Is giving birth bad?

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and will be a first time mom. My babies head is in the 97th percentile and he is already 6lbs. I’m terrified. Is giving birth really that bad?


It is if you don’t get there fast enough for drugs… yes, it’s not easy ether way there’s no describing it. We’re all terrified.

Well yes, you’re basically pushing out a watermelon from a hole the size of a lemon, ain’t no walk in the park but you’ll be OK, everyone gets nervous before birth whether it’s their 1st or 4th


After that epidural I felt nothing it was smooth but that’s just my experience also I had 2 kids

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The epidural was great… after that it was easy sailing for me but everyone is truly different

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Ultrasounds are very flawed. Dont you worry. I had 2 natural births one was on pitocin. You got this empower yourself. Birth your way.

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Girl I know how u feel. I’m 32 weeks n my baby is over 5lbs and my 1st born was 9lbs 12oz I had him 3 days early induced very easy n fast n Dr are saying my 2nd will b over 12lbs just get there when u can and do your best your body is made For this u will do great…

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No!!! Contractions are the worse part. Once u get the eppidural you’ll be fine!!!

They can be sooooo off with size of baby… I was told I was going to have a big baby over 8lbs and long… she was only 6lbs and 19inches… Don’t stress the measurements!!!

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Not gonna lie my dear, I am almost 3 weeks postpartum. Yea, it hurts and healing hurts too. Right after birth I was traumatized thinking I’d never do it again and DD would be an only child for sure, now that im healing… I feel better and although it’s a rough experience, I now know that I lived through it and we are all okay… I would go through it again. We love our daughter so much.

My son was estimated at 6lbs at 34 weeks. He always measured big. He was born 8.3lbs vaginally & no tearing. Ultrasounds can also be way off. :two_hearts:

By no means should you be convinced your kid will actually be that big. I was told my baby would be in the high 7 low 8 lbs weight range. She came out 6lbs 11 oz. And giving birth? I mean it’s no walk in the park, but you will get through it just fine. Dont worry and good luck

After the epidural I was in heaven, didn’t feel any pain. Only pressure when pushing my boys out.

No its not. I delivered naturally with my 1st. Just remember to take slow deeo breaths and push like your pooping.

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It’s not easy but very worth it in the end

I was so svared and siked myself up but then after it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined.


I didn’t have a chance for an epidural so I felt every single thing, to me my contractions didn’t seem to bad until it came to having to push and the ring of fire is real it felt like I was on fire down there it hurt and burned so bad but I only pushed for 20 min and it was all over

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My advice would be get the epidural ASAP! I waited and regreted it majorly! I was induced tho and that is said to make contractions worse. If you want to do no medicine I’d start learning breathing Technics now, from YouTube videos or take a class. I ended up having a c section after fully dialating and pushing and pushing and pushing to no avail. So you really don’t know how things are gonna go. Plan as best you can but be ready to for things to go a different way. The epidural helped me SO much tho. As I was waiting for the induction medicine to do it’s thing the nurse kept asking me if I was getting contractions and I kept saying I didn’t know lmao man, but when they came bitch I KNEW lmao and they were crazy. I was a scene straight outta a movie moaning and yelling at people. But then the epidural came and it made eeeeevvverrryything ok. I wish I had gotten it in the very beginning but I waited til I was 8cm lmao never again. Good luck! You’ll do great and seriously on the real no matter what it will all be worth it. :heart::heart: You got this

Contractions are horrid. I have a high pain tolerance and still yelled through them as they wheeled me through the hospital.
I had a c section because my baby wanted to come out ass backwards. And let me tell you, if you get the same drugs, you won’t feel a thing other then some pressure here and there.
The only thing I cared about when I got the shots was getting off the table and taking a nap.
You are going to do just fine, mama!!

No it’s not I had all three of mine natural … I think they need to stop giving all these drugs when you have a baby … I bet there will be a lot of women with just one child

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Yes it’s literally misery don’t get pitocin.

Had my first all natural, no pain meds no nothing
Worse pain in my entire life, but really not that bad
Once i was done, I was dome, just hella sore
Currently about 8 months pregnant with baby #2 and I’m more excited than scared this time around, and his head is in the 97th percentile too :sweat_smile:

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Nope. I had me son at 36 weeks, 9lbs 1oz…has an epidural was in rocking chair @ hours later

My mother in law told me it’s the worst pain you’ll never remember and it is true. Yes, it hurts…a lot. But when that baby is in your arms it’s a distant memory. The healing process takes a bit of time, but that baby makes it a little easier than other recoveries. There is a reason woman do it more than once, because the love for that child far outweighs that moment of pain.

