Is it okay for my 2 year old to still drink from a bottle?

She usually gets one in the morning & bedtime and that’s it. She stopped using a pacifier at 4 months, so I think she sees her bottle as comfort when she’s sleepy. People fuss with me about her bottle, but it isn’t affecting her teeth like some pacifiers do, so I don’t see the issue. There is days she drinks from a cup, but sometimes I can’t get her to drink anything during the day so I will put water or juice in her bottle just so she will drink something throughout the day. I am trying to wean her from it, it’s just hard to..

No!!! Especially not at bedtime! Unless it is water only, it sits on the teeth and rots them! Ignore the people with survivors bias! What they aren’t telling you is the dental nightmares they’ve probably had to deal with all because they were too lazy to do what was best for their kids!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it okay for my 2 year old to still drink from a bottle?

My two year still drinks from a bottle too

Do wt works for uou n ur little one.

Buy her one or two big girl plastic cups and try to make a huge deal about it.

My daughter is 3 and gets a bottle at bedtime

I think 2 year old still quite young so I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Mayb 3 yes but 2 noooo they need milk still

Following cuz my little is about to be 3 on the 11th and I’m having this same exact issue

My 2 year old loves for her bottle… I’ve tried different silly cups that resemble her bottle and she won’t take them… I’ve tried just taking it away and all she does is scream. My oldest had no problem getting rid of the bottle. I’m at a loss too

Mine did but it also affected their teeth not teeth rot but pushing their teeth out.

Yes!! Everyone can EFF OFF!! Do what works for you both :heart:

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Do not listen to anybody else, you do what’s best for you… People want baby’s to grow to fast… She is only 2 years old and so many things required of her, walking, talking, eating by herself, possibly potty training and all the other unmentioned things, if she still wants her bottle give it to her… She does not have to grow up all in 1 day…

Ignore other people…


It’s bad for their teeth.

My son still had the bottle till like 2.5 then we finally decided it was time for sippy cups only. Bought him a few with his favorite characters, put all the bottles away and kept reminding him he’s a big boy now! It was rough for the first few days but he eventually forgot abt them. He has an older brother too so that helped seeing him drink out of regular cups. Do what works for you! :smiling_face:

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Bottles shouldn’t be used that long. It effects their teeth. Both of mine were weaned from them around 1 year. Just because your kid didn’t have teeth problems from it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hapoehappen.


I’m in the same boat!

Try swapping bottle to a sippy cup/water bottle? Camelback makes some fun kid size ones. Thats what my daughter uses and she’s 2

Drinking from a bottle that age does effect their teeth sadly it’s a unknown fact


I thought it was. My daughter is about to be 3 and I just took her off the bottle. She too would drink one in the morning and at bedtime. But I started noticing her front teeth are caving in because of it. She actually bit a hole in the nipple so I told her we had to throw it in the trash and she woke up the first few nights wanting one but now she’s fine. She does wake up extremely hungry now but I don’t mind it one bit.

my 2 year old drinks from a bottle still, but has recently started bitting the nipples so they fall apart, unfortunately I think its time to get her off the bottle :sob:

What if you want a cup that has a transition nipple. Nuk and nuby are great.

Every child is different. Do what you feel is best for your child. Any one who has a problem with it, tell them to take a walk to the park, or wherever.

They should be weaned from bottles around age 1. It does effect mouth/teeth development.


I’m right there with you with my 2 year old. My oldest was the same way.

Don’t listen to anyone . Do what works for you and your baby!!


Any bottle or passi will hurt teeth after 3 and cps can come in over that be careful

I would start transitioning from a bottle to a supply cup. My daughter seemed very dependent on her bottle but at 12 months switched her to a sippy cup. She is almost 4 and drinking out of a “big girl cup” She is my youngest of 4 and the only girl. The hardest learning lesson I have had.

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We did a straw cup and then went to straight sippy she didn’t want to say goodbye to the bottle

I am also having this issue. My daughter is about to be 2 in a week and she cannot sleep without hers. But I’ve also noticed that her bottle is a comfort thing for her. I will continue to ween her from it, but definitely not going to just take it when she clearly isn’t ready! She does used sippy cups during the day just fine though!

