Is it okay to have cats while pregnant?

Have a cat. And wanted to know if it’s safe to have a cat at home. He’s an indoor cat. I’m only 5 weeks pregnant. But I want to know if it’s safe. I don’t want to get rid of my kitty.


It’s safe to have a cat but it there is anyone else in the home,have them take over scooping the litter box to avoid the chance of toxoplasmosis.


Yes. Just don’t change the litter box anymore, have someone else do it.

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It’s not safe for you to handle the litter. See if your significant other will handle that part while you are pregnant :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why would it not be safe? I had cats through all 3 pregnancies, just had someone else change the litter

I had two cats through all three of my pregnancies my husband just took care of cleaning the litter box out cuz of the ammonia

Yea just do not change their litter box!

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It’s 100% safe… you just need to avoid being the one that cleans the litterbox.

It’s safe. As long as the cat hasn’t gone outside you aren’t at risk for the disease that risks your pregnancy. You can still change the litter. It’s a myth. The only time it’s a risk is if the cat also goes outdoors and got the bacteria from a prey.


It’s safe to have a cat. I would just have someone else change the litter box.

I’m 16 weeks with my second and I have 3 cats. You’re perfectly safe. Just be careful with the kitty litter

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Yes had/have my cat for 6 years now her and my little one are doing great together cat comes around when she to other than that stays upstairs

Safe to have a cat but don’t change the litter box

It’s fine. Just have someone else clean the litterbox. :slight_smile:

I had cats with all four of my pregnancies. it’s safe to have them however do not change the litter box have someone else change it.

Truth is I’m 8 months pregnant and my cat is my big baby, when his litter box needs scooped I just dump it in the trash and pour new litter and take the trash out😂
No one else in my house likes the cat so I’m on my own with his care, but it works :rofl::rofl:

Yes!! Don’t get rid of your cat

I had 3 kids and cats and changed the litter with gloves they were fine

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Yes keep your kitty. I changed the litterboxes while pregnant and I was fine. 3 cats. But I can recommend wearing your facemask and some gloves while doing it.

Yes it’s safe. If there is someone available to clean the litter box then i prob wouldn’t do it. Or you can buy one of these. Best thing I ever bought! I have 2 cats that use it. I buy the disposable trays and change them every 2 weeks. It’s not super cheap but welllllll worth it!

Yes, just have someone else clean the cat box or wear gloves and a mask while you clean it. Outdoor or cats who are outdoor part time can catch a parasite that they pass in their feces which is dangerous to pregnancy. It can cause miscarriage if contracted by the mother during pregnancy. However, if the cats never go outside or are never exposed to other pets who go outside then there isn’t really a way for them to contract the parasite which is from eating dead animals.

I have 5 cats and work at a cat rescue. I just wear masks and gloves when doing litter boxes. I literally do anywhere from 10 to 20 boxes a day

I had/have 5 :relaxed: you should get someone else to do the litter, although based off everything I’ve been told by doctors it’s only unsafe if there’s a chance of your cats eating things like mice since they could catch things from them, so it’s more for outdoor cats

It is safe you just can’t clean the litter box

Yes its fine, and you can clean the kitty box. Just wear gloves!

Just don’t clean the litter box.

100%. if you dont have someone else to change litter box, wear gloves and a mask while doing it. Just try to keep it as clean as possible, as not to be breathing in the toxic fumes from the pee :blush:

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Why would it be bad to have a cat?

Yes I had 2 cats when I had my daughter just keep an eye on the cats and baby

DO NOT TOUCH THE LITTERBOX. Other than that you’re fine


Keep your cat! Be really careful when changing litter.

Yes they recommend not changing litter boxes though

Yes I had cats when I had my baby I would just keep an eye on them

DO NOT CHANGE THE LITTER! I have a nephew with disabilities and they say it came from the cat litter.

Yep never had a problem

I had cats through five pregnancies. Just make someone else do the litter box hugs.

