Is it normal for my 2-year-old to refer to himself as "you"?

My two year old refers to himself as “you” It started because whenever he would look at a picture of himself, we would say that’s “you!” In the mirror, that’s you! He now will say “that’s “you’s bike” or “can you give that to “you” Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is it something he will grow out of?


He’s two.
It’s normal.
Teach him his name.


It almost sounds like he’s just repeating what you said. Like when you would walk up to me you’re holding him you would probably say hey look at you or something like that so now he probably associates the word you with himself

Yes. Completely normal. It’s like when they will say me instead of I. Like me want that.

Yea I’d just start saying his name rather than “you.”


My 3yo refers to himself as “Zilla” (Godzilla). Is this normal and something he will grow out of? :joy:


Completely normal, they dont get reverse pronouns. My daughter is almost 3 and still stuggles. Just keep enforcing the reverse pronouns and eventually they’ll get the concept.

Normal, my daughter used to ask me to “help you” instead of help me. They get a bit mixed up. Going through that with my son. They learn the different eventually

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It’s normal. They haven’t learned the concept of me, you, I yet. My son does the same thing and he is 2.5

Yes. Kids do and say all sorts of th things. My daughter is 11 and is a cat​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Very normal, he is learning to use words he learnt from you. At least he understands you is referring to him.

Is it bad that I think thats adorable??? But I would just reteach him the same way you taught him. I don’t think its a big deal


My 2 year old daughter does the same thing. I feel like she will eventually grow out of it. I try to correct her when I hear it so she’ll get the hint sooner or later once she’s ready.

He’s at the stage where he repeats what you say. My 2 y/o does the same thing so I’ll repeat whatever I say but use his name instead of “you”.

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It’s normal my 2 year old does it we try and get him to change it sometimes he does to I have a turn or I go now they will get it they are still babies been through it with all 5 and the others have turned out ok :joy::joy:

When I was little and wanted to be held I’d hold my arms up and say “ hold you, hold you” because whenever I put my arms up my parents would say “ you want me to hold you?” Lol


Probably not funny but I laughed. I think it’s cute lol. Totally normal. My now 6 yr old use to do it

Yep! It’s because we say it. When my son was little I would ask “want me to carry you?” Once he started talking he would say “carry you mommy?”

They’ll learn the right words soon enough.

Redirect him using his name

What hes saying now will change fast . Kids never stay with the same thing for long it’s a phase and will pass . Wait till they pick up something u really dont want them doing .

It’s normal. My four year old still mixes up pronouns she/her him/he etc. just correct him consistently by saying my or me when he says you. He’ll catch on.

Yeah my daughter used to say oh her needs to go to the bathroom (like talking about another kid) instead of saying she needs to go but she finally grew out of it lol

My son is 2 also an he did it for awhile we started calling him by his name instead of saying you an now he says "Ryan did this or that’s Ryan’s " ect. He was stuck on the MINE phase for awhile then he went to the you phase now he just says his name

He will definitely outgrow it . He’s a baby ! Most little ones say things similar to him .

When my son was little he referred to anything that had to do with our family in general as “we” it was adorable because they weren’t coming to “our” house, they were coming to “we house” and they weren’t coming with “us” they were coming with “we” it was super cute but yes they grown out of that fairly quickly

Yup, my son did exactly the same but soon got it :slight_smile:

Oldest used to call everyone ‘him’. His aunt would do something and he’d ask “what him doing” Just a little reminder will help them figure out the right words.
They are still learning what words mean what and what order to use them.

Just say his name from now on. I call my son Bubba, because that’s what my daughter calls him. So he calls everybody male or female, bubba. He is also two and I’ve started calling everyone what we want him to call them.

My 5 year old still says me instead of I and says I instead of yes.

My 2yr old refers to herself as “emi” her name is remi, my 2 older girls did the same thing I think its adorable and will be sad when she outgrows it!

He’ll grow out of it and you’ll miss hearing it.

Have you ingrained it into his mind that that is his name? :rofl:

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Totally normal. When my son was smaller I would ask him if he wanted me to “hold me” that way when he asked, he said it properly lol worked for us.

Kids do that, it’s so funny. my daughter is 3 and nephew 5 and I will tell my daughter to say “thank you Jayden” and my nephew Jayden ends up saying thank you lol


Normal just correct him

Uhm he’s a baby? Just keep reminding him “me” or his name. Babies are silly. Record him so you can both laugh at how cute he is when he’s older.

My daughter says that’s for me’s

It’s normal and he’ll change it in time. He does it because that is the pronoun you use to talk about him. My son now says “me” but for some reason still says “Dadda, hold you?” when he wants his dad to pick him up.

My son used to do this too. He’s 2.5 and now refers to himself as “me”. I started saying that’s (his name) and that’s (his name) bike or whatever we were talking about and it really made a difference. Instead of saying you refer to him as (child’s name)

That’s how we would speak to them. If a pic we would say that’s you. Etc. He’s just repeating the language.

My friend told her child she was going to Miami and he said he talking to her - I want to go to
Yourami with you.
It’s totally normal as are still learning structures to language


My 2y/O’s name is Carter and he has a few friends that are 3 that always tell “look it’s Carter” whenever they see him,so he now calls everyone he sees pretty much Carter…it’s a phase lol he’ll get it eventually lol

He’ll figure it out!!

