Is it possible to get pregnant so soon after giving birth?

So, I am almost six weeks postpartum with baby number one. And, I had a “crazy” night with the hubs (much needed time with friends and some alcohol while baby stayed at grandparents and we are formula feeding) and we had unprotected sex. Has anyone ever gotten pregnant again this soon after giving birth? I had a c section. I’m terrified to go to my six-week appointment and get news I’m not ready for. We’ll be a happy family of 4 if we have to be; I just don’t want it to be this soon. It was a temporary lapse in judgment, and believe me when I say it won’t happen again. I just don’t know the odds of getting pregnant again so soon. Anyone care to share their experiences?


Yes it is very likely. Happened to my sister. :woozy_face:

Yep…very fertile after a baby

Very likely happened to my cousin. They say women are very fertile those 6 weeks thts why they ask us to wait


Very good… you’re very fertile right after birth… maybe take a plan b if it’s not too late

She should’ve waited bc if she is pregnant she’s might loose it . Not to mention the extreme risk of a deadly infection .


I got pregnant soon after birth my kids are almost a year apart

Highest chance is after having a baby.

It is super likely that you’re pregnant!!! Your 100 times more fertile after having a baby!!! Have fun with your Irish twins!!

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You’re most fertile after giving birth. Im amazed how many women do not know this!


Yes, I got the news at my 12 week check up

After having a c section my dr don’t recommend getting pregnant again for at LEAST 6 months but she recommends a year. Ur uterus was cut and stuff ur all stiches inside u need to heal inside. I would ask ur dr if u can take a plan B or let ur dr know what happened. I have a friend that got pregnant like that she ended up almost dying and had to get a emergency hysterectomy because she just had c section.


Oh yes it’s. And with. Breast feeding

yes!! my cousin’s kid had this happen after her twins were born!!

An early congratulations then. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I know some who children are nine months apart

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Super likely. Your more fertile after giving birth. Your doctor should have explained that to you if you didn’t know already.


You’re so fertile after having a baby!

Yep I found out I was pregnant 3 months after giving birth

Lol your super fertile. Hahahaha

I have cousins that are born 10 months apart so it’s totally possible

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Very likely. Especially if you’re not breastfeeding.

Oh yes my 2 children are exactly 10 months to the date apart

Yup my mom got pregnant a month after giving birth

You’re most fertile after you have a baby. I have a couple friends who were in that same situation

**might as well say it now. :tipping_hand_woman:

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They recommend you wait at least a year after a c-section to become pregnant again. And like everyone else said you are very fertile after having a baby. I would be making an appointment with my doc ASAP to discuss options and confirm if you are or not.

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You definitely can. I know a girl who had back to back babies. Pregnant less than 4 months after her first.

My sister and I are 10 months apart. Yup, it can happen

My mom and mother in law both got pregnant 4 weeks after their last baby🤷🏻‍♀️

Yep, your very fertile the few weeks/months after having a baby. I had 4 kids in 3 years. All 12months apart.

I did. After my 6 weeks was up. For my birthday my fiancé took me to a strip club, we had sex after and then I got pregnant. Unfortunately you are VERRRYYYY fertile right after because of hormones. So it could be totally possible that you might be. I waited until I didn’t have a period and went to my OB and was like “I need you to check my pee.” Lol. But my boys love each other and honestly it’s so cute to see my oldest with his baby brother. They are thick as thief’s

I have two nieces born in the same year :heart:

Yes goodness…my two are 11 months apart.

Yes!!! My kids are 10.5 months apart. AND #2 was a little early the doctor said.

I would take the morning after pill just to be safe. I exclusively breastfed both of my babies and got my period at 6 weeks postpartum each time and like clockwork got my period every 25 days after that. It’s not worth the risk unless you are actually wanting to get pregnant again so soon. Mine are less than two years apart so you do you. No judgement regardless.


Yes it is possible. Yes it is a bit more dangerous than spacing out the pregnancies due to a number of possible complications. Yes your doctor should have warned you.

Your c-section may make things a bit more complicated especially if the egg attaches on the still healing part of your uterus. Your doctor should go over this with you on your next postpartum visit.


I got pregnant with my 3rd baby 8 weeks after my 2nd baby.

Yes you can i delivered my son on june 16th 2002 and was pregnant again end of aug after the same thing happened

My sister had her kids one day short of 11 months… definitely possible!

100% yes. And very fertile


Some of the comments I’ve read about this woman taking a break ,y’all should be ashamed trying to mom shame her grow up


That’s a very fertile time.

Had my son 4/1/12 and my daughter 4/22/13. Yeah it is very possible. We actually planned for ours to be that close tho.

Got pregnant with my second at 6 or 7 weeks I think? Totally possible - I delivered my second 10.5 months later. That’s how Irish twins happen.

If you want two babies in one year like I did then go ahead and have sex when they tell you not to lol. Because your answer is yes!!! my first daughter was born January 19th of 09 and my second daughter was born December 8th of 09. That’s when I decided to get my tubes tied I was like I’m not having two babies every year now lol. I’m not trying to be the party pooper or nothing but I’ve been taking care of kids and people in general since I was like 9 years old and I’m getting to where I’m burned out on taking care of people and kids so I will be thankful when my kids are grown and I get to do my thing lol!!! and I’ve stopped babysitting kids because my friends just wanted to take advantage of me so I was like fine I just won’t babysit kids anymore lol!

