Is it normal for baby to stop moving so much?

I’m 28 weeks pregnant and haven’t been feeling much movement from my baby in the past two days. So my baby has been really active with kicks and movements (mostly at night but even all during the day) right until two days back. I do feel a kick here and there at night, but it’s not much movement compared to before. It’s my first pregnancy, so I’m really stressing. I don’t know if I’m overthinking it or if there’s something wrong😔I’ve tried a really long time to fall pregnant, so this is my Lil rainbow baby. Please advice. Should I see a doctor, or should I give it more time And I also try to make the baby kick more… I lightly poke my belly, I shine a light, I eat healthy snacks… I eat or drink something with all sugar… I lay on my sides… Nothing helps


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for baby to stop moving so much? - Mamas Uncut

Call your doctor and they will have you come in just to make sure everything is ok. Don’t wait. Call as soon as you can.


Drink cold water and lay on your left side. Also, call the doctor.

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I’d go to hospital . Better safe than sorry they’ll do tests to make sure babies a okay but I’m sure she or he is!

If you’ve done what’s recommended to engage baby in movement like drinking cold water, eating sweet and laying on sides I would suggest going to get checked out. Believe me nurses/doctors would much rather have you go in than it be too late.


Drink some orange juice and lay on your side and watch TV. I garuntee its a ok


Yes, what she said :point_up:, drink cold water, go for a walk to see if baby wakes, it’s supposed to help but also when able call the doc to make sure everything is ok

Ur baby probably running out of room to move …as long as ur feeling movement then everything should be good but i would just call if u worried…try putting something on ur stomach to see if the baby kicks its

Babies do calm down near the end. Chug ice water and lay on your left side. It should kick baby into high gear. I personally would call my doctor and see what they recommend if the ice water doesn’t work.

Don’t try to stress to much. Stress is bad on the baby. Call your pbgyn and tell her what’s going on. They will have you come on to get looked at to make sure you and the baby are okay. Try drinking some more water or even eating some fruit to see if that helps

I think u should go to the Doctors. I had the same feeling, about the same time. And when I called the Nurse on Call, she told me to go in, besides, it won’t hurt anyone just to make sure

Really cold water or juice

Call your doctor and drink very cold water or something freezing with sugar it should help the baby move around

I’ve always been told don’t hesitate, if u feel something not right go get checked even if it’s for ur own piece of mind! Better to be safe then sorry hun!

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Drink cold milk and lay on your left side…always woke them up and wouldn’t stop moving

Always go in with decreased movement

I would talk to a dr and have him or her see if it’s okay ….it maybe a relaxed little one but better safe than sorry I pray it’s okay an GOD Blesses you.

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I would call the Dr and wouldn’t take any chances at all because you never know. I always went as per caution like one time some rear ended me and I felt fine but when I actually got to the hospital I was having contractions I couldn’t even feel, another time I went and I was really dehydrated so my baby wasn’t moving as much and another time I went just to get checked seeing I slipped on ice.

Do a kick count and don’t wait or hesitate… go to hospital or call dr. And be seen just to be safe!

Get a check up with your doctor. Honestly it is the only thing that will make you feel relief?

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Definitely call your doctor, see if they would like you to head to labor and delivery just to monitor baby heart for a hour or so. I didn’t feel much movement with my rainbow baby I kept freaking. Mine had me head to labor and deliveryto be monitored, while we were there the nurse gave me a few tips. Cold apple juice, feet up and if not much in a half our definitely come in.

I had the sammmmmeee thing happen to me and I panicked for noooo reason!! But definitely if you are worried call your doctor… also lay down and relax and you should feel baby move a little

Absolutely go in and be checked. Any changes in movement should be looked in to.

Do a kick count. Lay down preferably on left side and just focus on baby write down everytime baby moves… baby should move AT LEAST 6 times in 2 hours. If its less then that or exactly that i would go to hospital to be safe…

I have had 3 healthy babys my first two moved like crazy. My last one really slowed in the last 2 months… i was worried but doctors kept telling me to do the kick counts and even tho she was kicking less then she was earlier in pregnancy and less then her siblings she ALWAYS made the 6 in 2 hours and came out a healthy baby girl.

Hoping the same for you.

Deff do the kick count. And maybe look into getting a fetal doppler to monitor heart rate? It helped me to have peice of mind :purple_heart:

I would definitely go in if any movements have changed. But babies do slow down with the kids as they get bigger. Try laying on your left side for a while in front of the TV

I just had this with my son this past week (I’m 26 weeks). I also didn’t feel much movement for 2 days after he had been active for weeks so I called the Dr. Our little guy turned out to be fine but we did everything like you had and Dr had us come in and go on the monitor just to make sure. Definitely call with decreased movement probably nothing but it’s better to get checked out


Very cold drink with sugar like orange juice should make baby kick. But def go to Dr if you feel decreased movement

If you ever feel worried about baby please don’t be scared to go get checked out! They would rather you get checked out even if its nothing. Even ring midwife/dr and ask them better to be safe then sorry x


If you are really worried I’d go to ob triage. Worst case scenario they tell you your baby is healthy and send you home. Especially if this is your rainbow baby its better to be safe than sorry. Drs will never tell you you shouldn’t have come. If you are worried get checked, don’t wait.