Shit my boy sucked a bink till 3 and a bottle till 2 1/2 and he’s perfectly fine now every kid is different people need to chill

No it’s not good for tha teeth

1st born- confused her bottle with bb sisters formula and quit cold turkey
2nd born- forgot bottle and decided not to buy a new one so also quit cold turkey. Both were 18MO and neither took pacifiers so I really dodged a bullet

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Switch to those character drinks like at a gas station. They dont leak, we have a ton and i think the fun in picking them makes it fun

While it can effect her teeth in the long run while it might not be visible now it could, might not but could. Try finding an stuffed animal or blanket to get her attached to and then find a transition bottle/sippy cup a few brands make them I found them at Walmart with my oldest. It is most likely comfort to her but remember you are doing the best you can and you are taking care of her needs, she’s still getting fluids during her bad days that’s all that matter. Plus let’s be honest who doesn’t have bad day? And we think baby toddlers kids & teens can’t have them?! She’s still learning how to process things your doing fine, you’ll find a path that works for her and you soon enough

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I threw all my bottles away so I wouldn’t be tempted to give my kids one when they each turned 1. Both took to a cup just fine. My daughter was more stubborn but they were in the trash lol so we pushed through and by noon she was using her cup lol.

My 2 1/2 yr old had a bottle till she was 2. I got her a soft spout sippy cup. (She wanted her bottle for milk. Her comfort thing) she would drink juice out of her sippy but not milk. I slowly tossed the bottle after getting her a cup that resembled one and that was that. Shes on a soft spouts still or a straw cup but its a comfort thing.

I work as a teacher in a infant room, we cut off bottles at one with no exception. It’s becoming a behavioral thing. She knows you’ll give in so she won’t drink from a cup. The bottle will have a negative impact on her teeth. I would just stick to your guns and throw the bottle out. She will drink once she realizes you aren’t giving in.


I only stopped my son at 4 and his tooth are good. Do what’s best for your child. At two all those teeth will fall out🤔 so don’t bother her. Start introducing cute big girl bottles as u go but don’t force things.

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I raised 3 and the easiest way to wean from a bottle is to let them ask specifically for that bottle and take your time getting it. Water only if you don’t give milk in the bottle because the sugar in the juice can develop cavities in her by teeth. Small amount of milk, just enough for comfort, though. All three of mine were off the bottle except for a while at bedtime and then only drank a half ounce or so and hugged the bottle while sleeping. I always offered the drinks in their small cups it Tupper cups with the lids and no carrying the cups. Stay on kitchen table on coffee table with my drink if we were in living room.
I started early to wean. Never let them carry a bottle, only had a bottle in bed, high chair, stroller, or my lap so it was easy to not give a bottle when they ask for a drink. I waited until they drank all their milk at mealtimes in glasses, Tupper lids only, never sippy cups, another to wean from. Bitten open Tupper seal cups could hold a straw for an older child so it was a good choice for me. On girl had the flue just after wean g so returned to bottlrvfie several months after.

The “paci fairy” worked for the 2yr old I watch…her issue was the pacifier but your daughter will be able to understand it…call it the bottle fairy give her the bottle empty and let her put it under her pillow and during the night take the bottle from under the pillow and leave something to replace said bottle…like a new sippy cup with her favorite thing on it!! If she isn’t a big water drinker you could also put her favorite thing to drink in her sippy cup and only water in the bottle…my little cousin threw all her bottles away at 2yrs

My youngest is 3 he still has a bottle at night my eldest had a bottle until he was 6 … didn’t bother me both have perfect teeth no holes nothing in fact eldest is nearly 10 now dentist said is rare to see a kid his age without caps on their teeth already :woman_shrugging:… do what works for u and your little one mumma x

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We went from bottle no older then 1 year 4 months to big girl cup - no sippy cups here proud mama of 3 girlies! :purple_heart:

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Go to cup and straw. Both mine weened around 10 months. Brush teeth then water only. No need for juice.

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The dentist recently told me research has now found often children’s teeth go to how they should be not long after taking dummy away

I once saw something about kids not letting go of their bottle you shouldn’t attempt to just take it away, replace it with something, like an upgrade, so maybe a sippy cup? And then try to transfer to a big kids cup or something

My little girl had a bottle and dummy till she was 3

If that is her comfort then let her do it. If she’s thirsty try to give her a cup at that time. She will switch when she’s ready. All babies a different. I’m learning that now. I have a 9 year old and a 2 year old. My 2 year old does things a lot different than my 9 year old did.

