Is throwing up blood normal?

I have a question ladies i had a csection april 10th and yesterday i went to the hospital cause i was throwing up blood and the nurse said its normal to throw up blood so is it normal to throw up blood?


I highly doubt its normal. Go in for another opinion asap

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Uhm, no. Wtf.? I had a csection and never did anyone tell me throwing up blood is normal. Normally people throw up blood when they are seriously sick or injured.


I wouldn’t think so…

I would be going to a different emergency room asap…that’s nothing to play with darlin!

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Um no ive had 2 get some help immediately!


You should find a new hospital to go to…:upside_down_face:

I work in the medical field, this is NOT normal


I’ve had 2 c section and never threw up blood. Doesn’t sound normal at all.

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I’d be finding another hospital… Multiple C’s and never threw up blood. You need to go to another hospital

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Not normal. Could be a bleeding ulcer. Go to a different hospital.

No it’s not normal go to a different nurse/ a hospital. You could have so many different things wrong that you don’t about. Not trying to scare you, but you need to go in ASAP.

I had a csection and definitely did not throw up blood :eyes: get a second opinion!

Ummmm I’ve had 2 C-Sections and have NEVER thrown up blood.

I’m a labor and delivery RN, and it’s not normal to throw up blood. You should get checked out


I had two c sections and I didn’t throw up blood. Honestly it doesn’t seem ok

I had 3 c-sections and never threw up blood!

Never heard of that being normal and i had 2 c- sections

Talk to a Dr. not a nurse or FB

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No, something’s wrong

I didnt at all. I didnt even throw up

Throwing up.after a csection can’t be good

Get to a second opinion. God bless you.

I’m a nurse- throwing up blood is never “normal”. Go to the ER if your physician won’t see you. Save a sample of the vomit


I cant speak for everyone but I had a c section and MOST definitely did NOT throw up blood

Were you put to sleep? Could be from the tube being placed down your throat if so but it would have been a whole lot sooner than now. I know I never threw up any blood after mine…

It is not normal to throw up blood unless you just had a bloody nose and happen to throw up after

My neice never threw up blood either

No throwing up blood is not normal, call your Dr tell them you want to be checked ASAP

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I’ve had 4 c-sections and I’ve never thrown up blood. I was awake for all four of mine. Were you put to sleep?

No. That’s not normal. Please go to the ER.

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It’s never normal to throw up blood

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Not normal I’ve had two c sections

Your ob/gyn should have nurse on call!

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The fact u are asking shows u know its not normal. Please see a doctor for 2nd opinion not fb.

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Wth when is it ever normal to throw up blood besides a little when you have a bloody nose or irritated throat but even then it would only be a little bit

No I never threw up blood get seen immediately

Nope not normal st all

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I had 2 and never threw up at all, much less blood. Go to the ER

Oh my goodness, I don’t think so, I have never heard anything like that, it’s good you went to the hospital though

Umm no … no it’s not normal at all!!

Nope nope nope nothing normal about that

If it looks like coffee grounds, that’s a GI bleed. That’s serious!

I have had 2 c sections and have never thrown up blood. Doesnt seem normal to me


Not normal and I had 4

It’s literally NEVER ok to throw up blood


No, not normal at all

I had 3 C-sections and did not throw up blood. I would definitely get a second opinion. Praying for you. :heart:

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I never threw up blood…

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Nope they tryna kill you!..its never ok to throw up blood!..and ive had two and one was an emergency

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What I had 5 c section I never threw up blood

Fuck that nurse, she’s not a doctor and should not be saying what is or what isn’t normal :woman_facepalming:

i never threw up at all

I’ve had two,and I never experienced that, nor have I heard of anyone who had experienced that after a C-section! Definitely needs to be checked out

I had 2 ans never did

No, not normal. Do you have an ulcer?

No its not normal! You could be bleeding internally!

Wow I never did, I’d go to a different ER. Like, now.

Id go to a different hospital

Not normal. You need to visit another ER or if there isn’t one call and tell them “look I was seen for ______ and told it was normal… and I know it absolutely isn’t, and feel the need to be seen again”

No… it’s never normal to throw up blood… even blood from the c section would never have a chance to go anywhere that could be thrown up… I’d get a second opinion momma

I would go to e.r doesn’t sound normal at all. I never did that, not my sister, or best friend none of them done that.

No… Get to the ER now

It’s never normal to throw up blood u need to get a 2nd opinion asap

Well if the blood is red you might be okay if it’s more black then the only time I’ve seen that is when people have a blockage and die

I had 2 c-sections and never did. Go to the ER

I have had 4 csections and never once thrown up blood…I would be concerned and demand to speak to he doctor

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No!! Huge hell no, I had 4 sections and never thrown up blood

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Never happened to me.

I had 5 c-sections and that NEVER happened. Pretty sure that is definitely NOT normal! Go to the ER now and get a second and third opinion if necessary. Good luck and congrats on your baby.


Tell us how it turns out…

Why would it be normal to throw up blood? Wth. I would defentily go somewhere else.

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I’m just gonna go ahead and say fuck no!!! I’ve have repeat cesarian 2 years in a row and never have I ever throw up blood ,go somewhere else please those people don’t want to do their jobs period

Most def. Not. This is not normal in any case.

Noooooo! I had a c-section and never once threw up blood

Noooooo! I had two sections in a row a year apart. That is NOT normal!

I’ve never heard of that it can’t be normal

No don’t think so :persevere::persevere:

The nurse shouldn’t be telling you that she isn’t a doctor

Not normal no way get to Dr or er

Sounds like they may have cut something more when doing a C- Section like maybe your intestines. Idk but go to a different Hospital if you can. Pls go to the ER ASAP. Good luck hun hope you find some answers quickly. :thinking::grinning:

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No, not at all go to the ER

No…it’s never normal to throw up blood. Get a second and third opinion. Do not leave until someone listens to you and you are cared for properly.

When has it ever been normal to throw up blood?

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Call your doc that did the c section

Oh no, call your Doctor.

WTF… never heard of that!

Not normal!! I’ve had 4 c sections and never has this happen

I had 5 and never had that

Call a lawyer then go to another hospital

Don’t think so get another opinion

Omg no please go to the a different hospital! That can be a sign of internal bleeding. Do NOT take no for an answer.

I had 2 never had that happen. Go see your doc ASAP

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Absolutely not normal.

I’ve had 2 c sections and never threw up blood, I do not think that is normal!!

No not normal. And understand you are talking about 2 different bodily systems (1 gastrointestinal and other reproduction) besides being in your body; the 2 aren’t linked.

A c-section has nothing and no relation to do with your stomach. So I would be going back to the ER and asking for a Dr to review you. I’d also take a sample of what you are throwing up aswell (gross but will help in diagnosis).

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I’ve had three c sections and never had that happen it’s not normal

Nope I’ve had 3 and never had that

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It is not normal at all. I would immediately get checked out by someone else!

ALWAYS tell them you want it noted in the chart if they say something like that, for any reason, that makes them want to do more and check more closely since it would be noted that they decided not to do anything. Get checked out ASAP again, hope you’re okay!:heart:


NO!!! It is NEVER normal