Saw it all the time as labor nurse.

I didn’t accidentally get pregnant till after I got my first period at about 3 months postpartum… it def happens. I had stopped breastfeeding and my first two cycles were 45 days long so yeah easy mistake lol

Very common. My girl friend has a son and daughter that are 9 month and 5 days apart. Super fertile!

I got pregnant 8 weeks after having a baby😅 and was on birth control. It definitely happens

Yes, my friend has a 2 month old and is pregnant again. Very possible

My friend gave birth to her son. Went for her 6 wk check up and was already a month pregnant. She had another son.

You’re pregnant. :woman_shrugging:t2: you’re super freaking fertile after having a baby. Did your doctor not discuss this with you?

My mom did! My sister and I are only 10 1/2 months apart

First of all, mom shaming is actually really gross…

but to answer your question, it is VERY possible since your hormones are still so high


I was told after my first born that you are very fertile,I remember the doctor saying be very careful otherwise you will be back in here sooner than you wanted.

Yep very easy and possible for it to happen

Let me just say yesssss very possible!

it’s very possible! good luck. I wish you the best I know it can be an issue if your scar hasn’t fully healed. :pray:t3:

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You’re extremely fertile after birth so I wouldn’t say you’re not. I know a couple of people that have Irish twins lol, good luck.

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Youre most fertile the first 8 weeks after birth lol

daughter was 4 months when I found out I was pregnant again with my second :rofl:

100% possible. A brother and sister went to my school and I always thought they were twins bc they were in the same grade. Nope they’re not. Their mom went to her 6 week check up and was pregnant. Also have an old family friend who’s kids are only 10 months apart.

Yes you definitely can. I got pregnant about two months after I had my second child via c-section.

Yes. I got pregnant on my first time after having the baby. My girls are 11 months apart. Irish twins

It’s definitely possible! Kids super close in age are called Irish twins :slightly_smiling_face: all you can really do is wait and see.

Yup can be, I got pregnant about 8wks after having a natural birth

Yes, it’s possible, and it’s very easy to conceive after pregnancy. :grimacing:

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Soooo I’ve actually gotten pregnant before my 6 week appt also. My son was born August 12th 2017 and I had my daughter June 25th 2018 :sweat_smile: I did not have a c-section though either. It honestly was not as bad having two so close together as having kids with age gaps. So there is that. I prefer my kids closer in age after having those two so close and seeing how much better it was. But it definitely is possible to get pregnant again that quickly after birth. A girl I know got pregnant two weeks after giving birth. So it is definitely a thing.

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You’re legit most fertile right after birth ahahah May the odds be ever in your favour

Ur very fertile after birth i know 5 women who got pregnant wks after giving birth sadly

Very possible. Nice and fertile post partum! :grimacing:

You are supposed to wait at least 6 weeks post c section to even have sex. If you think you’re pregnant I’d honestly call your doctor asap. Your uterus was cut into and needs time to heal before it starts growing again.


Let’s just say there is only 11 months between me and my brother age wise… I was a premie baby but still it happens

My oldest 2 sons are 11 months apart Everyone always thought they was twins

My aunt had my first cousin and a few weeks later found out she was pregnant again with my other cousin … so yeah it can happen immediately

It’s very very possible

I just had another baby and they’re exactly 11 months apart so yes it’s possible :rofl:

You’re the most fertile after birth and a miscarriage. I got pregnant with my daughter two weeks after miscarrying :rainbow:

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I have 2 nephews born 1 year and 2 weeks apart, and my little sister and I are 1 year and 2 weeks apart. You’re far more fertile after giving birth and miscarriage.

Yes! My kids are 1 year and 6 days apart :sweat_smile:

My two boys are 11.5 months apart its very possible to fall pregnant x

Yes! My daughters are 10 months apart! Irish twins!

Yes. Yes it is. I got pregnant when my 3rd child was 3weeks old. I had a c section too and thought it would be ok. My youngest two are 8mo apart

Well look at the bright side , you will have a graduation 2 years in a row when the kids are Seniors

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Of course it’s possible.

I got pregnant 4 weeks after getting oregnant

Iv was told after birth is when you are most fertile and have seen loads people get pregnant so early after having baby x

My 2 oldest are 355 days apart. They are the same age for 10 days each year.

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Definitely possible. You are most fertile just after you’ve given birth.

I did. One turned 10 in june and the other 9 in October

My kids are 3 days shy of having the same birthday, just different years.

Extremely likely that you may recieve news your not ready for…

I had twins and when they were 3 months old, I found out I was pregnant again. No period and I was breastfeeding

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I have Irish twins my boys are 10 months apart

Can happen but wait at least 2 weeks after your 6week appt to take or retake preg test to be sure

I was pregnant again at my six week appointment so yes it’s very possible

Yes my brother and I are two weeks short of a year apart

Yep! My kids are 8 weeks apart🤣

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Definitely, my kids are 10.5m apart