Is 5 years to big for an age gap?

No my eldest is 5 middle is 2 and youngest is 8 months xx

There’s 10yrs between me and my sister and we’re very close xx

I have a 21 18 13 8 and had a surprise blessing last year I was scared of the big age gaps but all my older kids adore her and love her and I have 4 babysitters :slightly_smiling_face:

No mine are 19, 17, 13, 8

1st child and last child were 25 years apart. Lol… There’s no right or wrong way

Nope 26 20 and 9.
17 years between my oldest and youngest, mind you when I found 9ut I was having my little girl my eldest son being 17 said erm mum you haven’t thought this through very well have you …
To which I replied why haven’t I??
He said well when she’s 17 I’ll be 34 …
Err yes son and when she annoys me she can come and live with you :rofl::rofl:.

Well played mother well played …

I have 3 grown ups with 4 years between each. They have always been close still are. And their children

That is not too much of a gap!

My stepson is 6 and my youngest son (3 months) was born on his birthday… they’re six years apart exactly and he’s a great big brother to him.

Age gaps have nothing to do with whether your kids get along. That’s all down to personality. You can have 2 close together that hate each other and 2 7 years apart that love each other. At least if the ones with the gap don’t mesh well, they just never get close, but they are happy to lead different lives. The ones who don’t click but are close in age are always stuck with each other, sharing friends or activities. There’s no escape and it can lead to a lot of resentment. Age gap siblings may not be best friends growing up. They may have like mentor or role model type relationships, or parent/child, but eventually they grow into friends when they reach a similar point in life. It really depends on their personalities and lifestyles though, not their ages. Mine are 2 and 12, and they love each other 90% of the time, and annoy each other the other 10%.

My oldest is 28 my youngest 6 :joy::rofl:

10 year gap between my youngest n oldest. 6 years between my 3rd n 4th.

Between my daughter and middle child there is A 5 year gap then a 2 year gap with my middle and youngest. It’s doable and they still play together and run around together and get annoyed at each other like kids closer in age.

Although I love my brothers my baby brother and I are 10 yrs. apart. We would do anything for each other but, while growing up I was out of the house when he was 8. We were not close at that time. I don’t think 5 is a bad age gap though.

You can’t make them love each other whether they are 1, 10 or 21 years apart and it’s their personality that will determine that, not age.

Not at all. I have my kids who are 7 years apart. I had large age gaps with my siblings. The closest being 9 years younger and the furthest being 20 years younger.

There’s 5 years between my daughter and son and all good my oldest 2 are 2 years apart too x

I am 34 years old. My youngest sister will be 6 on may 12th. She is my whole world and I love her to death.

Nope my sister and I are 16yrs apart, best times watching her grow now we’re adults… were best mates.


Absolutely not!
No age gap is to much :blush:
My youngest sibling is 5 years younger than me and my oldest sibling is almost 15 years older than me 🤷

There is 9 Btwn my boys and there was 9 and 7 btwn me n my brothers … so I wouldn’t say so. Just do what makes u happy it’ll all be fine

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Nope I’m 8yrs from my youngest sibling we were born 87,89,90,&95

I have 2 kids they are 19 years apart

Nope there 11years between my two girls (13 and 2) my aunt has a 25 year ahe gap between her two sons :joy:

My sister and I are 10 years apart so there’s that. I have 2 moms​:roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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My sister two kids are 10 years apart…

I was 10 yr old than frist brother and 12 yrs and then 15. So nope

Mine is 4 years apart

My oldest was almost 10 when my 2nd was born. It was a little tough in the beginning but as time passed he really took on the role of big brother and protector. They are 34 & 24 now. Best of friends and no one better try to hurt the other one because they stand up for each of fiercely

My brothers are 30 plus years older than me we love each other

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Mine are 4.5 years apart and it was great when they were little now that they are 13 and almost 9 they do nothing but fight and argue bc they don’t like anything that is even remotely similar

My older 2 are 3 years apart. Currently 5 months pregnant with my youngest who will be 7🤷‍♀️ I enjoy the age gap. It will be easier in making the other child/children feel important will helping mommy. (Not that they aren’t important, however they sometimes feel they are “replaced”).

