I'm Self-Medicating With Collagen While Pregnant, Is This Okay?


"I am 7 months pregnant, I have been self-medicating with hydrolyzed collagen (I haven't been taking the marine collagen) from the moment I learned I was pregnant to avoid stretch marks, last week I spoke to a friend and she told me I shouldn't have, I just want to know if it can affect my child."

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"Absolutely check with your OB before adding any supplements. Not sure if collagen could affect connective tissue in a developing baby or not so I would check first."

"If you’re genetically predisposed to stretch marks there is NOTHING that will prevent them. That is science. That is fact. Please consult with your doctor. Stop self-medicating."

"Well you’re 7 months pregnant n you’ve been taking it since you learned you were pregnant so you probably already asked your doctor if not then just ask. It’s a simple phone call to your doctor's office and they’ll answer your question. Google and random people from the internet doesn’t mean everything is true, sorry but your doctor would know best."

"Stretch marks have more to do with genetics than anything else. Please tell your OB what you have been taking outside of prenatal vitamins. Moisturize is the best you can do."

"As long as you aren’t taking the marine, your baby should be fine. Check with your OB though if you should continue or stop at this point."

"I just rubbed bio oil on my belly and drank lots of water. I only have like 8 stretch marks and they are very light."

"The way things absorb thru skin you shouldn’t use anything without asking doc. Even over the counter, or natural can be harmful."

"Taking collagen while pregnant is considered safe but you should speak with your doctor regarding all supplements you are taking."

"They always asked me at every single appointment what medications and supplements I was on. Did they not ask you? Or did you not think to tell them?
When I got pregnant I cleared every med and supplement with the OB before taking them. Ask your doctor instead of friends and strangers on the internet."

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