Is my 2-year-old sleeping too much?

Just asking for everyone’s opinion and maybe some reassurance. So, my 2 yo is in routine and sleeps 3-hour naps each day but is happy and active and always doing activities or going to parks or somewhere. Morning is arts & crafts and playtime afternoon is outdoors either an outing or backyard play. My question is is he sleeping too much? He wakes at 5 am & goes to bed at 7. His nap is 1 nap from 10-1.


A 2 year old can never sleep enough in my opinion lol


No. Plain and simple. If he was fighting bedtime it may be of concern, but sounds like the kid is my mini-me! His body needs it so let him sleep!

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My kids cut out naps at a very early age because they was sleeping from 17.30 to 7-8am . I don’t think a child can ever sleep to much they are always growing body and mind

I think that’s a great schedule!!


Nope, that sounds like a perfect schedule to me!

I have a 2 year old granddaughter that sleeps so much. Dr. said she is doing what her body needs, and is growing. Let her sleep as long as she is active when she’s up


If I could get my twins to take a 3 hour nap I’d eat a rock. Lol.
They sleep about the same but split up. Usually 2… 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour naps over here.

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My granddaughter takes 3 hour naps. She is 3 she did when she was 2 also. I think some kids just need more rest

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Sounds fine to me. Great job Mom!

Nope same amount of hours as our 2 yr old. Just different hours

Sounds perfect to me. Enjoy those naps, they don’t last long :sob::sob:

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My son always required a lot of sleep

Nah he’s good. Enjoy the naps. My 5 year old stopped taking naps literally the day she turned 2. My 3 year old is taking fewer and fewer naps and it’s only 45 min-1 hour if that!

Doesn’t sound like it to me. Sounds pretty normal.

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Enjoy it now while you can lol but that seems normal for his age

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Jesus how do you get up at 5am every morning :weary: xx


Each kid is different. What is important is that it works for him.

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That sounds right to me

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My 2 year old sleeps 7pm-7:30am (sometimes later) and naps 11-2 or 3 on the weekends.

i say they are going through growing spert. thats why they sleep alot

Sounds great! Busy happy boy! Great mom!


I think that sounds awesome! No issues here.

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Nope! :blush: They sleep if they need sleep! My youngest is 3 in February still takes a nap most days! Sounds like a good routine to me!

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omg wish my 2 yr would take 3 hour naps lol


Absolutely normal, there will be come a time where he doesn’t nap and you will be pleading to yourself he would,


Your little is sleeping a nice amount. Nothing to freak out about. My son will be 3 in a couple weeks and he takes 3 hour naps and still sleeps from 8pm to 5 or 6 am.

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if your child will sleep from 10 to 1 enjoy it. soon they will not sleep at all during nap time lol enjoy the nap time lol


I think it depends on the child. My daughter gets up at 6am takes a nap from 12-2 and goes to bed at 8:30. Shes 2

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Sounds about right to me. They are getting up rather early and sounds very active mentally and physically so they need that long nap to recharge

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Mine just turned 1 he only naps that long when he is gonna grow again or if he is getting more teeth

If it works for you it’s fine!
I personally would move bedtime later bc I am not a morning person. It is your routine so go w it.

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My son just turned 3 and sleeps from 7pm-7am and usually will have at least an hour nap each day!

If it works for him and you no need to worry love

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Nope, thats great! My 3 almost 4 year old still naps, not as long as yours but still at least an hour.

Nah, sounds perfect honestly. Wakes up early, goes to nex early. Nice lol nappy in the middle. No worries mama

I wish my two year old napped, at all, for even 10 minutes, a second, 3 hours is fine of everything else is fine too, kid is eating, drinking, playing and still sleeping in regular intervals…kids fine, and honestly, you shouldnt worry, count your blessings more like it lol

Each kid is different. Sounds like he’s doing good

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Sounds pretty normal. My 4yo still has a 3hr nap :rofl:

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Our older son is 2. He goes to bed around 8:00 PM and wakes up at 7:00 AM. He also takes a 2-3 hour nap during the afternoon.