I have a 6 year age gap between child #2 and child #3. No age gap is perfect between children, there are always pros and cons. They all love each other and protect one another. I have 4 kids and each age gap is different but perfect for me

I have 3 children. The first two are a year apart and my youngest is 5 years younger than my oldest. 4 from my middle. I was severely worried about the age gap but my youngest is 5 1/2 now and they are all the best of friends so far. Obviously the older two get crabby with my youngest but for the most part they have always been really great with him.

Also I have a little brother that’s 10 years younger than me, he’s always been so important to me. I did everything I could to be there for him as a sister and even as a parent type way. To me, he was the best thing to happen to our family.

I had 2 that were 2 years apart, then my 3rd was born 3 years later, which put the ages gap between the youngest and the oldest 5 years. Honestly, the youngest and the oldest get along better than the younger 2, with a 3 year gap. I know that most of the tension between them is that my youngest has started going through puberty. Once we are over that hump, I’m sure they will be best friends again, just like when they were younger.

Mine are now 35, 30, 29 and 19. So we have a 5 year and a 10 year difference. They are all very close and fiercely protective and loyal to each other. And all agree if they have a favorite sibling it’s the oldest.

I have those exact age gaps! Mine are now 12, 10 and 5 and they are awesome together. The older 2 take good care of the little one and he just wants to be big like them. It’s a sweet dynamic.

I have an almost 14 year old and an almost 2 year old. I wish they were closer in age but it is what it is. They love each other and we make it work


Siblings will love/“hate” each other no matter what. Has nothing to do with age gap. Their personalities will clash, living situations because of added expenses can cause drama, your ability to divvy attention and time, if they get away with more because your parenting style or patience has changed, etc… It’s circumstantial not age


My wee brother is 6 years younger than me and i adore him. I tell him things i wouldnt tell anyone else and he always gives the best advice. I have a sister 3 years older than me so thats a 9 year difference in them two, and they get on so well, holiday with their families together etc. Id go for it if i was u, dont worry about the age gap. It doesnt make a difference after a while anyway. But honestly, my wee brother is fab and i love him dearly xxxxx

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I have a 13,11 and 3yr they fight but adore the 3yr she is well loved and played with

My oldest brother was 9 years older than me and my other brother 6. They were my protectors! They taught me so many things! Good and bad, haha! I loved having older brothers. Sure, there came a time when they moved out, I was at home, but they always came around to see me. When I got older, we hung out all the time! Bowling, movies, at our parents. Age gaps ain’t nothing with a sibling bond! My oldest now is 9, my oldest step daughter is 10 and my other stepdaughter is 7, they have a 3 year old sister and 1 year old brother. I’m watching them be there protectors and little teachers. It’s amazing! If you want another don’t let an age gap hinder you!

My sons are 16 years apart. They both suffer from "only child syndrome ", but are really close. My oldest says he’s the 1st born and then my youngest response is, “he’s the 2.0 version”.:heart_eyes: The gap doesn’t matter as long as they are secure in the knowledge that they are loved.

I have 3 girls, 5 years apart on 1st to 2nd then 2 years apart on 2nd to 3rd. They all love each other and get along.

I have a 9, almost 7, 1 yr old and they all adore each other. I dont think the age gap is an issue. Just be sure to give each of them plenty of attention and security that you love them all. It makes a big difference in bonding between them when they feel left out imo.

Personally I don’t think it’s a big gap. I have a 15,13,8,5 and 4 months. My 13 and 8 year old are super close , argue very little and gives one another space too. My 13 year old helps do her hair and they keep secrets. My 5 year old just adores my new baby and helps with everything including dirty diapers.

I was exactly the same I had two children two years apart and then when my youngest started school I was having my third I was worried about the younger one feeling pushed out but I had nothing to worry about they both love their little brother,they all adults now and are extremely close all three of them

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No such thing… I have two boys that are 10 months apart. They are 16 and 17 years old. Then, we had their brother who is now 2.5 years old. So a 10 month age gap and a 14 year age gap. My older boys LOVE their baby bro. Maybe I should have another, though…so he has someone to grow up with.

