Is there anything I can do to prevent shedding in dogs?

Help a mother of 6 outttt; my kids begged for a dog, so we got the Great Pyrenees, whom we love dearly, but the shedding is driving me crazy. We brush him daily and bathe him regularly, but I’m still finding myself sweeping all day. We have all hardwood floors. It’s all over the floors and furniture and our clothes. It drives me mad any advice?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is there anything I can do to prevent shedding in dogs? - Mamas Uncut

Have you taken to a professional groomer to get his undercoat too?

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Deshedding shampoo. I have a husky. I buy it from the groomers and bath my dog every 6 weeks. Definitely a noticeable difference.

Try giving him some
Scrambled eggs a couple times a week and maybe some bacon grease on food. Both are suppose to help.

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So you hate shedding but got one of the biggest fluffiest dogs there is.


He needs to get routine grooming. He will always shed.

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Brushing them often helps but otherwise shedding is natural at this time of year.

I have a pom he sheds a lot to I bought dog shampoo for that doesn’t help wearing black is not a good idea hair shows bad I brush him every day to I have hard wood floors sure shows

ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover, Cat Hair Remover, Pet Hair Remover

So helpful!

Vacuum the dog with a grooming attachment.

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So you got a guardian breed dog with insane fur with a crazy high shedding rate but don’t like shedding? No matter what you do you’re always gonna be sweeping that much, shoulda researched.


If able, try to get him used to being “swept” using the tube on a vacuum. My mother used to do this to her dogs. Not only does it help get the loose hair off, the dogs love because it feels good. :slight_smile:

Mareema owner here and all I can say is maybe a bit of research before getting a dog would have been a great start. My dog sheds fur like its glitter. I have a rubber broom for the carpets, vacuum everyday, groom him extensively and blow him with the blower vac and guess what… he still sheds because he’s a giant white fluffy doggo. I also have a mini labradoodle… there’s ya answer to non shedding… breed research…


I got the deshedding tool from pet smart. It’s amazing.

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You can take him to the groomer to be shaved, when I was a teenager we had a Great Pyrenees and my mom would take him in the summer time to be shaved down, helped with the shedding and helped him not be so hot in this heat.


his coat needs to be blown out and he needs to be deshedded, routine grooming every 4-6 weeks would be good

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They have a brush that’s called and under closest cutting brush that had a blade in it that cuts that extra layer they shed in summer I feel your pain seriously my boy is a cane corso but went threw a cold winter hair everywhere!! Also you local tractor supply has dog wash station with everything from shampoo brushes aprons and industrial dog wash for 10.00 :raised_hands:t2::ok_hand:t2:these dog washes are raised so you aren’t breaking your back or clogging your drain either honestly amazing

I read that putting a little bit of organic olive oil in food once a day help I been doing it a few weeks & I think it’s helping

Brush with a metal comb throughly at least once a week. I also have the pet crosswave which works wonders on pet hair.

Groomers can help too with that

Personally own one have for years most amazing dogs ever I recently bought this brush from Amazon brushed him out outside an shedding has gone way down its just that time of year with them

My boxer sheds worse than a sheepdog so I’ve got nothing. But the vacuum is gonna be your best friend for a WHILE with all the hair of a Pyrenees.

I use to complain about my Frenchie shedding everywhere but, when he past away a few months ago… I realized that I’d never complain about dog hair again :broken_heart:

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Shave it Bald. That’s literally all you can do :joy::joy: dogs shed, it’s part of their charm

I’m a past groomer and you shouldn’t shave the dog. This is why you research breeds before you buy.


We do deshedding baths/blowouts with groomers once every month or two along with daily brushing. I also have a rubber brush for our carpet. In my dogs their shedding process is super important because of their double coats so I just work thru it instead of giving them stuff to try to stop it. Shaving can also be dangerous for some breeds as their body’s have those coats for a reason and without them they can actually overheat and die because of it.


Look into what shampoos/conditioners are recommended for them. Buy one of those.
Then brush out IN the tub.

Assign a kid the chore of sweeping?

My bf 2 border collies and I vacuum constantly :weary: (I stay home and he works).

The more you brush the more they shed

Have him to a groomer to be de shedded…NOT SHAVED!!!

As a dog groomer of 9+ years you really should have researched the breed befor you got one, They’re a lot of work
I would suggest regular professional grooming inbetween brushing and NOT shaving their coat, it’s incredibly bad for them.


Do NOT shave the dog. They have double coats for a reason. Take him to get groomed and let them deshed him. It won’t stop the hair completely but it will help a lot.

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Should have done ur research in the breed first :expressionless::rofl:

Bring him to a professional groomer every 3-4 months. They have tools and techniques to get as much of the undercoat ans loose hair out as possible and it drastically cuts down on shedding. Do NOT shave the dog!!

This is where breed research is important. Great Pyr have THICK coats and shed a ton. If you wanted less shedding it would have been beneficial to research breeds that she’d less.


