I've been having this odd feeling lately that my husband is cheating on me, what shall i do?

I know his facebook messenger password, opened it and have not seen anything, he never had slept somewhere else ever since i gave birth last 2019, he always make sure he sleeps in our house, he just left his phone anywhere in the house when he’s around… Pls give me your advice, im feeling un loved what should i do, what if my feeling is correct. Thank u mommas.


I think you just need to talk to him, it seems like he isn’t giving you the attention or love you want. Maybe suggest getting a sitter and going out to dinner, or doing something that’s just you two.

You can try talking to him and telling him your feelings but normally when a woman has that guy feeling nine times out of ten they are right!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I've been having this odd feeling lately that my husband is cheating on me, what shall i do?

So tell us what makes you feel like he is? You need a real reason for opening this can of worms unless you’re ready to just throw the whole thing away.


So why on earth do you think he is cheating?


Stop looking for something. Trust your husband expecially if you have no proof of anything. Not all men are cheaters and if you keep looking for stuff that’s gonna ruin your relationship. Just stop

Check message request and spam folders in messenger and the search bar. If messages are deleted or ignored/moved to spam the searches have to be manually deleted still or theyre still there… If anythings hidden theyd be using the search bar frequently to find the conversation, I thought my relationship was fine until i hit that ‘spam’ button and helllooooo
You can also switch a setting so an email is sent to him when he receives an inbox on messenger and you can mark these emails to go straight to junk and then check his junk folder so hes not aware of it…
Gut feelings are often right, But they can be misplaced, You might be picking up on something else, I cant relax unless i find out for myself, You might not like what you find though but it may clear your mind too

If you have his passwords and access to his phone, and he is always at home, why would you think he’s cheating? If there is no valid reason, and you just “think” he is cheating, maybe it’s past traumas that you yourself need to deal with.


Or are you thinking of cheating. Harsh I know my ex was cheating and tried to project it and blame me.


Make sure any past trauma isn’t messing with your intuition. Let his own actions, yours too, and the life you live together dictate your marriage’s stability, not the past with others. Tell him how you’re feeling, and that you’d like to feel more connected to him. Consult a therapist if these feelings are consuming you. :blue_heart:


As long as he shows you affection and hasn’t changed his behavior…sounds like it is your own insecurity.


You should contact the doctor and maybe see someone about postpartum depression and anxiety. It can manifest in more ways then just being sad. It can also cause you the second guess yourself and those around you


You better get some evidence of him actually cheating before accusing him seriously.


I’m not understanding why you’re feeling like he’s cheating on you….??


You have give us no information that can help. None of what you described would lead a normal person to think someone is cheating… please provide more information


Trust your gut - it is always on your side of any situation. If you are thinking he’s cheating, even if you cannot articulate WHY, then there is probably something going on that is ringing your unconscious alarm bells. As for his phone, burner phones are cheap and disposable and literally available anywhere. Also, there are so many cheating apps available for phones and laptops that it is impossible to monitor them all. It may be your best bet is to put a secret GPS and/or a voice activated recorder in his car. Men cheat all the time during work hours, so always sleeping at home with you is in no way evidence that he isn’t doing something on his lunch hour or before or after work. It doesn’t take long. Trust your gut.


maybe you need some therapy? I mean if there’s no indications that he actually IS, and you know where he is all the time…. and you’re not seeing anything to indicate it, why would you think he is?

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Lol because your probably the one cheating so your blaming him lol


Sorry but there r some cold hearted b***** in this group. when ppl laugh at ppl for asking for help or advice it’s mean. We r sopose to be helping each other not tearing each other apart! If u feel like something is off talk to him. U know him better than anyone else. Let him know how u feel. There r so many dating apps and everything out now that r made so they can be deleted u will probably never know. Trust ur gut instinct u know him better. Maybe get in w a counselor. Lastly if u don’t have anything nice to say move on!


I think it’s insecurity if there’s nothing changed with his behavior

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Talk to him if you’re not feeling loved but don’t accuse him of cheating or anything since you have no proof. Maybe you just need a date night babies are exhausting.

He’s open af around you. It’s in your head clearly. I’d seek therapy to figure out how to work out of it

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I’m unsure how you’re having this feeling if he’s home, keeps his phone accessible and you know his passwords? I bet he doesn’t even know you are feeling unloved and just “going through the motions” of day to day. Don’t accuse him because I feel there is no evidence but you can sit him down and let him know you are struggling with feeling valued. Perhaps he may even feel the same. Communication Communication Communication and understanding


I don’t get why you’re thinking he’s cheating?? He’s not hiding anything on his phone, he’s home every night, goes to bed with you every night…that doesn’t sound like someone who’s cheating. Sounds like someone has a guilty conscience.

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When the normal becomes abnormal!

Ask him. Start there. ((Hugs))

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I think you need to start by seeing a doctor and perhaps speaking to your partner about how insecure you are feeling.
Maybe something is missing from your relationship to make you feel this way or you could be suffering from something like depression or anxiety.
Chat to your husband and go from there

Call a radio show and have them call him saying he’s won something and that they will send flowers in his name to someone.

You’re trolling, right?

Post natal depression maybe?


You guys prob just need to work on your intimacy. Every relationship needs maintenance and staying on top of being connected is important. Feeling disconnected though doesn’t automatically mean he’s cheating. Do you trust him or not?


Maybe he’s working alot or tired if there are no signs , try speaking to a therapist before accusing him♥️. It really will help you , and you will feel better ,. Also make sure you are eating, that sets off different way of thinking. Best wishes

So there is no reason at all to suspect him of cheating yet you do anyway?
YOU need counseling

So should he be doing the opposite & you won’t think he’s cheating? I don’t get it…

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Go to therapy. they can help with your insecurities. Aint no shame in seeking help!

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Communication is key

A therapist sounds like a good idea.

Talk to him. Communication is so important.

Talk to your husband? Maybe you’re having some depression or something…