Is it normal to be constantly be exhuasted while pregnant?

I’m curious if anyone here has experienced a SEVERE lack of energy during their pregnancy?? I’m rounding out of my second trimester, and I have a hard time finding energy just even to get water, make food, even use the bathroom when I need to! Ugh! It’s awful! My OB says it’s normal and gave me a few things to watch out for, but I’m curious if any other moms experienced this during their pregnancies. I am on my 5th pregnancy and don’t remember any other pregnancy being this bad. I’m so over tired and feel exhausted constantly.


I’m on my 4th baby and this is the only one I’m completely drained with.

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5th pregnancy here too… never been so tired in my life. I have 0 energy to do anything!!

Yes. I’m having my 2nd and my energy level is almost non existent

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Yes,I was all preganacy tired, no energy, want to sleep all the time(2nd pregnancy).

Yes, but you could also be anemic or dehydrated! Talk with your doctor or midwife and see what they recommend!

I’m 19 weeks on my fourth and I am so tired all the time and have the hardest time breathing. Never been like this before :unamused:

Second pregnancy here - 29 wks. My amazing husband lets me sleep as much as I need to and it’s… a lot. Like 12-14 hours if the house is relatively quiet but I can just about sleep through war right now. Exhausted all the time.

I think it’s we get older and our bodies aren’t as young.

Just like my 3 csection, first 2 were ok but my 3rd was harder.

Absolutely I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I have been Absolutely drained this entire pregnancy no energy at all ever :sleeping:

Baby #5, 35 weeks, and beyond exhausted!

Yes! I felt like that too and was so sick of everyone saying “you think you’re tired now, wait till the baby comes” But then once my baby came, even the sleepless newborn days were easier on me than pregnancy was and I felt better and better. Some pregnancies are so hard, I feel for you!


Yes. All i did was sleep and had no time for my (then) 2yo. It was horrible. I felt so bad. But my now 11mo sucked the energy out of me. Lol

Same! 22 weeks tired 24/7

Mine came in waves. I was fine my 1st trimester. Hit my second and just felt exhausted all the time. I hit 28 weeks and started getting some energy back. I’m now 33 + 3 and I’m starting to become drained again.

Just doing simple things make me exhausted. It probably also has to deal with not sleeping great at night too though.

I’m 33yrs old on 4th pregnancy feel like this one is suckimg the life out of me

4th pregnancy at 31 years old & you’re not alone mama. I am completely depleted of energy.

With my first I slept a LOT. I slept in late and often would get up eat and then be napping again before too long. Lol.

Don’t allow your drs to let you think this is normal it isn’t.
Get your iron levels checked. And make sure you aren’t dehydrated.
My youngest is now 3 and I had this with her I also had HG and iron anaemia iron transfusions helped abit as did a drip as I couldn’t keep even a sip of water down.

With my first and second i had very low iron and they said that is why i was so exhausted and had no energy, so you may want to have it checked.

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Normal. I was asleep by like 8pm from mid-second trimester through delivery for my first pregnancy. I didn’t have the same exhaustion level in my second pregnancy but I also had to be more active because I had a toddler already.

But I wouldn’t worry unless your doctor is concerned - the baby is living off your body. It’s okay to be exhausted. It’s okay to be grouchy. Things will change once the baby is born, you may feel tired in a different way or be extremely hungry, etc, if you are nursing.

Any time you worry about your emotional state during or after pregnancy you should definitely talk to your doctor. But being exhausted is a regular part of pregnancy imho.

Exercise!! Helps tremendously!!

Yes compleatly normal

Have your thyroid checked!

I experienced it In my last trimester with my first pregnancy and currently pregnant with baby #2 it’s my second trimester this time

Omg girl same!! And I’m only 23 wks with baby #3. Hope tou find refilef soon♡

My first pregnancy at 17 was so easy but my second at 28 was the same way. I had no energy at all, it was hard to even take a shower. I did nothing but sleep and eat because I had no energy to do anything else. Some days were good and I would get up and do things with my husband but he got so aggravated with me because I did nothing most of the pregnancy.

I did, and I found out I had an iron deficiency. But I’ve been diagnosed anemic already.

Completely normal. As we get older pregnancy is harder on us, last year I had my twins I was extremely exhausted all the time and in so much pain and they are babies 3&4

This pregnancy i have been so tired. My first i had all the energy in the world but this one has been bad. Im almost 39 weeks and i am getting my energy back but i think im just nesting honestly.

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I’m in my 3rd trimester at 31 weeks today with my first kid. And I have the same problem like doing every day things. Since I have gotten pregnant. Just take it one day at a time. Make a goal for yourself. And try working to it. That what gets me to do everything I need to do. Then I take about 2 days off.

