Is it bad not to gain weight while pregnant?

I’m 17 weeks pregnant and haven’t gained any weight. I haven’t been throwing up and have been eating enough I thought. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal but my doctor acted like it was. I get my ultrasound my next appointment to measure the baby and see her. Since I haven’t gained anything does that mean she’s going to be small? I’m trying to gain weight and don’t understand why I’m not. Has anyone else been through this?


I only gained maybe 5-10 pounds my whole second pregnancy. Baby was fine.

I gained eight pounds my whole pregnancy and my baby’s size was fine

I didn’t gain any weight for the first 5 months my baby was perfect size.

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I’m 33 weeks and have lost 8 kilos not gained anything the whole pregnancy, my baby is measuring in the normal range. :kissing_heart:

I didnt gain any weight till this last visit… Im 29 weeks.
Baby is growing perfectly

Hi i lost between 8 an 10kg with both my kids one was 3.8kg and the other 4kg… also with no morning sickness or trying to loose wait

I didn’t gain any weight up until like two weeks ago, and I’m now 22 weeks. I feel like it just started randomly happening lol. Might be the same, some people don’t gain as much at first. As long as you’re eating good it’ll catch up :slightly_smiling_face:

I dropped 10 lbs in the first half of my pregnancy and didn’t get back up to prepregnancy weight until 35 weeks. :woman_shrugging:t2:
My doc said I was fine. It all depends on how much you weigh to begin with, tbh. The smaller you are the more they worry about gaining weight. Babies are essentially parasites. The main concern is you not being nourished therefore not being able to provide nourishment. If your sizing scan is fine, I wouldn’t worry about it. If the baby is growing like he/she should be, your weight doesn’t matter.

I only gained 12lbs total with my son 7lbs 3oz , and I didn’t gain nothing but 5lbs with my daughter and she was 9lbs 3oz

Don’t stress out! This is ok, the weight gain doesn’t really come until the last few weeks. I hardly gained anything until the end with both of my kids and they were both 7.5 pounds when they were born. If you stress out it can make things worse. Just remember to relax, take your vitamins, enjoy whatever your craving and most importantly enjoy being pregnant. You got this!

I lost weight my pregnancy. 47lbs actually and I had a 10lb baby.

I lost weight/ never gained anything until I hit 20 weeks with all three of my kids and they all grew healthy my smallest baby was 8 pounds 3 ounces. I’ve heard of people actually coming out of the hospital smaller then before they got pregnant and had happy healthy babies. I wouldn’t stress to much about it

I only gain 10 pound during one of my pregnancy he was 8 1/2 pounds

My doctor was concerned about my lack of weight gain when I was pregnant with my twins. My family literally stuffed me with food. 14 years later I still can’t lose the weight!

Christy you should show a pic of you pregnant, you were a skinny mini

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I gain 13lbs and babygirl was 6 of it

As a mother of 3 17 weeks is really still the beginning, and yes some women can gain weight right away, n some lose some weight. Believe me your going to gain

I think it’s different for each mama. I started overweight and with the help of my nutrionist I lost weight while pregnant. At one point I was down 20 pounds and at end of my pregnancy was down 10… after delivery I was down 30 pounds. BUT, I was moitered closely, by a nutrionist, a specialist who did monthly ultrasounds to check on baby’s growth and my doctor. It isn’t advised to lose weight unless under certain circumstances and if doctor is on board and monitoring it

I was 171 before I became pregnant, and I weighted 171 the day I delivered. Baby was healthy, so you and baby are fine! As long as the doctor doesn’t have an issue or see anything then you have nothing to worry about!

I didn’t gain any weight until the last 2 months . Then I ballooned out​:person_facepalming::person_shrugging:… it left me a Texas road map of strecth marks tho… :grinning: baby was normal size.6 lbs 5 oz… but everyone is different… don’t stress​:grinning:. I was always told u carry the boys low and in ur behind… girls u carry high… in my case both boys were low. And 3 girls were high and in my lungs

I lost weight until the very end with all 3 of mine and they were good weights 7lbs 3 ounces 8 lbs 1 ounce and 7lbs 11 ounces

I only gained 4 pounds with my second son… he came out 8 pounds 5 ounces! Lol

I lost weight in the beginning but by the end I gained 20 lbs.