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Our son is in bed at 10 but sometimes he will stay up until midnight watching his movie. Lately he’s been wanting to sleep in and I will get him up by 10. he will lay in his crib for quiet time on the days he sleeps in, but his naps are usually 2-5:30 and we have to wake him up. He is also 2. So it sounds normal to me

Enjoy it while it lasts. Their tiny bodies are growing. Seems 100% normal

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All kids are different. As long as he is still active he’s fine. I wish my kids took 3 hour naps when they were 2. I was lucky to get 30 minute naps out of them lol.

No he is not sleeping too much

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Teach me your ways😂 My 3 year old doesn’t nap… and if she does, she would be up/awake until 11pm. My 1 year old will only nap for about an hour… but he does sleep from about 7PM-7am so not complaining.

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I still take three hour naps :joy:

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Let your kids take naps when they want! As long as it’s not affecting night time then i don’t care. They’re growing and sleeping is important in brain development.

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No! That’s awesome and my daughter slept just like that until she was about 3, then she quit taking naps. It’s good for them, they’re growing!:heart:

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No those are good hours to sleep!!!

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My daughter wakes up at 10am. Naps from 2-530pm. Goes to sleep at 11pm. Each kid is different. :woman_shrugging:t2: She used to be asleep by 9pm and up at 9am, but my husband works 2nd shift and he missed her so I switched her schedule by a couple hours so they can see each other more

Sounds like a great schedule to me! Every kid is different, if he is happy & healthy stick with it. It will change as he gets older.

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My daughter was the same way, easy 13 hours at night and 3 to 4 for nap depending on activity. It’s very normal, but if you are that concerned talk to his pediatrician :grin:

I think it’s fine. My 2 year old does the same

Don’t change it. Sounds like he’s happy and healthy.

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That’s actually a really good schedule for a 2yr old … Perfect :+1: keep it up

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My boy is 2 he has a 2hr nap in the afternoon after lunch he sleeps 8-8 as long as they are settle to sleep well at night i dont see a problem x

Its normal for a 2 year old to sleep between 12-14 hours. So I’d say you’re fine.
I’d only worry about the longer nap if she has problems falling asleep at night or if she wakes up through the night. Then I’d try to cut back a bit. But otherwise i wouldn’t worry

My 2 year old goes to daycare and has naptime noon-2:30/ 3pm depending how tired he is. He gets up 5am-6am everyday and is expected to be asleep for bed by 8 pm although he occasionally stays up as late as 10pm. Works perfectly for us and he is an extremely active toddler (he’d give Energizer Bunny a run for his money :joy:) naptime is set by the daycare for his entire class

Your doing just fine. Sounds like a healthy sleep schedule for an active 2 year old. Keep up the good work momma!

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My son is almost 3 and just went to 2 hour naps from 3

All kids even teenagers need about 12 hours or more…they are growing …perfectly normal…

My 3 year old still takes a two hour nap and goes to bed at 7:30 pm and wakes up at 7:30 a.m. So no… your toddler is not sleeping too much.

Nope perfect schedule

My daughter was the same. She took 3 hour naps all the way to preschool and then still on the weekends.

My daughter hasn’t napped since 2yo haha! My 10mo naps 2 times a day for an 1.5 each. But my daughters old daycare use to have naps from 1-3 and if they didnt sleep they had to just lay there quietly. I think it’s ok for him to nap like that

Both of my kids kept sleep schedules like that, and they are both happy and healthy. Sounds like you lucked out and got a good sleeper! :heart:

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Thanks everyone for the opinions, just needed a boost of re assurance was getting some comments on his routine and just wanted to re assure myself as a mother you get a lot of opinions not everyone agrees with your routines☺️

My daughter used to nap from 1.5-3 hours at that age and about the same sleep for bedtime

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12 to 15 hours is normal i think

Some kids require more sleep than others, embrace it.