It’s a two year old thing. Ours is going on 4 in a few months and still gets him,her,his,she, yes & no confused. Nothing is correct until they are about 5

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Just say his name from now on lol they catch on to everything at this point so I try to use names for anything

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Normal. My son calls you tube metube lol

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When my 13 yr old was 2 he referred to girls and boys as “he”. I had to explain to him that only boys are “he” and girls are “she”. He then started calling girls “sheep” :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:


Yup! My daughter does it right now, we’re trying to teach her her name and to say ‘I and Me’ but its just a process 🤷🏼 she sure does know the word MINE though 🤦🏼

My son went through the same phase! It will pass :blush: He is 2 and a half now

Yess my son did this for a long time he thought his name was you. Anyone would ask what’s your name he would say you. Lmao it was very cute. Now he’s 3 and says his name

That would drive me crazy

My grandsons name is Lawson. He called himself Lonnie until he was over 3. Now he call’s himself Lawson

My 2 year old son says help you instead of help me because he is used to us asking him can I help you. Lol

He’s only 2 so he still doesn’t understand the difference. As his language skills grow that will change.

My four year old refers to himself and his twin as “y’all”


My son used to only say me instead of his name. Would spell his name Alfie but when you said say Alfie he would say me he did grow out of it though x

Yes it’s normal just keep saying his name instead of you he’ll catch on;)

My toddler will say carry you when he wants us to carry him.

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My daughter use to add “ey” to everything. She was two , for example “I’m coldey” “I’m scaredy” “can i get cakey” she did that cause we’d talk to her like that when she was 1 and she just thought it was right lmao but she’s four now and has outgrown it :sob: enjoy it cause you’ll miss the cuteness lol :rofl::heart:


Yes, he Will grow out of it

Aww. How cute. He’s little, its okay lol :heart::heart::heart:

It’s fine. We ask my girl ( almost 3 ) what her name is and she says “I’m me!” But she knows her name lol

My daughter did this for the longest… she just started using her name this month… she will b 3 in july

My now 3 yr old daughter did the same thing when she was younger. Its nothing to be alarmed over. They learn as they go. I didnt really correct her she just out grew it on her own.

My four year old is only now saying ‘I, my, etc’ when talking about herself. It was ‘pass mia that’ etc… just start using his name and correcting him when he says you. His still a baby though x

My 3 year old is Elsa now :woman_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:


My daughter calls her self by her name lol she goes me jada! Lmao

Just start saying that’s Bobby or whatever his name is and he will catch on.

My 2 year old twins both called their baby brother careful forever. Because that’s what we always said when they were holding or playing with him…:joy::joy:. They figured it out eventually.


Discuss it with your Health Visitor. If he’s presenting with delayed speech patterns age can refer you to Speech and Language Therapy.

My son refers to himself as “my baby”


He’s just repeating what you told him. Just correct it.


My two year old calls himself “me you” he sees a photo and says that’s me… then when I say yes that’s you he then says that’s me you :rofl::rofl: I’m sure they will grow out of it when they understand a little better xx

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For a while my son would only respond with dump truck noises and pig grunts so I’d say just about anything’s normal :joy:


My 3 yr old calls YouTube …“Me tube” lol


Start including his name when he looks in the mirror and gradually omit you and he should follow suit

My son says “me Logan want” his name is Logan. He’s 3. Just correct him. He’s little they go through phases when learning

My son calls himself “you” and “me” all the time. They are learning. They will eventually learn that’s not what they call themselves :joy:

He will grow out of that

My 5 year old(with intellectual disability) STILL is convinced that there’s a girl in the mirror who looks like her. She STILL gets me/you mixed up especially in conversation

My daughter did the same thing. After I realized I was saying “you” a lot I started putting emphasis on her name and she picked it up in no time. Don’t worry he’ll get it.

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That is so cute :laughing: I think he’ll be fine. It takes kiddos a minute to get it together

I think it’s normal. My son use to refer to himself in third person at that age. He grew out of it

Never heard of that before!!

My kid did that for a while

Yes that’s perfectly normal. My now 8 year old did this all the time at that age

Mine did! He outgrew it tho.

When my now 6yo was learning the alphabet and would get to the letter “u” she would always say, “me!” :joy: she eventually grew out of it and I think your son will too!


My now 19 year old used to refer to herself as he he :rofl:

My little brother did this lol he grew out of it … just explain it to him

My sisters grandson kept calling her momma, and this was right around when he was 2yrs old. She would correct him all the time saying “I’m not the momma”, I’m your gammy. Lol, he then started calling her, “not the momma”. It’s just the age, they repeat everything.


This is normal. Refer to him as his own name. My girls would call our car “the peoples car” because they called themselves “the people”.

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Normal. I used to refer to myself as a dinosaur. I outgrew that

He will grow out of it. At that age my daughter would say certai things in an accent because she loved Peppa Pig, LOL.

Mine say hold you when they mean hold me lol. They are 2 and 3.

I always say my sons name and now he goes “thats chase” to every character on tv lol

My 3 year old calls my 1 year old ‘baby’ and won’t say his name, no matter how many times we try to get him to say it. They will outgrow it!

“You” is what he hears. When you point at a picture of him or motion to him in a mirror, you say, “That’s you!” You won’t say, “That’s me!” He’s developing language and identity at different times. Keep up the good work!

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I had a niece who lived with my parents most of the time when she was little. My 2 bros and I were teenagers so of course still living at home. We would yell hey dad when looking for him or needing something. My niece’s first words were hey dad
She literally thought that was my dads name. It was hilarious. She of course grew out of it. I wouldn’t worry. Ur son will grow out of referring to himself as you. Its adorable and will make a cute story when he is older

Show him his pics again,and say his formal name…‘Joey’…etc…
instead of using the word ‘you’.