I can honestly say from experience, pregnancy seemed to take a harder toll on me as I aged. I had a baby at 20- felt great- had a baby (number 5) at 34- literally thought I’d die from the fatigue.

Yes. I’m 33 weeks and been exhausted this whole time. This is my 5th pregnancy. Definitely gets harder as you get older

Did they check your thyroid levels?

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Girl, I’m in the same boat. It’s hard for me to get up and going before 11 and I cook MAYBE twice a week. Totally normal, no need to worry. Our body’s are using all our energy to build another human being. Don’t be too hard on yourself. :wink:

Oh absolutely. In fact after experiencing it in my first two pregnancies, the extreme tiredness that came in the future were one of a few indicators that I was pregnant again!

On my last one… It was really hard. Felt so run down and fatigued. See if you can have your levels check. Also depression can cause this. Just throwing it out there. But honestly having 4 kids, running a house hold. Is a lot for any non pregnant person. Let alone growing a human.

Check iron levels … with my second I had to have a blood transfusion and with my 3rd I had to get 6 rounds of iron infusions, one a week for 6 weeks to get my levels higher😖

It can be normal for some people. However get your iron and vit D levels checked as deficiency in those can cause fatigue. I was extremely fatigued in my first pregnancy and I still am 4 years after the birth. I have now been diagnosed with CFS/ME which was triggered by my pregnancy. Just better to be safe than sorry and get checked over again.

Yes I was low iron and low vitamin d tho. Get checked :slight_smile: or maybe take some multi vitamins?

I was with both mine, not super super tired but I needed to take a nap daily. I took double iron and still needed a nap. Shoot 8 years later and most days I still need a nap lol

Yes! Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Yes! This is baby number 2 for me. My first is 9 years old. I thought it was just because I’m so much older. I would be perfectly fine never getting out of bed because I’m just so exhausted. I’m constantly taking breaks after everything I do.

Yep. With my 4th baby I was exhausted all the time! I’d come home from work and take a nap. And sleep and normal time. I didn’t even wanna cook or clean!

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Yes. But also ask them to check your iron level. My iron was so low it was making me feel like that. I got a few infusions and feel normal again

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Yes! This is my 4th pregnancy and I always need a nap!

Oh yes mama totally normal…I just had my 3rd baby 3 months ago and I’m still tired :rofl: I got pregnant with him when his sissy was 1 1/2 so I was super extra tired

I felt the exact same way when pregnant. I had a severe exhausted feeling, like I wanted to do things but just physically couldn’t. I found out I was lacking iron and B12. I had to take iron supplements and chose to take the B12 through shots. I don’t know if that could be your situation but it might be something to check into.

I was so tired during pregnancy. Like every day falling asleep at my desk tired

Yes!! I had my 1st 12.5 years ago, 2 months ago I had 2nd baby girl and I was EXHAUSTED ALL the time! I was so miserable this pregnancy and at the end I just was done. I am 36 this time and it took a toll. I saw my ob at my 3 week check up and even after a csection and not sleeping, I was 100 times better off than when I was pregnant and I am a single mom. Lol. So, yes unfortunately each pregnancy is different

Have them check your iron levels.

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I couldn’t keep my eyes open with my 3rd. Literally pass out sitting up.

Absolutely yes! You are growing a tiny human its more work than you think. But if you feel like its excessive it never hurts to talk to your doctor

yep all I do is work and sleep while I’m pregnant all 3 pregnancys some days call off work cause I just couldn’t get out of the bed

Yes I was always tried but you may also need to have your iron levels checked. I was anemic during pregnancy and didn’t know almost until birth so I had to start iron pills so I didn’t bleed out while having baby.

Yesss growing tiny humans is exhausting.

Completely normal, my first trimester and half of my second was like that, then one day I woke up with soo much energy, it also helped that they cleared me to finally have coffee again. But it does get better!

Yes! This is my second pregnancy. The first one I was exhausted most days but it’s nothing compared to this one. I just thought it was because my son just turned one and I’m 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant. :woman_facepalming:

All I wanted to do was sleep

My 1st was ok on energy but I had my days where I didnt want 2 anything. My 2nd was twins I had absolutely no energy what so ever from the day I got pregnant until atleast 3 months after I had them.

Yes it is normal but it could be your iron level is low. During my first trimester with both my kids I had to take prenatal vitamins without iron because they would make me sick, I was getting more iron than I needed. During the 2nd trimester O got very sluggish and low energy, more than normal, so I had to take iron pills.

When I was in my first trimester especially o was literally sleeping like 18-20 hrs a day. Could barely function.

If I wasn’t eating, I was sleeping. :joy:

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This is my 3rd pregnancy and the constant fatigue is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m 24 weeks now and worked graveyard shift until about 2weeks ago and honestly thought it would get better once I stopped working but no. I’m literally useless most of the day. For an hour of housework I nap for 2.

Always exhausted! My iron levels are always really low though, get that checked first xxx

If you also get dizzy/pass out a lot, check your iron levels. My first pregnancy, last trimester was terrible. Extremely tired and constantly passing out. So when it started happening again, new OB recommended iron pills and it helped A LOT

Every experience is different. I was dead ass tired during my first trimester. Mango is a great source of natural energy.

That was me. He’ll, it’s been almost a year and it’s still me most days. Everyone days it’s past of having A baby but it’s ROUGH. Honestly, most days, I don’t even know how to get up in the morning, but you Not Alone.

I am pregnant in my 2nd trimester also this my 6th child and I’m exhausted always and constantly having braxton hick contractions my dr told me there isn’t anything that can be done its just how my body is reacting

I experienced this with my third. I barely had the energy to do anything.

I experienced it with my last pregnancy. Just had him in February. I just figured it was because I was 5 years older and not in as good of shape

Have you had your appointment for your Glucose level check? Gestational diabetes? Been around any one that’s been sick lately?

i only experienced this with my girl

I’m in the start of my third trimester and I am so exhausted and soar. I have a belly band on the way. I’m digging really deep to get the motivation to tuff it out. Lots of house, yard and garden work to do. This is my third pregnancy and I’m am carry in the front this round. Definitely a big difference.

I’m on my third pregnancy and feel very tired then what I felt with the other.

Yep. Totally normal.

I remember my 3rd (my last :crossed_fingers: lol) being this way. From start to finish. I also threw up my entire pregnancy which didn’t happen in my 1st or 2nd. It was horrendous. I truly believe when they say every one is different. Is your iron low? All blood work normal I’m assuming?

I’m on my 3rd and I am so exhausted constantly! This third trimester is knocking me out more than my first trimester and my first 2 pregnancies.

My fifth was like that

I was exhausted during my first trimester. I remember nodding off while driving to work. It was so odd! And I napped like a cat. Constantly!

I did on my 3rd pregnancy.

Yes all I did was sleep while pregnant with my second child

I was 38 and I was wiped out!

They told me to take B vitamins when I was pregnant with my daughter

Mama, you got 4 other kids! Absolutely it’s normal. Not only are you pregnant but you’re taking care of other babies. Even if you’re not running after them it’s mentally exhausting. Also, and this is the part that stings, you’re older. There was such a huge difference for me between being pregnant in my 20’s and in my 30’s. I was freaking exhausted! It’s normal. Hang in there.


Are you iron deficient? I had this same problem and it turns out my iron was very low and I had to start taking iron pills in my 2nd trimester

Well you are growing a whole other HUMAN! Yes it’s perfectly normal

Definitely normal! Mine is 2 1/2 months old & my energy level has sky rocketed now that she sleeps through the night & I’m not pregnant anymore! :raised_hands:t3:

Its is normal is had 5 kids with no help it was always tiered. Now my baby is 27 years old being tiered and knowing you made a difference for your kids is something I am very proud of.

That is how I knew I was pregnant. That was in 2005-2006. I have never regained my previous energy, 15 years later. :sleeping:

yes, it happens to the best of us. Are you getting help from your family? kids help, spouse help?

It is very common, symptoms get worse the more you have for most people as well

Same! It was worst during my first trimester, second trimester was great, and I was pretty tired my third trimester (but at least then you have a huge belly you’re carrying around and you can kind of justify it in your head). Hang in there :crossed_fingers:

Me! This is my third baby and I feel the same! I constantly sit down. Never feel like I have energy. I can drink a huge Dr Pepper and no energy I don’t get it. I’m always tired. Morning and night

I was like that in my first trimester. I used to have to take naps after waking up in the morning and even fell asleep at work a few times. It got better in the second trimester for me though.

I’m 32 weeks now, was battling with it all second trimester, turned out my b12, iron and vit d was low. I’ve been taking supplements for the iron and vit d, I had to get 5 b12 injections, but so far it’s really improved. So if your worried, doctor advised me to try the pregnacare tablets with the vitamins, they might give you a boost ?

1st pregnancy I was so tired even before I found out I was pregnant I thought something was wrong with me. I told myself I’m taking a test and if I’m not pregnant I’m going to the doctor. I worked 2nd shift at the time so I would sleep from about 11pm til 8am wake up eat use the bathroom and go back to sleep until it was time for work and then fall asleep walking around at work to.

This is my second baby and I was so exhausted in my first trimester and I didn’t remember being so tired the first time and come to find out I had a vitamin d deficiency and one of the side effects is fatigue. I started taking extra vitamin D on top of my prenatals and feel so much better. But definitely don’t give yourself more vitamins unless the doctor says to.

This is me now, 27 weeks and can’t be bothered doing anything only my first pregnancy

Yes! I slept ALL THE TIME