If water I get it but don’t put juice or milk . It absolutely can seriously harm teeth

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As long as teeth are brushed before bed, bottles are not a problem. Our dentist told us that pacifiers and bottles do not harm tooth placement, that’s a myth.

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Have you tried the transitioning kind of silly cups?

She’s fine. My niece drank a bottle until she was 4 and her pediatrician said it was fine. She’s now 30 and has perfect teeth and has never had a cavity.

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I let my children have one until they were ready. All of my kids so far have been around 3 when they broke from the bottle/soft sippy. I didn’t send them to bed with it because of bottle rot, but during the day, it was ok with us. Once they seen mom and dads cool cups with straws, they were happy to throw them out.

My yougest child hand one untill 4 years old guess want nothing wrong with my child teeth and both doctors said its fine. But then again i hand a child born early but if its 2 times a days it will be ok and doint make the child do it the child will let you know wen ready good luck

If she has teeth, then it is bad. It can really decay their teeth. Baby bottle tooth.


The day my daughter turned 1 I threw all bottles and binkis away. Never went back. She went to sippy cup. Never had juice mostly water.

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The bottle definitely messed up my daughters teeth bad. She was my first and I didn’t know much at that time. I let her use her bottle to go to bed with and she ended up needing her 2 front teeth capped and eventually pulled which messed up her whole mouth. She’s 12 and going to need braces because of it.


My daughter 3 and still has one she’s fine… dentist told me it’s fine as long as there teeth are brushed and you aren’t putting sweet drinks in it like milo flavored milk. I have had 8 children all had a bottle til 4 all have beautiful teeth

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My son drank from a bottle until he was 4 and that was only 1 bottle at bed time and that was it.
Don’t stress.

I know a kid who had bottle at four yrs old who cares every mother thinks there kids the best at everything and everyone else’s is shittin useless so your in a no win no matter what you do

My son drank from a bottle until her was 3 and a half just at bedtime. It was his comfort. He does have sensory issues too but I didn’t see a problem with the bottle.
My youngest Is 2 and sees his cot and dummy as his comfort. Tried weaning him and giving him a toddler bed but didn’t soothe to sleep one bit and we tried for 2 weeks. Put him in his cot with a dummy and out like a light.

Whatever comforts your kid, don’t just take it from them x

My son has only just given up his bottle his is 4 in feb. He loved it for comfort. I just went cold Turkey with him and started giving it from a cup for him and the past 2 nights he hasn’t even asked for milk at all in a cup. He did get upset once and that was it. It’s not a big deal at all just do when they are ready will make it so much easier

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Just keep at weening her and it will be fine

It can 100% hurt the child’s teeth. At two you can have their first pediatric dental visit and they will give you their professional opinion. It can definitely cause issues such as bottle mouth syndrome, narrowing of the roof of the mouth, misalignment of the upper and lower jaws, slanting out of the front teeth and so on! Definitely get the child to a dentist for their first visit if you haven’t already! I know it’s hard to take away those comfort items, but long term it’s more helpful to take them than harmful! Maybe let her pick out her own soppy cups at the store and reward her for being a big girl! I would stay away from juice if you can- water if for sure better for her teeth! And if you’re giving milks and juices make sure she is brushing her teeth regularly to prevent decay!


Tooth decay, speech issues, anemia, obesity, and long term teeth damage were my worry for mine so they were off the bottle way before 18 months. And absolutely never allowed to suck their thumb. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if they ended up with problems because I didn’t transition at correct age.

Do what works for u , my 4 year old still takes water in a bottle and it’s not affecting her one bit.

I personally have never understood the benefits of allowing bottles after 1. I’ve always stood my ground and worked away from the bottle by or before 1. Soft sippy cups till about 18 mo then hard spout. Water bottle and regular cups by 3. I started introducing sippy cups around 8m with all my children and the oldest 3 were all off the bottle by 1 year. Once milk came into the picture it’s gone. None of my kids have used pacifiers or sucked thumbs either. I don’t encourage it and try to deter thumb sucking even as babies. (Hand chewing is different). All 3 big babies have beautiful teeth and their littlest brother will too!

My kids were weaned off the bottle at 10 months of age. When they started drinking juice, and when I the introduced juice, I only used a sippy cup for that. It made them want the cup. By 10-12 months they were fully off the bottle.


Every parenting style is different do what you think is best for your child. At the end of the day your are the mom and you know what’s best for your child.

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It’s ok for YOUR child to do as you wish .