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If he’s sleeping through the night and he’s happy, then he’s fine. I am
Actually a Director of a childcare centre and there are a lot of children that sleep that long.

No, two year olds should sleep ten to twelve hours at night and still get a two to three hour nap during the day.


Nope. My 2 year old sleeps from 7:30p-7a and then naps for about 3 hours too. My 6 year old never slept at night like this when she was 2, so I’m grateful!

No its perfectly normal for a 2 year old to sleep that much. And its great that your actually able to keep it on schedule. When my daughter was that age trying to make her take a nap was a war.

Honestly can you instill that in my toddler. He never sleeps and he fights nap and bed time.

My 2 yo sleeps 13 hrs at night and usually takes 2 hr naps but a lot of the time takes 3 hr naps

My 2 year old (November baby) sleeps 2-3 hours from 12.30 after lunch and sleeps 7.30-7.30. I think it depends on the kid. Others barely sleep. If they sleep well from when you put them to bed and wake at a similar time then your fine. X

No. He’s only 2 and still needs alot of sleep.

I think all kids are different really. My oldest would never nap more than a half hour and never ever slept through the night …ever. he is almost 10 and still can’t sleep through the night. We learned he has sleep initiation insomnia, on the other hand, my youngest is almost two (yes I know big age Gap lol) but she wakes up at 6am and takes a nap from around 3pm to 6pm then goes to bed around 9:30pm and sleeps through the night until 6am. Like clock work. Our schedule is a little odd because if my oldest, the insomnia gies along with a few other things, Asperger’s, adhd, anxiety…so things are a little different. But their doctor seems to be pleased with how healthy they both are, and my youngest is right on track. If it worries you too much just ask the doctor about it, but I don’t think it sounds odd

You are lucky. Embrace it lol my 2 year old sleeps 10 pm to 7 am and naps 1 to 2 hahaha

My two year old goes to bed at 745pm and gets up at 6 am and still takes a five hour nap. Kids require different amounts of sleep. It’s normal

nobody can decide that but you

All of my children were great sleepers and very active when awake. We stayed on a routine schedule and planned activities during there awake time. Even with time change we stuck to the schedule by buying blackout curtains which worked wonderfully for us. Our youngest who is 1 yr old sleeps 830pm-830am with 1p-3p naptime.

Wait wait wait … y’all’s kids sleep? :tired_face:


no such thing as normal. 530 is early so i personally think his nap is fine

No that sounds like a great schedule.

Kerry Bain wish my 2 year old would sleep this much😀

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My youngest is 4 months shy of being 2 and he wakes anywhere from 6-7 and takes a nap around 9-10 till 11-12 and then takes another nap at 2 until 3:30-4. He has to or he will just be so crabby. He is constantly moving and he also goes to bed at 7.

Normal! My son even tried to nap that long in Kindergarten :joy: he out grew it halfway through kindergarten.

He’s fine. Enjoy his nap time.

It depends on the child, each child is different
I’ve got three boys and my older two napped until after they turned two but my youngest didn’t nap after 18 months old, depends on the child

Mine did this, perfectly normal!

My almost 2yr is almost the same routine enjoy it because it might not last. My 4yr old gives zero F’s about sleep.

I take care of my granddaughter-routine sleep after lunch 12 15 -1430

My 2 year old doesnt nap anymore but generally sleeps 15 hours at night :slight_smile:

I wouldnt say that’s too much based on what you’ve said but that’s definitely your call if it’s too much or not.

My daughter is almost 3 but she sleeps 10-11 hours straight all night and sometimes takes a hour nap during the day. They have so much energy to burn it’s good to have some down time. I wish my daughter would still take her 2 hour nap. She’s exhausting! Lol

That’s about what mine sleeps

Not bad my daughtrr is almost 4 and still take ckose ton2 hrs naps and then sleepsnfrom 8 PM-6AM sometimes (7or later)
But if u r really concerned there is no harm is calling your doctor and asking

Enjoy it this won’t last long