Is it okay to have more than 1 baby shower?

Did you have multiple baby showers? I am pregnant with my second and was told it is tacky to have multiple. My child is 3, and I am 6 months with a girl. Is it weird to throw another and throw it myself?


No every baby needs a shower…


I didn’t have a second, but to each their own.

I’m doing another shower

Its not weird at all. Everyone I know has had multiple. Sometimes for a second child of the same gender I’ve seen Diaper Parties where people bring you diapers, wipes, formula. etc instead of clothes, toys, and things like that.

I dont think its weird. Especially if you don’t have any baby stuff left from the last one.

I have three kids and had 3 showers. Who cares what others think.

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Yeah, a little. I think if they were done by different people and with different social circles you could get away with it. But I definitely wouldn’t throw one for myself.


If you’re throwing your own baby shower, go for it and have fun!
No reason not to celebrate a new life :blush:

I had one for both my kids!

We had a gender reveal with our son… 5 years on and we are doing another, but more so because we are able to have family and friends together

Had two kids and so has others and we’ve had baby showers for them , I’m about to have my third don’t thaink il have one this time

no not weird you are celebrating your child with a party

If it’s a different gender, go for it.
But if you’re going on like kid 4 and you’re like my sister who needed a shower for every single one… then yeah its a bit much.
I say the first two sure if they’re different genders.
Or even if you have a different gender for your whatever number and you have all the same genders. .just keep it small and simple.


Maybe just a sprinkle. People could bring little things, diapers, wipes…etc.

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Back in my day we had 1 babyshower for the first born only. Times are changing … Have as many showers as you want hun. Congratulations

Nope I had one for every child :woman_shrugging: but my first and second were 6years apart and opposite sex :woman_shrugging: my 2nt and 3rd 3years apart same sex but got rid of everything :woman_shrugging: 3rd and 4th 2 1/2 years apart opposite sex but we had a diaper shower as we didn’t find out boy or girl until birth as it was my husbands first bio child

People are so judgy, I’m sorry for the comments you received. Throw you a baby shower girly!

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Personally, I think it’s tacky. BUT it’s 2021 so whatever you want that makes you happy. I say go for it, just don’t be upset if some people don’t show


Iv never had a baby shower and on baby 4 rn but i would have one for every baby cause why not celebrate bringing life into the world! :slight_smile:

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Nope. Why celebrate one kid and not the others? Plus new babies can ALWAYS use diapers, wipes, wash stuff etc.


You have a baby shower for each baby you have.


We have had baby shower/BBQs with all of our 7 kids and are planning one now for our 8th. We basically just do big BBQs with family and friends to celebrate the new baby joining our family, we make most of the food, and some guests will bring food they’ve made, some people bring gifts also if they choose to but we don’t ask for gifts. We just want our family and friends there.

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My daughter is 2 (was born in the winter) I am currently expecting another girl (in the summer) so we a doing a “sprinkle” where we can get diaper, wipes and items we got rid of with our daughter that wouldn’t last ( like bottles and binkys) as well as some clothing because oblivious you aren’t gonna want a baby wearing long winter clothing in the middle of June.
But I would say each to their own because people are gonna do what they want.

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Don’t throw it for yourself, if someone offers you can graciously accept.

I love baby sprinkles!! Ppl who think it’s tacky don’t need to come is how I see it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I threw BOTH my own showers with both of my kids. New baby new party :relieved::joy:

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Every baby should have a baby shower . These day people say no or look at you like why another one but every baby is special

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I had a second one.
My kids are 6 years apart, first one was a boy second a girl. To each there own! Celebrate your new bundle!

I only think it’s “tacky” if you invite people you haven’t kept in touch with since the first shower! If you’re close with your friends and family, they’ll want to celebrate every baby you have :white_heart:


Do a diaper party if you feel uncomfortable calling it a baby shower

Throw as many showers as you’d like. Who cares what people think because no matter what you do they’ll judge you anyway.


Nope I know someone who had 8 baby showers so you are good to go

For my first it was a huge deal so someone planned it for me and set it all up at my house. For my second(same gender but just about 4 years apart) we called it a ‘sprinkle’ and it was smaller by my choice and my mom helped plan this time and all I wanted/asked people to bring was diapers, wipes and clothes if they wanted too. I have two daughters and saved clothes but my luck they were born in totally different seasons so a lot needed updated!

But! It’s your party/baby! Do what you feel is right!

If your first born and second born are different genders or theres a large age gap go for the shower! But if they’re close in age and you just wanna celebrate the pregnancy you could do a sprinkle or a little party with people bringing diapers and wipes!

