Is it normal for my newborn to sleep so much?

FTM here. My Baby girl is a week old and sleeps a whole lot. Anyone else’s newborns sleep a little too much, or are it normal to sleep the Majority of the day? I already had the first doctor’s appointment and completely forgot to ask him about sleep habits and whatnot as I was focused on something else. We go back to see him on Monday so I’ll be asking him


My son slept all day as a newborn. To the point where we would wake him to eat cause he would sleep so much. It’s normal! Enjoy it while you can! And get in all those snuggles!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All new born babys do is sleep, its when they are growing - sleep wake for a feed/bum change & back asleep agai, completely normal .


Enjoy it cause it don’t last long lol


Yes very normal. Enjoy it for now. It will change soon

Newborns generally sleep about 20 hours a day.

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A baby grows when they sleep☺

One this is probably not a good way to get your answers one as the doctor and two if the baby sleeps eats and poops/Pees everything is fine, you will know if something is wrong

Newborns sleep most of the day

Yes they sleep a ton!

Normal. She is just resting up and saving her energy for the future months. Lol

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newborns sleep A LOT. like 20 hours in a 24 hour period. its very normal. as she gets older she will be awake more and more.

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All they really do at first… Cherish it!!!

Yes it’s very normal especially the first month or so! They are growing and going through a lot they need their sleep

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Yep. My baby is 3 weeks old and has only just now started to stay awake a little longer between naps.

Best advice I have ever been given: every baby is different!! :heart:

Yes because they are constantly growing

Yes, unless they aren’t waking for feeding or during the night.

My little one was sleeping a lot, was having to wake to feed and crying when picked up. Had a uti

It is very normal for a newborn baby to be asleep more than they are awake

Totally normal. As long as she gets up to eat and has normal diaper habits. Take advantage of it now…it only gets harder as they get older lol.


My babies slept most of the day and night except when hungry for the first month. Then they will start waking up more. But will still sleep a good bit for the second month. It’s normal. You will gradually see them staying awake more and more. Enjoy the peace and sleep while you can now. It won’t last.

All they do is eat and sleep when they are that young. Just like a puppy would. All normal girl you got nothing to worry about

Babies eat,sleep and poop that’s it

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Oh yes! They sleep all the time. Unless you want them to sleep, then they don’t LOL

New borns sleep the majority of the time, except for feeding. Enjoy it while you can!

They sleep allloooooot. Let them sleep, i always napped when they did

Normal thank goodness- I have a 4 week old, 4 year old & 6 year old at home- I would go insane trying to entertain all 3- so thankful our littlest love sleeps most the day :blue_heart: enjoy it while it’s there xx

My baby weighs 5 lb 14 oz and she was the same way we not wake up and they told me to wake you up every 3 hours and make three

Well, yes, newborns normally sleep, eat, and wet/poop. As long as baby is eating every 3-4 hours and having wet diapers baby should be fine. Sleep helps them grow. If baby doesn’t wake after 4 hours definitely wake baby and feed.


That’s the trick they play on you. You think u have a baby who sleeps well and then week 2/3 its over. Enjoy it while you can. It’s normal, they have nothing else to do but sleep, eat and poop.

My second son was the same and he was really laid back. As long as I fed him he was happy as and would sleep through the night. The first time he did it we freaked out. But he was different to my other sons when it came to sleep time he loved it.

Yes. Eat, sleep, poop

My son slept for the first 3 months. Then 12 hours a night until he was 3 years old.

Babys sleep the majority of the day

They are awake less than 1 hour daily

What else are they supposed to do lol

Completely normal! Newborns sleep, poop, diaper change, drink, and back to sleep! They’re usually awake more often around 3 months!

Mine slept a lot, she would only wake up one time per night and was sleeping through the night at a month old. Yours will wake if she needs anything. You probably just got lucky.

As long as they are good on their weight, let them sleep! If the dr didnt comment on the baby’s weight. Baby is fine.

