Is it Normal to Develop Feelings for Your Children’s Teacher?

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"Because some people seem to think it's not normal and are now acting in a way that could be classed as discrimination, and I feel like such an invalid person I thought it was normal to get feelings no matter who it was I care for this teacher so much its unbelievable my feelings are very strong and after 2 years they just won't go away and the higher up teachers are treating me like I'm some sort of not normal person and judging me, I haven't done anything wrong to the teacher in anyway shape or form in an inappropriate way all I did was say how I felt because I was struggling with keeping it in and I shouldn't have said anything at all, I told them this 2 years ago and 2 years later still been treated like some sort of not normal person, my friends advised that I should get legal advice because of what they are doing can be classed as discrimination, I just don't know what the best thing to do is"

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"Sounds like you need to develop healthy boundaries."

"Not discrimination unless it goes towards your sexual orientation or other protected status…not just cause you have feelings. But 2 years and people still go on about it…probably means you still go on about it. You need to set some boundries. Work is work, home is home"

"I’m so confused, discriminatory…how? You told this person how you feel two years ago, are y’all dating? They brush it off? Because if you told them & there’s nothing between y’all, obviously they don’t wanna be involved with you like that. Back off & leave it alone."

"i think you need to avoid the teacher and you’ll get over it"

"You can’t help who you catch feelings for, probably should of thought how the situation might affect your kids before you said anything."

"I wouldn’t be filing for any discrimination suit, unfortunately you have a reputation now with the school, and and they’re setting boundaries to protect themselves"

"I really hope your child is not with the same teacher after 2 years. Sounds like you went too far with telling the teacher about your feelings and now she/he is giving others a heads up about you. Leave the teacher alone and move on before your child is affected by this"

"So you are a teacher also then or do you work at the school? I don’t know whats in your contract but you might not even be allowed to date other school employees. So that could be something. Also I’m not sure what you said but it could be considered sexual harassment. If it was just your kids teacher how are the other teachers treating you differently? Are you often in the school having contact with them? Either way obviously it wasn’t the best idea to tell this person how you feel, sounds a bit inappropriate."

"You had feelings for someone for two years that won’t go away? No wonder they talk about you. Sounds like you were turned down and won’t let it go."

"Never mix business with pleasure"

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