My eldest is 13 going 14 yrs old this year and I’m 6 months pregnant to my 2nd child 13 or 14 yrs gap is never an issue to my eldest to me and to my husband they know the background behind it I was diagnosed with pcos and that’s the reason why I’m having a hard time getting preggy…

My older sis is 5 years older than me. My younger sis is 5 years younger than me. As a middle child I personally felt the gap was too much and I never quite fit in anywhere. The Jan Brady of the group! My mom wanted to give us each individual attention. One goes to kinder, then the next baby at home.

My kids are 4 years apart and its PERFECT! The older is just tolerant enough of the younger to teach and care for him. I absolutely adore their relationship.

No, I have a daughter 27 and a son 22 they’re extremely close and always have been. He even jokes calling her 2nd mom.

On another note , I’m 10 years older than the middle sister and 14 years older than the youngest sister and I couldn’t imagine my life without them, I count them among my greatest blessings.

Exactly what my 3 were…first 2 just 2 years apart, then 5 between the 2nd & 3rd… If I had to do it all over I would have 5 yr gap between the first 2…I look back and realize I really didn’t get to enjoy my oldest as a toddler, just that one on one time because soon I had another baby and I was exhausted… 2nd baby liked to pull all nighters, so by the time I got him to sleep, my oldest was up and ready to start his day…

I have three kids. My oldest just turned 13, my middle is almost 10 and my youngest just turned one at the beginning of April. I thought having the age gap between my youngest and my two older kiddos would be a big deal but it hasn’t been at all, ovisually we all had to adjust to having a baby in the house but my older two are such big helps with their little brother and were sooooo excited when he arrived.

My oldest and youngest are five years apart. They have a brother in the middle of them. He is two year apart from the oldest. They fight a lot. My oldest and youngest have a really sweet relationship.

My big girl is 7 and I’m pregnant with my second girl. I think it’s perfect because she understands that the baby is gonna need more attention and depend on mommy a little more and she’s not jealous of the baby. She loves her baby sister

I had my youngest 8 years after my middle child. Yes she gets on the older ones nerves at times, but they adore each other and the bigger ones are great helpers. Siblings will fight sometimes no matter the age gap. My two oldest are a year apart, and now teenagers and fight like crazy at times.

My daughter will turn 10 exactly a week before my due date with my son.

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My brother and I were 6 years apart. We never had fights like my cousins that were close in age.

My oldest two, both boys, are almost 4 years apart and fight like cats and dogs. When my youngest was born, my oldest two were almost 10 and just turned 6… they both love their baby sister and will do anything she wants. They’re 11, 7 and 16 months right now.

My first 2 are 7 years apart and my son is now 8 and he’s such a big help with his little sister who’s now 1. I think it was a perfect age gap. And now I have an 8 year old, a 1 year old and a newborn and 1 year gap is so much different lol

18 years between my oldest and middle child…and 3 years difference between my middle and soon to be youngest

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I had three then five years apart they did fine… I carried a baby for a friend who just turned five and my son will be 15 this year… and he wants me to have another so he can be a big brother… if you really want it do it life’s to short enjoy this babies!

My son has a daughter who is 20, his wife has a daughter who is 14 and they have a daughter who is 4 . I have a brother who is 7 years older than me and 5 years older than my sister. It’s nice to have an older one to help with the youngest.

I have a 16 yr old a 13 yr old and an 8 yr old. They terrorize each other to no end. But they love their little brother will read w him and play with him, help him take care of his hamster. And dont anyone mess with his sisters.

There’s a 10 year gap between my brother and I. It’s whatever works for your family that matters :slight_smile:

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not at all. My daughter was born with 6 and 8 year old brothers… never had a problem with my kids’ age difference. They are still close at ages 33,30 and daughter at age 25

My twins and my youngest are 5 years apart I wish I had had another one for my youngest to have someone to play with and everything. It didnt seem too bad when they were all little but now the age difference seems huge now that they are grown and hes still in middle school. He has even said he wishes they weren’t so far apart in age I think because he is kinda lonely now.

