Is It Harder Being A Stay At Home Mom Or A Working Mom?


“Which do you think is “harder” …being a stay-at-home mom or a working mom? What requires more work and is more stressful, in your opinion. I am currently having this debate with my husband and trying to see what others think. I know we are all awesome and do our best. But what is harder? Being stuck home all the time with the kids or going to work and dealing with the stress of that?”

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“Staying home is hard because you have to depend on your husband for everything, the job never stops it’s 24/7 but and this is a big but lol I would not trade my time with my kids for anything. Working is hard as well but when your at work it’s like your own time you have an identity your not just someone’s mother or wife, they are only little for a short period of time.”

“The stress of being a working mom is hard. Juggling everything around. But honestly I feel it’s harder to be at home. I guess because it’s so thankless. And the mess is never ending. Because the kids aren’t going to a sitter for 8-12 hours a day.”

“Being a SAHM was more exhausting for me. I felt like I had to be doing something all day to “earn my keep”. I was touched out, talked out, and checked out by 7pm. No breaks doing a thankless job. I’m a much better mama when I’m a working mama.”

“I’m gonna vote being a working mom is harder. They have to work and then come home and do all the things a stay at home mom does in the few hours of the day thats left and on the weekends.”

“I think working mom is harder… not only do I work 8 hrs a day I have to come home and clean, cook and do laundry. When I was a stay at home mom I got all these things done while hubby was at work. So when he came home dinner was done and I was able to spend time with my family. Now I just feel like all I do is work.”

“Being a working mom is harder because not only are you working but then you have to come home and take care of kids ,cook dinner clean house do laundry etc etc …it’s like having two full time jobs but only getting paid for one.”

“I think working momma because you’re working and still doing everything a stay at home does. I’ve done both and personally would rather be a working momma but when I was a stay home mom I didn’t feel as stressed in the evening time when it came to dinner and chores.”

“Both are equally hard with their own consequences. As a SAHM, you get to grow your own babies IE, raise them, teach them, and guide them, however you don’t have your own finances… All while keeping up with bills, appointments, after curriculum activities etc. As a working mom you must do all of those things while also (working) keeping up with your housework, extracurricular activities, homework, etc etc. Neither is better. What is best is two parent’s who agree on what works for their household.”

“I’ve done both and they are both hard but in their own ways. Being a working mom is hard emotionally being away and missing school events or such. Also having to come home after the work day and still having mom and wife and household duties. It is exhausting. Bring a sahm is demanding but wonderful. Being able to be at all of the important events or take them to their doctor appointments. But also never getting a break. I speak from my own experience as someone who doesn’t have anyone to watch my girls at just the drop of a hat. Alone time or time for my husband and I doesn’t happen very often. So I’m usually touched out and mentally drained most days. Neither is easy and neither is better than the other. They are both important roles and they both come with their challenges.”

“They both present very valid challenges individually- honestly it’s unfair to compare the two…”

“Working mom. I’ve done both. Being a working mom, I’m still doing everything I did as a stay at home mom, but in half the time plus dealing with the stress from my job out of the house. Also the added stress of dealing with child care in the summer.”

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