You can knit sweaters with the amount of hair that falls off a Great Pyrenees :rofl:

I vacuumed and swiffer daily but even still there’s always hair on the kids myself my floors. :woman_shrugging:t2: it’s just part of my wardrobe now :joy::joy:

Overall no. I vacuum once in the morning and once at night. You can try a fish based diet. It’ll help some

As a Mama of an Aussie I feel your pain. Regular grooming helps. Plus a cordless dyson, a dyson animal ball, a robot vacuum & vacuuming daily is the only way to stay on top of the hair for us.

A robot vacuum and a Chom
Chom lint roller (amazon)!!

My sister has a dog that sheds like crazy. She has a really cool brush that helps with it. I have a pom and he sheds like he weights 200lbs. I also have all wood floors. I just vacuum EVERYTHING.

I have a roomba…which now needs to be detailed itself as the filters and brush is furry :joy:. Also got a bissell thays for animal fur. Also got about 5 dog brushes of different kinds and about 10 lint rollers. We do not wear nylon or black :joy::joy:. Unless we can get out through the door without touching the floor or the dogs.
Husky mixed and rotty mixed. I can rub my rotty and clumps falls out of her ATM​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Well, unfortunately they are big shedders and anytime you bathe them, they blow their coat out more - especially if you didn’t have a groomer handle. Brush daily, regular grooming visits and maybe consider a shark robot vac to help with the upkeep.

Nothing you do will help! Welcome to being a dog owner.

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I have a husky he sHe’d twice a year, 6 monthS at a time. Honestly I haven’t found a way to keep he hair under control. It just part of owing a shedding breed

Best thing for dog hairs I’ve found (with the least effort put in) is one of the extra large Swiffer broom/mops with the extra strength dry mop pads to go with. If you go around a few times a day with that it will help. But dogs shed, professional groomer regular will help.

Get one that doesn’t shed

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You got a dog that sheds ALLOT… I have a Saint Barnard …

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I use a lint roller on my cat and dog they shed so much, helps a bit, doesn’t hurt they love it.

Use a high velocity dryer on him or visit the groomer for a bath and brush with deshed. It will help but won’t stop the shedding. That’s just in the breed you got.

You have 2 options, get rid of the dog :dog2: or live with the hair. I have 2 GSD’s, world famous shedders.

Should probably do your research before getting an animal next time. :joy: Seriously though, good luck cuz I don’t think that kind of magic has been found yet!

All dogs shed. So ya either gotta deal or say no dog

Research the breed to make sure you’re prepared to handle it :tipping_hand_woman:t3::tipping_hand_woman:t3:

I have a rottie and there are two times during the year where I vacuum daily for about a month. The rest of the year once a week sometimes twice. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot you can do

Research lots before you get any animal.

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I have a dog that I have no idea the mix breed. But I always look for a small dog with short hair. Little did I realize when I adopted this last guy…he may have short hair but he’s hairy as heck and sheds continually. Lol. And I have allergies! But I brush,bathe him… vacuum, sweep a lot and take a damp sponge to furniture and area rugs to wipe up the fur quite often.

get him a nice shave?

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No dont shave a pyrenees it will mess them up. Daily brushes. I have a lab pyrenees mix and yesterday I brushed out another small sized dog out of him :laughing:


I have 5 dogs, a cat, and any number of fosters at all times. Splurge on a vacuum, and accept it.


By a shop vac with a blow and suck option and literally blow the excess hair out of her coat. Start with after bathtime to dry her and then at least 1 or 2 times a week

I’m a groomer :heart: I recommend a shed treatment at a grooming salon local are best and cheaper than big stores like pet Co or pet smart

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Get a roomba (or any type of robot vacuum)…. It will be life changing!! I’ve heard the Eufy is really good for dog hair on Amazon

I have a husky, I’ve been brushing him daily and blew his coat 3 times in the last 2 wks. I have a robot vacuum that does our non-carpet floors daily and I have to vacuum the hair clumps up multiple times a day. There is nothing you can do but deal with it :woman_shrugging:.


Maybe get a robot vacuum and run it daily? I have a husky and German shepherd and it’s a life saver

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We use the furminator brand shampoo, conditioner, and brush and the amount of shedding has drastically reduced.

Make your house cold enough to make their bodies believe it’s winter Lol.


April Michelle Preston-Krauth, any ideas?

Roomba at night, sweep during the day, store lint rollers EVERYWHERE (by the doors, in your purse, diaper bag, every drawer, the cars, etc.) Then admit defeat, consider it dog glitter or an accessory that magically goes with everything you own. We have a Collie and a Collie Husky mix, hair tumbleweeds as far as the eye can see 🤷


Get him groomed, they have special de-shedding tools to get the undercoat. It’ll help for a little while if you go to someone who specializes in the shedding. They’ll have big blowouts a few times a year where the shedding gets worse while their coat changes but there is always going to be a little shedding with them. Maybe a robot vacuum? Although my friend’s Great Pyrenees overheated and killed their roomba.

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We have a husky… brush daily, get a roomba, and take him to get his fluff blown out at a groomer.


Vegetable oil in their dog food! It doesn’t stop it completely but you’ll notice a huge difference and it makes their coat shine. I have a German shepherd and this helped tons.