My kids are just about 10 years apart and they are super close! I think 5 years wouldn’t be bad. But that’s just my humble opinion. :grin:

I’m the youngest of 4. The oldest is 20 year older next is 18 year and rhe other 10 year older and we are no different to siblings with a smaller age gap we are all really close and also argue just as much as siblings worh smaller age gaps x

My children are 21, 13, 11, and almost 4 months. They all love each other so much. My 11 year old said she prayed to have a baby brother and that’s why God blessed us with him. I dont think it’s about an age gap. Siblings share a special bond.

My first 2, 18 months apart, 3rd 7 years, forth 10 years. Wish I would have had them at 2-3 years apart, only because 10 years was like starting all over again. It happens for a reason. You’ll love them no matter how far apart. It was meant to be

Stop overthinking and love the child you are gifted with. It is how your children are parented that is important. My kids are 6.5 yrs apart and good friends

Nope! I have 2 kids that are almost exactly 5 years apart and I love the age gap. 5 and 10 and still play well together ( when they aren’t trying to kill eachother that is lol).

I have a 13 yr. old, 3 yr. old, and when this one’s born the two older ones turn 14 and 4 just a couple months later. If you want another one have another. Everything will work out and they’ll love their new sibling.

I love my sister’s I’m 9 years and 17 years older than each

My girls are 6 years apart. It was tough when they were little because the stage gap was huge but as they get older, (now 24 and 18) they are so so close. They understand one another and the gap in stages is much smaller.

The gap between my oldest and youngest is 6 years my middle and youngest are 5 years apart

There is 8 years between my oldest and youngest. 6 years between my oldest and middle child. They all get along great. There is 10 years between my husband and his sibling and 8 years between him and his other sibling.

My two are 6 years apart, they are now 21 and 15 and very close! Older brother is very protective and kind of a role model for his younger sister!

Mine boys are 6 years apart. My oldest watches out for my youngest. They aurgue sometimes. But they are there for each other. So no…5 years is not a to big of a gap.

My first and 2nd are 10 1/2 years apart, 2nd and 3rd 2 1/2 yrs apart. As adults they are all best friends. They were close growing up as well.

My oldest brother was 20 when his first child was born a week before my mom gave birth to our youngest brother. 4 years later he had a daughter and our dad/ his wife had our youngest sister. No such thing as an age gap.

My kids are almost 5 years to the day apart and they get along really well

My oldest are youngest are 9 and a half years a part. My youngest is one and my oldest turn 11 next month. They love each other. I still want one more to try for a girl, but I dont think my oldest would really want to hang out at that age

Nope my oldest is five years older than my youngest my first two were back to back

All 3 of my kids are 5 yrs apart between 1st 2 and last 2 and there 14 and half between me and my little sister

My brother and I are 5 years apart and we are just fine. We are good friends. Yes we fought as kids. But I think all kids do no matter the age difference.

I have 13 yr old 2 yr old and a 10 month old they all love each other soo much

My first 2 are 6.5 years apart, not on purpose. We had 2 losses between. My youngest is almost 3 years younger than middle, so 9.5 years oldest to youngest. They are now 18, 12 and 9. They get along really well most of the time.

My children are 6 years apart and they love each other very much.

I have a 7 and 5 year old and now a 5 month old and it’s great. The first two are independent and in school so the baby gets siblings and alone time with mom but I’ll probably have another so this baby can have a sibling close in age

I have two 18 yr olds and a 2 yr old. They get along. And built in babysitter.

My boys are 29, my daughter is 8. They are super close, my boys absolutely adore their little sister!

My first and third are 6 years apart and the older one loves the younger one so very much

My daughter and son are 6 years apart and are the best of friends, always have been. My daughter is currently pregnant with her second child and there is a nine year age gap between her two.

My youngest is 8 and just had my 3rd so 8 year age gap n oldest is 10 age don’t matter they’ll be happy and will love each other

I have two kids my oldest is 10 years old and my youngest is 7 months…

Me and my brother are 8 1/2 years apart and super close. My bfs brother is 13 years older and they are super close. Just make sure you keep them bonding and you should be fine.

I wouldn’t worry my kids are close in age but my husband’s brother is 7 years older than him and his sister is 8 years younger and they all are super close and always have been.