I had five cats while pregnant just don’t change or go near the little box. No need to regime an animal just because you’re pregnant.

It is safe but my daughter was told not to empty the litter pan to make her hubs do it

It’s fine as long as you don’t do the litter box. Leave that up to someone else!

It’s safe. I have two cats.

I have 4 cats… currently just shy of 37 weeks the only thing they say to be careful about is the litter… if you have anyone that could possibly help you with that great otherwise during your pregnancy invest is really good litter and clean it minimum once daily to keep the ammonia down as low as you can

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Yes your good. I’m a vet tech and had lots of concerns about this as well. I was told if you absolutely have to scoop box or anything with their poo you should be masked and wear gloves. And wash as soon as done before touching your face. I also have 4 cats of my own and could never give them away. Two of them sleep with me nightly!

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Yes. If you don’t have someone else available to clean their litter box make sure you wear a mask and gloves while cleaning it. And wash your hands before touching your face

Just make sure to have someone else clean the litterbox. Or if it’s unavoidable, suit up - gloves, mask, and try to avoid touching anything.

Yes it’s okay to have cats. Have your significant other scoop the litter box.

I wear a mask while cleaning the litterbox. No problem having a cat while pregnant.

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I had a chat with my OB about pets and he said that if you’ve been a cat owner for a long time, you’ve likely already been exposed to the particles that cause illness.

But he did warn that if you absolutely have to handle cat waste, do it in a well ventilated area and with a mask on.


Yes, you just can’t change the litter

Yes it is safe. They recommend not changing the litter if you have another person in the household have them help. Or wear a mask and gloves (that’s what I did)


Just dont clean the litter box or touch its bum and you should be fine

You just can’t change the litter and if you do I’d wear a mask of some sort

Just don’t scoop the litter

That is a stupid question, sounds like you already made up your mind

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I’m 10 weeks tomorrow and I just make my hubby clean the litter box.

It really doesn’t matter. I didn’t have a cat or access to kitty litter and my son was still born with toxioplasmosis… they said the parasite gets into the bottom of your feet and affects to baby… if you have a cat and it had this parasite regardless of what you will get it. If it doesn’t baby will be fine.

Yep. I make hubby clean litterbox :smiling_imp:

I have 3 cats and it definitely is safe. You just cant clean the litter box. My oldest cat loves my kiddos

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I had 3 cats when I was pregnant with my son I’m down to 2 and my son is 5 years old my husband was in charge of cleaning the boxes

We have four cats. Make someone else clean the litter box or wear gloves and a mask judt to be safe if you can’t.

Cats are fine. They’re awesome. Don’t get rid of kitty.

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I wore an N95 mask to scoop my cats litter box or my husband did it

I had a cat. Didn’t bother me. I changed the litter like I always did before prego. Gloveless and mask less. I wasn’t paranoid. I also cleaned it 2x a day. :woman_shrugging:. Everything was fine.


I have 3 cats and 5 kids. 2 dogs also. Animals are family mine are excellent with my kids and always have been. Just please teach your child to respect animals early on.

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Its safe as long as someone else cleans the litter box! Don’t ever clean it yourself.

I had 2 cats with both my pregnancy’s. 2 happy heathland kids and cats now 14 years and 4 years …

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Wash your hands really well after handling the litter box or wear gloves.

Just have someone else take care of the potty box.

I cleaned the box with something to filter the unhealthy particles while pregnant my daughter is healthy, strong, and intelligent. Just be careful and wash your hands afterwards like anyone should do so anyhow following that.

I had cats with all 4 pregnancies! Only one who dealt with the cat or litter boxes. All 4 kids are fine!

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I kept all three of my cats during pregnancy. Even had to change the litter bc no one else would.

Yes…just wear a mask and gloves when cleaning the litterbox.

Just don’t clean the litter box. Other than that cats are usually great with kids. They understand they are young and need to be protected.

Yes. You just can’t change the litter box. It you have to wear an n-95 mask. Nothing less!!