Fish oil in his food

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No matter what you do, there will be plenty of shedding from a Great Pyrenees!!! BUT 1.) they’re some of the best dogs ever!!! And 2.) to help out on the shedding, you can take him to a professional groomer and help get him a blow out; get a furminator brush. Expensive but worth every penny. And very importantly- make sure he is on a good high quality dog food!!! (Large breed preferably) A lot of people don’t realize how much a good quality diet affects their coats!!


Dogs she’d. NOTHING can really be done about it. Just keep vacuuming


If you didnt want a shedding dog you shouldn’t have gotten a great Pyrenees :joy: i have a german shepherd that sheds a bunch too. All you can really do is what you’ve already been doing… Another thing you could do is take it to the groomer and have them use deshedding shampoo and blow dry.

Debbie Larsen hahaha…funny people!

Our Rottie used to shed alot especially coming into summer our Vet said its hormonal

You’re actually not supposed to bathe pyrs often, it’s bad for their coat oils.
I think more research should have been done if you didn’t want shedding, this dog blows its entire coat out twice a year and actively she’d still all the other times lol.

Absolutely do NOT shave this dog! They will get overheated when shaved. I suggest either just dealing with it, or getting a different dog more suited to your lifestyle.

You can brush out daily with a furminator (they sell them online so you don’t have to pay a grooming fee 24/7) but pretty much, you’re stuck with overshedding. It’s a common breed trait.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is there anything I can do to prevent shedding in dogs? - Mamas Uncut

We had a Great Pyrenees and the rake brush was a lifesaver!

I have two that shed, a robotic vacuum is a lifesaver.

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Dogs shed I have 3 and deal with the shedding it’s a problem that comes with owning dogs. Whatever you do DONT SHAVE YOUR DOG! It’s bad for them and the hair will never grow the same again. Go to a dog groomers monthly if the shedding is bad. Comb and brush his hair 2x daily.

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Groomer here. You got a breed considered a “constant shedder” not just a constant shedder but an incredibly heavy coated breed known to shed copious amounts non stop year round. Regular professional grooming will help, we can trim up all the feathering for a shorter natural look and brush and dig out the bulk of loose coat each time they come in which helps to an extent buuuutttt you don’t really get much more intense coat than what you’ve got. You kinda picked the max of the max for shedding. On top of regular grooming it would be very beneficial to get a groomer to do a session with you showing you precisely how to brush out and maintain that much coat and what tools will help you get ahead. A HV dryer at home will help you blast out dead coat also. Shaving doesn’t help, it will wreck the coat essentially allows ng more undercoat to grow than the top coat AND they still she’d it’s just teeny dagger splinters instead of white tumble weeds.


Groomer every 6-8 weeks

Put coconut oil in his food daily.

Look in to having him clipped, my friend clips hers in the summer. But check with a professional or vet first.

Buy a shedding blade and call around local groomers and ask if they offer a deshed treatment. You can youtube deshed treatments to see how its done, its really cool.
Also DO NOT feed your dog coconut oil, it can cause pancreatitis and leaky gut.

You have a dog that has a lot of fur that sheds year round. Its inevitable. You’re going to have fur everywhere. Before getting a pet with fur you should definitely come to terms with a level of fur in your home that suits you. Especially if pet hair is going to be any kind of issue for you. Keep up with what you’re doing, have the children help with the cleaning, shed/brush out the dog at home, get the dog groomed professionally as well, and come to terms with pet hair being a part of daily life. Pets are family in my opinion and should be treated as such, they look at us as we are their everything.


In the same boat with our mutt… I finally got an irobot vacuum on Amazon. best decision ever. doesn’t help with clothing and the air BUT at least it helps with the floor throughout the day

What type of food does he eat

Two of my kids got dogs that do not shed (allergy free) and the other have two of which both shed. I would research for a dog that does not shed.

We had a German Sheppard i understand what u mean its horrible i couldn’t keep up with it

I struggle with the same thing. I religiously vacuum twice a day… feel my dog expensive food that’s supposed to help with shedding… and have bought numerous “ferminators” or descending brushes. I think the best thing that helps so far is to actually vacuum the dog a few times a week. But ill be looking for other answers and ideas too! I will say I task my kids (who are old enough) to vaccuum… to do it… and thats helpful! And teaches them to help out for the dog they wanted!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is there anything I can do to prevent shedding in dogs? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is there anything I can do to prevent shedding in dogs? - Mamas Uncut

my Anatolian shepherd pyranees mix sheds constantly, barks, howls and warbles… I sweep twice a day and it’s still similar to ice skating on the floors 🤷 I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. She’s the sweetest most loyal girl ever

I don’t have a dog I have 3 cats and their fur goes everywhere, my floor always looks dirty but I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m a proud fur mummy. 2 of mine are black and the other dark tiger coated xx

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Every morning I fo outside and finger brush him. The hair just flies. He loves it and it does cut down on the fur inside. Also. I vacuum alot. Sometime twice. A day. And have. Robot

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Be grateful, you have an amazing pet and hardwood floors…
Imagine if you had carpet and how much more of a hassle that would be to keep clean of his hair!