Is 5 years to big for an age gap?

I have two children two years apart. Thinking of having a 3rd but the age gap will be 5 years. Is this too big a gap? I’m really anxious and overthinking it. I just want all my children to grow up happy and love each other


I think you are over thinking it

Nope. My daughter and son are 5 years apart. It’s actually very nice as my daughter helps me out if I need something and hangs out with her brother and plays with him while I sneak a shower in


My 2 middle girls are 8 years apart and they’re besties :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And my older girl has always been such a big help to her little sister.

Mine are 16, 13,12 and 6. My older children, baby my youngest.

I have 4 daughters … 21, 16, 10, 4 … all 5.5 years apart and it’s AWESOME.

I have 9 years apart

I am 16 months older than one brother 7 years older than another brother 11 years older than a sister 20 years older than another sister and my baby brother is 23 years younger than me i love all of them the same

My kids are 5 years apart. My son is older and has always been such an amazing protector and brother. They are just old enough to play with each other and he teaches her alot :heart:

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Not at all. My oldest son was 5 years older than my daughter. They got along fine.

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I have 18 years between my first & second :slightly_smiling_face: first was a boy and second is a girl & their bond is AMAZING!!

Not at all. I have a 13,10,&5 year old!!

It’s not the age gap that matters, but the love and morals of the home. People don’t believe this but, they will love each other if you teach them so… Don’t worry so much. They’ll be good

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My brother and I are 16 years, so….

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My kids are 5 years apart both girls I think that age gap works really well just from my experience.

My youngest is going to turn 2 next month and my oldest will turn 15 in a couple months and my middle will turn 14 in a couple months. We have a huge agree gap but it’s worked fine for us

Just had my 3rd baby…his older siblings are 8 and 10 years old and they are totally in love!

My two are 6 years apart (9&3). My 9 year olds a huge mother hen.

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My brother is 12 months older than me. We still managed to have an amazing bond.

My first two are 6 years apart and it was so easy for me having them be in different age brackets, now im worried that since im pregnant with my third due any day now and my youngest is 2 so I’m not sure how them being 2 years apart is gonna go…

Not at all.You have another baby if that’s what you want.Why should the age gap even matter…

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My mam had my youngest brother when I was 19 so no xx

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My mom just had her 2nd 21 years after me. He’s so happy and loved. Go for it and enjoy every minute.

I have 2 kids boy is 10 yrs old and My daughter will be 7 years old in October and I’m am due with my 3rd boy in August…

Mine are 10 years and 10 days

No body worries about a 5 year gap between their first and their third child so why would it make a difference for a first and second??

Nope 9 between my 2nd and 3rd…
5 between my 5th and 6th…

I have a 9, 7 and 1 year old. Its great, the older boys play with the youngest one and also help out with him

I have 3 boys

My oldest and my youngest will be 13 years apart and my 2nd child and the baby will be 8 yrs apart. My first and second are 5 yrs apart

Nope my older two a 14months then my next one I didnt have till 4-5 years later and i had him back to back with his younger sister. So it’s actually quite interesting my younger two kiddos play well with my older two but they also each play with the sibling closer in age

I have 5 years between my oldest and my twins and I think that gap is great

Mine are a 12 year gap. Its been hard.

My older brother and I are 7 years apart and my brothers are 10 years apart :grin: we didn’t get along too well growing up but now we are all super close and I couldn’t image my life without them :blue_heart:

Girl I had the worst birth with my son and never ever wanted to go through it again and I waited 6 years it’s amazing

My kids will be 10 years apart.

Do what feels right for you. I’ve got a 12 year old and a 9 year old and I had my twins 5 months ago and the older two are great they love helping and the twins get extra cuddles which they love.

I am 9 years older than my brother and 13 years older than my sister. Unfortunately my brother lives in a different country and we aren’t as close and we were when we both lived in the same country. With my sister even though I am almost 30 and she is only 17 I am VERY close and talk daily

No not at all. Having kids close together in age doesnt always mean they will get along. Our four kids are all 2 years apart and fight like cats and dogs! :woman_shrugging:

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Who cares about age. It’s about what works for you. My kids are 23,19,15,7,3. Talk about a gap lol!

