Is it okay to mix your childs medicine into something?

Have y’all ever given your kiddos their medicine mixed with something? Like yogurt, applesauce, juice, etc.? My son has been a bit sick and got some meds prescribed. He used to be soooo good about taking medicine on his own like I would just hand him the syringe with the medicine, and he’d drink it. He’s been putting up such a fight the last 2 days. Idk if it’s because we’ve been moving and getting everything settled or what. I had read somewhere that mixing it in food will help as long as they finish the entire thing the medicine was mixed in with. I gave him a small bowl with a couple of scoops of yogurt and added his medication and he finished it all up. Just wanted to see if any of y’all have tried it


Yep! A little juice with it won’t hurt nothing.

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Yep. Ive done this. Our youngest was bad for not wanting to take her antibiotics.

Its better if you put it all in the first spoon full … this way you know they have taken it all

It depends on what medicine it is, you can call the pharmacist and they can tell you if it’s a medication that can be safely mixed with food or not. My son has some medication that he could not be on unless he could take it on it’s own, others he could have mixed. Without knowing more, you can be given risky advice.

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You can have flavoring added and I would verify. Some meds cant have calcium, grapefruit anything …etc with them or within 2 hrs because it stops the effectiveness.

This works well for ours that refuses meds


Doesn’t it dilute the medicine if mixed with other stuff?🤷

If u do it in the syringe like apple juice or similar yes… but dont mix it into something cause they might not want to finish it and wont get the whole dose…

That is totally fine as long as they finish it all, this is also done for seniors or people with swallowing issues.

I’ve had to do this many times when my kiddos were small. In tiny amounts of food or juice so they couldn’t taste it. Like you said, as long as they eat/drink it all, you’re good. :blush:

First how old is the child? Second call your pharmacy bc some medications can’t be crushed or diluted

Yes. As long as whatever you add it to isn’t contraindicated and they completely finish it

Yogurt or applesauce.

I’ve mixed it into applesauce , I scooped a small amount of applesauce into a bowl so I made sure she got it all.

Ice cream, yogurt, pudding, milkshakes and apple sauce. You may not be able to crush a med, but it is ok to dissolve and then be given.

We used to do this with some clients at my group home. As long as he gets it all down you should be good to go. If you’re still worried you can call and ask the pharmacist to double check.

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Call and ask pharmacist some medication you cant or read on the bottle as well somtimes its on there

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Depends on the medication. I would consult with your child’s physician about what you can mix the medication with. For example: some meds you cannot mix into dairy, & others you can.

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Just check with your pharmacist, to see if there is anything specific that should Not be mixed with your child’s medication, and you should be fine. :slight_smile:

There are many medications that you cannot mix with things because the potency changes.

Yes . I’ve done it plenty of time . My pediatrician told me to try it. They have to finish the whole thing though or its less effective

Orange juice is the only thing with enough acid to hide the taste of anything bitter.


My mom would mix ours with chocolate syrup.
I’ve seen nurses recommend a bit of coffee cream, yogurt, and juice as well.

I put it in anything they will eat


We’ve used yogurt, applesauce, peanut butter, and cake frosting

I used strawberry yogurt for the multivitamin powder and omega oil for my asd 4 year old who is extremely sensory

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I have heard this happen and then what every u put the medicine into the child with not like it as he/she gets older

Double check with the pharmacist. My son is on a medication that he can’t have any food or water 30-60 mins before or after the medication except for water.


Yes but ask the pharmacist what is best for the specific medication your child is on. Some of them can not be mixed with dairy

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I used to use chocolate milk …

Honestly, it depends on the medicine. Some you can, others you can’t. On the other side of that some foods shouldn’t be mixed with meds. Also, there are some specific meds that shouldn’t be mixed with specific foods. I would call the pharmacist and ask about his meds specifically and what foods they can or can’t be mixed with, if any.
I have a suggestion to try though if they say the meds shouldn’t be mixed.
Take the syringe and put it against the inside of his cheek as close to the back as possible without causing gagging and push the meds in. Not super fast but not too slow either. Usually they will automatically swallow it.
Hopefully mixing will be just fine with what he is taking but if not I hope the other option helps. Good luck.

The only time its not ok is if its an extended release tablet… But then it tells you to take the tablet whole and not to split or crush it. Otherwise mixing is fine.

I worked at a senior living center for people with Alzheimer’s … we did this often for them. They had a hard time taking their meds, check with the pharmacist though some of the meds shouldn’t be mixed or cut up

Most medications lose effectiveness when diluted or mixed with anything. All medicine should be given straight. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist.

I use applesauce and baby food when he was little. He has been taking meds since 14 days old. Takes around 42 pills a day.