I'm still bleeding 19 months after having my baby: Advice?

I am 19 weeks postpartum and still bleeding consistently, all day, every day. Sometimes heavily, but most times, it’s medium and never light or spotting. I got the depo shot before being discharged after birth, but it has never caused me to bleed like this, normally just light cycles. I didn’t have an appetite for two months after, and when I eat, my stomach hurts like cramps and sharp pains, my lower back will hurt, but I think it mainly from the cramping from my stomach, I get very nauseated, I’m always jittery, and my migraines have increased even tho I’ve always had migraines. If I’m laying down, I can’t sit my baby on my stomach without pain that’s more uncomfortable than really painful. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor a couple of times, but she continues to brush it off and tells me, “some women take longer to heal.” I’m not saying this to discredit her at all, but I know how my body should feel, and it doesn’t feel right. I’m worried, but I haven’t gone to the hospital just in case this is normal, and I hate to bother nurses and doctors unless I know for sure I need to. Has anyone else dealt with this, and if so, how did you manage it?


I bled like that after my first child. It was because of cysts I didnt even know I had.

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Get a second opinion from another dr


If I was you I’d go to the emergency room that to me doesn’t sound normal.

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Go back and ask for an ultra sound. You know your body and doctors are v quick to dismiss new mothers. They act like everything is pregnancy related and all normal. But pregnancy can actually trigger multiple things in women including auto immune diseases etc not saying anything is wrong but it’s better to get some tests for reassurance


you need to get a second opinion. that’s not normal.

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Go to the hospital my friend

you might need a clean out go see a doctor I bleed for nearly 8 mths placenta left behind

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I hated the depo because I bled all the time. I may of got 2 days a month that I wasn’t bleeding.

That CANNOT be ok. I think you should listen to your body, cause it’s trying to tell you something. I have had four kids and bleeding only lasted 2 -4 weeks for me with each. Demand help!

You need to find a new Dr

Depo made me bleed all the time so had to stop it

As a nurse and a mother, this is not normal. Please go to a new OB/GYN


I would go to the hospital

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I bled for almost a year after my son was born. I also had the depo before being discharged. I asked my midwife and she said that our bodies reset after having a baby so what worked before may not work the same after. Definitely get a second opinion.

Definitely get a second opinion and discuss other bc option. I know it’s different for everyone. I personally don’t bleed on the depo at all. But I know people who do

That’s not normal and please get a second opinion it could be the effects of the depo shot after birth your body changes and may not take to it like it used too. I had those problems on depo and I changed my birth control to no hormones and my body went back to normal 8 months pp

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I did the same after getting the shot right after birth never had problems before I stopped the shot and got the meraina and everything went back to normal

Its from your depo. I was bleeding month straight. Then it was gone for good

Congrats to you momma

Get a second opinion!

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I had this. Turned out they had left abit of placenta Inside. Get yourself checked over ASAP just incase your experiencing the same. X

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I bled a year and a half straight on the depo. Heavy major cramps etc.

The depo gave me all those symptoms

This does not sound like an emergency room trip, but DEFINITELY worth getting a second opinion.

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Second opinion asap! You can become anemic from all the blood loss. I would not consider this normal. Plz go for that second look

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Don’t think that sound right to be honest mine stopped after having the depo

I would go to a different dr and get to the bottom of it.

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This happened to me turned out to be placenta still inside it caused me all your symptoms, I ended up anemic because of all the blood I lost please go get checked out xx

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The same thing happened to me and it was my cycle not being able to regulate. I didnt wait 19 weeks but as soon as I got on birth control it stopped

No that is not even close to normal

You know your body and it could be something it could be nothing but it never hurts to go get looked at

Be careful. Be careful. Birth control almost killed me in two ways. I couldn’t stop bleeding and had to have blood and it caused me to have blood clots in both lungs and my legs. Get seen by your obgyn

I would get a second opinion. This is not normal.


Go to another Doctor!!!


