Is it normal that I think I hear my baby cry when he isn't?

My children are grown now. I find myself doing that now with the grand babies when they sleep over. My kids think I’m nuts :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Phantom cries. Normal. You’re thinking about your baby so you hear things so you go to check. It’s normal. You’re not crazy. I promise.

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Happened to me all the time,especially when I was showering or had any little bit of time to myself.

Totally normal. I always think I hear my baby cry when I’m showering. Nope he is fast asleep. Lol


Don’t worry mama. You aren’t going crazy. Welcome to motherhood. My oldest is 20 and my youngest is nearly 9 and I sometimes think I hear them calling my name. I think it’s just anxiety.


I went through that with my first one for about a month… second one never happened once. I think it’s just that first baby nervousness that goes away as you become more comfortable. Dont worry you aren’t losing it.


Completely normal.
My kids are teens and I still hear them calling for me when they aren’t while I’m in the shower.
It use to be any time I stepped away from them when they were babies though.
Hang in there! It gets a little better!

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My daughter is 11…I heard her crying until she was 9 lmao. It’s normal momma defenses/instinct


I couldn’t upload a picture so I had to copy and paste but this is what it is

“If you have heard your baby crying, sprung from bed, and dashed over the crib only to realize he or she is fast asleep, this is totally normal according to doctors. The phenomenon is sometimes called phantom crying, and if you’ve caught these nonexistent calls for help from your little one, you aren’t crazy.”

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I do this all the time. My youngest is almost 3 and sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night bc she needs changed. I call it phantom cries. You think you hear it but you dont.

Same thing happened to me when my daughter was a baby. Everyone thought I was crazy lol. Then when I stopped being so freaked out I got super hearing and could hear her cry while I was outside lmao. :upside_down_face:


My mother asks me randomly are my kids ok because she hears crying. We don’t even live with her.


Don’t worry it’s normal. I have three children and I did the same thing. Now I think I hear my older children talking to me and when I say what they look at me like I’m weird :rofl:

Totally not just you. Even after my son passed away I got this. Thought I was losing the plot but a couple of years later I had my daughter and had the same with her. Shes nearly 5 now and ill say are you crying and shes like nope! x


My 3 almost 4 year, will not even be at home and I hear her running around in the house lol.


Its a part of post pardon depression. You are an overprotective, very worried mommy. You probably can’t even take your eyes off your baby, or sleep much worrying about sids all day and night… do you check the baby constantly , to see if they’re breathing while he/she sleeps ?.. am I right? Have a hard time putting the baby down.? You’re probably very overly tired with a lack of sleep. You probably don’t reach rem sleep at all with the worrying, which can cause hallucinations after a while… this is actually a sign that you’re a great mom! This is normal. but… you need to have someone take the baby for 8 hours while you sleep or it can get worse. take a sleeping pill. Melatonin, or something… Get some rem rest! Trust someone to care for your lil one.

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I don’t think it’s alarming. I did that with all 3 of mine. Called them “fantom cries”. But if you’re concerned, speak with your dr about it. Mine boiled down to sleep deprivation and the “mom-worries”. We have to be on alert 24/7 without sleep. I’m surprised we don’t hear stranger things! Lol


You might have postpartum depression please reach out to your doctor! I did and had these same feelings and thoughts!! It’s so important you get sleep and rest !:heart:


I think this is a normal new mom thing. I used to panic when my baby wasn’t in the car with me🤦🏼‍♀️ I will say keep an eye out for signs of post partum depression though because I think that was a Big part of my problem!

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Totally normal new mommy anxiety. Wait until you wake up in the middle of the night panicked to check if baby is still breathing because they actually slept for a long stretch😂

It’s normal. My dishwasher has what we call the “cry cycle”, it always sounds like the baby crying. My youngest is 5 and I still hear it :joy:


That will go on for the rest of your life. I can hear my child snoring when she’s at her dad’s house :rofl:

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Yep the shower is the worst i used to hear him screaming jump out to setle him and he would be snooring lol . Its normal xx


In my house its called parent paranoia. Both hubby and I go through it. Were constantly muting the t.v. at night to sit and hear absolutely nothing. We’ve also taken our turns putting our ear up to my toddlers door to be sure.


Total normal my youngest is 20 and when I get in the bath some times I still think she might be crying…

I have this same issue every time I have a shower I think I can hear him and always anticipate hubby bringing him in to tell me it’s feed time lol.
It’s normal it’s called motherhood hun rest easy we are all going through it :blush:

I did this with my first child and am doing it with my second one currently. I hope it’s normal. I even hear her cry when she isn’t with me.

New baby, and the first baby! Totally normal! Every mom does this I think!

Totally normal. Wait until the 1st time he sleeps through the night and you still wake up every hour to check on him. Welcome to motherhood :heart:.

It’s totally normal especially when you’re in the bathroom

Yes used to be like that when my kids were little, i hear kids saying mom and think its my kids now :rofl:

No worries mine is 7 years old and I still to this day check to see if he’s breathing at night

Normal! I did with my oldest for sure… like at night i got so use to him wake up like his every 4 hrs to eat and one night he didnt… i woke up out of dead sleep and he was dead asleep himself… it was his first night sleeping all night

Yep even worse when you’ve been in the shower and out a million times checking

Hearing other babies will do that to you also if your out and about. Your body reacts needing to soothe the baby. But its totally normal but could be a sign for PPD.

Used to happen all the time when I’d take a shower with my son in the room next door with his dad.

