Is it normal to not see the heartbeat at 6 weeks pregnant?

I went to the dr today; I’m six weeks. The dr said he saw the baby and the heart, but no heartbeat dr said that it’s normal because it can be too soon. But It’d be nice to hear that another mama had this happen and went back a few days later, and they saw the heart beating. I go back on Monday. I’ve never had this happen with my kids. This time I’m a surrogate and carrying the baby for another family. I just don’t wanna let them down and hope there’s a heartbeat on Monday for them.


Yes. I was over what I thought should’ve been 6 weeks based on my lmp. I work for a drs office so I had an US earlier than most. My doctor told me it could be too soon or it could be a missed miscarriage. I had another ultrasound a few days later and the heartbeat was there. I now have a healthy 2 month old.

Yes this happened with my first. Could literally only see the eggsac no hearbeat as too early. Now shes a healthy 3 year old. Hope this gives you some peace of mind … good luck with your pregnancy xx

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Yes! My OB told me they don’t normally take pregnancy appointments before 8 weeks for this reason.

As a 3x surrogate, don’t stress yourself out. 6 weeks is EARLY. I’m surprised they’re not monitoring via only blood tests at the moment. Baby is probably fine. Even in a worst case scenario, you’re not letting them down. I had to remember that when transfer #2 didn’t take. You’re doing a good thing! Remember that.

Every pregnancy is different :heart:
A lot of times it takes up to 7-8 weeks along.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to not see the heartbeat at 6 weeks pregnant?

Yes. 6 weeks can be too soon.
My doctor won’t even do an ultrasound until 8 weeks because of this.


Yeah its too.soon xx

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At exactly 6 weeks with my daughter we seen a baby with a heart beat. At 6 weeks 5 days with my twins all we saw were yolk sacs and gestational sacs. We didnt see babies with a heart beat until 7 weeks 5 days.

I went into er for kidney infection at 7 1/2 weeks. No heartbeat. We actually didn’t get to hear the heartbeat until like 14 weeks

Me i went in at 6 weeks & they were there but nothing else went back 2 weeks later & both my babies had heartbeats. We are currently 19weeks❤

Yeah it can be too soon my ob won’t even do a 1st pregnancy visit untill 8 weeks…so please don’t get upset if don’t hear heart beat on Mon either

Yes too soon. Midwifes don’t listen to it until 25 weeks now x

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You can only detect the heartbeat at that age with some higher grade ultrasound machines. That’s still too early for most.

Most places don’t do ultrasounds still 8 weeks (earliest) because u can’t see or hear it yet.


9 weeks is when u can hear it

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It’s too soon. Most doctors don’t do ultrasounds until 8+ weeks and some doctors won’t see patients until they’re 13+ weeks.

Did they do a Doppler or internal ultrasound the internal ones you can hear it that early.

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Yes, still very early to detect!! Reat easy on this. And bless you for giving this gift to another family. Sich an incredible and selfless act. You are LOVE!!!

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Same happened with me went back 3 weeks later and all was good. I am 21 weeks now

Very normal. I couldn’t even see my baby that early. I could only see the baby during a 7 week transvaginal ultrasound. At 10 weeks I couldn’t hear the heartbeat either. I think it’s because I have a retroverted uterus.

Yeah it’s pretty normal not to hear the heartbeat that early. My OB said that’s why she doesn’t like visits before 8-10 weeks, except in cases like mine (previous ectopic so I have to check ASAP that baby’s in right place.) this time I didn’t see/hear heartbeat till about 9 weeks.

I was six weeks when i heard heartbeat… but doctor used an internal camera

Absolutely!! 5 babies and only ever heard between 8-12 weeks.

I was 6 weeks when I saw and heard both my boys’ heartbeats, but they didn’t register on normal ultrasound, they had to do transvaginal ultrasound in order to hear it. It’s entirely possible that you just may be too early still. Every baby develops at their own pace. :heart:

If you are a surrogate, please do not tell this family anything that people on Facebook say. Only tell them what the doctor has told you.


My babies heart beats were only detected through the vaginal ultrasound for the first three months almost. Then they were able to get the heart rate the regular way. Try not to be discouraged. The first time you hear your babies heartbeat you’ll know that it was worth every second that you had to endure the wait.

Usually 10 weeks or later for heart beat

I heard my baby’s heart beat at 7 weeks. But I am in Australia and we have pretty good machines.

If you’re only 6 weeks it’s possible to not see or hear it. I was 6+4 at my earliest u/s transvaginal one and we saw and heard the heartbeat. It could change in a few days. If the Dr wasn’t worried, I wouldn’t be.

My sister was 7 weeks when they seen the heartbeat and I was 5w6d. Everyone is different.

I was six and a half and they struggled to get it, but she wasn’t too concerned because she could see the heart working.

