Is this too much for childcare?

Is $50 a day for child care expensive? I have had the same lady (she’s a SAHM who isn’t an official daycare) watch my son for over a year now. I originally was paying her $20 a day; then we bumped up to $28. Well, she told me recently she wanted to leave Idaho. She said she could only stay if I pay $30 a day Monday-Friday to help make her rent. The only problem is I work Monday-Wednesday & Saturdays. So basically, I would only need her Monday-Wednesday. This means I would have to pay $50 a day for three days instead of $30 a day for five days to help her out, make her rent, and stay in Idaho. I really like this lady and would prefer to keep taking my son to her. I was quoted at an official in-home daycare $40 a day, so I’m basically paying $10 extra to stay with the lady I have currently. I’m just trying to weigh my options because I was thinking about switching to SAHM but might wait a few months to see where we are at financially first, so I’d have to keep paying for daycare… which would be $600 a month total. Does that seem crazy? Lol


Thats 150 a week no. We pay 175

That’s insane. 35 Is standard.

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Good help is hard to find. Especially when it comes to caring for your child. a lot of crazy & messed up people in this world. So yeah, if I were you, I’d gladly pay that to keep her!


Nope I charge 10 a day but , only baby sit family are close friends

It depends… I would be paying 35 a day(and that’s for an infant) at my sons center however im on ELRC which helps me pay so i pay 80 a week…

I pay 50 a day for preschool/day care. They provide breakfast lunch and snack/learning/crafts/outside activity. Depends on what all goes into it a I guess.

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For a daycare center I paid 50 a day for 3 days and 40 a day for 5 days.

We pay $115 a week for daycare averages Out to $23 a day

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I ran a daycare and charged $50/day. That’s not a lot of money. Break it down by hour. She IS giving up her entire day. Would YOU work for an hourly rate les than that? Doubt it …


That’s insane. I watch a few kids, get them to school, and do snacks and only charge their parents $20 :flushed:

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Licensed daycares around here charge 30-40/day. I’d pay less if they’re not licensed.

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Thats so cheap. In Australia it’s like 100-120 a day

I pay 170/wk full time for a 1 and half year old

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I pay $60 a day… includes meals, learning, activities etc. daycare is not cheap


$30 a day yes. $50, no.


Wow. Where are you guys at cause I pay $165 for my 3 yr old, $185 for my 1 year old and $225 for my newborn.


I pay 500 a week. Granted I have 4 kids but its a lot fr.

If you cant afford it then, unfortunately she will have to go :slightly_frowning_face: she has to make a living too

I guess if you can afford that but…its not your responsibility to pay her more so she can cover her life. Thats not on you and sounds like she’s trying to take advantage of you tbh


Couldn’t she bring in another child that’s your child’s age? $50 is a lot for in home childcare unless you are living in New York perhaps?!.

Places around here are $100 a week


Honestly, finding good help that is someone you can trust is so worth it. I absolutely do not trust daycares or just anybody with my three month old. If I went back to work (currently SAHM), I would pay the extra money to ensure my baby is left with someone that I trust very well, my child is comfortable with, and that I know my child is being taken care of properly. Most daycares around me are $200+ a week… so I would say good care for $150/wk isn’t bad! :slightly_smiling_face:

  • I also worked at one of the “better” daycares in my area and there are a lot of reasons behind the scenes why I don’t trust them -

Depends on daycare expenses in your area.

Find another option lady!

Sometimes its worth to pay the extra if you have peace of mind that your child is being well taken care of. I woukd pay it.


I pay 220 will be 230 come January a week so roughly 45 a day for 5 days a week

$100 a week at my kiddos daycare & $50 a week if they just do after care. I live in Alabama so I guess cost of living & such would go into it.

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I pay 200 a week for a 4 year old.

I pay 800 a month for a 4 day week - at a real daycare

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don’t lose her it’s worth it

For a babysitter depending where you live $15 hourly is usually the going rate

Don’t underestimate the value of a daycare where your child is happy wnd healthy. It took us four placements to find one that really worked and it was exhausting.


30 a day is reasonable for in home daycare. But if you’re going to 50 I would make sure it’s more of center where they are licensed.
The daycare I worked at was level 3 licensed and she charged 40 a day.