Not insane. Still have this happen regularly and my girls are 2 and 1

I’m the same, I always say is that the baby crying to my husband and be sayni can’t hear anything x

Normal that just shows your motherly instincts

My kids are 6,7, 8 and 11 and I still hear phantom cries :joy: I think it’s pretty normal

Completely normal…I did it with all 4 of my boys…

You could be on the same frequency as some one else’s monitor they can pick up other monitors !

I still hear mine cry and she is 6, even when she isn’t anywhere around me…while I am in the shower or laying down or usually whenever I am doing something noisy like washing dishes or the laundry.

I was like this to when my daughter was born would shower really fast and come back to her I think it’s normal

Picking up a neighbor’s monitor signal!!!

It’s called Phantom crying, and it’s super normal

Phantom cries. Absolutely :100: percent normal

Yes lol I would hear it in the shower or wake out of a dead sleep hearing it

Phantom crying. You’re not crazy you’re just tired! Happens to the best of us :heart:

Very normal! Definite mom thing!

So glad to know I wasn’t alone! :sweat_smile:

I do this all the time in the shower!

It happens when you are at heightened mommy level occasionally. If it continues though talk to your Dr. though. You may need a break. Funny how our bodies and minds behave sometimes

Mommy I did the same my first and only child is turning 3 I still run when I think she got hurt, example I hear something fall and immediately check on her maybe you just need rest I also heard her crying when she wasn’t when she was baby and I’m fine normal well I think😂maybe just a little separation anxiety from your side baby still so small rest with baby when you can❤️

This is what no sleep does to you!
Mine are 20, 12 and 5 and I still hear them “crying” when I’m in the shower…

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It doesn’t go away lol

I call it the phantom cry

Completely normal. My twins are 4 and my youngest is 2 and I still hear them crying in bed :rofl::rofl: x

My kids are 13 and 9 and I literally just stopped hearing them yell for me while I was in the shower this year lol

My son is almost 2 and I still hear phantom cries :joy:

It’s the inclusive to new mom’s… “phantom” crying…it goes away lol

Could be other sounds don’t worry about it!

Yes totally normal it means you love your baby :heartpulse:

Totally normal. My kids are 5 and 2 and I still hear that.

I do this with my cell phone. I swear I hear it ring when it’s not. Did the same thing when my babies were little. It’s normal

Is it normal I think I hear my daughter talking when she’s no where near me? :rofl:

Completly normal hun i was exactly the same when i had my first daughter :heart: it will go away

Welcome to motherhood! You will also hear other babies crying and think it’s yours or always look in the babies direction!

Plug your ears, if it doesn’t stop, it’s the pesky phantom cries 🥲

As a dad it’s normal.believe me

People sure like to ask a lot of stupid questions on this page

Tracy Gabrielle Lopez Pajes

Welcome to my team ! Haha

Welcome to being a momma, congratulations :tada:

Bless you. It’s normal

I still hear fantom cries from my baby and he’s almost 14 lol I still check and make sure he didn’t pass from SIDS sometimes lbvs that’s my baby always and I feel like the older he gets the more I worry

I always hear my children call me even when they don’t and when they were babies I heard them crying when I was in another room. Perfectly normal.


I have 3 kids. Oldest is 11 and youngest is 1. I hear cries or one them yelling mom and they aren’t crying or yelling for me. Creeps me out sometimes

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I don’t mean to get you down… but my son is 2.5 years old and I still hear phantom cries. It’s completely normal. Heart wrenching but normal.


My child is almost 2 and I still think I hear him :rofl: when he peacefully sleeping :rofl:

It’s 100 % normal… rest assured it happens to all of us
“MotherIng instinct “
I get it even now when I’m minding my grandson… and I’ve raised 5 of my own😳

It’s normal it called phantom cry’s kinda like you still feel the baby kicking after you have already had the baby I do it all the time and she will be at daycare or something

Yes! Auditory hallucinations are especially strong when you are stressed ( check) and sleep deprived ( also check). Good luck, it will get better!

My daughter is one amd she will be at her aunts and i will hear her cry like she aint even homd

Totally normal. I have a 6,4,2, and 2 month old. 100% showering is the worst lol

During the newborn phase I always heard the phantom cries too. I had to have a video monitor running to feel any peace.

Na happens all the time. I usually get like this when I’m in the shower.

Absolutely normal! The worst is when you’re in the shower.:roll_eyes: My youngest is 3 & I still “hear” him sometimes.


Yes it still happens to me when i shower. Its called phantom crys. Just your supermother instincts messing with you.

Chalk it up to that internal sense that will never go away fully. Even when they are 32 and married with their own little bundle of joy . Aka Momma bear syndrome!! :heart_eyes:

Normal. Mine are 3 and 5 and I still hear them from time to time.

Phantom cries almost as scary as phantom kicks

This happened when I took a shower. Finally I told myself he was safe and secure in his crib so if he really was crying, he would be ok until I finished my shower. Every time he was fast asleep. I learned to enjoy my showers guilt free😅

Same… combined with my co-morbis phantom vibrations (thinking my phone is vibrating in my pocket when it’s not even on my person - not like with the size of phones these days you frequently can fit one) makes me feels certifiably insane…

I also find happens more loudly/often when there’s some sort of white noise in my environment such as a fan… or when I’m in the shower… :dizzy_face::baby::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:

They call it “phantom cries” it’s normal

I still hear baby cries and my son is 5. Totally normal!


My youngest is 6 and my oldest is 14 and I still think they’re hollering for me when I shower and when I’m doing laundry. I think its normal mom instinct

44 and 38 and on their own…I think I hear they yell “Mom” sometimes🙆🙉

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Phantom cries … perfectly normal mama! But it never goes away! U always will think u hear them

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Get used to hearing it. Lol :joy: