Is throwing up blood normal?

What? I had THREE csections and that isn’t normal. Go to another hospital

Omg no it’s not. Go to another hospital ASAP

Hell naw!!!
That’s not normal

It’s never normal to throw up blood

No that not normal. Get help quickly

I haven’t had a c section but I don’t think it’s EVER normal to throw up blood. :grimacing::flushed:

That Nurse should be Fired ,What the Hell she thinking Get another Opinion

I’ve had 2 csections and never threw up blood

Absolutely not normal!

I’ve had five and only ever threw up blood from my vagina…get checked somewhere else and don’t wait to do it!

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I’ve had 2 c-sections with my most recent being on April 12th. I have never thrown up blood, or been warned that that was a possibility. I would definitely be demanding an explanation!!

That suggests that you are bleeding somewhere from the inside …Not safe ! Get it checked ! Assap

Uhhh I definitely wouldn’t think it’s normal!!

Never normal to throw up blood!

I would definitely go see another doctor the one that told you that is a crock of s***I had a C-section myself never once threw up blood

Not normal at all, csection or not

Definitely not normal!

Whhaaaat?! Never had one but I can concur, not normal!

GO TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL!! NEVER normal to throw up blood!!

The nurse is not a doctor!!!

I had 4 C-sections and never threw up blood

No! I had 2 c sections never threw up blood.

No I had 4 c sections and this does not sound normal to me atall…

in my experience no it isnt

I had a c section March 25 and I was told if I had any clots in my blood or threw up blood or was bleeding heavily to come in IMMEDIATELY!!

My doctor told me if anything like that happens to go to the ER immediately

Along with everyone here, not normal. Get seen by someone else.

I had my section on the 7

No not normal please seek a 2nd opinion

No no no… She prolly didnt want you to panick… Not good get seen. Could be pp hemorrhage…

Get a second opinion. No way Is it normal. I had 2 csection

I have never thrown up blood after 3 csections that is not normal at all I would go to er and tell them whats going on and demand I blood clot test called d dimer

Pretty sure throwing up blood is never “normal”.
Those people probably just don’t want the hassle which is dumb because it’s their job to care.
Go somewhere else…a different hospital.


A c section should not cause you to throw up blood unless you have free fluid in your abdomen, aka internal bleeding. It could also be related to a blood clot. I would definitely try another ER it could be very serious.

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C section or not throwing up blood is never normal


I never threw up blood or threw up period

I’ve had 5 c sections, the last being very difficult. Never have I ever, with any of them, thrown up blood! Go to a different ER!

That is definitely not normal!! I’ve had 2 c-sections and never once did I throw up blood. Never heard of anyone else doing that either.
I’d say ask a Dr not a nurse hun. You need to be Checked!

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No. I am a retired RN. It’s not normal.

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Definitely not normal Sweety… Go back get a second opinion… Then tear the nurse anew arsehole for not taking her job seriously… Good luck

Not normal. The only thing that should bleed is your vagina

He’ll know that’s not normal they’re lying to you

Well what did the dr. say? Surely an E.R. dr saw you. Get yourself to another hospital or your obgyn.

No I’ve had c sections and never threw up blood

no i have 2 c section but didnt experience that get second opinion

Um not normal however there are non-life threatening causes. Like a popped blood vessel in the esophagus. Normal not dangerous, cause by vomiting. It really depends on the blood color and amount. If its bright red/ fresh blood you will be ok but if it’s dark red to purple that’s considered internal and life threatening.

I’ve had 3-sections and never threw up blood.

Throwing up blood would not be a normal part of a c-section…

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I threw up bile after but never blood. I’d go somewhere else pronto.

Umm the fuck its normal. I’ve had 4c-sections and NEVER threw up blood go to a different doctor

I didn’t throw up anything . certenly not blood . go get a second opinion.

Please get second opinion

I had 5 C sections with twins…it’s not normal in any circumstances…Refer someone else

Just go to your regular doctor or another ER

The fact I’m not seeing any c section shaming comments warms my heart. Great job, ladies!

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No. See a doctor. Maybe an ENT? Nurses should not give diagnoses.

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I’m a nurse. Go to ER NOW!

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Soooooooo not normal!

If the blood is bright red, it’s most likely a tear in the esophogus. When I was throwing up blood from a bowel obstruction, it was like coffee grounds. Tearing your esophagus can happen from coughing too hard, and usually isn’t life threatening and heals itself

Never had one but v I want to say no

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No! Not normal at all.

Rachel u have had 2 thought u could help

Go to Hospital to get a second opinion because I had 1 C- section and had blood loss not in my bag

I don’t think it is normal

No normal…second opinion

Had 3 csections never threw up blood

NO! I had two C-sections no I never threw up blood find another doctor I would be demanding a cat-scan cuz something is not right

No Having a C section has nothing to do with throwing up blood. What color is the blood. People need to be more aggressive about health issues than what you are. Dr’s are not perfect. You need to be careful about your health care team. If a Dr or a Nurse tells you something that doesn’t sound right SPEAK UP!!! IT’S YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE. NO ONE SHOULD EVER VOMIT UP BLOOD. I’M JADDED. I’M A RN WHO HAS WORKED WITH SOME GREAT DR’S AND OTHER NURSES & I’VE WORKED WITH SOME SCARY DR’S AND NURSES. Most people are more concerned about ( auto repairs or house repairs. You get more quotes and shop for the best person for the job) BUT SOME PEOPLE DON’T THINK TO DO THE SAME FOR MEDICAL CARE. IT’S YOUR LIFE, TAKE CONTROL, ASK QUESTIONS AND IF YOU NEED INTERVIEW DR’S SO YOU CAN GET THE BEST CARE THAT YOU DESERVE.

Not at all. I had 3 and NEVER threw up.

I’ve had 3 c-sections. I never threw up, and definitely never threw up blood. Please get a second opinion. That doesn’t in any way sound good.

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I’ve had 5 n never threw up blood

Definitely not normal see another doctor urgently for a scan.

Thats not right see another dr fast make sure theres no smell coming from csection area. Cause you could be getting and infection or something hard to say

Nope. Take yourself to see the doctor.

I’ve not had a c section but I can bet it’s not normal to throw up blood u need the hospital now x

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Absolutely not normal to throw up blood!

Regardless of a C-section or not, throwing up blood is never normal


That is NOT NORMAL. Go to a different hospital better yet make an emergency appointment with your primary or obgyn

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It sounds like there could be some internal bleeding from a tear. Go now! do not wait!

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Throwing up blood is NEVER a normal thing E.v.e.r.!!!

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I had a c-section and that is not normal! Go to a new doctor! Now!

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Umm. The only time it would be considered normal to throw up blood would be if you’ve had a broken nose and some blood made it’s way in to your stomach. And even then, it wouldn’t be fresh red blood, it would be dark brown old blood. You need to see a doctor.

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I had two c sections and never experienced this- definitely go a different hospital

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No go another hospital

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Go see your doctor and file a complaint against that nurse


Heck no it’s not, I would definitely go to another dr

You don’t actually throw up “blood” when you throw up blood. You actually throw up something that looks more like coffee grounds…

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Absolutely not normal

No. I had 2 c sections and never threw up blood. NOT NORMAL! Go to a different hospital!

It is never normal to throw up blood.

I’ve had 4 and never threw up blood go somewhere else

Throwing up blood is not normal. Go now!!!

Uhhh no. I’ve has 2 and the I threw up right after my 2nd, no blood. That cannot be normal

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That is not normal
I would go to a different hospital

Whether a c sec or not, throwing up blood is not normal.

Maybe immediately after IF you had general anesthesia…otherwise, absolutely not!

i throw up after my first c section, but it definitely wasn’t blood, i would call the ob

WTF no! Never normal new hospital new Dr!

Uhm no! Its never normal to throw up blood. I’ve had 2 csections and NEVER had that complication