If you’re feeling stressed so is baby, I’d suggest seeing doc if anything it will ease your stress…never feel like your concerns are not important…hope all goes well


Drink a can of Coke. Thats what they gave me before my non stress test to get mine moving. It’s the caffeine

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Its always better to be safe than sorry. I would go in to get checked.


Id go get it checked to be safe

Anytime you feel uncomfortable about something in any way please reach out to your dr or go to the hospital. It is never the wrong choice to be sure and there should be no shame or embarrassment. You are being a mother. This happened several times during late 2nd and 3rd trimester for me, my dr always took a listen but also recommended drinking something ice cold with sugar. If you have gestational diabetes please be safe with the sugar aspect. My go to was a coffee cup full of orange juice with ice worked like a charm. But again please be seen by medical personnel and congratulations on your rainbow!


I went in for a normal obgyn appointment and I told them I haven’t felt the baby move they did an ultrasound baby didn’t move but heart was beating and they ended up taking him that day at 37 weeks just to be safe especially since we live two hours from the hospital

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OB nurse…decreased fetal movement is a valid concern. We would much rather you come in 50x and be safe than not come in and have something horrible happen. And it’ll give you some peace of mind. :heart:


Call doctor just in case. However, it might not be anything. Sometime the baby gets cozy, one one place. Maybe the baby is growing and feels tightly cuddled up and snuggly. Always call baby doctor and talk to them. Best wishes.

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This happened to me. I went for a non stress test and all was well. He just chose to sleep lots! The nurse gave me a print out of his heartbeat that I ended up getting tattooed on me. Best scare ever!


Best to go in and be checked!

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I had a period of low kicks from my firstborn too when she was still in the womb. We went to the doctor to do a stress test. First, she kept moving when the nurse was putting the heart monitor on her, then we couldn’t get her to kick. They gave me some apple juice to wake her up. Didn’t work. The nurses had to scrounge around for some candy for me to eat. Finally after about 45 minutes, she woke up enough to do a decent kick count. She was fine. That was a stressful pregnancy too! High risk. Long story short, she’s going into 2nd Grade this fall. Go in to your doctor and get everything checked out. You’ll feel better.

Coming from someone that almost lost a baby due to people telling me decreased fetal movement is normal, if you EVER feel something is not right go in! It’s always better to be safe than sorry and the nurses are very understanding. I went in twice with my 2nd because I was so paranoid from my first. :slightly_smiling_face:


This happened to me! My doctor said baby likely has days and nights flipped so is moving while you’re asleep!

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Go to hospital and tell them and they will do a NST and check on baby! Never be afraid with something like this.


My baby is not a mover and doesnt fit within the movement criteria of 10 kicks every 2 hours. Get a doppler so you can hear the heart beat and call your LMC just to be sure.

I was told when I was 27 weeks that I wouldn’t feel consistent movement and that’s it’s normal to feel less because they are still small. But that being said if you are concerned give your doctor a call. If you feel decrease movement it will never hurt to get checked out.

Go get checked. When this happened with my youngest, it’s because my placenta had failed and she wasn’t getting enough nutrition. Better safe than sorry.


Go to the hospital now


Drink something super cold or eat ice cream and lay down for like 20 min and see if you feel some movement. That’s what my dr told me when I was worried

If in doubt, always get checked out!

Also a baby shouldn’t stop moving, as they grow there is less room to move so they maybe restricted a bit but they should never stop their regular movements.

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Please call the doctor asap and go in to be checked. It’s better safe than sorry.


i had the same issue, Some type of double thing. Jump up and down, Jumping jacks find baby and wiggle your belly in that spot, Drink a sugary drink or put a flash light up to your belly and the baby will follow the light.

Talk to your doctor, not Facebook :woman_shrugging:t2:


Not ‘normal’
Doesn’t mean something is wrong, but you should always get checked if you have less than 10 movements in 2 hours. It’s a simple hour or 2 at triage if all is well, but can save babies life if something is wrong. :heart:


I would definitely go in and get checked at L&D. Better safe then sorry.

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They could be sitting further back or moved position so they may be kicking the placenta. If you’re truly worried call your ob

Not to freak you out or worry you, but this happened to me a couple of days before I actually had my baby and it turned out that the cord had been wrapped around his neck, so whenever I was a certain way it’d cut off his air and he wasn’t moving, or was moving way less than what he was!

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Try to get on all 4’s on your bed & rock back & forth… Baby might have moved/switched positions & you can feel them as much! It’s always best to call your OB with things like this if your worried!

