Is melatonin okay while pregnant?

Has anyone used Melatonin while pregnant? I struggle with sleep and stopped taking my ambien when my husband and I were trying to conceive. Was wondering if anyone knows if melatonin is safe to use when pregnant.


Unisom is what they recommended for me. It helps with nausea too.

No its is not safe when pregnant

Unisom is what you are supposed to take. Metformin is a supplement and hasn’t been tested on pregnant women

My doctor said I could take unisome sleep aid or benydryl

Benadryl. I struggle with sleep as well and I take Benadryl every night. Melatonin never worked for me even before I became pregnant.

But just to be on the safe side, you should ask your doctor.

I lived on Benadryl through all three pregnancies

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I’m Lunesta needy! My dr told me Tylenol PM was fine

Benadryl (or the generic diphenhydramine).

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I was told it’s ok sometimes same as benadryl but no more then 3 nights in a row and you should not make a habit of it

Idk about melatonin given the fact the more you use it, the harder it is for you body to produce, or diphenhydramine…I would try valerian root if your doctor is okay with it.

I took Benadryl when I was pregnant. I don’t think melatonin is likely dangerous because it is the hormone our brain already produces to put us to sleep. But supplements can have all kinds of additives and it’s not really regulated.

Or sleepy time tea…I can’t remember who makes it.

I was taking Melatonin but it only helped me to fall asleep, not stay asleep. I’m now using Unisom and it works great!

Don’t think so, just ask your doctor or local pharmacist they would know

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I used unisom when I was pregnant. It helped.

Ask your doctor. Melatonin is a vitamin natural sleep aid its not a drug. But ask dr judt in case they want you to take something else

I was always told unisom or benadryl :woman_shrugging:

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I was told melatonin is okay. They also recommend Benadryl to help with sleep. But it can cause licer damage if you take it too often, so be careful.

Melatonin is NOT pregnancy safe.

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Unisom and Tylenol PM are just Benadryl. Just take a Benadryl or the store brand of it. It’s cheaper. I wouldn’t take melatonin while pregnant. It can decrease progesterone levels in women. Not safe at all for pregnancy.

They gave me Benedryl I took one Benadryl and I was out lol

I was always told to
Take unisom by my ob

Yes. The pharmacist said I could take the 1mg of melatonin… ask ur pharmacist, they know best

I took a magnesium supplement when I was pregnant and couldn’t sleep. I used the brand natural calm. Got it off amazon. Worked great for me and it’s safe when pregnant.

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Melatonin can mess with growth hormone and progesterone so no don’t take while pregnant. Tylenol pm, unison of Benadryl

My doctor said unisom but not everyday just when needed.

I was always told with all 3 of my pregnancies not to take anything and I have a 24yr old,and a 7and8 yr old I had to try and deal with headaches and the insomnia.

Best thing to do is talk to your Doctor to get best results.


I was told benedryl or tylenol pm HOWEVER it is always best to speak to your doctor about what is safe for YOU!!! What is safe for one may not be safe for another!!! Always seek your doctors advice on any medical questions especially about what medicines are safe for you!!!


I would not ask FB Doctors. Call your OB Doctor or speak to his nurse. Woman cannot take many medication while pregnant

No my doc took me off of it

Melatonin is considered safe for short-term use, but its long-term effects have not been studied. One animal study found that additional melatonin during pregnancy negatively affected maternal weight, baby birth weight, and baby mortality. Potential side effects include: drowsiness.Apr 20, 2018

I googled it

I take 1/2 the dose of Benadryl sometimes

My doctor said the unison sleeptabs were perfectly safe for everyday use when I was pregnant!

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I took actual ambien while pregnant.

I was very melatonin dependent before getting pregnant and I was told I shouldn’t take it. But honestly over time, I was so tired from being pregnant, I was able to finally sleep ok :joy:

Tylenol PM was approved by my ob while pregnant and it helped tremendously

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I was told unisom(sp?) is allowed. You can buy it at any dollar general and it helps.

I was told unisom or benadryl they are very similar

I say no. I used benedryl my doctor said it was ok to take one at bedtime, was a offer saver omg I can’t tell you the insomnia I had while I was pregnant. Really really recommend trying it

Have you tried listening to sleep sound machine? YouTube has the sound of Rain. Ocean waves crashing, I’m sure many more.

My therapist has told me to get into a bedtime routine. Turn down the lights. Read. Relaxing bath, keep electronics out of the bedroom.

Try spelling numbers backwards. Eno, owt, eerht, and so forth.

You shouldn’t take melatonin at any time…

I actually used magnesium and calcium with d3. It worked pretty good for me.

My doctor had me take unisom instead

Your body produces melatonin, it’s ok for using a couple times but not religiously during pregnancy and has to be the smallest mg which is 5mg. My doctor said to take Unisom while I was pregnant if I had trouble sleeping. Always consult your doctor though when consuming any type of OTC

I took melatonin just on the nights that I really need to sleep, I talked to my doctor and it was OK. I would just ask your doctor just to make sure it’s OK. Everyone’s different

Unisom was approved by my doctor. The tablets, not the gels. And only half a tab. I never would have gotten ANY sleep without them

I used unisom! Worked great! I cant do the diphenhydramine because it gives me bad restless movement.

Ambien is actually considered safe while pregnant just not daily. Only used when needed. Just verify with your doctor

I was told no melatonin while pregnant but unisom was okay

Always ask your doctor.

Ask your doctor. Not strangers on the internet.