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I’ve had 2 with epidurals that didn’t work. The back labor was the most painful for both, but luckily both of my labors were over in 4 hours or less. Wa it painful? Hell yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.
Congrats and just focus on seeing your baby for the first time…it’s the most unbelievable and euphoric feeling in the world.

I was told my baby would be big like 8-9 lbs but he was only 7 lbs & 4 oz. you barely think of the pain when you meet your little one, it’s the best experience ever. & I was literally ALL baby idk how he fit in my tiny belly honestly because I weigh less now than I did before I was pregnant lol.

No it’s not that bad…I had epidurals with all 3 of mine…pushed for 45 minutes with my son…pushed for 10 with my first daughter and one push and a cough with my 2nd daughter…I was induced at 39 weeks with my last and if I could go back and do it with all of them I would…I was in literally no pain after my epidural with my 3rd I was able to sleep and rest because I got my epidural done before I could feel any contractions

It hurts like hell but its worth the pain. I thought I was dying because my mom rest her soul told me it’s not that bad you will forget that pain. When you hold your Haha it’s been 46 years ago and I remember that pain lime it was yesterday. But I wouldn’t trade that pain for anything in this world.

It all depends on body size and etc. I’m a really small female. 5’1"…110 pounds. I only needed a few stitches with my first. My second I only needed 1. But everyone is different. My babies were both 7 pounds 7 ounces when born.

My biggest child was 9lbs 6 oz and it was hard but it wasn’t terrifying. And so worth it.

All depends on your pain tolerance. I have a super high pain tolerance so for me it was a breeze

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It’s really painful but try to remember that baby is also going through it with you. The more you allow the pain to come then the better labour you have. I’m not gonna lie it hurts like hell but stay focused on meeting your bundle of joy.

The best way is to have it without meds when it is over it is over and no side affects


labor was worse than the actual birth.

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Everyone’s experience is different. Some people have really bad birthing experiences and some dont. No 2 experiences are the same. Some people have bad reactions to pitocin and some dont. Some can do it naturally and some cant. Some people have C sections. Some dont. My point is that despite what everyone has gone through you cant base your fears or expectations on what others have been through. My advice: talk to your doctor(s). Keep an open mind when you go into labor. And try to stay calm.

My first I had the epidural “wish I hadn’t” for me it made my labor much longer and I pushed for 2 hours I was so numb I couldn’t figure out how to push lol… 2nd I went all natural “OMFG WORST PAIN EVER” WORTH IT… I pushed for 9mins BOOM :baby:… The contractions were the worst part… When baby crowns that just burns, My very last push I had the feeling to Push, Throw up, & the contraction all at once :crazy_face: STILL WORTH IT… the pain was gone instantly after baby came out…


Yes it is very painful but very rewarding and only lasts so long once the heads out . All sweeet. Unless u have epidural url feel nothing lol

My youngest was the same way he was measuring 6lbs at 34 weeks he was born early at 36 weeks but was a 7lb baby. That measurement isnt super accurate. Also I had all of my 3 kids without pain medication and I thought it would be a lot worse than it actually was.

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9 lb baby with a 93rd percentile head. The actual labor hurt far more than pushing him out and I pushed for an hour and a half. No epidural and was induced with pitocin. You can do it.

Edit to add I’m 5’3" and 125 pounds

Both were induced. First I got the epidural as soon as I was admitted. Second I waited and omg the pain was horrible!! Worst pain ever! It’s weird that I don’t exactly remember the pain I just know it hurt like a mother and never again. I went to 8cm before giving in and got epidural just couldbt do it. First labor was 10 hours 12 mins (maybe 5 mins of pushing) and second was 6 hours 57 minutes (pused for about 10 minutes if that)

My son was at 6lb at 33 weeks at 38 he was reading 11lb I had him at 39 and he come out 10lb. I had a c-section because he was reading so big. I had midwifes and they gave me the opinion for natural but I asked what was the safest for my son and I and they said c-section so I did.

Depends on your perceptive. Watch the business of giving birth. Truly enlightening, imo

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Nope. Your body was formed to do this.

It is really painful but when it’s done it’s done and you have that wonderful baby in your arms and that makes it all worth it

They told me my first was going to be 10lbs . He was 6lbs 11oz


Yes. Have a Cesarean. Lol.

Nah, always easiest part for me

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Don’t take drugs, breathe and when the contraction stops u stop pushing. Take in as much oxygen as u can. My boys were both 9+lbs and it hurt, of course… but your body is made for this.

