Is It Appropriate For My Son's Step-Mom To Talk To Him About Cheating?


“My son’s stepmother was watching Twilight with my son and his father. She decided to tell my son that Bella and Edward dated in real life; she then proceeded to tell him that they split up because Bella cheated on Edward in real life with the producer of the movie. My son turned 9 in May. Is it appropriate for her to be talking about cheating on him? Not long ago, she also had a conversation about her twin sister getting a divorce from her husband. Idk I just feel like those aren’t conversations to be having with a 9yr old.”

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“I personally talk to my children about all the things and have since they were about that age. As teenagers, I feel confident that they will hopefully continue to make good decisions about their lives based on knowing the reality of the world. I 100% expect the same from them from their stepmom. Takes a village and bad stuff happens when no knowledge is shared.”

“Sounds like a pretty good step mum if they’re enjoying films together and chatting about mundane things. I would feel incredibly happy knowing that my kids had such a relationship with their stepmother if my husband were to ever split up with me.”

“I feel like some of us forget how we were at that age and by 9 years old I had lots of questions on different topics and I was curious.”

“I guess I’d prefer If mom or dad had the conversation with my children but we don’t really have any topics we won’t discuss with our children in an age-appropriate way. If they are asking there is a reason for their curiosity. I’d prefer my children to feel comfortable asking than going somewhere unreliable.”

“I don’t see a problem unless the 9-year-old feels uncomfortable. Cheating and divorce are topics that children will find out about anyway.”

“So this was talked about with the father present and on the father’s time. Not really your place to say what can be talked about when he’s with his father.”

“Sounds like he’s already had some divorce/separation exposure since he has a stepmom. It wouldn’t concern me. Also, they watched the movie with all three of them. It may have been a convo between the adults that the child was there for.”

“What’s the issue? That they’re teaching him about morals. And as far as the divorce, still don’t see it wrong especially if the child was used to seeing them together and now that won’t happen.”

“Inappropriate? Not at all. Unnecessary? Sure maybe(still not really, they’re valuable lessons to be fair) but who cares lol he’s 9, probably went in one ear and out the other. He’s gonna hear a LOT worse than that.”

“No better time to talk to a child about ANY topic, than when they’re interested.”

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