I’m 20 weeks with my 5th baby, haven’t gained any weight yet. My first, I gained 26lbs (7lbs 10oz), my second I didn’t gain a single pound (6lbs 12oz), my third I gained 50lbs (5lbs 9oz), and my forth I’m not quite sure exactly what I gained, almost 50lbs (8lbs 5oz). You’re okay! Don’t worry, baby will grow just fine as long as you’re supplying the goods!

I had an almost 9lb baby and lost weight because I was so sick and nauseated my whole pregnancy plus I was a waitress so I was burning off what little I ate while working. I’m sure you’ll be fine and eventually gain a little. But don’t stress over it.

I was pregnant with triplets and didnt start gaining weight till around 25 weeks. Then BAM. It hit me lol 40lbs between 25 and 31 weeks when they were born. But they were healthy throughout the pregnancy. *side note though… i was also 70lbs over weight when I got pregnant.

I lost weight with all my pregnancies. 6 kids and my smallest was 8lb and my biggest was over 10lb

I’m 37 weeks, a bigger girl, and haven’t gained any weight this pregnancy. I’ve actually lost 6 pounds since the beginning. I gained 75 with my first. My doctor was concerned and did ultrasounds to make sure the baby was growing. At 34 weeks he measured 4 pounds which is good, so I’d say you’re doing fine!

I didnt gain any weight until 27 weeks and my son was 7lb 10oz

I also gained only 5 pounds with both my kids one was 6.6 one was 8.1 …

First pregnancy lost 8kg morning sickness till the day he came out 2.5kg boy. Second pregnancy twin boys lost 10kg also morning sickness till they come out (premature 32 weeks 1.3kg and 1.4kg and had twin to twin TAPS) all heathy little boys don’t worry :wink:

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With my first I had severe morning sickness. I lost 20 pounds. I didn’t gain any of it back. My daughter was 7 pounds 12 ounce at birth. Perfectly healthy.

I was super sick w/ my last pregnancy, I only lost weight the whole time, never gained a pound & my daughter was 9 lbs.

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I’m 21 and I’ve only gained 3lbs doctor told me it was normal, I did have the flu and had morning sickness but she said baby is taking what it needs regardless, my ultrasound last week showed baby at 11oz which is normal range

I was worried but now I’m taking it as a blessing

I didnt start gaining till I was 30 weeks and I only gained 6kg. Son was 9lb 3 oz

I lost 6 lbs during my pregnancy and shes perfect and healthy. She was 7lbs 15oz

Are you taking vitamins from your GYN

I lost weight and only gained near the end and my daughter was 11lb 1oz and i had her at 39weeks

I didnt gain weight until the end, and even then i only gained 12 pounds. My baby was born at 38 weeks, 7lbs 14oz and 100% healthy :slight_smile:

I lost weight until 22weeks along and she was measuring perfectly :slightly_smiling_face:

I lost weight with my 2nd daughter (only gained about 20lbs total the whole pregnancy) and she ended up being my biggest baby.
Im very small framed and not over weight at all. My doctor wasn’t concerned because she was growing just fine.

I didn’t gain any weight with my last one until I was 7 months and he was 7lbs 15oz at birth so. You’re probably alright.

No necessarily will your child be small, but there’s nothing wrong with a small baby either. I gained a total of 4 lbs so far and I’m 22 weeks. Try protein shakes

When I was pregnant with my son I was sick for 36 weeks threw up all day. I had to go to the hospital 3 times because I was so dehydrated. Lost about 10 pounds. They did put me on zofran and that helped. My baby was 6lbs 8oz

I didnt gain a lb til 20 weeks. Im 30 weeks now. And im up 10lbs.

That doesn’t mean anything I gained no weight with my first pregnancy and I was tiny until the last few weeks and I gained then.

