Is It Possible That I'm Teaching My Child Too Much Too Young?

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"My son will be 3 in about a month, and he's a very curious little boy. He comes to the bathroom with me, he's always wondering what I'm doing (very normal lol) he knows what a period is because like I said, he's around for it all, but he recently just learned the word "vagina" and I felt it wasn't really a big deal. Until he started saying the word when we went to visit his grandparents. I don't think they really caught on to what he was saying, but I felt a little embarrassed. Is it normal for little boys to be saying these words so young? Or have I said a little too much around my child? My husband got a little angry with me saying he shouldn't be saying these words, because he is just too young."

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"He should know that word. Same with penis. They aren’t bad words. You aren’t teaching him too much. You’re doing great! Tell your husband to grow up. If the words bother him then maybe there’s something with your hubby."

"You’re doing fine! Teaching kids anatomically correct terms is a very good thing. That's why if god forbid anything happened they can say, “Yes they touched my penis” or “I saw him touch her around her vagina” If for any reason there ever is sexual abuse then the child can use the correct terminology that’s required for court proceedings."

"My daughter is almost 3 and she learned all that at a young age. I’d rather them know early and be able to speak up if something happens than not know anything at all"

"Ask your husband this “Is our son too young to say the word belly button?” Because there is no difference, it’s a body part, just like vagina and penis. You’re doing a great job!!!"

"My son was around the same age when I taught him the appropriate words. The doctor even recommended it incase anything every happened."

"Yes it’s the proper term and IMO I think you’re doing a great job by teaching the correct terms instead of nick names for our parts. Just explain that talking about our private parts like vagina, penis, testicles, nipples in public or around other ppl isn’t a good thing to do and if he has questions to ask you in private. Explain the safe ppl it’s ok to talk about them to for example you, dad, dr, nurse. And other ppl like friends and family is a no."

"It’s best to teach them as early as they can comprehend. That way they know their body parts and if something does happen to them they can tell somebody. My kids were around the same age when I taught them they also know it’s okay not to give hugs or kisses if they don’t want to. They don’t have to be forced to do that."

"I taught my children the appropriate words for their body parts from the beginning. I took a Child and Youth Worker course, and even in the course our teachers told us to use the proper terminology. It helps our children protect themselves. We don’t chastise our kids for saying elbow, foot, leg, etc. It’s body parts. They use their words to describe things to us. I’m for it, but I think it’s a matter of personal opinion."

"My daughter is 3 and knows her parts as they are supposed to be called and my son is 5 and he knows his parts by what they are supposed to be called as well. I don’t believe in nick naming or using a different word for the kids to say. They should say what they are and nothing else theres nothing wrong with them knowing"

"I would rather them learn from me than some kid at school. Also, it helps them to know the correct term so they can tell you if someone is hurting them. That was there is no confusion to anyone (police, doctors, etc)."

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