Go to hosiptal just to be safe

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This happened to me when they gave me my depo shot 2 weeks post partum. It caused me to hemorrhage and I almost died. Get a new doc stat.


Go to a different in doctor.


Yes go to the hospital to get checked, most doctors won’t give u the depo straight after giving birth as it can lead to complications they will wait until and do it 4-6 weeks after.


Go to a different doctor.


Go to the ER, you need your blood levels checked and some sort of imaging done. Ultrasound, CT scan etc to see what’s going on in there (if anything) and/or hormone levels checked.

Um see doctor and dont settle till you get answers.

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I got one depo shot and bleed for a year straight

I got the depo shot after my first baby and I bled for 3 moths straight so I never went back to get it again

Its probably the depo. I never had problems with it either so after my last baby I started on it again and I bleed everyday for almost 3 months and finally it stopped and I haven’t had a period spotting or anything in almost 3 years now still on depo

Sounds like you could have a piece of the placenta stuck inside of you still

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That happened to me after getting the depo shot (about 9 months post partum) and I bled for 3 weeks straight. I never took another shot again because the more I read up on it, the more I was finding stories of women bleeding for months to a year straight after receiving depo shot. Plus, I read how birth control disrupts your hormones (obviously) and that isn’t good as hormone imbalance leads to many types of health issues in the long run.
I would just rethink birth control, if that’s possible for you.

This is not normal. Switch to a new doctor and keep asking questions until you this figure out. Advocate for yourself, your baby needs a healthy mama. Good luck.

I bled for a few months after i got the depo shot. Never again. Should definitely find another OB and get a second opinion though

Weeks or months? The post says both & both have a very different answer

You need a D & C to make sure that there isn’t any placenta left


Retained placenta? My friend had this abd needed a D&C.


Go to a different doctor. I had issues after I had my son. My doctor let me rip. My sister asked him how many stitches he gave me and he said on the inside over 100 and I don’t know about the outside yet. My nurse said she hadn’t seen anything like it in 20 years. I kept going back to my doctor because I felt like I was sitting on something. He treated for arthritis in my pelvic. After nine months I went to a different ob doctor and I had scar tissue and I was sitting in the scar tissue. Bottom line you know your body. What you are describing isn’t normal especially after 19 months. Go to a new doctor or ER

Constant bleeding is not normal.

Go to your doctor’s honey

Go to doctor…NOT NORMAL

GO to Hospital now. There are specialists to fine out what is wrong with you!!!

Get on your knees and ask God the Father of all to stop the flow , like the woman that touched the hem of His clothes , instantly healed by her faith , believe and ask ! In Jesus name , read the scriptures and claim your free gift , His Love will Heal you!


Absolutely go see someone else.

So this happened to me. It took a year for me to finally be somewhat normal again. You need a D and C girl.
I went septic twice and had 5 surgeries after my 2nd.

I had to have a cycle of progesterone to strengthen my uterine wall and get rid of the bleeding 1 year post partum. Ask a Dr. what to do.

I had the same problem and had an ablation. Best thing I ever did. If you aren’t planning on anymore kiddos it’s worth it!

I would get checked out just to be safe but the shot made me bleed for 37 days straight, then I had a few weeks I was okay, then I continued the bleed again for another 3-4 weeks until it was all out of my system. That was the one and only time I tried it.

I had issues getting depo after childbirth. Same situation, constant bleeding and massive side effects. I was told eventually I am sensitive to the hormones in it.

I’d stop taking that shot and get a different OBGYN

Yes for depo dy Dr even made me wait til I was 8 weeks pp because of c section…just for added measure. Typically 6 weeks but I was high risk so Dr had me wait another 2 weeks.

I say go to the er and get seen screw making a appointment for a doctor visit

Definitely get checked! They left part of the placenta in me after I had my first son and I bled for a long time and felt horrible until they found it. I had to have a d&c and I’ve had multiple infections since. Have them make sure there was nothing left behind!

