Is it normal that my 8 year old started her period?

My daughter is 8; she will be 9 in a couple of months. I’m pretty sure she just started her period. It’s only a little bit but definitely there when she wipes. She has fully grown pubic hair, so I know she’s already started puberty, and we’ve already talked about everything. But is that is normal this young? Should I take her to see a doctor? I was 13 when I got mine, and my oldest daughter, who is 12, just got hers in back in January.


Totally normal, I’m 21 and got mine at 8

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal that my 8 year old started her period?

It’s a little early is she of average height and weight for her age?

Yeah it’s normal I had friends that started when they were about that age as well.

Yes that falls under precocious puberty and she does need to be seen for it.

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I read something a while ago that ages in which females are starting their period is becoming younger and younger due to a few diff factors so yeah this could definitely be the case. I was 12 when I started mine , 9 is pretty young but it’s not impossible

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It’s possible, she could have this thing where she develops faster than normal it’s a real thing… I know a lady her daughter has something that has sent her through things much faster! By 3 she was wearing deodorant by 8 she was on periods and everything the full body hair and all

I would certainly have her checked out.

I had just turned 9 when i first got mine! Its just a hormone thing. Everyone is different. Has she been stressed over the last few weeks ? Something may have pushed her body

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I was 9 when I started

I have a cousin who was 9 when she got hers.

I was 9 when I started mine and my cousin was 8 .

My 10 year old just had her first in April. Doctor says she is perfectly normal, unfortunately. If you are super concerned please take her to be seen it’s okay. No need to worry

Oh jeez, poor girl. I didn’t get mine until 11 and it’s so uncomfortable. I know they sell period underwear now so that may help her.

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I didn’t get mine until jr high, my daughter got hers in 4th grade…. But I coordinate a cheerleading organization and I can tell you it gets younger and younger…someone suggested it could be all of the hormones that our food is made with and over the years more and more have been added…. But I don’t know if it’s true :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

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I started mine when I was 9

One of my sisters started at 8.

I was 9. My oldest daughter was 10

It could be normal especially if she already has pubic hair. Some of it has to do with BMI and bigger girls do develop faster. I got my first period at 9 but I have only been on a regular cycle for the last year or so.

I got mine 8/9 year old!

It is possible but poor thing. I think it has to do with what they put in our food to help its shelf life

Got mine at 9 everyone is different. Talk to her primary doc. She wont have a regular period for at least a year it takes time for her body to be fully ready. My youngest just got hers …shes 12. My oldest got hers at 10…shes 25 now. It’s their body. Pay attention to her cramping…keep track of her cycle… it should get fine. Good luck

I had just turned 9 when mine started.

I was 9 when I also got mine

I started that young and the only person surprised was my dr as an adult haha I was almost 30 and he really just seemed shocked

My own mother was around 11 when she got hers. I was around 10

I got mine on Father’s Day I was 10 years old

I got mine at 11. And it was horrific to deal with. Just be there for her, I’m sure she’d fine. Body’s are weird

I started mine when I was 8 years old !

Me and my oldest daughter were 9 when we first started.

I would take her to Dr to be sure that is what is wrong

My 2 sisters and I were all 12 when we started ours.

My daughter got hers at 9 a month before she turned 10. I was 14.

I’d say it’s normal, I have friends that were 8/9 when they started. I also read that girls are starting their periods at younger ages. I was 14 when I started mine.

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I started 6 days after I turned 10

I’m no doctor but I stated mine in 5th grade ahead of most girls I went to school with

Research precocious puberty. It can be halted until she’s around 12

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Every woman in my family started young, on average 10 yrs old. My 2nd daughter was so scared to start I swear she willed it away then got scared she wasn’t gonna get it and started willing it back at age 14 lol. But other than her, we all started early.

I started mine at 8-9. I was young enough to not know what it was because my parents hadn’t talked with me about any of that. I personally just devolved early. Nothing more to it. My oldest daughter wasn’t quite as young, but still one of the first of her friends.

Consult a pediatrician. Let them decide. I work in a pediatric clinic and I am witness to more than one of our pediatricians saying that it is not normal. And can cause future hormonal health issues

My daughter started at ten. Totally normal. Especially if she has all other signs of puberty. Nothing to worry about

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I was 9. Wish you the best

I started when I was 9. I recently had to take my youngest (7) to the endocrinologist because she was starting puberty. They said that it is not normal to start early and that on average 13 is the time it is supposed to happen. If she is, they will put birth control implant that’s safe for kids in her arm until she is ready. You have to get it changed out every year.

I got mine when I was 10

My daughter was 8 and the put her on birth control that made her so sick because her period was so heavy… that was A crazy time!!!

Lots of hormones in milk and meat these days causing earlier puberty, but it’s not unheard of at that age.


Yes my daughter started at 8 it wasn’t much at first then each month gets more n more heavier

My daughter is 8 and she seems well on her way. My guess is she will have it by 9. I didn’t have mine till I was 14. But I had hormone shots to conceive, so I’m wondering if that is playing a part in her early development. Your daughter is probably fine. Precocious puberty is an issue with your hormones and can only be diagnosed with blood work and possibly an MRI. The research I’ve done says almost all girls who see a Pediatric Endocrinologist out of concern have absolutely nothing to worry about and determine it is 100% normal. There is a small chance it is Precocious, watch your child’s overall development and height and if your gut is concerned go see a specialist.


go and see your GP, they may help with delaying options.

