your baby already…what will you do if he lashes out your baby and hurts him badly…it starts with yelling. Dont ever go back…we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry.


For the love of God, please do not force your baby to endure that abuse, he will never change, because you stay and allow him to treat you that way, I was in the same situation, life is only going to worse and your poor baby will suffer because of it, honestly my boy and me are sooooo much happier now that we are out of that situation.


He treats her like dirt and she’s conflicted?

Wow definitely do not let him abuse you or your son or manipulate you to be with him. Men like that will say anything, I know and I learned my lesson the hard way. Just leave

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If he’s already falling back into his old ways why would u think he might change? He sounds like an awful partner n not so good a dad either. Make a life 4 urself and ur son that u can b happy with.

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If. U love him, U must be sick too. U don’t need him. Leave him


Oh hell no!!! Why step in the same crap twice…


If he loved you or your son, he wouldn’t treat you like trash… If you love him or not… Do you really want to spend your life getting treated like absolute shit…? And have your child treated like shit!? Not worth it!! And as far as making you stay in a tiny room when he was at work…? No good! Nothing will ever change. Don’t go back to that!

He isn’t going to change love he just is scared because you have shown Independents so he trying to put on a good face

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Leave for good. I was in same situation and I convinced myself that piece of paper (marriage certificate) would change him…now I have been divorced from him for 5 years and remarried and be cause I am gone from him I am off of all my mental health meds. You deserve better and ur child deserves better

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Girl run away, he won’t change


Girl don’t fall for it! Hes manipulating you into guilt so he can have full control over you again. Do NOT go back. You and your baby deserve so much more than this guy can give. If he treats you like that imagine how hed treat your baby when you’re not around.

Nope leave your son will grow up to be just like him. But I think you already know you cant be with him.

You don’t love him.
You have extremely low self esteem because dude broke you.
Guys like that don’t change sug. I’d also recommend therapy for you and parenting therapy for him because that is not someone I’d leave my baby with.
What do you want in life? To live like that? To teach your child to live like that?
You need to want better for yourself and your tiny human.

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Why in the world are you still with him ??? Leave now !!! He is a bully and control freak ! LEAVE!!

He won’t change Love! If he can’t have patience with the most vulnerable and precious thing is his life ( who is a part of him) why should he be expected to with you? He has his priorities and you two aren’t them. Please let him grow up and try to enjoy this part of your child’s life because once time is gone you can’t get it back! Your baby is being a baby! Enjoy every little baby cry and fuck the loser who doesn’t see that!

You’re being abused, you’re so strong and brave for leaving, but stay gone. Do you want to raise your son in that? Do you want your son to grow up to be like that? I know it’s hard, but do it for you and your baby. Your mental health is important for raising a child. Love, hugs, and prayers.

Not unless you’re into being treated like shit.

Leave. Cut contact. Heal.

That doesn’t sound like love to me sweetie.

Lady, take a hint …now before it’s too late. GET OUT! He is not going to change and as long as YOU ALLOW HIM TO TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP…he will continue. This is as much YOUR fault as HIS…people treat you the way you LET them. GET OUT! Grow up pull up your big girl panties and head out the door. Stop being his verbal punching bag, or next you just may be his real punching bag!

Not just no, but HELL no! You can’t help who you love but just because you have love for the person does not mean it’s meant to be. Just smack that idea right outta your head and haul ass in the direction your head turns when you do it. And I pray it’s AWAY from him.

Run, run as far as you can, and protect that baby with all you have in you. If dad is damaged that badly he’ll only break you and that precious child as well.


Run sweetheart, run. Trust your gut don’t let your heart rule your head. Protect yourself and your baby.

Hes not gonna change

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RUN and don’t look back


Sounds way too familiar. STAY FAR AWAY!!!

You are just feeling sorry for him ?if you want a normal life RUN GET OUT. NOW

Okay not to be rude but you’re dumb as fuck. How can you seriously think that it could ever work??? Get your head on straight you have a kid to look after. Leave him and dont look back. Unless he fights for custody then I wouldn’t even let him see the baby. My opinion.

Its not going to change. Protect yourself and your son

This is an abusive relationship. Read Patricia Evans books especially Controlling People. And if that doesn’t resonate then get a copy of Tiffany Haddish’s book The Last Black Unicorn. He will never change. Look up Narcissists online and the after effects of women who have been in those relationships. Look into gaslighting and love bombing techniques used by narcissists. Best advice is to cut all contact, learn how to end toxic relationship patterns, and level up your life for yourself and your child. In the meantime document, document, document. If you end up in court at any point you will need documentation to support what you say. Keep all communications.

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It will not change. You deserve such better do not go back. That is abuse and it will only get worse. Do not let your son think that it is ok to be a man like that because if u go back to him your son will see the way he treats you and will do the same.

Girl. The exact thing happened to me I kept going back and leaving. It is a struggle but man this took me back to it. Do not go back and cut all ties. It’s hard and damn it isn’t fair at all. But girl trust and have faith and God will provide. Praying for you!!!

Hell no girl. Run and never look back

LEAVE! RUN! That won’t change and i would be scared to leave my child with him.