I’m only 5 months in with a 4.5yr age gap but so far they absolutely adore each other. My older one is super hands on and just wants to help with everything and anything to do with baby brother.

I personally like the gap in age

All of my siblings (4 including me) are 5 years apart then I have a little brother that is 13 yes younger than me. Gaps mean nothing when it comes to sibling love

My step daughter is 18 years older than her brother, my son. Have kids when you want :woman_shrugging:t3:

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2008/2012/2019 I don’t think so I like the big age gap for mine!

I’m 21 years older than my baby sister. And my middle sister is 10 years younger than I am.

My oldest and youngest are 9 years apart. And my middle and youngest are 6 years apart. I love the gap since the oldest two are independent for the most part. But my youngest tries to keep up with then. They are 10. 7. 1

Nope my 2nd was just turning 5 when I had my baby who is now 8 months old both my kids love her and dote on her xxx

I’ve had two with 5 years age gap and honestly it’s brought them closer because they get to “help” bringing diapers or blanket or wipes …and they get to help comfort baby …and they have that independence where they want the big brother/sister role and love to help pick out clothes for baby :heart:

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We have a 13 year gap between our oldest and middle. Currently pregnant with our last and so we will have a 15 year old 2 year old and newborn :upside_down_face:

Oldest is 12.5yo Youngesy is almost 5yrs so there is 7.5yrs between them! They are best friends!! Ride or die! They would kill for each other hide the body and never speak of it again. They rarely fight and if they do its cause the youngest has pinned down the oldest. Bahaha No jealousy ever either!

My niece is 23 years older then her unborn brother/sister

My oldest girls are 18 months apart. Then my youngest daughter is 7 years EXACTLY SAME BIRTHDAY from the younger older, and my son is 5 years younger than my youngest daughter. 15, 13, 6, 1.

Nope no no - My oldest Maddison is 20 and then my middle Lachlan is 17 and my youngest Jackson is 10. I used to think omg age gap crazy, but my older 2 do so much with their younger brother, it is crazy fun for the 10 year old Jackson. They also teach him during all their interactions about manners, respect and how to treat one and another and all mannerisms in society these days. I am blessed :heart::pray:t3:

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Me and my brother are 7 years apart I am older! I love it when I was younger I loved helping my mom take care of him and I would play with him all the time! I am 36 and he is 29 now and we are very close!

My girls are over 5 years apart and they are best friends. I can count on one hand the number of times they’ve fought and my youngest is 6.

My younger sister is 8 years younger and she’s one of my closest friends.

My daughter is 10 1/2 & my son is almost 4 months. Yes she’s my step daughter but still she loves him so much and is a huge help.

Not at all. My kids are all three years apart so my
Oldest and youngest are 6 years apart :joy:

I am pregnant right now and by the time the baby is due I will have an almost 8 year old and a 6 1/2 year old!

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There is 7 years between my sister and I and we are like best friends. My oldest children are 15 months apart and then 4 years between the middle and youngest and they get along great

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My 2 kids are 10.5 yrs apart :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I dont think age gaps make a difference… it depends on you kids and their personality… I have a sister 7 years older and we have always had issues off and on but I have a sister 10 years older and we have always been good

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my little sister and I are 14 years apart. I’m 19, and she’ll be 5 later this year and my relationship with her is amazing! she gets so excited when I come home from work at the end of the day! so no, 5yrs is not a big deal! :))

Nope mine are 6 years apart. And get a long very well.

I’m the youngest of 6 and the one above me is 6 years older than me. Nothing was different we still had the same love hate relationship every sibling has.

My son is 12 years old and im pregnant with my next kid , :scream: huge gap for me :sneezing_face:

It is only too big of a gap if you don’t want any more kids if you ask me. They will love each other no matter the gap.

My kids are 6 years apart

My girls are 6 years apart

I don’t think it’s that big of a gap I have a 5 year old she’ll be 6 in January and I’m pregnant with my son due in Sept

I have a 10 year age gap between my two older kids. They are very close and have a strong bond. They’re about to get a baby sister with a less than 2 year age gap. As it is, my oldest is 11 and he’s about to have 2 much younger siblings.

