Isn’t this narcissistic?

My bf told me “I’ll hit up as many girls as I want and you’ll get over it because I think you’re the one cheating”

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Yep & a c**t. Fuck him off

After that comment he would be single.


Where do ya’ll find these crusty ass dudes :joy:

It’s time for either one of you to leave!!:triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

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Time to take out the trash!

At the bare minimum that’s a large red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:. It’s 2022 girl, us women arnt putting up with this kind of shit anymore. Own your power and walk away from any relationship that isn’t brining you peace

Leave, run !!! Pack your things and never turn back. He is worthless.


Gaslighting loser.:raised_hands:t3:


Who does he think he is

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Okay you go ahead and I will let you go do your thing and don’t ever think about speaking to me again. Bye bitch.

That’s your green light to be single.


And you’re still with him? :woman_facepalming:t2:


These men serial cheat and eventually become domestic abusers

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Eh that’s more straight up toxic.

I’d be like bye

There’s talking to women
As casual talking
then there’s talking to them as in cheating :roll_eyes: :unamused:

Isn’t that gaslighting


And I hope the next response was “you can hit up as many girls as you like. Because you’re now single.”


That’s toxic af for sure :triangular_flag_on_post:

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I would of told him he can take a fucking hike and that he’s no longer your boyfriend. Seriously girl you deserve way better. Talk about a major :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

Gaslighting and total douche.
Why is he your bf? :face_vomiting:


Idk if it’s narcissistic but it’s def ahole and i would have been laughing him ask the way to the damn door. Which i hope you did. Why tf are you even still calling him your bf after a remark like that?

Girl and you better run before you get something that will not wash off!!! He is an Asshole!! A Naricissistic Pig…

NO THAT IS NOT NARCISSISTIC. That is total scummy piece of shit wtf are you doing girl???

Boyfriend? I think you mean “ex”


Definitely beyond time to go. Leave with no contact, block him on everything.


Yes. Narcissistic peoples accusations are always a confession babe.

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What in the absolute f**k

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That’s a whole lot of things that can’t be said, I say get out and fast!!!

Sweetie, do not pass go when leaving.


You need to leave without even saying bye…


Run fast don’t look back

Pack your things and leave immediately.


I think you misspelled ‘ex’


He already cheated walk away


Run little lady you deserve better

That’s my ex… and that’s exactly what he did.

Oh gee he’s confident, I would say who would want to, see ya later. Geez seriously…

“Then I’m single, bye”

He will hit up as many girls as he likes not because he actually thinks you’re cheating, but because he thinks you’re dumb enough to stay. Please leave.


That would be a whole lot of I’m single now!

Not narcissistic at all but dueche bag is fitting.


The accuser is usually the one with a guilty conscience


He’s definitely already cheating.

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what does it matter. it’s messed up. :confused: leave

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Accusations from a narcissist are confessions


My ex husband accused me of cheating when he already had. Run far run fast.


Tell him to hell w u then and go on a date rt away and I bet he will change up fast and come crawling back lol

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I’m confused what the question is?

Ya that would be over for me. F that.

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Why is she staying with him. Leave him.

My bf? What?? Excuse me!?!? You mean my ex boyfriend is a narcissistic piece of shit that made me feel so low and not good enough when I know I am so I kicked his arse to the curb and said watch me go do better!! Babe you’re so much better than that!! Love yourself and be done with him!!!

You do not have a bf. You have a man child

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Run from this person n never look back pure naraccist your life woll be hell…run n start over.

wow his mother must be proud to have raised a fine man like that :flushed: id smack over my own son if I found out he said anything remotely like that to his partner


Pack his or yours and leave get your self respect back love. Life single has got to be better then that.

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Eww yuk. S I N G L E

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Tell him what’s good for the goose is good for the gander… or get out.

Well if he’s living with you I’d suggest telling him to hit up as many as he can right now so he might have a place to sleep from now on.

If he doesn’t I would still tell him to hit up as many as he can because he’s gonna need to contact a lot of them if he ever hopes that one of them can deal with at least some of his bullsh*t


How is he still your boyfriend? :woman_shrugging:t3:

Jesus that guy would be gone from my life forever after saying something like that :woman_facepalming:

Why would you even stay. Obviously he’s cheating or plans on doing it.


Any reason you still with a guy like that hes trash plain and simple

You’re relationship isn’t narcissistic. It’s clearly toxic.


Leave his ass. My ex used to act like that and he was extremely mentally and physically abusive. He ended up putting a camera in the house to watch me while he was out doing whatever. If I unplugged it he’d show up and not stop accusing me of having a guy in the house and that I had him jump out in the window. He eventually ended up in prison for beating me up. I know it can be hard to leave, but you deserve to be happy and treated with respect, and men that are like this will never change! There’s a man out there that will see you as a PRIZE and appreciate you :heart:

Narcissistic? No. He’s just an asshole.

And you are still with this scumbag?

Leave unless you want to be miserable.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: u do that what a narcissist run girl

Not sure it’s narcissistic or just being a pure dickhead to be honest. Either way tell him to go hook up with all them girls, your off to find a man. Xx

Yes. Please leave him for good don’t look back he’ll probably say your leaving because you have a new man but you’ve gotta just ignore him.

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Tell him good bye. He is just like my ex. You don’t want that I promise

More like, you’ll be the one leaving :woman_shrugging:t2::ok_hand:t2: boy bye

It doesn’t matter what any of these women say because you’re the one that will decide when you’re ready to leave and when you’re done being disrespected.


Boy, bye! Why are you still there?

Congratulations on being S I N G L E

kick him out. with so many girls to hit up, he has many other options of a roof over his head. you deserve better.


Don’t analyze the garbage before you throw it away.


Dump his ass. YESTERDAY!

Let him think about the events that caused u to leave

Who cares, he’s a lunatic. What kind of person says something like that??? Seriously now girl…stop playing!

Did the door hit him in the ass on the way out?.. you did tell him to kick rocka right?

He is cheating himself? He’s a narcissist yes

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Just leave now dear. N save yrself the heartache…he doesn’t deserve u…

Boy bye girl run like hell

You call that your boyfriend? Smh

Why are you even asking this and why are you calling him your bf and not your ex

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That’s gaslighting. That’s him, being a cheater, trying to justify his cheating by accusing you of cheating.

I would tell him to go be with one of those girls and fuck the whole way off!

End it. It’s only gonna get worse and possibly escalate to violence.

My ex-boyfriend… there, I fixed it for ya :woman_facepalming:

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That’s called a ex boyfriend! He’s a damn loser! You can do better!

That’s not narcissistic. He’s just a cheater.

Throw the whole man out… start over

Why are you still letting him be your boyfriend?

Accusations from narcissists are confessions.

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Hold up… can we have the WHOLE story? You could be a narc looking for validation to use against him. Did he find other men on your phone? Has there been ANYTHING questionable on your part? If not… this isn’t narcissism…falls more under sociopath.

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Don’t even try to overthink about this just leave

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Start taking steps back, think about what your looking at with him,a man that said things things to you and you will realize you don’t really love him.

Oh Hell nah, Throw that cheater away

Leave bc he is the one cheating obviously. If you think he’s cheating. That’s how you know he is.

And once you realize you don’t really love him then you wont care what he does or wats on his phone. Its makes it way easier to leave and not think about him after you have left.