If he is already going back to his old pattern than he has not changed and he will not. Leave him alone unless it involves your baby’s well being.

so he’s treated you like shit and you’re conflicted? :unamused: read your paragraph again and ask yourself if you’d want your kid to stay with someone and be treated that way.

Leave for good, he isn’t going to change. Run far and run fast.

Are you out of your mind once a controller always a controller. I was married to one, divorced him later in life after having 3 children by him wrong mistake but like you I thought he would change but never happened. Get out now before it is too late.

Proud of you for leaving! He’s an abusive and controlling POS and I really hope you never go back to him. Don’t put your baby through what you went through if you love your child. Also, you don’t love him, you love a version of him that doesn’t exist. So please stay away from him, get a restraining order, and make a new life for you and your child


SERIOUSLY?? NO he is an abusive piece of shit! He will never change and chances are he cheated getting home at 3 am. Just saying. A parents job is to show a child how to live! Love etc… think about this would it really teach your child what a healthy loving relationship looks like ? Do you think he would ever change ? Chances are no! Totally toxic and for your child’s sake dont go back. In fact I’d get Emergency full custody of your child and block this dude he sounds like he has serious mental health issues.

An apology without change is manipulation! Do not go back please. If not for yourself, for that sweet baby, do not go back.


Run before you end up hurt or dead.

Sont waist tpir time.he will ot change I’ve been there and have a now 6 year old.son with my ex that was alllot like this.i left him while he was at work packed up our son and everything of ours. A few days latter I went back becuse he was making so many sweet promises to change and do better. Less than a year latter I was gone and for good this time. It all seemed better at first he was being sweet buying me things I guess trying to.make.it up to.me. but it all went down hill again and only started getting g worse. It is also not a good or safe or stable situation for your child together. You are exposing your child to this life and abuse you do not want your child growing up thinking that this type.of behaviour is acceptable

He will never change. If hes yelling at a baby he very well could escalate later too physical abuse. Run

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Stay away from this person. He is controlling you and as soon as you fall back into his trap he will get inside your head worse and make it even harder for you to leave the next time. Also his controlling behavior will get worse. Please don’t trust that. Please don’t allow him to hurt you or your child. Stay far away.

On a sidenote the further away you get from him it will be most likely extremely easy to stay away because you will be emotionally stronger and better equipped to deal with his verbal abuse and manipulation.

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I haven’t even read any other comments that anyone has left but my ADVICE TO YOU is straight up No!!! Heck no do not go back move on the sooner the better, as fast as you possible can.

You deserve better. Better will find you. Do not settle.

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It’s not healthy I would leave him. People like this are like a cancer to your mental well being and your son needs you more than that man does.

It will not ever change. Typical abuser, I love you it’ll be different. And it will be for a while then it gets worse. Next thing you know you’re picking yourself up off the floor and you don’t know why. That’s what happened to me. Leave and stay gone. Do not allow your son to see you be treated like that. It will teach him that it’s ok to treat you and any women he’s with in the future that way. Not to mention you said he gets mad at the baby for being a baby. Do not ever leave him alone with your baby. It is not safe. Protect your self protect that baby. Tell him no. Move on love is not worth misery. I had to learn it the hard way.

Believe they never change. My ex used to always say sorry and it won’t happen again. It would be good for a few days then the shit would start again. Don’t go back

Run and if he continues to yell at the baby you need to cut contact that is verbal abuse and not good for the baby. Do not take him back that is signs of abuse. Apologizing and acting good but still doing old behaviors. You need to not go back do not date him. Meet for visitations but do not be alone with him. Or leave him alone with the baby. It is hard because of emotions and hormones. But please see through it. Make sure you have someone with you when you are with him. But please remove the child from this toxic environment.

Do what’s best for you and your child… But only YOU can make that change. Boys like that don’t change. A real man would have never put you in this situation to begin with.

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A leopard don’t change it’s spots, what you allow will continue…get out now, it will never, ever change!!!

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Don’t ever go back! You can find real :two_hearts:, patience

Girl he fucking handed you a bouquet of red flags and you just became a clown falling for it. Dont make the same mistake over and over. If hes yelling at an infant hes fucking dangerous

LEAVE NOW. He is manipulating you back into his trap so to say. If his stripes are already showing then he obviously hasn’t really changed :woman_shrugging:t3:

Get as far away as you can…leopards rarely change their spots.

Nope. No. Absolutely not. He won’t change. Do yourself and your baby a favor and DO NOT entertain him for one more minute.

Girl that not love.leave him.he is an idiot.you are better.

Kick him to the curb now

Please don’t if not for u don’t go back to him for ur baby please

Ok for someone who has been in a situation like yours, he will not change. Don’t listen to all these ppl talking crap sweetheart they aren’t you and have never been through what you’ve been through. It’s called conditioning, it’s not love I know it’s hard but he has messed with you mentally so you think that y’all are in love so he can keep you and control you. Please fight that feeling and be strong for you and your baby. Do not go back to him. If you don’t know if your strong g enough yet reach out to family or domestic support groups they are amazing at helping find ways to become stronger and to help protect you and your child. You’ve taken that first step to freedom please stay strong!! Message me if you would like I’ll help with anything I can. Stay strong!!

He will not change!! You are starting to see the patterns already. Do not ignore the red flags.