I'm married and in love with another man

During college I was so in love with a guy and we dated on and off. Even when we were off were on. I thought he loved me but he did not freely open up about his emotions. After college, he finally got a job after being turned down for over a year but moved out of state. He kept up with me but declined a relationship because he was scared where he would end up having to move to. After many years, he ended up marrying someone. I married someone. I resolved with just being friends things were good. Then the day came and out of the blue he drops those three words that you long to hear. However, the tense of the words was present tense not past. I shrugged off and said I know that you love me, friend. He said No, I have always loved you and still do ! You could have knocked me over with a feather. The words I have wanted to hear for so long and given up because the past is the past. My heart stopped beating and I instantly started thinking about the past and how he always makes feel when we are together and the passion we share. I have seen him and the chemistry and passion is still there. After all these years, it is still so easy to talk and be with each. We laugh , share jokes, help each other with present life situations, vent and just talk for hours. He has always been my go to when the world is not kind. My husband has suffered many health issues and has suffered loss of cognition. His wife never makes time for him and she is not there for him. I am not a home wrecker and don't want to be but we still sooooi in love. It is so frustrating to be in love with someone you can't have.

Be with whom you wanna be with and makes you the absolute happiest! Life is short. It may or may not work lit w this guy but you will never know unless you do something about it.

They always say if you fall in love with another, you were not in love with the first, choose the second one.

I’m gonna let you know a secret. I’ve been with my husband 6 years, we have 2 beautiful kids, and a gorgeous home. When I was 16 and dumb I met a boy who lit my soul on fire … but I ended up pregnant by my now husband and we really connected. I love my husband with all my heart…I not so recently starting talking to the soul lighter and when I tell you I was ready to leave my husband and take my 2 kids I was gassed up to go but this is how I looked at it. While he lit my soul on fire he didn’t make my mind feel safe and secure. I think you’re chasing old feelings that may not be a good thing. If it was meant to be, y’all would have been together

If you feel that strongly, you should go for it, not behind your partners backs but actually go for a real relationship with him. A lot of people don’t get the chance to feel this way towards another person, if he’s on the same page, I’d definitely go for it! You only live once.