Every precious life brought into this world is precious and if the first baby had one why would future babies not have the same thing.


I only had one I have 3 boys oldest 16 youngest 10 now I’m pregnant for my fourth boy n I bought everything myself

You can have as many as you want! Anyone who doesn’t agree doesn’t need to come! Every baby deserves to be celebrated. Congratulations


I’m on my 5th and I only had a shower with my first. I want to have one but idk with this covid going on :sob:

My sister threw me my first one. A nice ladies club in my new town threw me one with my 2nd kid. Never had a shower with 3 or 5, but the same nice ladies who threw me my 2nd shower, threw another for #4. I lived near no one that I really knew when I had #3, and just moved to my farm when #5 came along.

I did for all 3 of mine

I had baby showers for both my girls 🤷🏼‍♀ my mom INSISTED on throwing another one, and they were born in COMPLETELY OPPOSITE times of the year (december then june) :sweat_smile:
I also feel like every baby is a blessing and deserves to be celebrated :two_hearts: just because you have a shower doesn’t mean people have to bring presents or anything, just getting together and playing baby shower games is lots of fun :sparkling_heart:

I had one for my 1st an 2nd but the last two I didn’t…

I had 3 baby showers for one kid. New kid gets another baby shower. If they find it tacky… then they don’t have to come.

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At one point it was considered tacky back in the day but TBH i know plenty of people who have it for each baby especially if there is a good age gap and different genders. Have a shower.

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I got 2 because of two family sides who were too proud to have a combined one. I didn’t plan them, they did all that.

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Baby showers for separate babies are fine but if its a baby shower for the same pregnancy then it’s not tacky it’s greedy.

Have as many baby showers as you want and screw what anyone else tells you is acceptable or not


I’m pregnant with baby number 4 and unfortunately have never had a baby shower with any of my kids. But I also dont really know anyone and so I’ve done baby registries… why? Idk because I have to buy every single item myself anyway because absolutely no one has bought anything from my registry or offered to buy anything :woman_shrugging: but no. I dont see it as tacky having multiple baby showers. Especially if kids are different genders and/or farther apart than your last.

My best friend threw a baby shower for my first, and my mother-in-law threw a shower for my second. My kids are 21 & 19, and I have only recently heard anyone say that it’s tacky to have more than one shower. Is there a reasoning behind this? It’s a celebration of new life! That’s like saying your second child isn’t allowed a birthday because your first one has one already! :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:

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No. I had what is called a Sprinkle for my 2nd child. I threw it myself. I had gotten rid of majority of my things after my first so this helped me from having to buy everything all over again.

In our family it’s every baby. Its about welcoming and celebrating the baby. For my last we did a gender reveal instead since I kept everything from my first 3 kids and of course the covid issue.


Yes, you can. Other’s opinions don’t matter, if they find it tacky then they don’t need to be there :upside_down_face:

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It’s not tacky! Why have one for one baby and not another?? That makes no sense to me lol

My sister had 6 of them

You can have a baby shower for every baby

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I have four babies and four baby showers!

I’m having one for my second. I have 2 for my first (family lives in Maryland and we went to visit so one there and one where we live) i have a 3 year old as well and am planning on making it about him becoming a big brother as well as the bringing the new baby into the world. We have so many people that love our kids and want to get us things it only makes sense to have a shower for baby #2

Not at all! I thought it was tradition to have one every pregnancy. I had one for each of my girls and they’re 1 yr & 9 months apart

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You can have a sprinkle. It’s like a mini shower. I had one for my now 7 year old and had the sprinkle for my 3 year old

Do what you want. I have a daughter that will be two when my current baby is due, and we were planning a baby “sprinkle” because my first born has been raised by me alone and this ones father is “his first” baby. But because of COVID it has now turned into a baby “welcoming” in the summer of the regulations permit.

Its a shower for the upcoming baby so you have one for every kid. At least that’s how we do it. I had a baby shower for each of my 3 kids.

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Depends I guess on the situation. My first i had a baby (boy) shower didnt have one for my twins (boys) but was thrown one for my youngest 10 years later for my only girl.

I think its fine if lets say your first was a boy ans now you have a girl or if somebody throws it for you.

do what you want and don’t worry about how others feel if you aren’t harming them. They don’t have to attend and if they are talking about you and being negative you probably don’t want them in your life anyway. Life is way too short to not do what makes you happy! Congrats on your new baby.

Proper etiquette says you’re only supposed to throw one shower for each sex. Do whatever floats your boat. Whoever shows up, shows up :woman_shrugging:t2:


I have had three and had showers for them all!

