Is it okay to have second baby shower?

Is it appropriate to have a second baby shower if the gender is different from the first? It wouldn’t be for big things just diapers and clothes and what not. I’m from Kansas and not sure if it would be frowned upon or not. Thanks!


I didn’t know people DIDNT have baby showers :joy: I have a huge family and every time someone has a baby (no matter which number or gender it is) there is a baby shower


I had a baby shower with all 3 of my kids

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I think now a days it’s fine. I threw one for my friend and her older relatives were like wtf but everyone else was completely supportive.

Celebrate that baby, I dont care if its your 5th one. All babies deserve to be celebrated especially in the world we are living in.


Absolutely! you can do whatever you please

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Celebrate that baby just like you did the first :heart:


Each bby gets a bby shower

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After your first kid people generally will have a “sprinkle” for the smaller stuff. Same thing


Your baby !! You decide ! Especially if it’s a new gender lol :slightly_smiling_face: celebrate your little babe! And yourself too!!

You betcha. Every baby is celebrated now. :heartpulse:

If your worried on how people will view another baby shower , throw a diaper sprinkle.

Had one for both my boys…didn’t need any big stuff for the second as we still had everything, but we got more clothes and diapers and wipes! It’s really up to you!

That’s a sprinkle shower and very acceptable and popular.

Every baby needs to be celebrated! The end !

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Of course! Every baby deserves to be celebrated. I don’t think genders matter. All babies need diapers and wipes!!


To me a baby shower is just welcoming the baby into the world!
I had one with all 4 kids! We did ours AFTER baby was born and said it was a meet n greet, come meet this little baby! Gifts got smaller with each one. To me its just like a birthday, do you only have one or do you have one each year?

I am, but there is also 8 years in between them.:joy:

I didn’t get one first time due to premature labour. I said at time had frozen embryo worked I would have had one but guess got a issue

Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Our family celebrates every baby even of its your 10th.

Have the baby shower…new baby deserves new things

I had one for all four kids… well my 4th was a boy right after my 3rd who was also a boy… I got pregnant when he was 6months so I had a diaper shower.

I had baby showers for both my kids. 💁 my third was given up for adoption and she had an “adoption shower”. Forget “acceptable” do what you want!!

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All babys should have one

I did. And my aunt said it’s called a “sprinkle” since it’s not a full on shower. Kinda cute I thought :slight_smile:

Yes. I have 3 kids and had showers for all 3.

I would say so, yes! Different gender, different baby. A whole other life meant to be celebrated :heart: tbh my baby shower was mostly just to see friends I hadn’t in a long time, and to tell them about the baby and celebrate my pregnancy

Search up baby sprinkle. It’s what you typically call a second shower and it’s more for gender specific gifts (usually)

I think every baby deserves a celebration :tada: I think sprinkles are so fun and sweet!

Baby sprinkle- you just need sprinkles of the necessity’s not all of them

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It’s really up to you and if you feel comfortable. When I have another baby imma throw another baby shower. Different gender or not both my babies would deserve to be celebrated

I am currently only on my first, but will have another shower if I have another. Probably more like what they call a “sprinkle” now, but just an opportunity to celebrate the new baby with my family.

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Why not? My family has nothing but boys but we do a baby shower every time!

I say do what you want to do. Girl if you want to celebrate baby then celebrate baby. You and your so are the ones footing the bill do as you guys please. I wanted a baby shower with my first but didn’t get the time. I planned one with my second but had to cancel because of the covid-19 virus.

I had 1 for both my boys but they were 7yrs apart. I’m now preg with girl and she will be born 10mo after her brother. No baby shower this time.

Many people do it even when they are the same sex. It’s usually called a sprinkle

It depends… In my family well I should say on one side of my family because the other side I have no clue of their view on baby showers as most have passed away but back to back showers are seen as inappropriate and greedy UNLESS the baby’s are opposite sexes OR more than say 5 years apart anything other than that is seen as GREEDY or like you’re begging… Also do not give showers to teen mom’s because it’s seen as advertising OR rewarding bad behavior. Me personally I say do whatever you want.


All babies should be celebrated


I think every baby deserves a baby shower :heart::blue_heart:


We had one for our daughter. Go for it! :+1:t2::tada:

Yes it’s ok to have a second baby shower!

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My nieces had showers for all their kids. We call it a Sprinkle. I buy something for baby and for mom. We have a diaper raffle. I enjoy going to them.

I just did! I had a boy first. So we had NOTHING for a little girl. I kept my big items from my son, but it was nice to have girly things for this baby. I think every new life deserves to be celebrated.

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I had 4 babies and I had a baby shower for each one. Every baby should be celebrated. If someone doesn’t agree then maybe they shouldn’t go🙃


I feel like many ppl do it these days. Have a small one and register for essential items that you dont have and will need.

I’m planning my third one now, even tho we have pretty much everything we need I just ask if anyone wanted to bring a gift diapers n wipes and books

Don’t people normally have a baby shower for each child? Unless there’s like 7 or so lol

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We do a shower every single kid… Keep in mind… We’re on #7


No reason to not celebrate the soon to be arrival of your second bundle of joy. And if someone has something negative to say about a second shower, tell them they don’t need to come. I had a baby shower with my first child and then my second child was with my new husband so of course his family wanted to thrown me one. My 3rd child was also a girl and my work threw me a shower just for work people. Now I’m in my 4th pregnancy with TWINS. The day I found out, my niece started planning a “sprinkle” for me rather than a shower. I felt it was too many showers and people would be mad. But again, don’t come if you don’t like it.