I’m not much help but I just had a 12 lb baby on Wednesday and his head is in the 97th percentile. He was measuring 8 lbs 5 oz at 35 weeks. They thought he was going to be about 10 lbs. Surprise! The ultrasound can be off give or take a pound (or two in my case) just remember no matter how you give birth you’re still a bad ass :facepunch:

Giiirl I panicked too. They said my son was “massive”
While Yes, his head was big (80 something percentile), he was barely 6lbs. I delivered 10 days past my due date and they said he was at least 8lbs at my 37week appointment.

Id like to add that not everyone has the same reactions to having the epidural. I’ve had it 3 time and have never gotten “numb” it made most of the pain go away but certainly not all of it. I could walk, hold my legs up and only took like 5-7 pushes average to get out all 3 of my boys. Also it didn’t prolong my labors (or maybe it did but damn that would have been fast) because two of my boys came out in 4 or less hours. My oldest took 8 hours

I just had my second and I was induced 5 days early because of her growth measurements. They were projecting her to be 9.8 pounds, she was 8.12. I requested an epidural but did most of my labor without one because the anesthesiologist was unavailable. The labor hurt because of being induced. She moved down into position perfectly though and I only pushed 3 times and she was out. I did get the epidural in time for delivery, it worked flawlessly because I wasn’t in pain anymore but I could still feel her come out just didn’t hurt.

All natural, 14 hours of back labor and 33 stitches…

And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Honestly, pushing feels good… the pain stops when you’re pushing. I only pushed twice and he was on my chest. Labor is no picnic, but it’s honestly the coolest experience I think. I feel like a superhero some days… there’s nothing more rewarding!!!

It depends on the person but epidurals help if you can get one lol

No it’s not. In the end through the pain and tears all.worth it

My first babies head was big had him all natural no epidural, if I can do it anyone can. You’ll be fine! But my last baby had an epidural, and I loved it! So what ever your birth plan is you’ll be ok! You got this!

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They told me my baby was 6 lbs 7 oz at 34 weeks and he weighed 7 lbs 2.5 oz at 39 weeks 3 days when he was born

Bless your heart. Good luck. Congratulations most of us have made it out ok so youll be fine.

No it’s not. Read the book Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.

My son was 8lbs 5 oz 22in tall and was in the 97th percentile for height. I had nuibane which was awesome.

Don’t put much stock in ultrasound weight measurements. A week before my daughter was born ultrasound said she was over 8 pounds and would put another pound on before birth so 9 pounds plus. She was 6 lbs. 12 Oz at birth. It is true they can put on a pound in the last week of pregnancy, but clearly their guesstimate of 8+ pounds was way off.


Personally i wouldn’t get the epidural the second time around, if it happens, i had back labor so it kinda hurt even with it cus my ex was pushing my one leg all crazy. Still have back pain and shes 1 1/2

It hurt yes, but you forget the pain very quick. I was told I was having a massive baby. He was 8 pounds. Then I was told I was having a tiny baby. She was 7 pound. They sent always accurate.

Nope. You forget all about the pain as soon as you see your baby.

I’m a first time mommy. Just had my baby boy Thursday. He weighed 7lbs 15oz at birth. It does hurt but all you want is to meet your baby. I pushed for 2 hours and finally got to hold my little man💙 it was definitely all worth it

You won’t remember it after, don’t worry about it.

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The size is an estimate until baby is born…

They said my youngest was gonna be HUGE! well, much bigger than my other 2, and just a BIG baby.

Yeah… she wasn’t that 8 to 10 lb baby…

She was 5 lbs 13 oz…

I won’t scare you with my birth stories. . Just know that those measurements are am estimate into baby gets here. .

Nope. I was terrified too, but you’re so in the zone that the pain doesn’t bother you honestly. I didn’t get an epidural and I was fine without it. Once the contractions are over too, there’s practically nothing to worry about.

I had 3 babies naturally and 2 of them were in the 8 pound range. I would do it no other way.

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Pretty bad, but its worth it,

No, I think the more you scare yourself the more you’re going to believe it’s worst than what it really is. You need to go into with a relaxed and positive mind.

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Get the epidural if you aren’t against it!!! I had a wonderful birth. My back hurt in recovery but I didn’t need any stitches (luckily, cause a lot of girls have gotten torn the hell up) and I still can’t crack my back in the specific spot I got it in and probably never will but birth is well worth it, it’s the 6 week around about recovery that sucks depending on how it goes for you

It does hurt but not like you think. It’s almost like severe period cramps x 10. Hard to explain but you’ll be fine. Your body knows what to do, it’s amazing. I promise as soon as the baby is here the pain is forgotten!!! God Bless :heart:

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Child birth hurts like heck but think about what you will have when all that pain is gone .Worth every pain you have

Contractions suck but usually by this time you feel so done with pregnancy its exciting I personally had a epidural both times but the feeling of them placing your baby on your chest is the most amazing feeling in the world embrace the experience :heart::heart::heart:

I had 2 c sections 2st was worse with complications the 2nd wasn’t bad they said my 1st was going to be close to 9lbs and to be born at 39 weeks he was 7lbs 11.8 oz my 2nd one was 3 weeks early was estimated to be 6lbs and was 8lbs 3oz.