I bled for over a year with the depo and gained 60lbs

With my oldest, 20 years ago, I bled for several weeks, a few months. I also had the depo before leaving the hospital. GO GET CHECKED OUT ASAP. I almost died. They put me on a controlled OD of birth control pills. It was awful. Bleeding stopped but it messed up my cycle & body. I talked to a nurse later who told me it’s known that the depo immediately after birth can cause bleeding out & other syntoms. Yet hospitals still do it. :roll_eyes:

NOT NORMAL see doctor that care!

Get another doctor before you die.

Depo caused my Daughter to bleed for months. Some women can’t take it.

I got the depro shot right after delivery with my daughter and almost bled to death. Please get yourself to either a Dr or the hospital to check your blood counts. They put me on birth control and progesterone to stop the bleeding and all was well until I got pregnant with my youngest ( He’s 2 years and a half younger, I started the treatment when my daughter was 5 months old) and haven’t had any problems since.

I bed for 8 weeks and my dr said if I bled for more than a week more I have to go back and see her. Thankfully it stopped though.

The dr should not leave you bleeding for that long. Ask about provera to stop the bleeding. You can become severely anemic.

I was on depo for 9 months and bled every single day for the entire time along with many other awful symptoms. Go to a different doctor for a second opinion and talk to them about the constant bleeding. You may have to get off depo and try something else or find a non hormonal birth control.

You had depo after birth?

IMO You need to go to the hospital ASAP this isn’t normal and your dr brushing you off means she’s not truly listening to what you’re saying.

I had a similar issue with the bleeding after my first son. It was because of the birth control. I was on the pill though. Once I stopped taking it the bleeding stopped immediately.

I had my period for a year after. I went on birth control early which prolonged it. Remember your body is tired, sore and in shock.

I got depo after my last baby and didn’t get the 2nd shot because I was non stop bleeding! After this baby I went on the rods and hes 7 months and been bleeding every day for over a month now, but bleeding often on and off since bubs was born 30th May!! can’t wait to get them out early jan​:woman_facepalming:t4::rofl: all woman are different, some bleed normal, some not at all and some a lot​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::sob:

There is something up. Get checked out

Seriously, I bled.for a solid year after I gave birth and took the depot shot. I truly believe it was the depot shot. Bc once I didn’t take it again, my.body finally recovered and my periods returned normal. Good luck.

Get a second opinion. I know someone that had problems after delivery and the doctor just blew her off too.
She ended up having surgery to correct her problems and put her reproductive health in jeopardy.
Go to another doctor.
Good luck.

I had that problem turned out I needed 3 blood transfusions which led me to have seizures n found it that happened cuz I had cervical cancer that spread to the brain n had to have brain surgery so go to the er ! U never know it could save ur life I caught it just in time even tho I did lots of radiation and chemo I’m ok now ty Jesus but it was hard


I ended up having a uterine ablation done. Depo shot is no joke! The bleeding never stopped for me. I was severely anemic and my Dr tried to stop it by some sort of pills. It worked for a few days and then gushed back. Awful stuff. Get to your Dr for help ASAP.

Yes get it checked I bled for 6 months none stop after having my baby I needed a hysterectomy I was still fully diolated

Maybe you should find another Doctor, they should at least run some test to be sure you are ok before they just brush it off.

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That isnt normal on any case. Go to er first to get help then change drs if they r just brushing u aside and not doing anything…

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May not have gotten all the placenta out. Get to ER. May need D&C. Lose too much blood or get infection it won’t be good.

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could be fibroids but definitely get it checked out bother the doctor that’s what he or she is there for to help


I think there’s medicine that can stop bleeding

Change doctors. You should not have to go through this.

You could have a severe infection or a ulceration or laceration in your uterus. There could still be placenta or some sort of foreign matter in there. That is definitely worth going to the ER over ASAP. Have them do blood work to check for staph and sepsis. Also an ultrasound. You need medical attention for sure.


You need to see a doctor ASAP.


Most are done bleeding by 6week check. You need to be seen soon.


You may need a D & C

I bled like that and passed huge blood cloths. Turned out a quarter size of placenta did not come out had to have a DNC