For at home, non-licensed daycare, $150-250 a week is normal. For a daycare you pay $400-500 per week. These are per kid prices for a child who is no longer in diapers. It goes up by about $100/wk if they are still in diapers.

Yeah but you start paying it and then she will ask for more and more amd then she could end up leaving anyways. Hard choice. I just hope she doesn’t still leave anyways

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I pay $230 a week for daycare center here in Ohio.

I pay $72 roughly per day for 2 kids at a licensed, in home daycare. However, when I had a private sitter for one child, I paid her $10/hr for 12ish hours a day.

My kids go to an actual daycare Monday thru Friday & it’s $280 a week for my 2 year old and $200 a week for my 4 year old

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Depends on the area. Around where I live, daycare can run as much as almost $2k a month which is about $500 a week. When I nannied, I was making about $100 a day which was far less than most nannies in my area that make $25+ an hour.

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150 a week for daycare? In home? That’s totally a good deal. That means she is only making 6.25 and hour.


I realize my daycare is much better priced than most but I pay $37 a day for 2+.

To me it does because legit daycare here is $7 a day.

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Non licensed, homedaycare where I live is normally around $35/$36 a day.

I pay $46.60 a day🤷🏻‍♀️ Doesn’t seem like much for peace of mind knowing your kids are well taken care of.

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I make $500 a month watching my nephew 5 days a week, thats totally worth it.

10$ a day more for a person that you know and trust? Sounds like a steal to me.


Obviously it won’t work for u… I guess u either have to choose to pay her what she wants/needs to continue or u will have to find someone else.

I pay $60 a day but I know little man is in really food hands. Soooo worth it

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30 a day is fair but if she is not license only pay for the days here is there

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I pay $20/day for in home care.

I only charged 50 bucks a week. So 5 days and 2 kids.

I pay 600 dollars a month for daycare. They include a curriculum, breakfast, two snacks a day, and lunch. But I trust them with my daughter and love them like family so it’s worth every dime!


That’s insane. Find someone else You can pay that much at a licensed day care but just someone at their home and not licensed I wouldn’t pay more then 20 a day


I pay 125 a week and 250 for 2 weeks

Here in vermont it runs $20-$30 a day for in home, none registered. It is $40 a day for the daycare/preschool my children now go to. Everywhere is different. I dont think you should pay $50 a day for a home care UNLESS she goes to your home but even then, thats a lot. If you going to pay that much, I would find a center.

That’s a very good price anyone saying different is just being cheap finding a gods reliable sitter is hard and this lady has to keep her bills paid.


If you trust her with your kids then $50 is money well spent


I pay 190.00 for 2 kids a week at daycare during the school yr and 220.00 a week for the summer… just so I work as a single mom its not easy but without daycare not sure what I would do… please understand this daycare has been amazing for the past 12 yrs for me they are our family

If I break my sitter/nanny down per kid I am paying $28.75 a day per kid.
She is a college kid who just needed part time work. We pay her $11.50 an hour. Yes that seems like a lot BUT she takes care of 4 kids, picks up from school, helps with homework, takes kids to after school activities and helps pick up our house dishes, floors, laundry etc. Well worth it.
When my kids were at a center (2 to 3 at that time) we were paying 900- 1500 a month.
She could also be trying to get more and could keep raising the price

my daughter pays about 1200 a month for licenced daycare.

I was paying about 1200 a month

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I think it really depends on the area you live in. I keep a couple kids in my home & I’m not licensed so I charge $25/day and only for the days they are actually here. But that’s the going rate where I live. I’m in a small town and even the daycare centers aren’t much more.

No its not. And most daycares have a weekly rate vs a daily. If you think its too much for a non licensed provider call and get daily quotes in your area for a licensed provider.

I was paying $130 a week for daycare they covered breakfast lunch and 2 snacks everyday

It’s about the $180 a week here, so that’s $36/day and that’s on the low side.

I’m a SAHM in Alabama, and I just started babysitting in home this week.
Babies are 14 months old and 2 months.
I will charge $165 a week.
Daycares around here are around $110 a week for one child, $190 for two.
I’m babysitting for my niece.

We paid $125 a week for an in home daycare 10 years ago

we pay $25 a day for our in home sitter and she’s amazing

If you can afford it. And she loves your child. Then you must make that decision.