I didn’t feel anything until it was time to push

It was a breeze. I promise you. Honestly, I compare every painful thing to childbirth- whether that be a double ear infection or getting a slash in my finger.

I had 3 babies naturally smallest was 5.12 lbs largest 10.7 lbs. I would do it all over again.

My first was 8.3 pounds at birth and it stings a little but you completely forget after bubs put on your chest

Labour and giving birth is very painful, but after you meet your baby, you would do it all again in a heartbeat (and hence baby number 2 and 3 and 4 come along!) :blush: Use pain relief as you choose and as advised :two_hearts:

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I had my first son all natural no pain meds. He was small 5lbs 1oz and I ended up needing stitches with him. My second son the labor was way worse I ended up getting an epidural at 9cm and I felt like an idiot because I made it that far without it but anyways he weighed 7lbs even and I didn’t need any stitches or anything with him. You will be surprised what you can handle when you go into labor it will all be worth it once they lay your baby on your chest!!! Good luck momma!

It was nothing like you see on tv. It also was not at all like I thought it would be. I would do it 10 more times now since delivering my son. It was an amazing experience. Just remember-the pain is temporary. When you are holding that baby for the first time, you will forget all about it.

It was nothing like you see on tv. It also was not at all like I thought it would be. I would do it 10 more times now since delivering my son. It was an amazing experience. Just remember-the pain is temporary. When you are holding that baby for the first time, you will forget all about it.

Ultra sounds as much as we want can be grossly off lol I was told I was having a 7lb babe and a week later I popped out a 9 lber lmao even my dr said the same thing

Yes it’s horrible for most woman. But it’s worth it

I was in labor for almost 4 days.
I tapped out and got drugs.

Contractions are a bitch especially if you get the epidural and it doesn’t work

I had 3 children naturally, no pain meds. The contractions are the worst. Biggest was over 8 pounds, smallest was 6 pounds.

I’ve had 5 kids… 4 naturally 1 c section…
3 first up naturally, then csection and then a vbac…
no drugs for any of my naturals

Yes if your not ready for it congrats

honestly didn’t feel the baby come out. it’s the contractions that hurt.

I had epidural; very worth the 2 seconds of stinging

I had 2 boys naturally without an epidural and 1 boy with an epidural because I needed a c- section. I would do natural child birth over and over again if it meant getting my boys. You will do fine! Take a breath! You are already a great mom. Hang in there, you got this!

Measurement very up and down… They should tell you this babies weight can be off by an entire pound! They guessed my second at 9 something and I was so worried she was big but 8.14 is not a 9 pound or ten pound baby. You should also know that the baby’s head will compress as it drops down into the birth canal that’s why a lot of natural born babies have cone heads when they’re born. the real contractions suck, but then your body takes over your mind and everything in you pushes that baby out. It’s a very unique experience!

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Birth definitely not easy but either is parenting lol! :slight_smile: you’ll be okay! You’ll forget the pain once your baby is in your arms!

For me it wasnt as bad as everyone told me itd be. I had him pretty quickly for a ftm. Labor was only about 5hours from the time my water broke to end.

No not all the time. My first was born within 4 hrs of my water breaking, no epidural no episiotomy no stitches easy peasy, second born 6 hrs after water breaking she was stubborn. Second one a little rough, but like my great grandmother said, " women have been having babies since time began, yes it can hurt but you kinda forget the pain when you look into your babies face," you’ll be fine dont be scared.

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My fiancee said our daughter head was cone shaped and sons was flat and by the time they handed them to me they were normal so the head size may not be as big as issue as you might think but that is the hardest part

So many people are like “I had no pains meds” and that’s fine, but don’t feel like you should do the same! Childbirth is both amazing and yet horrendous… It hurts, you can’t get comfortable, you lose track of time and you never know when it’s going to end… That and you could poop yourself. BUT at the end you will have a gorgeous little human that you made and loved inside your tummy and both yours and the baby’s love to each other will be instant and unconditional :heart:

If you want pain relief go for it and don’t feel bad! They don’t harm the baby and make it much more comfortable for you.

I hope it all goes well for you!