Is it true you get more sick when you are pregnant with a boy?

I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m about five weeks along. I’m so friggin sick it’s not even funny. This is my second babe, but with my first baby (who’s a girl), I didn’t start having morning sickness until I was ten weeks along. What I’m asking is, is it true that you get sicker with a boy than with a girl?


I was more sick with my 2 girls than with my boy. I just couldn’t throw up with the boy, always felt like I needed to, though.

Unfortunately all pregnancies are different :blush:

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I got sick with my son and my daughter my entire pregnancy

I’m having a boy and I’ve never gotten sick. Wouldn’t even know I was pregnant. Lol.

I didn’t have any morning sickness with my first baby. But with my next two I had morning sickness ALL DAY. ugh. I have all boys. So the gender didn’t make a difference for me.

Not saying it’s true because I only have two boys but when I was pregnant with them my morning sickness was HORRIBLE :face_vomiting:

I felt nauseous with a boy and a girl, and my other two boy pregnancies I was fine so it just depends on the pregnancy.

i had two boys. first was awful. i was sick profusely until i was 25 weeks. second boy not one minute of puking or nausea. so i wouldn’t say so

No. Every pregnancy is different and the amount of sickness you have doesn’t determine which gender your baby is. I was super sick with a girl

I have 3 boys and didn’t get morning sickness with either of them

I did, with my girl nothing!!! My boy sick girl first boy second.

I threw up more with my son but I felt way more sick with my daughter. Just couldn’t always throw up :unamused:

I have a girl, but I was constantly sick

First time around (boy) I had zero nausea and zero morning sickness…this time around (another boy) I’ve suffered from nausea the entire first trimester. And then the heartburn kicked in… all pregnancies are truly different so its hard to know.

I didn’t really get sick with my son or daughter. Symptoms are related to baby gender

I’ve actually heard the opposite but I’ve birthed two boys and a girl and with my boys I felt sick all day long all through my pregnancy. With my daughter, I only had it in the morning a few times and only in the first trimester.

I was sick most with girl. I’ve had 2 boys first that werent nearly as bad

With my daughter I was sick for the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I took zofran which helped ALOT and then after that I’d only get sick if I waited too late to eat.

My sister was sick ALL THE TIME with her two boys.

I was never sick with my son. I was sick from day 1 with my daughter.

I had boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl/boy. I was only really sick with the last three pregnancies and by sick I mean I thought I was going to die bc I couldn’t keep anything down until the 3rd trimester. The first three I only was sick occasionally.

I was lucky to not have sickness with any of my 4 pregnancies… 2 boys 2 girls

My worst pregnancy was my last miss my little girl. I had morning sickness into the second trimester.

I’m on my 2and pregnancy, my first was a girl and this one is a boy. I haven’t really been sick at all with either pregnancy.

I was way more sick with my daughter than my son

I had no sickness with my boy, just one morning

I had a girl and I was sick every single day until I had her

Every pregnancy is different. My first is a girl and I was so nauseous with her and craved everything and I’m now pregnant with my second girl and this pregnancy is totally different I wasn’t as nauseous but now I’m having some nausea closer to my due date and I have craved nothing.

Both of my girls kept me super sick. My son was my easiest pregnancy with virtually no sickness

With my daughter I was still sick when I gave birth at 22+5. I’m now pregnant with my son and have only been sick twice (27 weeks).

I just found out today I’m having a girl and I’ve been sick the entire time.

I was hardly sick with my son but with my daughter I was so sick! I couldn’t keep anything down until 20 weeks!

I have HG, which means I’m extremely sick all the time and it started at like 4 weeks and I’m having a girl. That’s just a myth haha

2 boys never had morning sickness either times

I was sick w my daughter and my 3 sons

I had lots of nausea from weeks 14 to 20 but never threw up. I had a boy

I was sick once in 4 pregnancies. All boys

I had hyperemisis gravidarum with both my girl and boy.

My first boy I wasn’t sick at all, now with my second it was non stop for 3 months.

My neice had boy first …was never sick…this one is a girls and shes been sick slot. Everyone is differeng i guess.

I puked whole time w my second who’s my only girl. I didnt puke with either boys and gained 60 pounds w them! Only gained 10 w baby girl only thing I could eat was mcds fries

I believe this is true. I had my first child which is a boy. I was sick (vomiting) daily up to 2 times a day all way up until I was on the c section table! They had to put one of those vacuum suckers in my mouth while doing my c section. I will never forget how beyond sick I was everyday!!

Nope, more common for girls. I had such bad nausea with my daughter that I’d throw up 10 times or more a day for the entire duration of my pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different though.

I had horrible morning sickness with my daughter that lasted all day but with my son I never had it.

I have 2 girls and 1 boy. I can definitely tell you that for me I was the sickest with my son. The nausea went away with my girls after the first couple of months of pregnancy but it was completely different with my son. I got every single symptom you can imagine and it carried on through the whole pregnancy. It was so bad I only gained 12 lbs with my boy that’s how sick I was.

No every pregnancy is different! People that say you are having a boy/girl because of the shape of your stomach or the morning sickness is a lie.