I’d probably only do water in the bottle if you choose to keep allowing her to use one. The juice or milk when they drink and fall asleep with it can give decay to the teeth. So yes it doesn’t cause issues like a binky it still causes issues to the health of their teeth. If you decide to keep using the bottle and use milk or juice once she is asleep use a wet wash cloth and wipe her teeth to help clean them so the sugars aren’t sitting on the teeth.


I think that is perfectly fine! Your her mum you do what you and your child is comfortable with :purple_heart::purple_heart:

For real just throw them out. She’ll cry but she’ll get over it.

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At the end of the day, she’s gonna use something as comfort and people are gonna give you hell for it. Get her teeth checked to make sure all is okay with them and if it is then what’s the harm in keeping her on them? If not wean her off :woman_shrugging:

All children are different. My son was 3 and a half and my daughter was 2…
You know your child best, I’d say do what’s right for you and your child. Good luck x


My brother in law is a dentist and said it’s not the bottle that is the issue it’s the milk that’s in the bottle. So if you just put water in it it won’t ever cause any problems, my 2 year old still has her bottle as she’s not had any problems with her teeth


You don’t think it’s effecting her teeth but it is and will. It’s not always the bottle, but what you are putting in it. Every child is different. I don’t understand why this is up since you don’t think it’s an issue.

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I think its more a safety hazard, if they were to chew on the teat and swallow/choke on the plastic, as it can get lodged in their throat and stop them breathing. That’s what I’ve been told as to why older kids shouldn’t have bottles, as their teeth are strong enough to bite the tops off.

Your child doesn’t need a baby bottle. She isn’t a baby.

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Do what works for you and your child.

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Fill the cup leave bottle empty she will learn the concept

Life is hard, they don’t need a bottle after the age of 1.

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Nuk Brand has a really nice sippy that has a soft spout. Try it it worked for my little guy. They sell them at Walmart


But eventually you will want to switch her to the hard spout one. If she starts chewing on it definitely time to move go the hard ones. Good luck momma a

Put water in her bottle. Milk from a cup

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My youngest had his bottle tell he was 3.but it was for bed time only cup all day bottle for bed.

Dont listen to people fussing about her bottle. She’ll part with it when she’s good and ready…just like everything else we stress about.
My dentist assured me a pacifier or a bottle would not affect my children’s teeth…but thumb sucking would and thats a much harder habit to break.
The bigger problem is tooth decay…and there is sugar in pretty much everything.
There used to be a soft feeding cup type teat to fit in bottles that made it easier to transition from bottle to cup…probably still available somewhere.
Keep trying with various cups till you find one she likes but keeping her hydrated is much more important than stressing over a bottle .

My children all used the bottle at two. They are in their thirties and don’t have one Cavity.

You’re her mom. It doesn’t matter what others think. You’re the 1 that has to deal with her & the consequences. Don’t let others bother you.

I think its recommended to stop the bottle at age 1. Just like a pacifier it can have long term effects on the little ones teeth.

My 2 year old has a bottle for bedtime only. But its got a sippy nipple on it.

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Switch to soft tip sippy cup

My son is 4 and the 5th child and he’s still on bottle and diapers. Out of my children he’s the hardest to break of the habits. But it’s a comfort thing .

Honestly it dont matter what anyone thinks. Its NOT their child. Did not come out of them. You do what you got to do to wean her off the bottle. My first son was super hard to get off the bottle. Find a cup with lid that she likes and try to let her use that and hide the bottles. Or try any other advice’s other moms are giving. Kids are different.

Use of bottles at that age can prevent proper muscle development in their lips, resulting in speech issues.


Do what works for yous. My daughter is 2.5 and still has 2 bottles a day. And still has dummy’s until Santa comes :grin:

Just throw out the bottles, then she has no choice. She’ll drink out of a cup if she’s thirsty enough

My youngest used one until she was 3. She’s fine.

I’d try to get her off of it. Not good for her teeth to be drinking all night. When I took my son to the pediatrician she recommended I stop at 15 months due to this reason specifically.
Also they don’t need it, not good for their health to be eating and drinking all night. Water, in a cup. Start with the munchkin 360 cup!! That’s what I used. Now my son is 2 & can drink from a a cup no issues at all, he doesn’t even use a sippy

Good friend of mine let her daughter do this and she got bottle rot on her teeth. Wasn’t noticeable at first. She has to have a procedure done because of it. Just be careful