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Either way the amount of money daycare charges is just surprising. I know some will oddly disagree with me but for single parents or low income families daycare costs are way too high. 600-1200 a month, well what about people who work hard but still only bring in little money. Cant afford rent and daycare smh

I pay $2,124 per month in childcare for a 3 & 4 year old

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Thats actually really good

I was paying $400 a week for a babysitter where I live. So no I don’t think that’s too much.

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I use to pay $175 weekly for 1 kid in full time licensed daycare.

$20 a day?!?! Even 50/day sounds ridiculously underpriced.

It’s really hard to know because it varies by state and even the cities within the state.

Like others said it always depends on the person and the place, licensed and unlicensed. When I ran an income daycare not licensed (as it wasn’t required by my state) I charged based on the income of the family because I understood that not everyone could pay a set rate.

I honestly think she is haggling you too… she is making you feel guilty about her leaving so she can charge you more (which isnt fair to you) let her leave and find someone else

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I get paid by my clients $35 a day so about $175 a week. $50 is a lot and I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for that much from somebody. But $35 is reasonable!

It’s a small price to pay for piece of mind if you can afford it. Most day care facilities
make you pay for the whole week if you bring the child or not.

Licensed provider here… switch to the licensed daycare. The rates are dependent on your location. I charge 45 a day and other providers charge between 40 to 50. Im in ca

That’s not an unreasonable price.

Not only do you need to look at cost. You have to weigh out the relationship and how comfortable you are were you are at. How the child does there versus on up rooting the kid to new things and how they would act. This is coming from someone who work in home and in childcare. Both have there good vs bad points. I know in home you can be more freely taking them place and not as many kids. Daycare on the other hand more kids teachers that might be great and some not so great, more germs, teachers that might smoke on break, or doesn’t do exactly how they are suppose to. I only say this because as I said I did both and worked with all types of workers and also the director of one church organization and you would be surprised what goes on in them. So sometimes you pay for what you get. And price wise is right on target what all is saying

I pay $45 a day for a 3 month old.

$50 a day is a bargain!

Most actual daycare centers are $200+ a week. And if she’s raising the price then she needs to watch him at least 1-2 days aside from Monday &Wednesday, days for you to get other things done

$150-200 per week is reasonable where I live.

If you want her you have to pay her what she is asking she has to pay her bills too you plus it’s better since the a daycare because she doesn’t have alot more kids also you can’t expect her to take care of your child if she can’t afford hers bills

It all depends on where you live on what is considered average and the age of your child is a factor in it. If your child went to a regular day care it wouldn’t matter how many days they went, your rate would be weekly and good luck getting Saturdays

That’s what I pay. Doesn’t include meals. It is a licensed daycare/preschool&kindergarten program.

I technically pay 55 a day for a license center

That’s a lot of money to pay someone who isn’t licensed. I’m in Maryland and it’s been a while since I’ve had to pay daycare, but I paid $125 a week, full time for a licensed home daycare. I dropped off at 7:15 every morning, M-F, and picked up every day at 5pm. That $125 (per child) included breakfast, lunch, snacks and she did like a pre-school curriculum with the little ones. In my opinion, that’s $150 per week (if you pay $50 per day, M-W) and well worth it for someone you both like and trust with your child. I understand that she is a SAHM and is trying to contribute to her household income by watching your child, however, it’s not entirely fair that she keep raising her rate. So maybe agree to the increase but ask for a contract that locks that price in for the next 12 months, to protect yourself from another price increase.

Omg you guys are acting like they are asking for a lot of money when they are only asking for 50 dollars


What you pay also depends on the age of the child. Is your child a toddler that still requires diaper changes, etc or a child who is more independent. Does she provide anything for them? Food? Wipes? There are many factors that go into deciding what is a fair price. Some daycares in my area that are licensed charge anywhere from 250-300 a week depending on age

The most expensive daycare i have been to was 30$/day

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Wow daycare where I live is around 400 per week per child


I pay 145 a week at a certified daycare and my child only goes 4 days in have to pay for 5

I charge 50$ a day and honestly I should be charging more. I provide the food from 8am-5pm. And provide her with help during this virtual learning. I’m actually going to ask for more a day, or they can find someone else cause she is requiring 1 on 1 assistance with her virtual learning which is worth way more than 50$ a day🤷‍♀️…we’re in NJ the girl is in 1st grade.

I pay 195 a week for an official daycare center so that seems totally fair to me.


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