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Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in your body. I’m 99.999% sure it’s okay

My doctor recommended the melatonin gummies. It’s a vitamin. Won’t hurt you or baby for short term use

I took unisom (same ingredient as Benadryl) regularly my entire pregnancy, and also they had me on Ambien for my second trimester… I have insane sleep problems, and they really wanted my body to rest before I got into the third trimester and more strain was being put on my body. Depending on where you’re at in your pregnancy and the fact that you’ve taken it before and are familiar with side effects and how you react to it, I’d highly recommend asking your ob about it for the second trimester. It helped me tremendously, and there were zero ill effects; I had a perfect, mentally-advanced baby, who is now a perfect, advanced four-year-old. I decided to trust my doctors when they promised it was safe in that window of time, and am sooo glad I did. A lot of people who don’t experience chronic insomnia won’t understand the havoc it can wreak on your body physically, not just mentally or emotionally. Getting that 8 hours a night was so good for my body, and made it possible for me to actually love pregnancy! Lol. I will say that I had a lot of trouble with milk production after she was born, and because I had an almost textbook-perfect pregnancy (other than the insomnia, which I had for over a decade before my pregnancy), they hypothesized that the drying properties of the nightly unisom/Benadryl may have played a role in my lack of milk production. So I always throw that out there, even though it may be a rare thing.

My doctor allowed me to take it during my last pregnancy no more then 5mg and not every single night

I was told by my OBGYN and my fertility doctor not to take melatonin while pregnant. It can potentially do hard to the baby. I would definitely contact your doctor or if they are closed you can always call 1-800-FAT-BABY. They are the place doctors get the medication info from and they are open nights and weekends.

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It literally says on the bottle not to use if pregnant.

I took 5mg of melatonin as did my sister when we were both pregnant per dr suggestion. It really does help

no need to be rude guys :disappointed:


My doctor said no to meltonin but approved benydral , every doctor is different. So check with yours

Yes . It’s already natural in our body’s! I’d ask your doctor 1st .

I’ve heard melatonin is ok. I used benedryl. Doctor told me I could take as much as I wanted

I was told I could not take melatonin while pregnant… I’m not really sure.

I used Benadryl. Would take half a tablet

I took benedryl. My obgyn had a list of safe medications on their website; worth a shot to see if yours does too. It was super helpful for me!

I was told to not take melatonin but Benadryl was ok

I take Tylenol PM. It helps.

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Always talk to a doctor first

Organic black cherry juice and pistachios are high in natural melatonin…drink the juice or eat a handful and this will work better and is completely safe.

Talk to your dr, mine said benadryl is safe to take while pregnant to help with sleep

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Melatonin is natural and our bodies produce it on its own so I’m not sure why a dr would say not to take that but allow Benadryl :woman_shrugging:t2: I’d say call your clinic and ask to talk to a nurse or your dr

I was taking melatonin AND Unisom while pregnant. Both okay’d by my dr. Unisom also helped with my morning sickness

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I have used both unisom and melatonin … My midwife says it’s safe …

They have only done studies with melatonin on adults, not children yet. Very highly not recommended

There are side effects caused to some adults and if this happens with adults and they’re not okaying it for children yet then why would you want your unborn baby to have it just saying

Tylenol pm and unisom all contain diphenhydramine, which is safe to take while pregnant. I buy the cheap brand of beandryl. No need to pay 3 times the money for tylenol pm or unisom.

I just asked my doctor this on Monday. She said it hasn’t been proven safe and to take Benadryl if you really feel you need it

I took MELATONIN with 3 out of my 4 & all my babies are perfectly healthy…

Unison is ok to take they tell u to take it for morning sickness

Benadryl was recommended for me

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My doctor said unisom was safe to take.

Melatonin only helps if you have a deficiency in it.
I used Unisom or Tylenol PM for the really hard nights. Both are safe

Every body is different. Why not ask your doctor before you ask Facebook because your doctor knows your body. We do??

Unisom is ok. So is Benadryl

Talk to doctor…i was told no…that benadryl or even tylenol pm…but i just stuck to warm baths and chamomile or peppermint tea and baths before bed…it different for different women and pregnancy…i have low iron issues and not sure if its a reason but my doc mentioned my iron when i asked said it goes directly to the babys blood and its doesnt need the melatonin you do…id check with your personal doctor on you in your pregnancy to see what they say…i also used lavender scented soap for bedding and essential oil for air…but the lavender soap made me break out so couldnt use it but i found other ways when i was told a no on 2 of my 4 pregnancies…

I use dr teal bubble bath that has it in it. It help so much. I’m 22 weeks and get better sleep now

I was told absolutely not.

Melatonin is naturally produced in your body. Its a hormone. Sadly during pregnancy your hormones arent in normal levels. Taking a melatonin suppliment should help you sleep and regulate your body.

I seen a specialist while pregnant his answer was NO to any sleep aids.

No melatonin is not safe

Unisom is. I don’t know about Melatonin.

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Yes it is! I took it for atleast half of my pregnancy

My doctor hasn’t told me melatonin is okay. Your best bet is to call your doctors office and ask the nurse there.


I think it will be ok I mean kids take it

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My doctor advised against melatonin but I’ve used Unisom with vitamin B6 every night throughout my pregnancy and it’s helped a lot !

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Every person is different. Every pregnancy is different. It would be best to ask a physician or a pharmacist.

I know a lot of people told to reduce salt during pregnancy to avoid high bp. I was told to eat MORE to avoid low bp. And salt isn’t even a drug!

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I just asked my dr this the other day as I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and suffering from insomnia. Melatonin is not ok but they did say that unisom and Tylenol pm are safe.