I was 10 1/2 so its normal

Normal I got mine right before I turned 9yrs

I started mine at 10

It’s starting earlier and earlier these days. Chemicals from plastics, airfresheners, and even lotions and shampoos are estrogen mimics. Consumption of animal products has also been linked.

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I was 11 and my cousin was 9

My daughter started at 12, so did I. My 11 year old hasn’t started yet. She should definitely be seeing a Dr. I didn’t think kids started that young…

Hi there sorry to hijack post but is it normal for my 11 year old to have a heavy period it’s her second month of aging up

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My third daughter just turned 10 and started hers right before her 10th birthday. Her pediatrician was shocked she hadn’t started it sooner (she has hair all over the parts that get hairy) is developing a chest, etc. I was grateful she finally started because she mellowed out some. I got mine at 12-13, my oldest got hers around 10-11. My second daughter still hasn’t gotten hers and she is 11 1/2, but I’m sure she will be starting within the next year also based off changes she is experiencing. Our pediatrician isn’t concerned at all about any of our girls cycles or lack there of. Our pediatrician said basically it’s because of all the growth hormones and crap they pump into food these days, it’s causing girls to start younger and younger. We eat pretty healthy too for the most part. But growth hormones are in most everything unfortunately now.

My grandma mom and aunt all started when they were 8,

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Seems normal. Due to the hormones in food that we consume it can lead to issues like this! You can always consult your doctor to be on the safe side though.


I was 8 when I got mine! I’ve been as regular as can be since then, except my pregnancies.

I got mine at 8 and a nurse once told me that the earlier u get it in life the longer you will have it


I was 9 when I started and I’m 30 now.

I didn’t get mine til I was almost 14… my niece got hers early too but it only happened once I think when she was 8? And ever since then she hasn’t gotten it yet again…

Yes that’s perfectly normal my bd’s step daughter started hers at 7yrs old


My daughter got hers when she was 9. They say once they start getting hair usually about a year or 2 later they will have their period.

This is unfortunately normal for girls in the US. But not anywhere else in the world. Too much hormones in your food!


My daughter started a few months before her 9th birthday.

I got mine at 9. Completely normal.

I got it at 8 too, in the middle of band class with a heavy flow. So embarassing and scary but apparently it means you’ll be fertile for longer

My daughter just turned 8. Her pediatrician told me she’s started puberty and to be expecting a period soon. She said it’s normal especially since my mother was 9.

I started at 8 yrs old

My oldest started at 8. My youngest just started hers last month, she’s 9. Seems like girls are starting at a much younger age now. I was 11 when I started mine

I would call and ask her dr…i mean it can be normal but thats super young to me. I was almost 11

My husbands step mother started when she was 9 back in the 70s

Yes completely normal

Every female is different. I started mine at 8. My younger sister didn’t start hers until she was 13. I wouldn’t take her to a doctor. I’d just educate her about everything and support her and give her comfort . She’s growing mama❤️

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I didn’t have mine until after I had my daughter! I was 18! My dr said I was ok. I was ovulating without menstruating but no way to tell why because I never talked to a dr about it before I got pregnant and after postpartum bleeding I had a regular period. I’m kinda concerned for my daughter now. She is about to be 7. I didn’t know you could start that early!!


its all the hormones and crap they add to food. making changes in our bodies that are gonna be the new norm…


My daughter started her period when she was eight. She is now 39. I talked to her pediatrician at the time and she wasn’t concerned.

I was 9. Completely normal.

That’s crazy girls has them that young I didn’t have mine till I was 14

I knew someone that did not get it till they were 21 . Wild shit

Kaklase ko non grade 3 e hahahaha

“Normal” for females is usually between 9-16. My mom was 9, I was 12 - everyone is different but if you are concerned a call to the doc is always the best!

I was 14 and so was my daughter but my two half sisters were 9…

If she already has allot of pubic hair I would think she’s just an early bloomer. It happens. My sister was 9. I didn’t get mine until I was 12 and had gotten pubic hair and armpit hair close to when I got mine.

I’d love to say normal. . but id still talk to her dr. If my 8 year old started id definitely question it! I wad 8 days before my 11th birthday when i started. My oldest daughter was 13…

I was 9 . I’d say normal but can’t hurt to consult with her pediatrician

I was 10 years old so I think it’s too early but now a days it’s called normal for it to happen early.

I was 11 but my aunt started hers at 6

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My daughter was 8 and started showing first signs of puberty around 5 . Its far too early but happens, consult with your Dr xx

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I’d take her to the dr. My daughter is 8 and has boobs already. Dr said girls can start at 9 but if she starts growing hair in places then come back so she can be referred to see a hormonal dr? Something like that lol she says if she starts at 8 then she would be worried. But so far no hair anywhere or anything.

my cousin knew a girl who got hers at 7. BUT worst case scenerio being molested does cause early onset puberty.

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It can vary so much. I was 15, but my daughter started at 11 and so did my step daughter.

I was a couple months before 9… My daughter was 10…my sister 14

Talk to your dr there’s something called precocious puberty. Early puberty.

I started when I was 8

I was 9 my daughter’s 11 and still hasn’t started

Yes, my daughter turned 9 last May and the following month started. It is normal now. Think about all the hormones and steroids is in the food and milk and etc. My daughter even has bigger breasts than I did in 7th grade and she just finished the 4th grade

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