Good thing your paying attention to the kicks. They say to count them daily or keep a log and anything abnormal you should let your Dr know

I was induced with my first for decreased fetal movement. I thought it was normal for him to move less with less room in there but I was very wrong. It is a serious thing to keep track of movements and if movements are off, even just a little bit definitely go get baby checked.

I think that’s completely normal my kids use to be less active during the day maybe because I was always up around and active but at night they use to get active or as soon as I would sit and relax

When in doubt, get checked out

Drink something and lay down. Count the movements you feel in one hour. Actually the chart on google says ten kicks/movements in two hours is normal. If it’s less than that, I’d go to the doctor in the morning. It also says before/until 30 weeks it’s normal to notice a decrease some days.

3 full term pregnancies and any time I ever felt like something didn’t seem right I went and got checked just to be safe. It’s most likely fine but no harm in getting checked out. I would stress myself so bad if I didn’t.

You should call the doctor not normal. Try drinking juice and laying on your side.

You can take the flashlight on your phone and run it along your belly and it should help the baby move and no it won’t hurt them

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Eat somthing sweet. Also get a fetal Doppler

Ive had the same this pregnancy. I have an anterior placenta so sometimes dont feel movements at all but hes deffo moving in there.

My midwife tells me to eat something, drink something cold then lay on your left side. If your still worried about movements then, then you need to go in and see someone. As someone else has said 10 movements in 2 hours is pretty normal so if its just been a movement here or there over 2 days I would see someone to be on the safe side, asking on here is just going to make you more anxious.

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Several people mention a raimbow baby. What does that mean? I.m not familiar with the term.

I would of gotten checked a day ago, not worth the wait

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Call the doctor and ask them. They will know when you should be concerned or not. I had 4 kids just call the doctor is your best bet…

It’s sounds normal but honestly, if in doubt (even just the tiny bit) go to the doctor/hospital. You’re better off being told everything is fine, go home half a dozen times then not going once and regretting it. Even if it is for nothing, at least you’ll have peace of mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


Any reduced movement should be investigated. :100:

Maybe txt your midewife

Any decrease in movement warrants a trip to the hospital.

Go to the hospital with reduced movements

Have a look on Kicks Count, its always better to get checked just to be safe x

I got induced with my boys as they didn’t move much I was always getting checked over and was always fine but best too be on the safe side and get checked over x

Please go to the doctor asap…
I lost my baby at 27 weeks i didn’t felt much movement people told me she was still very small for me to feel her everyday :pensive:my mistake was to listen to people and not follow my instinct, when i had my appointment it was to late no heartbeat :sob:
Not saying this will happen but trust your instinct and decrease fetal movement is definitely a valid concern and better be safe than sorry, so please, please go get checked


Decreased fetal movement is a reason to call doctor/ seek L&D. You can try water juice etc but should seek care if it doesnt change back to that baby’s normal

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Call the midwives at your chosen hospital and let them know. They will likely tell you to come in and get checked out.

I NEVER moved. My mom thought something was terribly wrong, turns out I just loved to sleep. In the womb and to this day. Lmao.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for baby to stop moving so much? - Mamas Uncut

Always be checked better to be safe babe. My midwife told me that it’s never a waste of anybodies time theirs or yours. Just for reassurance if anything :heart: x

ALWAYS get checked. Even if everything turns out to be absolutely fine, it’s better to be seen.
Ring your maternity assessment unit at the hospital, it’ll be on your book/notes x


GO TO THE HOSPITAL! any reduced movements, they will monitor you and baby. There could be something serious wrong or nothing at all wrong. Get checked!

Ring your midwife hun xx

Have something cold is what I was advised my midwife. So yea have so ice cream and see what happens. Worked with my babies :woman_shrugging:t5:. If nothing occurs go and see your doctor or midwife ASAP!!!

Go to the hospital , baby’s are supposed to have movements right up until they are born. They’ll be able to monitor movements and baby’s heart the lot. Also always trust your instincts! X X

Get checked! Better to be safe than sorry!

Ring your midwife or ob gyn and go to the hospital.

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Please ring your midwife up get your self checked.

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Get it checked asap.

You need to ring your midwifery unit, any change in the strength or number of movements should be checked x
Try a cold drink and laying on your left side for 30 minutes first x


Please get checked ASAP

Definitely call your maternity unit and get checked. And please please do not listen to anybody when they say its normal because they’re running out of room. That’s actually not true and can potentially cause serious harm if someone listens to that advice. Hope everything’s OK :two_hearts: xx

I know how you feel, Just go get checked out

What is wrong with this world… why would you think to come to Facebook for something like this when in your maternal book it states that restricted movements, especially in the third trimester are not common and to call your care provider???


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal for baby to stop moving so much? - Mamas Uncut

I would recommend calling a on call and telling them what’s going on. I just lost my baby at 17 weeks. Not trying to scare u. But something felt off to me and it very much was. Trust ur instincts