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Yeah i don’t see a problem with it at all! It’s not just for the gifts it’s a celebration!! Why would it be treated any different then celebrating a birthday every year? Go for it!!! And congrats!!!


We had a meet and greet after my daughter was born

It’s more and more common to have a “sprinkle” for the second baby. Don’t worry about what other people think. You do you.

I’d do it I’d have more then one shower who cares if people look down on it it’s your baby and if people are happy they would celebrate the baby more then once

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We won’t be having a baby shower unless it’s a big age gap but planning a get together and grilling out instead. If people want to bring stuff then sure lol

Yes! I had one for all my kids and they are girls


Honey, you’re having a baby. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or your tenth you can celebrate that baby as much as you want to. And screw anyone that tells you differently.


And I hosted my second one, because I didnt have anyone to host it for me. Dont like it dont show up

I’ve had 3 kids… the only reason I didn’t have a baby shower for the second is because I lived out of state. People still sent gifts. I think people should have baby showers for every kid! Even if it’s just to celebrate the new baby! IMO… :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yeah go ahead , I am lol

All babies should be celebrated!!

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I had a baby shower for all 4 of my babies. Little things such as diapers, wipes are always appreciated.

I just thought this was funny.


I think it’s a cute idea I believe every baby should get a baby shower

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Girl if you want another baby shower then go for it. There’s nothing wrong with it at all.

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I got a lot of push back but I’m glad we did a second one. It was an excuse to get family and friends together and just enjoy the time together.

I have 4 kids. I had one for each.
When they look back when they’re older. I want pics of them all being celebrated in the same way.
Who cares what people think. Do what you want. And what makes you happy


No I’m old school. You get one. Unless there is a huge gap and you have nothing.

Yes I had a big baby shower for my first and had a “sprinkle” for my next 3. A small celebration with close friends and family.


We did a diaper party for the second baby my girls are 6 years apart your loved ones will bring other things then diapers typically

I would have a shower for every baby :woman_shrugging:t3: I had two and had a shower for each one. They were also girl/boy.

Every baby deserves to be celebrated!


I didn’t have one for my first and just a really small get together with like 5 ppl for my second

Baby shower isn’t all for gifts it to celebrate the new baby if you want one have one do t let people talk to out of it

Some people have a baby shower for every baby.

It’s called a “Sprinkle” !! I had one for my second because I was having a girl

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Here in North Carolina they have one for every child no matter the gender so yeah go for it.

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Yes, called a sprinkle❤

I had 2 with both of my kids sometimes it just happens cause of many different reasons.

It’s called a sprinkle for babies after the firdt

I have had 3 kids and 1 on the way. Someone has thrown me a shower for each one.

I always believe every baby deserves to be celebrated so I see nothing wrong in having another baby shower. I have a son and a daughter, so I definitely needed girl clothes and they stocked me up on diapers, I had enough diapers for almost a year. :heart:

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Celebrate your babies as you see fit. People may have their own feelings about it but it will be up to them to participate. It is a different baby and a different pregnancy, so if you want to celebrate go for it. I would never decline a baby shower or giving a gift for a new baby just as I wouldn’t celebrate only the first family member’s birthday of calendar year.

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I had a shower with my first pregnancy… I had 3 girls then a boy so we did a shower when I had a boy too.

My family does a baby shower every time…I had one for both of my boys and will have a third for my daughter


I mean the point is to celebrate the new baby not what you get…

I say every baby should get a baby shower. It’s silly to me that we can’t celebrate every baby

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I did. My oldest was a surprise so didn’t do one then my second was another girl so had my first baby shower and my third was my only boy so I felt we needed to especially how everyone was so excited for us to have our boy. If you want a baby shower go for it no matter how many you’ve had is my opinion

Me and my 4 sisters held many baby showers for each child to welcome the baby to our family, you don’t need permission a new baby is on its way regardless of their it’s a new baby they deserve to be celebrated.

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Different baby different baby shower! Hope you have a lush day! All baby’s deserve to be celebrated xx

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I’m pregnant with my fourth and had a shower with all of them

It’s your life do what you want with it

Regardless of their gender :kissing_heart:

I think it’s called a Sprinkle (vs Shower) and i get invites all the time!

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I had a baby shower for all 3 of my boy’s

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Yes have another shower ,anyone that looks down on it doesn’t need to come .Like all said it’s a celebration and of course the new baby shouldn’t have all hand me downs .

I’m having one, but my kids are 10 years apart, already got rid of everything. Well I’m having a “Drive By Covid Baby Shower” whatever that will be. Lol

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I had one with all 3 of mine :joy: :joy: they’re blessed with a big loving family. I called the 2nd and 3rd a Baby Sprinkle :rofl: instead of shower. And did all the same kind of stuff at all 4 :relaxed: Nobody ever said anything to me but I can be kinda mean so I figured no1 would :tipping_hand_woman: :joy:

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Why not??? It helps out the Mom and gives everyone a chance to eat…hang out and look at cute baby clothes and unique gifts !!

Every baby should get their own although back in the day my girls are in their mid-to-late or 50s my mother didn’t think it was right when somebody gave me a second baby shower but that was back in the day nowadays I think it’s perfectly fine and I would not condemn anybody for having a shower for every baby and I certainly would go if invited

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My family is having a second one for me. Gender is different but we’re just inviting family and a few of my friends I wanted to come.