All 3 of my boys slept a lot until 3 or 4 months they are growing so much it’s us adults who want them awake but it’s better for them to sleep

Normal. My 7 month old(tomorrow lol) used to sleep all day when she was a newborn.

Babies sleep alot newborns wake for food every two to three hours if not you wake them

Definitely normal. Newborns sleep mostly

Yes chicky… Very normal !!

Very normal. :blush: will out grow it as baby gets older will stay up longer but still will be a while for baby to be up most of day. :relaxed:

I was told if they don’t wake up, you have to wake them up to eat every 2/3 hours.

That’s pretty much all newborns do. They probably sleep 20 or 21 hours out if the day

Oh yes. If you need too be because baby goes too long with out eating, wake her up but most of the time they will wake up to eat on their own.

Growing baby, but should eat every few hours.

Totally normal, enjoy it! :+1::blush:

Totally normal, enjoy it while it lasts :joy::heart:

My daughter did nothing but sleep as an infant. Slept through feedings even.

Best advice I ever got sleep when they do

Have they always been like that? Shots recently?

My daughter is 2 weeks and she sleeps all the time too. I try to get her to sit up for short times throughout the day

That’s pretty much what babies do.

Oh I miss when they sleep :joy:

Sounds like you need some parenting closes

They sleep allllllllllll dayyyyy :sweat_smile: she’s fine, momma

They do sleep ALOT. But there are things that make them sleep more than normal. Is your baby quite yellow? Do you have to wake baby to feed? Do they sleep more than 4 hours at a time? These allnindicate to jaundice. But if shes just sleeping lots. That’s what newborns do. Eat sleep and poop. Lol xx

Yes very normal. You should get the baby center app and it will tell you each thing your baby might be doing each week, like how many ounces they may eat, when they’ll laugh, when their vision adjusts etc.

Normal… you’ll miss this time when they start sleeping less… :joy::joy: js

Get a book that tells what child is suppose to do at what time in life

My little one slept pretty much constantly and we had an issue getting her to eat. I ended up exclusively pumping because she was deemed a “lazy baby” and wouldn’t wake up to eat. We had to run a cold washcloth on her naked body to try and keep her awake just to eat a few ounces. It was stressful wondering if she was getting enough. The older she got the better she woke up to eat. She is 2 now and has always slept awesomely for us. Maybe you’re just blessed with a good sleeper!

Yes very normal for a newborn to sleep all the time

My son when he was a new born he slept 18 hours a day he only woke up to cry to feed and when his bum needed changing

22hrs. Only up to eat

Its normal honey. You have a good baby. Let her sleep. Rest as much as you can. Dont worry.

Yes. Didnt you read up on that when you were expecting?

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Stop watching her sleep and sleep too!!! Lol
That’s it…enjoy mine havent slepped since 5months!!lol

You better take advantage of it to rest now in a little while they be up a lot and you’ll be wanting to know when they sleep. LOL

I was told they should eat every 2-3 hours for the first couple months. Our hospital was super aggressive about it.
Also you dont want them to sleep more than 4-5 hours at a time, to help prevent sids

It’s normal. Get more rest for now because once she changes her routine you will feel it very hard

My son started sleeping through the night at a week old. Sometimes he’d sleep from 9pm to 9am and then wake up change and eat and sometimes even lay back down for another 3 or 4 hours if I let him lol… all babies are different as long as they are waking up to eat then its fine

Nb sleep like 18 hours or more

It is very normal for your baby to sleep a lot . At this age she is going to eat ,sleep and poo the majority of the time. She will become more active in a few months. Don’t worry she’s fine and it’s perfectly normal. Never be scared to ask questions or get advice. We all had newborns at one point. :slightly_smiling_face: Just Breath! :slightly_smiling_face:

Very normal and be thankful. My oldest was early and he ate every hour and a half. I never got any sleep.

Pretty much all newborns do is sleep, eat and dirty nappies. Enjoy it while it lasts because babies soon wake up.

Your Doctor or midwife will check baby’s weight during regular scheduled appointments. Should they have any concern with his weight, they may ask you to wake him to feed him more often.