I had 5 kids and had a baby shower for each … no shame !

Nope do what you wanna…i did 2 for my second there was some family drama and drama that included the fathers side of the family so i did one with my family and another with the fathers side of the family

Do what makes you happy

I have 3 and had 3 baby showers. There is 4 years between 1 and 2 (both boys) I had gotten rid of everything but the swing, pack and play, car seat (wasn’t expired). So my second was pretty much just clothes and diapers. My third was a girl and it was pretty big (just like my first) after two boys everyone wanted to buy stuff. If your family wants to throw you a baby shower do it. Screw what that person says. Don’t invite them. It’s tacky to put your self in others business but she obviously doesn’t care about that :woman_shrugging:

Very very tacky to host your own shower.

Usually you have a sprinkle shower for your 2nd kiddo…not quite as big or elaborate as your 1st one but you still celebrate your upcoming baby with close family and friends

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No you do not have one for each kid, unless there is a huge difference in ages.


When I was 17 having my first I did as my ex family and my family had issues. My other boys I had one gatherings as they were all boys…

Every baby deserves to be celebrated! :sparkling_heart:


I feel like it’s becoming more common to have more than one. I’m pregnant with my second and have been debating having another once since my daughter is only 2 and I’m having another girl. I’ll most likely just have a diaper party this time

Why tacky ?! I personally hate them & never had one for me but my cousins had one for every baby they had. I find it’s very helpful for the new mom because let’s face it babies are expensive- diapers, formula etc.

I only had 1 for my first. Didn’t need another. Kinda odd to have your own shower


If it was for different guest I would but with covid we couldn’t even have one

I have 2 boys and expecting my girl any day now. I’ve had 3 showers.

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Most people I know have a “sprinkle” which is just diapers and the basic needs like soaps, rash creams, etc. But do whatever you want! Especially if you had a boy the first time. If people don’t want to come thats their choice. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Go for it. I had 2, and hosted my second one.

Heck no!! I used it as a meet my new baby party. We had lots of issues with pregnancies so I wait till after baby is born to throw a “shower”. I did it for all three of my kids. Only one I had to throw myself. Ironically the first one. It’s just a time to celebrate the new baby. Especially if you don’t need stuff. If you don’t need anything just say that. People usually bring stuff for baby anyways, but it’s not required. Always fun to get together and do games with your girlfriends though. :woman_shrugging: personal preference.

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I had a baby shower for my first and for my second (due in 2 weeks.) I organised both showers with a bit of help from family/friends. There is nothing wrong with having baby showers for all your babies.

Completely up to you, personally if I have another boy I won’t, but if I have a girl I will have a baby sprinkle. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had one with my daughter, she’s 2 1/2 will be 3 in June, im do with daughter number 2 in July. I kept all the big stuff, but donated all the clothes and whatnot. My sister is throwing me a baby shower for this girl too. :woman_shrugging: This baby is just as exciting as my first. :woman_shrugging:

I live by the same principle as far as asking for new gifts. We kept all of our stuff because we knew we would want another. But, we are having a sprinkle with our current pregnancy as a celebration where people can just come and drink and hangout. If they want to play the lottery for the date of birth they can enter to win and we are also doing a diaper raffle for a prize. I think as long as you aren’t asking people to buy your big stuff all over again it’s not tacky, it’s a celebration.

Yep. Everyone here has showers for every single baby, whether it’s your 1st or 7th. Big beautiful showers for everyone… and the parents never throw them their selves. Family and friends do.


Old fashioned, southern etiquette dictates that only the first baby gets a shower, and the mother never hosts her own. It’s considered asking for gifts. Nowadays, a “sprinkle” is appropriate for subsequent babies.


Do what you want. Screw other people.

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My 1st child i had 3 baby showers. (1 i threw myself)
My 2nd child i had 1 (someone threw for me)
My 3rd i didn’t have one but a few sent gifts just because.

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I think it’s tacky to throw yourself one when you had one just three yrs ago just my opinion.

If someone else does it that’s out of your control

I only had two bc A. People threw them for me B. My kids are 9 years a part

It is OK to have a baby shower for EACH baby!! I did, and that is how I grew up!!

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Do whatever you want, it’s nobody else’s pregnancy or baby shower. Who cares?

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Who cares about other peoples opinions. A second or third shower is called a sprinkle and all new parents need new things!!

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Have one for every baby …Baby deserves to have new gifts its their birthday just getting gifts early is all …Negative remarks don’t pay them people no mind …Invite the one’s who is for you& who truly love you !! Congratulations!!


It’s tacky to throw yourself a baby shower yes