I got so sick that I lost 15lbs… My doc was shocked. I just didnt eat till noon and it worked for me

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My brother’s girlfriend has been reallllyyyy sick this pregnancy and she’s having a girl

Both mine (2yr old and 25weeks prego) boys ive had bad morning sickness from before i even knew i was pregnant

2 girls was wicked sick on first. And not one bit sick on second.

I got sick with all mine 1 boy, 3 girls.

It literally doesnt make a difference

I was super nauseous with my son, I even lost weight because I would throw up when trying to eat. I was slightly nauseous when I was pregnant with my daughters, but it subsided once the second trimester came along

I’ve had morning sickness with all of mine and I have 3 girls and 2 boys with 3rd boy due in August.

I was super sick with my daughter

I was equally sick with both

I became a vegetarian with my last boy… the look of food made me sick. :grimacing::rofl:

I’m sick most with my girl!:pensive: I’ve had 2 boys, and I’m already 15 weeks along and still having morning sickness. Guess it’ll stay until I give birth.

No I’ve had 4 boy pregnancy and 2 girls and the boys were so much smoother didn’t even feel prego but the girls oh my they had me so sick up until my last trimester

I’m 39 weeks pregnant with a boy and have only vomitted once this whole pregnancy and that was due to car sickness. No nausea whatsoever.

I think thats like an old wives tale or something like that. Just because everyone said I was having a boy with how my belly looked and how I wasn’t able to eat alot of foods, the smell and taste of them would make me sick. I had a girl that time. And with my second it was the opposite and I had a boy.

My boy I was fine. My girl almost killed me lol I was deathly ill

Nope. I was awfully sick with my first daughter from the very beginning.

I didn’t get sick once when I was pregnant with my boy. It’s a tall tale

I had more sickness with my girl than my boys…way way more…

I was soooo sick with my first and had a boy. I’m currently pregnant with my second and its been a walk in the park but they say this ones also a boy so who knows.

Boy mom, never had sickness :slightly_smiling_face:

I was very sick til about 22 weeks with my girl.

I was sick as a dog with my daughter my son not even sick once.

When I was pregnant on my daughter I had 0 morning sickness. The only time I threw up was in labor.

1st was a boy and i got sick from 6 weeks til 14/16 weeks. 2nd(current pregnancy) also a boy, got sick from 5 1/2 weeks until 26/28 weeks.

I had a boy and never sick through my pregnancy.

Nope. I had hyperemesis gravidarum with my daughter and not my son.

I was so sick with both my boys. I lost 20 lbs in my first trimester, I couldn’t keep anything down, everything made me sick.
I always wondered this too.

I was sick multiple times a day and I ended up having a girl

Wasn’t sick at all when I was pregnant with my son but I was sick like a dog until 14 weeks with my daughter

I was severely sick with my 1st, with my second i didnt get sick at all. Both are girls

I was very sick with my son. The only thing that helped at all was anything lemon or citrus. Hope you feel better soon.

I’m 8 months pregnant now with my first boy and it’s been the worst pregnancy ever. Got really sick. However I got sick with my second daughter as well, but not as much as with this one.
First pregnancy with my first daughter was amazing no sickness no nothing.
All I can say is every pregnancy is different. Good luck throughout your whole pregnancy!

1 boy i was in the hospital every week. The 2nd boy. Felt so amazing. Out of 3 girls, only one made me that sick. I don’t think it matters

With my son I maybe threw up 2-3 times before 12 weeks but nothing more. I am 11w3d with this one and I have thrown up so much Im believing its a girl

With my son I was sick every day all day up until about 45 mins before he was born

I was more sick with my girls than my boy

Nope. I threw up my whole pregnancy with my girl.

I stayed sick with both. My first born I didn’t get sick until my second trimester (girl) my second I was terribly sick until my third trimester (son)

Not necessarily. My boys were good very minor symptoms my daughter gave me sickness the whole pregnancy and horrible skin issues

I had sickness w all 3 of mine but way way more w my last that was a girl

In my family we seem to get sicker with girls.

I’ve had 2 boys. No sickness at all with either

I didn’t have hardly any morning sickness with my son.

Nooo… I have 7 boys 2 girls I was more sick with my girls

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Nope. Both were equally horrific for me

I was sicker with my girl

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I was severely sick with my little girl

It’s an old wives tale, but you have it backwards. The tale is that you’ll be sicker with girls…

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I didn’t know I was pregnant until 20 weeks n it was a boy n I was sicker then a dog in n out of the hospital from 20 weeks and up until I had him at 35 weeks. I do know some prenatal pills may make you feel sick today. Try eating several small meals and stay hydrated too.

I think everyone is different. I have two boys one girl and never had morning sickness

I have had a girl and due in a week with a boy. I had no sickness with either. Thus pregnancy though has been 10 times harder than my girls.

My oldest son hardly any morning sickness. Second son pretty bad morning sickness for the first couple months. Third son seriously bad morning sickness for the entire pregnancy. For my daughter I had morning sickness here and throughout but also gestational diabetes

No its an old wives tale