My OB w both pregnancies wouldn’t see patients until 7 weeks bc that’s when you can for sure find a heartbeat

& even then, they still had to use a vaginal ultrasound

Didn’t hear it till 9/10 weeks

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I had my first sono at 7weeks because I was hospitalized for HG. Could see the heartbeat then.

I had this! My son is currently 2 and a half. Sometimes it’s just too early. They can only guess how far along so much so maybe you just ovulated later than average and it’ll show up. I hope it works out for you!

I went in at 6 weeks due to heavy bleeding. Baby was there but no heartbeat detected. He measured 6wks 1day. I went back 2 days later after a heavy bleed to see if I had lost him and he was still there with a heartbeat that time.

I had this happen as well. No issues. Dr said they could see the heart functioning so picking up the heartbeat wasnt a concern.

Definitely too soon.

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I was told the first appointment would be at 8 weeks and then they should be able to detect one

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I was 6 weeks and 2 or 3 days and there was no heartbeat. I now have an almost 7 year old son :heart:

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A traditional ultrasound too early, but I think they can do a transvaginal. That’s what I had with my 1st. I didn’t think they even did regular ultrasounds that early. It’s just a little bean lol


The only way I got to see my baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks was when they did the vaginal ultrasound. 10 weeks it’s slightly bigger and better to see


I was able to heat my sons at 6 weeks.

I had this happen with my current pregnancy. They saw it soon after. Try not to worry too much, and I think you’re doing such a beautiful thing by being a surrogate!


Totally normal! They couldn’t find my baby’s at 8 weeks! But everything was okay❤️

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Didn’t see mine until 12 weeks and I’m glad I switched drs! They didn’t see anything at 7 weeks and wanted me to go ahead and get rid of it…. Today I got a almost 9 year old boy


I was 7-8 weeks when I heard the hb

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I have heard this yes . It can be normal

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With my second they couldn’t find the heartbeat which terrified me and as I was laying on the bed during which about in a panic, his heart started beating right before our eyes… I want to say that was at about 7 or 8 weeks.

Yes it’s so early and hard to find. Also with my second child my placenta was in the front so it was hard for them to hear the heart beat.

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My 6 week appt he told me generally they don’t like to do sound as long as they see it flickering they can still see it’s beating and get the BPM because there is more currents going into baby to get the sound and it puts stain on baby’s heart. I didn’t hear my little one until 12 weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes… It’s normal… They usually don’t try until 12 weeks.

I went in at 5w5d and they couldn’t find my daughters heartbeat. I went back at 8w and it was there, strong as ever. Try not to worry too much.

Too early, trust the doctor!

Yes this happened to me it will be fine :heart:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to not see the heartbeat at 6 weeks pregnant?

Yes this happened with my first. Could literally only see the eggsac no hearbeat as too early. Now shes a healthy 3 year old. Hope this gives you some peace of mind … good luck with your pregnancy xx

At this stage literally 24 hours can be the difference in seen a hb or not. It frightening when it happens so usually ask you to come back in a week or two to make sure they are able to see it then

Completely normal, couldn’t see my little man’s heartbeat until I was 8 weeks

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it normal to not see the heartbeat at 6 weeks pregnant?

With my now 3 yo I found out a 3 weeks. I had to go every 3 days for a blood draw so that they could get my levels to make sure he wasn’t in my tubes. At 5 weeks I got my first ultrasound in the hospital. He was still way to small for them to get his heartbeat but each week until I have my first ob appt I had to go in and at 7 1/2 weeks they saw it in the screen.

My last two babies we couldn’t hear the heartbeat on first scans. It was just too early. I’m an anxious person and the doctors allowed me to get a rescan a week or so later both times and all was well. There’s a good chance you are fine as scary as it is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We couldn’t find a heartbeat until 8 weeks, all 3 of my pregnancies. I remember feeling exactly how you do. I even bought my own doppler to try to find it myself. Made myself even crazier. Hang in there mama :purple_heart:

We couldn’t find heart beat till about 8 weeks! They joked his butt was in the way :joy:

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I had an ultrasound at 6w 5d (previous miscarriage, they were checking to make sure baby was there and on point, it is!!), they did not attempt to find a heartbeat. Said at my 8/9w they’d listen for it then because it is less stress on the mama

Yes. My doctor could see a faint heart beat at 11 weeks and told me he would check again at my next appointment. They will tell you if anything is abnormal.

I’m with my second and both times was told it’s too early to hear a heart beat


I just have to say you are incredible for being a surrogate! That is an incredible gift you are giving to another woman! 6 weeks is a little early try not to stress. They found my baby’s heartbeat and 7 weeks 3 days. -Melissa

I was 6 weeks 3 days when I was scanned. No heartbeat. She’s 13 now :slightly_smiling_face:

We couldn’t even find a heartbeat when I was 8 weeks along. Sometimes you just can’t hear them until you are farther along. Especially with all the different body types everyone can hear the heart beat at different times.