My boys are 7 years apart. And they have a great relationship. My eldest is in high school, youngest in elementary and they play video games together. Hang out at the park together. Honestly I see some of my other friends with kids closer in age and they seem to fight a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, my kids fight. But overall, I think they enjoy their roles. Far enough apart to have their own worlds, but close enough to have a great relationship.

I have a 28, 27, 25, 18 and 15 year old. Sometimes the two youngest get along but they argue a lot. The 28 loves the 15 year old. The 25 loves the 18 but likes that the 15 is a good Aunt to her baby. Sometimes they all argue or they get along but she gap didn’t really make a difference. 🤷

Mine were 5.5. And 3.5 when I had my 3rd. They get on great. X

Nope my 2 kids are 5 yrs apart I love it

There is 14 years between my n my sister n 8byear gap between my girls.

I have a big gap got 19,18
Then 12 and 10

My son is 21 and my daughter has just turned 17 (3/5/21) and they are the best of friends. My eldest daughter is 34 and her and her siblings get on very well together but the 2 younger ones have a very special bond

My sister is 6 years older than me, I’m 9 years older than my second brother, and 21 years older than the youngest. You’re fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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No mine are 26,24,12,9 it will be fine

I just had my second in november. Her older sister just turned 15 in march. :roll_eyes:🤦:joy:

Best age gap is 5 years imo

We just had baby #3 yesterday and our boys at home will be 5(in July) and 7(in September) this year

7 year gap for mine (9yo & 2yo). They adore each other & bicker & fight just the same as siblings with 1 or 2 years between them. You’re definitely overthinking it. I kinda think it’s a ridiculous question tbh. lol Just my opinion though.

23, 21, 20 years, 16 months and one on the way. lol trust me you’re good

i’m 6 years apart with my sister. and my boys are 5 years apart

my mum in laws oldest is 28 and the youngest is 14 :slightly_smiling_face:

I think a good space between means they are less in competition for toys, attention, etc. and the older one is able to be a help to you. Friend’s sons are 10 years apart & adore each other.

Its fine trust me :slight_smile: my 3 oldest r 4 yrs apart and its perfect my youngest tho will b less than 2 yrs apart

Downside the bigger ones are big enough to do cool stuff the baby might prevent upside more the merrier I have 14, 10 7, 5 2 ,1 so they all get along at different times biggest rivalries are my 7 and 5 year olds and my 1 and 2 year old girls. I say do it now little one starts school soon so you will get extra bonding time with baby and still get to do fun family stuff before the big one loses interest

My boys are 29, 25 & 9 this year…

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My babies would’ve been 8 and a half years apart had I not lost my pregnancy last year. We are hoping for a 2022 rainbow. My son will be 10 at that point.

No such thing as too big an age gap. I have 2 close together then a 5 year gap then 2 close together and the ones with the bigger gaps get along better than the ones with the closer gap :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::joy: x

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My youngest two are 5 years apart. 13 and 8. Boy, oh boy! Some days they’re buddies but most days they just can’t put up with each other. Everything the other one does is annoying to the other. The older one wants to be the boss, and the younger one is a snitch. Hoping that changes as they both mature. BUT they do LOVE each other too, sooo.

10 years between myself and my little brother and 4 and a bit years between my kids. Good and bad regardless of age gap really

My boys are almost exactly 5 years apart and they are best buds :heart::heart:


No mine are 15 , 13 and 10yrs old

My daughter 43 my son is 28

My #4 was a 5.5 year gap. I had already had 3 in 3 years.
Only due to miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy and outta utro pregnancy.

The gap is fine kids get along very well they adapt easy and the older kids absolutely adore the youngest and are happy to help or play when she demands
but sometimes can be annoying like you’re doing fractions with older kids and stopping the younger one from getting Into everything or needing to change nappies :rofl::rofl::rofl::v:

I have five children. 23, 20, 18, almost 2 and my last is 4 months. So to answer your question, no honey, you’re fine :woman_shrugging:t2: