Is it normal to be nervous about sex after giving birth?

Is it normal to be nervous about having sex again after giving birth? I gave birth a month ago naturally. I had no tearing and didn’t need any stitches. I feel great, and my body is healed… I’m just still nervous. I’m not fully comfortable with my new body after having this second baby. Also I’m scared that it will hurt. Is this just me worrying too much?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to be nervous about sex after giving birth?

Its normal. It’ll be great don’t worry!!!

You should not be having sex yet. 6 weeks is the minimum because you can easily get an infection and you are more fertile now than ever.


I’m on my fourth baby and I’m already nervous and he’s not even here yet lol

  1. What you’re feeling is completely normal. 2. Wait for the 6 weeks to be over, it’s only 2 more weeks.

You’re body is not healed. It takes about 18 mths for ur body to return to its pre baby state. As far as sex goes I’d wait the 6 to 8 weeks the Dr tells u to wait.

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Dont have sex for 6 months unless you want another baby im serious.


I had my 3rd baby naturally with no tearing or anything I was still terrified. Perfectly normal. I would suggest maybe trying a lubricant the first time just to help ease your mind and your vagina. :woman_shrugging:t2:

You’re not supposed to have sex for 6 to 9 weeks and use protection, and as far as your body goes hunny I’m sure your just fine and your man loves you

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I’m nervous and this is my third. I’ve been single since I was pregnant and the thought of being intimate scares me lol :joy: what your feeling is normal

I’m also 1 month post partum and so nervous. I dont plan on having sex til 6w but still nervous lol

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It is completely normal! I waited probably around 5 months before I jumped back in the sheets. And it kind of hurt the first time and even the second but after that everything was all good. It’s ok to be nervous and it’s ok to wait a little longer. Just express to your partner how you feel and take things slow. And definitely use a lubricant that first time at least.

Omg. Yessssss! Yes, it is normal!

It is perfectly normal to be nervous let your partner know and just have them take it slow and if it’s too much you tell him to stop

It’s very important to be honest with your partner about it too. Wait the time the dr says, and share with your partner. The more he knows, the better the experience will be for both of you. That way he can start gently and then feel your way through it. But definitely wait the appropriate time period. Let yourself heal. Love and hugs

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Omgg!, U have to wait aleast 6 weeks

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It’s normal Mumma💕 I was terrified after my first tbh and honestly couldn’t work up the nerve for like 2.5 months (probably more like 3 actually, it was over a decade ago so my memories a lil hazy on it). Just listen to your body, you’ll know when your ready to give it a go😊

This is your second baby so you should already know


Make sure you wait the full 6 weeks but no its normal. I was nervous about my body and if it would hurt. It did hurt the first few times and I just kept my shirt on until I got to a point I was comfortable with myself again.

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I was scared too, the first time we tried my body definitely wasn’t ready and I started shaking, but tried again a couple weeks later and it felt totally normal

Vas y tranquillement. Moi après mon deuxième 3 jours après on fesait l’amour personne n’est pareil … Si tu n’a pas déchirer ni eu de point de suture et que tu es avec le père du bébé je ne vois pas où est le malaise …tu es da femme tu as donner naissance a votre enfants donc ton corps il le connais

I was super nervous about it too. I’d be happy to talk if you want to PM. I’m just more comfortable that way. :slight_smile:

Completely normal. But I would wait at least 6 weeks PP. Just because you feel great doesn’t mean that your completely healed and use protection!!! You can get pregnant super easy right after you have a baby, even if your breastfeeding.

Be safe you can get pregnant easy now

Everyone is different I could wait to be intimate agian but I know people who waited a whole year after if your worried talk to your doctor and don’t push yourself

You might feel fine but you are not fully healed hun. Takes even longer than 6 weeks for your body to fully heal from childbirth

I had sex three days after given birth 2 my 5th baby .my boyfriend was lovely and made me feel special as also I had some for a few weeks :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I was extremely nervous but I had tearing and stitches. I’m 4 months post and I still am not comfortable with my new body. I think I waited close to 10 weeks

How did you feel after the first child?

or you could wait the six weeks until the gaping wound that is your uterus closes.
Unless you want another baby make your husband wraps it up.

Of course your nervous. You pushed a human out of there. Just be open with your guy about how you’re feeling.

Wait until you’re ready. They say just wait at least 6 weeks so you heal properly. If you need longer that’s totally ok! I needed some extra time after my 2nd and I had a c section. Having a baby is a lot, not just physically but mentally. Do what feels right for you.

A month? Please relax and enjoy your newborn . It happens when you are ready.

Very normal, should definitely wait at least 6 weeks though as the area where your placenta detached is sensitive and open to infection, best consult your midwife if unsure about anything :heart:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to be nervous about sex after giving birth?

Yes, it’s normal. Dont pressure yourself. You’ll know when your ready.


your body has a hole inside of it the size of your placenta. they tell you to wait 8 weeks for a reason. listen to your doctor


I agree with what everyone else said - and when you’re ready - lots of lube and be gentle until you’re ready for anything more intense

Yeah I feel ya. I had a c section with my 3rd and he’s 2 months old now. My husband and I tried once and I was so nervous and tense. I guess when I’m ready it’ll just feel natural.

If this is your second baby wouldn’t you know this already ?


It’s normal. Make sure to start off slow and gentle since it’s been a while!! I definitely suggest that!


I was terrified that I would hurt my ex. During pregnancy and afterwards… It just wasn’t ever the same afterwards.

Yes as it will happen agian

I’m sure you are not completely healed after only one month but you know your body best.

I’m nervous about having sex and my baby isn’t even born yet!
Last time I did, I spotted bright red :weary: and had awful cramping. so I’ve been too scared to do it since. I had a sub chorionic hematoma earlier in my pregnancy, it’s gone, but maybe I’m just more prone to spotting/bleeding.
Tell your husband to be very gentle, use a lot of lube & If it hurts then you need more time. If you have to stop, stop. Don’t rush - it’s your body & you do what’s best for yourself.

Welcome to “ask stupid questions gets stupid answers” as well as the “I’d rather ask the public instead of my dr” page

I was at first , but my hubby made me feel wonderful and took his time to make sure I knew he loved my “new” body . He was proud that I brought a life into this world that was made between us.
At first it hurt abit . But if you take it nice and easy while you adjust it gets better . Also buying new lingerie helped boost my confidence abit also .

Yes!! I was like :flushed::pleading_face: So worried were they stitched would reopen. I mean that hurt long after I had given birth.
Yeahh go slow :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Of course! Listen to the recommended time frame from the doc about sex. You should be fine

So normal. The research tells us it can take up to 5 months for our desire to have sex to return. Be patient with yourself abs provide loving reassurance to your partner that you love them, find them attractive, but need some time before you are ready :heart:

Id wait 2 more weeks but it’s safe ull b fine. Just take it slow

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First of all your body has not healed completely and yes you will probably have some discomfort so start off being cautious.

It’s normal. It took me a while too. My daughter’s father was long in the tooth, so it was extra scary. Believe it or not, having my daughter made sex more enjoyable, because of his condition. So, have no fear, when the day comes.

Give your body a chance to.heal the doctor says to wait at least 8 weeks you have to heal regardless of whether or not u have stitches ect. Listen to your doctor


Its not really about if you’re ready or not. It’s about the wound in your body from the detatched placenta. You don’t want to get an infection. Its really not worth it. Wait 6-8 weeks, and get cleared by your doctor when ready. Just because you have no vaginal tearing or trauma from birth, does not mean there aren’t any other risks involved. (:


I made my husband wait for at least 6 weeks before we did anything but that was me. You will know when youre ready, just make sure you use protection or you could end up pregnant again, unless you got your tubes tied

Totally normal and it does hurt a bit down there, even after having a c-section. Took about 3 months to feel semi-normal again.

I was the same. We took it slow and had to stop the first time after. I was too sore still.

I was only nervous about getting pregnant again so I didn’t let my husband touch me until after my 6 week postpartum checkup where I had my IUD put in and I think I made him wait another week just to make sure it was going to have time to kick in lol.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to be nervous about sex after giving birth?

No I was terrified to have sex after. I was so afraid it hurts. Best advice is to take it very easy

Yeah it’s ok to be nervous… but wait the 6weeks you are supposed to


It’s best to wait until 7 weeks after giving birth because your uterus is still open and healing. You also have a very high chance of getting pregnant again if that’s still possible in your situation.
Also just take it slow. If it hurts then stop.
Your partner should be okay with that.


Child birth can be traumatic for the body. 6 weeks minimum to fully heal


No its ok to be scared wait the 6 weeks thou

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You’ll be fine lol I never even waited the whole 6 weeks


Wait the six weeks until you see your doctor and they decide if you are healed or not. You may feel ok but inside can still not be healed completely. Also you are super fertile after giving birth so if you plan to use birth control definitely wait!


Nervous is normal, when you feel the urge, enjoy!

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Your spouse/partner is more attracted to you now. I refused to believe it but 3 kids later and we are stronger than ever and he wants me more than before. Own your body and love who you are. You’ve earned all that you have


Yes. You should start off normalizing oral before you are able to start having sex after 6 weeks. So when you are ready it will be a easy transition

Wait until you have ypur 6 wk check up & your GYN will discuss with you about birth control & he/ she will also make sure you have healed properly

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Yes scared of getting pregnant to soon

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6 weeks is best. But it’s ok. I did it too.