Yep very normal especially if normal ultrasound. I had internal at 5 and 7 weeks and they could only just see it at 7. Moody healty 13 year old in Aug

8 weeks is when you can expect to hear a heart beat, it’s normal if you don’t hear it yet and you can research the development of a fetus and see for yourself… congrats on your little one!!

My midwife told me if she’s doing an early US she will not even attempt to look for a heartbeat until after 8wks so as not to stress pregnant humans out. It’s very common to not find a heartbeat at 6wks :slightly_smiling_face: I asked her what she does if it’s a dating scan so she doesn’t know how far the patient is and she said she will date it based on the scans and not mention it if under 8wks. Def won’t worry about it :wink:

My first ultrasound was at 6 weeks and 4 days and while we did see the heartbeat, the Dr said it wouldn’t be unusual to not see it at that stage. I think 8 weeks is when it’s more likely to he seen and that’s why first ultrasound is typically done at 8 weeks, but I could be wrong.

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Pretty normal…happened to me 2 out of 3 healthy pregnancies :blush:

I’m obviously not a mom! :rofl:, but I really wanted to reach out to firstly say, I hope everything works out for you, and secondly to say that what you’re doing for someone else is absolutely incredible :heart: really hope all is well


I didnt see/hear a heart beat until 8 weeks and even at 12 weeks it sounded weak but the technician said that was because of how he was positioned. When it was time to give birth tho, I had to have an emergency c section because when they tried to induced his heart rate kept dropping, hes 10 months now and absolutely healthy

Yep. Couldnt get a heartbeat with my son. Finally almost at 8 weeks when I went back it was there clear as day.

Your due date is +/- 2 weeks (I think this is because of implantation but I’m not sure?) I wouldn’t panic.

I saw & heard both of my babies heartbeats at 6w3d w my son and 6w4d w my daughter…

I was almost 11 weeks when I first heard the heartbeat. I think usually it’s around 8 weeks.

With my first. I didn’t know I was pregnant when I went in for an ultrasound. They were checking for cysts. I was told I had a massive on in my right ovary and I needed to come back in 2 weeks to see if it was growing. 2 weeks later I go back and was told o didn’t have any cysts and I was actually 8 weeks pregnant. What they saw was my baby. He’s now almost 8.

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Infertility mom here! I was scanned every 3 days with my twins… I had beta blood work til 5 weeks 5 days then scans every 3 days for weeks… they wouldn’t let me be scanned before 5+5 because they were sure there wouldn’t be a heart beat and they knew I’d flip out… they “claimed” they saw heart beats at 5+5 but I’m pretty sure they were lying to keep me from having a nervous breakdown in the office… How many days was the transfer at? What grade was the embryo? Is HCG rising?

Extremely common! For both boys they never did a heartbeat until after the sonography session (ob wouldn’t see me until around 8wks as well) so I believe after imaging i was 9-12weeks.

Also both pregnancies I had an anterior placenta so it was VERY difficult to hear a heart beat in the early stages, but became easier the further along I was of course.:hugs:

When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I was 5 1/2 weeks and they said it was too early to hear the heartbeat.

They couldn’t get one at 6 weeks when I was pregnant with my twins. Found out it was twins at my next appointment at 10 weeks when they found 2 heart beats

Yes, it’s normal and not an indication of concern at only 6 weeks. Usually by 8 weeks you can hear them.

Some ppl can hear them fairly early

If you want comfort see I’d you can make another apt or meet with a doc/midwife who can listen to your belly in a week or two.:two_hearts:

I had this happen and they said she may not have been growing… I think because she still had her yolk sac… it was 6 years ago. Lol. but I went back the next week and she had grown and looked like a little alien! Perfectly healthy! I’m pregnant right now again. Learned I have a frontal placenta meaning my placenta attached to the front of my belly. They say uts harder to get a heartbeat and 3d ultrasound because the placenta being there in the way

My dr doesn’t even do an ultra sound until 8 weeks because it’s so soon.

Yes it’s normal for the gestational age your baby is. That happen to me with my 3rd child and i am not going to deny it… it is the worst feeling ever :broken_heart::broken_heart:

Here in South African they do not to ultra sounds until you are 8 week or further, due to this same reason.

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With my first, they could not find the heartbeat until 10 weeks

Happened to me. I was so worried until my next appointment… and everything was fine.

At 6 weeks 3 days I could hear both my kids heartbeats

I didn’t hear my kids til almost threw months. Don’t worry to much , go to doc.u will know if u miscarry

8 weeks is the normal time to hear it :blush:

My gynae only lets u come after 8 weeks I think it is. It’s standard here in South Africa to not go before then as u might not get a heartbeat yet etc

The heart beat was found when I was 6 weeks pregnant both times, but it’s totally normal not to hear it yet that early.