Gained 15 with twins and they were 10 of it

It ok you may just need to take some vitamins get the Flintstones gummies and take 2 a day and try to eat 6 small meals a day like eat breakfast the snack in-between until lunch same after lunch until dinner then after dinner untill bed both heavy just something light

I started really gaining weight about half way through. Only ended up gaining 23 pounds. Talk to your dr if you’re really concerned. If they aren’t worried, you don’t worry :wink:

I didn’t gain till 7 months. Total weight gain was 24 lbs. my baby was fine. I was always told not to gain too much.

I’m 18 weeks and have lost 18 pounds :disappointed_relieved: haven’t started gaining anything back yet and my Dr doesn’t seem concerned

My friend lost 40 pounds throughout her entire pregnancy and her daughter was born healthy and almost 7 pounds.

I lost weight with my second daughter! But I was over weight from not losing the baby weight from my first daughter! My doctor never said it was a problem…and my daughter grew just fine my whole pregnancy and was only so little bc she was born 2 months early !!

What did you eat before finding out you where pregnant, and now? Are you eatting healthy? Did you carry a few extra pounds before baby?

I didn’t gain any weight until I was 32 weeks. In fact I lost a few lbs. I never threw up or got sick either

I didn’t gain weight until my fourth month with my first child. And no morning sickness either

You aren’t suppose to gain that much weight while pregnant. Its normal to only gain 10lbs. But the baby does most of its growing the last 2 weeks before they are born so don’t worry to much.

I have 4 kids all of them were 7 pounds and above i never gained enough weight with any of them according to the drs i didn’t even look pregnant until i was 7 to 8 months pregnant. Some ppl are just built different. Don’t worry or stress yourself about it

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I only gained 30lbs through my whole pregnancy, I am petite about 5’3 115lbs so if you are also it’s nothing to worry about as long as all your checkups go well and baby is growing too. My son was one week early and healthy :blush:

I lost weight up until I was around 20 weeks then started gaining weight… I wouldn’t be too concerned it’s normal and every pregnancy is different :two_hearts:

I lost weight for both pregnancies.

With my first, I lost 35 lbs in the beginning. Slowly gained 20 back(started after 20wks) delivered a 9lb 8oz baby boy. And lost 25 the day he was born!

I didn’t gain any weight until my 7th month.

Everybody is different. Some women only gain about 8 pounds their whole pregnancy, sometimes less, others will gain 30-70 pounds, sometimes more. As long as baby is measuring good you should have no reason to be concerned. At first I didn’t gain any weight either but now I’ve gained almost 20 pounds at 27 weeks

With my last child I weighed 4 lbs heavier than when I found out I was pregnant the day I went in to have the baby. The baby was fine.

My first child I didn’t gain weight until around 24-25 weeks, my second pregnancy with twins I never gained I lost weight.

Im pregnant but I’m not putting hardly any weight on. Just got a little baby bump.

That a blessing now less weight to lose the baby will be fine

I didn’t gain anything until 18 weeks and now I’m packing it on.

I only gained 2lbs with my 1st baby, and I NEVER had morning sickness

Everyone carries differently, I had one child at a time and gained 100 pounds and I was huge. My sister in law had twins and they were both 5 pound babies and she barely looked pregnant. Try and not worry til you have to. Some women don’t gain much til the last trimester.

I didn’t gain any eight until i was 28 weeks along, and only 5lbs then entire pregnancy. My dr wasn’t concerned since the baby was growing properly, but it all depends on the dr

I gained 14 pounds the entire pregnancy and at 17 weeks probably didn’t gain either

I didn’t gain till 30 weeks one only gained about 7 kilos. My son was 8lb 3oz .

It’s normal. I’m 16 weeks and lost 10lbs without having morning sickness and haven’t gained anything back yet. My OB seemed highly concerned and yet my midwife who I will be actually delivering with said it’s not an issue :joy: This is my fourth and has happened every single time. And then I end up “gaining too much” like pick one for godsake. Don’t worry about it.

I lost weight during my last pregnancy and she was born at 9 lbs

I was very sick my entire 2nd pregnancy and my doctor gave me hell bc I only gained 10 lbs but I was constantly vomiting, dehydrated, and couldn’t keep any thing down. They even told me she was gonna have to be in NICU and all this bc she was gonna be so small. Well she was born 7lb 11oz perfectly fine and healthy. I wouldn’t worry to much as long as you know your eating right. Good luck and congratulations!!