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It can be painful but every woman’s body is different as we all know. So just be patient with yourself. Try what you did like or something new use lube if necessary. And if you get too in your head and it isn’t comfortable there is physical therapy for you. Sounds strange but it’s legit

I had this same worry, so I waited a couple of weeks longer even after being cleared by my doctor. Nothing hurt :heart:

It’s normal to be nervous I didn’t wait 6 weeks with my 1st u know ur body but careful not to get pregnant again :joy:

Yes it’s very normal I have 3 kids and 4th on the way and I was nervous everytime after having a baby. As long as your significant other is aware and goes along with however you are comfortable it will be okay. You know your body better than anyone mama.

I was nervous. Just ask him to go slow and don’t push your limits. I waited until 7 1/2 weeks on purpose.


I waited 3 weeks, as our love language is a physical one, doc told me I could do it when I was ready as I healed super fast, was more in my head then anything, I just told my partner to take it slow, and to stop if I said so, if it hurt, he was very understanding, but it didn’t hurt at all, if anything it felt great, and we both enjoyed it. Was funny, after the deed, even though I was on birth control and we used a condom, I panicked and then the thought of getting pregnant was my fear.

After having my third (but second baby) we didn’t wait til after 6 wks :joy: I stopped my bleeding after 14 days and I got instantly pregnant again… but I had a stillborn at 34wks… I got pregnant right after I gave birth

Just wait till after you clear 6 week check. You should be good….:wink: When nature calls girl…I know hoes be back on like a week post riding hard core earning their strips. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It is normal to be scared
But you will be ok
Just take things slowly

It’s completely normal to be nervous
Don’t push yourself if you aren’t ready physically, emotionally, etc.

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I waited longer than 6 weeks but I had extreme tearing. Just know your body, go slow and communicate that with him when you’re ready. Totally normal

It’s normal to be scared. With our first, we waited 5 months :flushed:. I had a 3rd degree tear & an episiotomy. It was uncomfortable but didn’t hurt. With our second, we waited 6 weeks & 2 days, I only had a 2nd degree tear that time. Use KY the first time & go very slowly. If it hurts or feels like you’re ripping, stop. It’s going to be uncomfortable. No way around that.

I am nervous everytime and I have three kids :woman_shrugging:t5: totally normal

Well you got to think of it like this you just pushed a relatively 6 lb baby through you so it ain’t going to be no pretty picture I don’t see doing that this soon need to give body time to heal

Totally normal. I just had my third and was still nervous! With my first I waited a few months, but I have a large amount of stitches and complications. It will still feel different and maybe even uncomfortable. That’s normal also. Just please please wait your 6 weeks. Even if you think you’re okay, wait your 6 weeks. Even if Betty Jane and Lucy said they had intercourse prior to their 6 weeks, wait. They’re lucky. There’s a reason they want you to wait 6 weeks, they’re not just trying to clock block, it’s for your health.

Absolutely normal. You have to just listen to your body. Might have to use lubricant if you are super super nervous or have your SO give you a little extra attention before any penetration might occur. Happened to me the first 1-2 times after my first two babies. :woman_shrugging:t2: once I got used to it again we didn’t need anything extra

Definitely not just you mama. I feel the same way after each baby. It’s like your first time all over again mentally. But remind yourself your body grew & birthed your perfect tiny human who your man loves just as much so he’s not gonna mind (especially when he’s been patiently waiting for this moment too lol) & more than likely you’re more concerned than he is. If he loves you, nothing about your body will change that or make him not enjoy himself. He may even enjoy it MORE for all you know lol. & honestly I always fear it hurting but it truthfully never had… just take things slow & be sure you’re truly ready & in the mood & everything should go fine :two_hearts:

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As long as you wait the times suggested by your doctor, mine was 6 weeks, you will be fine. It may actually be more pleasurable because you vagina tightens even more then it was before the baby was born so it feels better for the man and for you

I was nervous. I didn’t have any tearing, only an internal abrasion. I waited until 9 weeks pp and it still hurt like hell. Use LOTS of lube. When you think it’s enough, use even more.

Normal to be nervous. Go when you are cleared by your doctor, go date night and have few drinks :wink:

Yes! And it will hurt the first time lol. You’re also very fertile for a while so be careful unless you want to get pregnant again right away

The first time we tried after my 3rd i was about 7pp I pushed him off it felt like glass shards. Had to wait a few more weeks!

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I’m 4months postpartum and still get anxiety about sex. I don’t want anything in me. It hurts.

Do you have your doctor’s ok? If it hurts then tell your partner you wnt to stop.

Unless you had vaginosis beforehand, it’s not likely to hurt. If anything, you may find you’re a little roomier down there. However, if you have vaginosis, pregnancy can sometimes make it worse. Do be honest with your partner about your concerns and take things slow.

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Yes. It’s completely normal.

Of course it’s normal! Some people go right for it and others are more cautious. I waited until cleared though. Don’t let your man push you to do it sooner. You went through a whole life changing experience.