Yes its fine to have a cat :cat2: while pregnant just have your spouse to clean the cat box.

Old wise tell about cats stealing a babies breath when they are little. I wouldn’t want them to sleep in babies room until about a year. Milk and them snuggling baby might be the reason for it.

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No you are not to have a cat or take care of cat poop or pee while you are pregnant

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It’s fine! Wear gloves and a face cover when changing litter and wash hands - though I never did wear anything and just washed my hands, same w my daughters and we had multiple cats.

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Just have someone else change the kitty box.

My OB just told me that when I changed the litter box, wear disposable gloves and a disposable mask, and to wash my hands thoroughly afterwards.

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all comes down to hygiene and keeping up on cat and bubs immunizations etc keep kitty litter clean do not touch the litter or waste, you your babe and your kitty will be fine start making some changes to your cats routine so you can safely keep it away from baby while she is sleeping etc :slight_smile:

You can have her, I just heard that you shouldn’t be the one cleaning her litter box

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You can have a cat, just don’t change litter.

Wth kind of question is that ?! :joy::joy::joy::joy: I have two boys and two cats. No complications whatsoever. My boys love our cats and our cats love the boys :relieved:

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I’ve always had cats and have 3 children. If you use a litter tray you have to use gloves and wash your hands.

I heard it’s ok as long as you don’t change the cat litter!

I had 2 cats while pregnant and was totally fine. You just can’t scoop/change the litter box. I guess there is something potentially dangerous for the fetus in cat poop according to my midwife. Can’t remember what it’s called though.

Ive had a cat with all 4 of my pregnancies and had no issues.

Ye I had 2 cats when I have been pregnant. Just wear gloves snd a mask when cleaning litter box.

Yes of course! Just try to avoid cleaning the litterbox and have someone else clean the litterbox. My kitty girl adores my baby when she was born and she’s tolerant of her bc she’s a toddler now. Cats are usually wonderful companions for babies. Just try not let them sleep in the crib with the baby bc they are known to try lay on the baby to keep the baby warm. It’ll be ok once the baby is bigger than the kitty.


We had a cat years ago when my 1st was an infant and it was better then okay. This cat absolutely loved my son and acted as a guard cat and would sleep at my sons feet. Those two became inseparable.

As long as you don’t change the litter box! We have always had cat(s), while I was pregnant & no issues!!:cat:

Yes just don’t clean the litter box…

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Yes absolutely keep kitty. Avoid cleaning the litter box or being near the litter box when someone else is scooping or dumping as that’s when the toxoplasmosis can be aeorsolized. If you must do the litter box wear a N95 mask. Also if your cat has always been inside only it’s possible they are not colonized with the toxoplasmosis pathogen in the first place. Congratulations :tada:

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I had 2 cats while pregnant with my daughter this year. Its chemicals in the litter that are dangerous to inhale so have someone else clean it but as for being around my cat now is very much protective and cuddly towards my 2 month old. Never attempts to hurt or disturb her. But keep the cat from the baby’s face as inhalation of hair can hinder proper breathing in babies younger then 6 months to 1 year

Yes. I had 2 at home when my kids were born and a few more since. Avoid cleaning the litter box but if you must wear gloves and a face mask. My cats loved my kids. And my youngest son and current cat grew up together. They have the most amazing bond. :paw_prints: 🐈‍⬛ :purple_heart:

I 've had cats with my children and never had an issues. Children are grown and have children of their own. They also have cats.

Wash your hands after touching the kitty but don’t do any litter box duties, leave that to others.

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I think it’s fine but someone other than you should do litter box duty-

As someone who has had toxoplasmosis and lost a child, it’s not worth it. I didn’t even have a litter box because it was an outside cat and I still got it.

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Pet but don’t hold, avoid all contact with the paws. Do NOT change or handle litter. It’s the bacteria in the poop that’s the risk and because they cover it it gets on their paws

I was always told it’s fine just have someone else change the litter.

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