I didn’t even start gaining any weight until I was about 6 months pregnant but then it all hit me at once and I was hugeeee

With my second child I didnt gain anything first 22weeks, but everything is super with the baby. So dont overly worry.

I lost weight with my pregnancy

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I gained 12 pounds total with my oldest. She was a month early and weighed 7lb 4oz. I lost thirty while I was pregnant with my youngest because I was real sick the whole time, and he was also a month early and weighed 8lbs.

My mom actually lost 7 pounds when she was pregnant with me. Her weight the day she had me was seven pounds less than the day she had me. I was 9 lbs when I was born. I only gained 5 and 6 lbs with each of my pregnancies and my children were each 7 1/2 pounds. There is not always a direct correlation between how much you gain and how much the baby will weigh. My sister gained 50-60 lbs with each of pregnancies and each of her kids weighed 6 lbs or less.

I didn’t gain weight with either of my pregnancies. Not even 1 lb & both my babies were born 7lb 7oz & healthy.

I didn’t gain any weight until the two months. Only gained 12 lbs total. He was 7 lbs 2 oz.

With my first I gained 15lbs total and he was 7.7. With this one, I’m 31 weeks and have only gained 8lbs. Doctor had no concern about her growth

I have only gained 5 lbs and I am 30 weeks and 1 day

I only gained 12lbs with my daughter. She was the biggest baby. 4lbs 15oz(I had complications & she was born early,out of the 4kiflds she’s the only one that didn’t have to be in the nicu)

Dont rush the weight gain. There is nothing wrong with not gaining as long as the baby is healthy and growing

I lost 40 pounds with my daughter she was a very healthy 7 pounds. My son I didn’t gain any weight til I was 7 months along he came out 6lbs 11 oz. And my third baby I lost 11 pounds only gained 7 pounds altogether and he was 8 pounds. As every doc has ever told me baby will take what baby needs for you

I’ve never gained more than 20 pounds with a pregnancy and most of that was in the third trimester

Girlfriend, when i found out i was pregnant i weighed a whopping 165(im only 5"2) lol im now 5 and a half months and i weigh 152. Ive done nothing but lose weight and i eat like a 600lb man at an all you can eat buffet. My son is just fine and growing bigger by the day(trust me):sob:
Youll gain it when it gets to be that time. Not everyone gains right away.

Some women don’t gain much, with exception of the baby. A 17 week old in utero baby is not going to weigh alot. Your baby will gain mist of her weight at towards the end if your pregnancy.
If your eating well & the baby is developing as she should, why are you trying to gain weight? It really not necessary to pack extra pounds deliberately.

I only gained one pound total- the doctors kept acting very concerned with me not gaining weight. But the baby kept measuring perfect and he ended up being 9 pounds. It feels more exhausting on your body but still healthy.

You can drink protein shakes (like boost or ensure) to promote weight gain or at least to keep some energy.

I thought the same thing with my 2nd lol I was in the exact same boat! I went in n he is measuring big! Bit I’ve had a big baby already but I am now just starting to gain weight n I’m 6.5 months pregnant lol

I always lost weight while pregnant up until the last two months, my first 2 were both 7lbs 15oz and my 3rd was 6lbs 10 oz.

I gained very little weight with all 3 of my pregnancies, and am still very small framed. I wouldn’t worry at all. Eat healthy and be happy. It’s the best thing you can do right now :slight_smile: must women gain entirely too much weight during this time. Be thankful you are one of the few who don’t. :slight_smile: drs have an average they go by, that’s all it is.

I lost 15lbs with my son and gained it back in 3rd trimester and he was 8lbs 7 oz

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Idk why your dr is making a fuss about that at 17 weeks. Your 3rd trimester is when you should be concerned if you don’t.

The baby is taking all its nutrients from you
I couldn’t keep anything down for 7 months of my pregnancy . I was throwing up stomach bile and I was so skinny and my eyes was was so dark . My baby came out 8 pounds 6 ounces :joy::joy: