Just needing to vent

I need to vent, but any similar experience to make me feel less bad is appreciated. I had a false alarm yesterday and I’m really feeling a certain way about it. I was induced with my first and I’m 38 wees with my second currently. I was told Braxton hicks are irregular when the nurse last night said they can be. So it was an absolute false labor. Also they hurt worse because it’s my second? Because Braxton hicks was just a minor inconvenience last time, like I felt pressure laid down was fine… this time I can’t move and i tear up and whimper from pain until they went sporadic again 15 is minutes after laying in the bed. So what the hell am I supposed to know? Are we just flying blind every freaking time we do this? I’m trying not to cuss on this post freaking out because I arm myself with knowledge. All my family are dead or dead to me, knowing things and research and having a loosely made plan is how I get through. So that’s just impossible? I’ll never know every time, and it’s going to get worse, AND I didn’t know from the start because I was induced? How am I supposed to know anything then? Gas is crazy right now, do I just wait and sit here in paid before my water breaks and then think maybe it’s me peeing my pants and still don’t go in until his head is sticking out??? UGH. I’m sorry. I’m just so frustrated. Everything I was taught was wrong or circumstantial and I feel stupid and like I wasted time and gas and my father in laws time watching my kid. My fiancée had to take take day off and the last thing we need is a lesser check when I’m about to have another kid. I just feel silly and scared knowing it’s going to be even worse this time and knowing I know less than the first time. Thanks for listening if you got this far.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Just needing to vent

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You’ll know when you’re in labor lmao the pain will get worse and worse.


I know it sound cliche I was worried about the same but when it’s real you will for sure know the difference right away!!


Mom of 4 here. I was at the hospital at least 4-6 times with each pregnancy and sent home. Please don’t feel like you are an inconvenience to anyone! You will for sure feel a different kinda pain when labor starts. If you feel your body pushing on its own, time to go. You are amazing! You got this mama


Every lysine is different every feeling is different when it’s time u will know my second birth was actually easy compared to my first walk and walk a lot mobenur house around have sex thru the Braxton hicks and it helps get labor going good luck momma

My wife went through Braxton hicks every time, all five children. The first and second time was the worse. Don’t feel silly and don’t feel down on yourself! Pain is pain and it’s not like your making it up or choose to have the most uncomfortable time! If you and everyone involved in child birth had a choice it would always be easy. Remember to breathe and remember your loved.


First of all breathe. You got this. You will definitely know when it is real. With my first I had what I thought was the worse pain ever nope Braxton Hicks. I also got induced but when you feel them labor pains you will know. I was in labor for 32 hours with my first that was being induced. I had contractions and active labor for about 12. It was horrible. Thank goodness my second wasn’t as bad. Hang in there. I always says if not sure it better to get checked out. Pregnant women always get checked out when it’s nothing. But that one time you think oh it’s just this or that will be the time. That’s why doctor’s and nurses are there are to help you and ease your mind. Keep us updated

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Awww loi welcome 2 pregnancy hood
& not every pregnancy is the same
You’ll know when it’s time…that’s obvious & a given


I was in and out with my third. Braxton Hicks were crazy and when I go into labor I stop dialating at five and need the doctor to break my water. Everyone is different. I hate when people say you’ll just know. No you may not and you may need assistance. If something don’t feel right, go in.


With my first I went in at 36 weeks with period like cramps and was in labor. With my second she had me in and out of the hospital every week (sometimes every few days) near the end because my body didn’t feel right. If you don’t feel right or unsure get checked out babe. Always. The day my second was born I went to the hospital and said “something’s wrong” they hooked me up to monitor and said everything looked okay and they were sending me home with induction papers for Monday (it was Saturday) and I kept saying no something is wrong. They sent me home, I took a nap with my toddler until their dad got home and walked to the kitchen and sat down and my water broke (promise you’ll know, it’s like a WATERFALL and then it doesn’t stop every time you step it’s more) got to the hospital and had her in 30 mins and she had the cord wrapped around her neck (she’s perfectly fine) so I was right in knowing something didn’t feel right. YOU AND ONLY YOU know your body the BEST


Having had your first pregnancy induced really did set you up for being a little in the unknown. Inducing us a very controlled experience and I see how that has now caused you so much stress. In a sense this is kinda the experience you should of had the first time. You’re definitely reacting the way I’m sure most of us did our first time lol. Unfortunately yes, just like every pregnancy can be different, so can every labor and birthing experience. I know its hard to stay calm but you got this. You need to start walking. Just pace around the room. It’ll help with the pain and start moving things along if that’s what’s happening.

Honey, you are having a baby; get ready for plans to fall thru.
That said, BH can feel real. They can be very painful. For some relief, get a pregnancy massage. Prepare as much as you can but be ready for that to change. You can do this.
If you feel uncomfortable or have questions, call your Dr. :black_heart:

You’ll know when your water breaks, it has its own smell. I didn’t go in until water broke with my 1st who was 2 weeks late and my surprise baby at 34 weeks who his behind my placenta so no heartbeat plus he was under 6lbs and I didn’t look pregnant and we thought we lost him early. It’s better to go in just in case though!

I have 7 kids… All natural… I wasn’t sure i was IN labor until i was like back to back contractions. With my 3rd by the time i KNEW and accepted it, he was born 20 mins later

Was like this with my first had bad bracton hicks but when I did go into labour I just new think will prob be same with you, you will just know, but notheing wrong with going into hospital if your unsure better safe then sorry

If YOU feel that its too much for you, go in. I would rather be safe than sorry… For those saying “you’ll know”. I didn’t know with my second and the only give away was my water broke. Went in and I was 6 cm dilated. I had absolutely no pain with my second. Just slight discomfort when I walked. But she was breach and I’m thinking that’s the reason i didn’t feel it. With my other 2, who were not breach, I felt everything.

Please google the different between Braxton Hicks and actual contractions. They can be hard to tell the difference. The main difference is with actual contractions:
*Nothing relieves the pain when it is happening
*There is a beginning a peak and an end to the contraction
There is a few other things to look for but those are the big ones and what helped me. I had absolutely no idea I was in labor with my third, the second was like the movies water broke and immediate contractions. I know it can be frustrating and sometimes it seems like the nurses and doctors treat you like just another number but hang in there girl. There’s the app “what to expect when expecting” it has some blogs with it for people due around the same time you are. You can get advice and vent or talk to other mothers due around your due date. Good luck!

My OB always said if in doubt come in. Dont feel humiliated, if your OB made you feel that way shame on them. Get a contraction counter. And monitor how often you have them, etc

I went to the er 3 or 4 times with my 2nd thinking I was in labor. Finally one morning my water broke and I really thought I peed myself, but I made note of the time and laid down. But then the contractions started. And you know, I promise some instinct kicks in and you know. The pain got stronger so I woke up my husband and we went to the hospital. Water broke at 5 am and he was out at 7:11.

Don’t beat yourself up! Every pregnancy is different. I was sent home with my last one 5 days late and 4 cm dilated. I was there 5 times before they finally admitted me… it’s really frustrating, but you’ll KNOW when it’s real. But it never hurts to go back. I’d rather be safe than deliver on the side of the road! You got this momma! Congratulations! :heart:

I feel like each time being pregnant, Braxton hicks came earlier and were worse. I have had 3. It is truly one of those things that when it’s time, you will know. Be kind to yourself. You are doing an amazing job. It sucks when you are such an organized person as these things rarely follow a plan. Good luck

I would call your obgyn bc I had this happen my first pregnancy and L and D told me to wait. I was in pain for 4 days from feb 8th 2018- feb 12th 2018. My muscus plug came out and my water broke. It never had a smell. Either call your obgyn or go to er. I wouldn’t wait if ur hurting to the point of tears

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You could be in early labour. I called my midwife and she told me to wait until they get about 2 mins apart and then head in

Yea I was told Braxton hicks after 2 trips to labor and delivery within 36hrs. They laughed me off even with this being my third. I spent 36hrs at home in labor and it was horrible. At 5am I called back crying begging them to admit me and they refused and said if I came back they would send me home. Well 715 am my water broke at 34weeks 5days and I didnt make it to the closest town before I delivered my daughter going down the road while my husband drove trying to get us to the local hospital…always trust your gut and not the doctors. You know your body not them

My first I was induced, so to me there was no real labor pains to give me a sense of what is labor and what isn’t. My second I had Braxton hicks and went several times to the hospital and was sent home. I ended up having my daughter at home because I just didn’t trust myself anymore. But for her, the real pains started as a backache, then my contractions were more in my cervix than my stomach. From the back ache to birth it was only an hour. Once they are consistent in time and location, go. But if you aren’t sure, just go.

Don’t feel bad about it at all. Pregnancy differs from all of us and no 2 pregnancies in 1 person are ever the same. My pregnancy was a breeze with my son. Morning sickness lasted maybe a week, I was glowing. Pregnancy with my daughter felt like I was sick for eternity. I didn’t have Braxton kicks with my first, just all of a sudden BOOM water broke. My second everyday I felt like I was going into labor and was terrified by it because she was supposed to be a scheduled C-section since I got 3rd degree tearing with my first come labor time and a natural medicated/unmedicated birth with my second had the potential to cause some serious internal damage. Don’t ever feel bad, or silly or ashamed to go in to be checked during your pregnancy, no matter what pregnancy you’re on. Your body is possibly be giving you clues that something is amis that you can’t know without further examination. Sometimes you get false alarms. Just keep going in no matter how many eye rolls you get from staff members.

Stay hydrated, helps braxton. If you move around and they stop it’s braxton.

Second labors are usually easier and go quicker than the first. You will know when you are in real labor.

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if you think this is bad just wait for all of those afterbirth pains :slightly_smiling_face: But will agree with what a lot are stating, stay hydrated, & breathe & relax

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My contractions were never regular with my second child. I was sent home from the hospital twice. The third time, I refused to leave. My son was born just a few hours later. My contractions never normalized. The midwife who delivered my son said she had never seen anything like it. I said that to say this: If you feel like you need to be at the hospital, go.

Try to relax honey. Every time is different and each of us is so ready for it to be over. You are going to be fine my dear!

For me I felt like I had to poop and couldn’t. Sometimes a little pink after wiping. When your body gets that urge to push you need to go. Who cares if it’s false, better safe than sorry. My last one I waited so long to go (on purpose, I hate hospitals lol) she was born within 30 minutes

Get your hips work on by a chiropractor and massage. Your Braxton hick can be worse depending how tight you are down there and sound like your already stressed. There’s even recommended stretches and light workout you can do while pregnant to help your pelvic floor and muscles. I recommend an exercise ball to sit on regularly. Let me know if you need further assistance I do pregnancy massage and have been threw it. Best of luck.

I feel this wholeheartedly. With my 1st i had a scheduled csection. Never had braxton hicks nor a single real contraction. Now im 31 weeks with my 2nd. I have a plan for a vbac but when it comes time i have no idea what kind of pain or experience im even looking out for because i had NOTHING the 1st time. This time i do get random crampy pains that im just assuming are braxton hicks based on the way ive heard people describe them but still im not even sure of that much lol

Every pregnancy, delivery is different…I went twice to the hospital with my fourth child and turned back home bc it was Braxton Hicks, never had Braxton Hicks with my other three:/ so it happens, don’t worry & don’t feel bad about anything,I know it’s frustrating but you do you and it will all be worth it when you bring that beautiful baby into this world. :+1: :heart_eyes:

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My first was totally induced, medicated, water broken manually. I went in thinking I was leaking amniotic fluid but it was urine. They kept me due to high blood pressure and contractions every two minutes that I wasn’t feeling.

Second, I started having contractions the day prior to going in. It went from about an hour apart to 45-30 minutes into the next day (happened all during the night but they weren’t painful so I assumed it was Braxton hicks). By 2pm the following day they were hurting, contracting around my belt line starting in my back 7 minutes apart. We drove to the hospital when they weren’t letting up and got closer together. They monitored me from 3pm to 4:45pm, almost sent me home cause they weren’t close enough together but had me walk around the hospital. When I got back to triage at 5:30, I had dilated more and the contractions were harder so they kept me. I had him that evening at 10:57pm; I was not induced, but they did break my water manually and I got the epidural again.

Literally just going with the motions. Definitely go in, be persistent, ask to stay and walk around the hospital to try and keep things moving along especially if you think you’re really close (which at 38 weeks you are). Best of luck mama :two_hearts:

I was never told mine were Braxton Hicks this time around and that it was just pain from my body preparing itself. I was told that Braxton Hicks hurt worse the second time around as well. I was having contractions for a week. Went in to be induced. They gave me the little pink pill and said it would take at least 10 hours before i started active labor. 5 minutes after the pill I was screaming in pain. They told me it couldn’t be actual labor and refused any kind of pain meds. After screaming for 3 his straight they finally called my ob and got me my epidural. She was pissed they allowed me to stay that way for so long. I was literally begging for my husband to kill me the pain was so intense.
I said all that to say that you need to speak with your ob. Sometimes Land D nurses think they know all because that’s their specialty, but they have to go through the doc on call or your ob before they can do anything. So skip them and talk to your ob about how you’re feeling.

I hope it gets smoother for you, Momma. Please do not stress yourself out but so much. Try to find anything that will increase your dopamine (the happy hormone) level. Eat a good meal. Watch a TV show you love. Listen to music that makes you happy. Take a relaxing bath. Go for a walk, but please either walk with a partner or stay close to home and carry your phone with you.



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Did they check you. If your not over 5cm dialated u have to wait it out. Esp only 38 weeks. My last pregnancy I was in labor for a week and they didn’t do anything cause I wasn’t over 5 and wasn’t progressing. Same very uncomfortable baby was down there back labor etc. I was a week late when they finally induced me.

Labor isn’t always regular either though. With my last child I didn’t have regular contractions and they were very confused. I got sent home 3 times even though I was in labor.

So ya you don’t know anything and just have to go whenever you feel like you should. It’s better to be sent away.

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First of all. don’t feel a tiny bit bad about seeking medical help because you thought you needed it. I would continue to call the ob office as often as you need to and insist on talking to a nurse or MD and if you think you need to go to hospital, go! As many times as it takes. I had very large babies and didn’t ever have real labor. My water broke and I was not aware—it wasn’t a gush, like the lady novels describe, it was a slow leak, I had been wearing pads for awhile, since I peed a little every time I laughed or sneezed. I can still remember 40 years later–the look on my obs face when he checked me at weekly appointment Turns out I had been going through way more pads than usual since the day before. After the cesearean birth, I got a whopping infection about a day later. Trust your gut and keep calling.

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I started having Braxton Hicks with my second right before preterm labor around 25 weeks. They were random for me until ,37+3 and then started coming on more regularly and strong. I ended up having an induction scheduled at 39 weeks, and went at 38+2.

But my labor was faaaaaast. My first contraction happened at 9:13am and my son was born 11:27am that same morning. With a 45 mile drive to my birthing location :skull::skull::skull::skull: we almost didn’t make it. And my husband had to be called from work to come home, and he was like 30 minutes out when he got the call. I was home alone with my four year old even. So even if you feel like it’s a waste of time, you’re better having your bases covered and it being false alarm than being stuck like me, floundering on all fours on the kitchen floor with contractions 5 minutes apart and no way to even try to get to the doctor.

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I was in back labor they denied me. Went to another hospital and they knew the signs. :woman_shrugging:t3: you’ll know.

They can be real contractions but it doesn’t mean it’s labor. Your body is practicing and preparing for the real thing. You will know if it’s real labor when they get stronger and closer together. Download a contraction timing app it will help you decide when it’s real. Active labor contractions will be minutes apart and stay consistent and get stronger. Drink lots of water. If you are dehydrated that can cause random cramping and contractions as well. Good luck!


If you think you need to go to the hospital, GO! Both my kids were preterm labors. My second, I went, they stopped the contractions & sent me home. I was in the hospital later that night & they tried stopping them & sending me home. They brought me a wheelchair to send me downstairs, I couldn’t even get in the wheelchair because of the back to back contractions. I was in so much pain so they decided to check again & sure enough, I had dilated even more & was in labor!

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First of all BREATH…Drink a lot of water and walk…I know sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to do…have you been scraped? did you have mucus plug come out??its like when you blow your nose the same slimmy stuff but it comes out of the V it may or may not have some blood in it?? I have had 4 children and everyone was diffrent…LOL but all were girls.Braxton Hicks will go away with water and walking…Labor will not…Time the contractions from start to finish and how far apart they are. You got this…

I would definitely call the ob office and have them check for dilation. If no luck there, try warm baths to help ease the pain, hydrate, and if it gets to be too much… keep bothering them. Braxton’s with my second were so much worse than with my first.

Let me start by saying that I have a very high pain tolerance. I have 4 kids and never felt any Braxton hicks contractions. When my labor started for each one it was more uncomfortable for me than anything else. I just timed the contractions and when they started getting close then I went to the hospital. I even sent my husband to work when I started having conversations with my first one. I never needed pain medication. I just didn’t feel like I absolutely needed it. But it is different with each person and each pregnancy.

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I had contractions all night long
And they were convinced I wasn’t in labor

I got my epidural at ten cm.

Most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. And I had back labor so it was even worse.

And that was my biggest fear, having a baby without an epidural but I did it.

You’ll know when your in labor.

Just take a breath you will know first thing is time contractions they will continuously get close once 5 minutes apart go to hospital

Go back to the hospital

I was confused the second time around too, as I was induced first go round… I went in and they told me I was at a 3 still and my contractions weren’t close together. But it felt like they were. I went back in less than 24hrs later and had my baby. I didn’t get meds like I wanted because she had pooped inside of me (which explains the pain I was feeling and they weren’t taking serious) and her heartbeat was dropping.

Fake or not they hurt the same the only difference is real contractions don’t stop

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Whaaat? I’ve had 3 kids and they definitely hurt and feel worse with each pregnancy!
I went into labor with my first child, within 30mins of being in the hospital they were like “we don’t know if your waters have actually broke or if you’re even in real labor” they checked and still weren’t too sure if they broke completely but I was 5cm, but I ended up giving birth 2 hours later :woman_facepalming:

My middle child they tried to say I wasn’t in active labor either and I had her and hour after they tried to tell me this… Almost didn’t make it to the labor room ffs.
My third I told them I believe I have pre-eclampsia (had every single symptom buttt my blood pressure would be quite high one minute, they would check again and it’d be down again) every single appointment I tried to tell them I wasn’t coping and I do think I have pre-eclampsia… Come 38 weeks, went into labor… Had my son and after giving birth I wasn’t okay, they did the usual checking my blood pressure, it was extremely high, I was shaking, i felt freezing but they said I had a temperature, my mouth/face was twitching… I was close to having a seizure ffs I had to have a few rounds of blood pressure medication and stay in for 5 days I think it was… Asked the midwife so did I have pre-eclampsia and they said yes!

Honestly, you know your body more than anyone else! No two people are the same and not everyone has the same situation.

Remember the 2will come faster

All 3 of my labors were different. Induced the first. Preterm labor the 2nd @ 22 weeks. And water breaking (w/ cerclage) the 3rd. You can make a plan but be prepared for things to change.


Call your OB and have them check you. Ask them questions. Try to stay calm and relaxed.

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5 kids and it was different with all of them, the only thing that was the same was my water never broke on it’s own. If you are in that much pain and it continues no matter what you do then go in and make them him you up a check

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Honey with my first I went to the hospital about 3 times and got sent home they finally kept me because of my blood pressure. I have 3 kids and my water never broke. If your unsure call or go that’s what they are there for so don’t feel bad about it

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You should go in and get checked if you’re hurting really bad and it’s not letting up. Every labor is different. Sometimes they start off irregular and then switch to regular. I know you’re scared, but try to go with it. Keep in touch with your doctor’s office and let them guide you. When in doubt, go to the hospital.

Oh momma-with my 4th child, yes 4th child I went to the hospital with false labor 3 times. My OBGYN was like ‘she’s your 4th, how can you not know’? It felt like labor to me and I was so done being pregnant. Good luck

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If you are worried ask to see your ob asap or even go into labor and delivery and ask to be monitored. They can check dialation. If you are dialated to a 7+ you can ask that they break your bag of water and that usually can help speed things up. I went in with my son and was at an 8, once my bag popped I went to a 10 in about 5 minutes then was having to push and preparing to deliver. Happened pretty quickly.

Let me say Braxton Hicks are NOT fake contractions. They are merely “training” contractions. They are just usually lesser in pain and in consistent, they prepare you for the real time ones.

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I was in the same boat, well close enough…induced with my 1st and had no clue what to expect with my 2nd. I thought I wet myself and stupid me I called my Mom…now that may seem like a natural response but my Mom has never been pregnant! Me and my 2 siblings were all adopted so she knew nothing! I drove the ob nuts I am sure but sorry when your induced on your first then #2 is truly your first time.

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With my second my water broke 3 weeks before my EDD. I also had pretty consistent contractions that would go 5 or 8 or 14 minutes apart for hours then stop for a few hours. I went to the Dr & hospital several times in that 3 week period. Each time I was told it wasn’t my water & they were BH. The last time I went to the hospital they sent me home. I had discharge papers in my hand walking out telling my baby’s father that I know I’m in labor & well just go to the other hospital. That’s when I was stopped as I was leaving & sent to get an AFI. It was ZERO. My daughter was in a dry sac & they were sending us home for her to die. Of course then they took me to L&D. Still made me labor for 3 days with no fluid. I truly believe this hospital wanted to “accidentally” kill my baby. I had a different OB for my 3rd who agreed it wasn’t handled correctly. In my expirence I recommend you go to a different hospital. Get another opinion. Most likely if I would’ve done that my daughter would’ve been born 3 week earlier & I wouldn’t have labored so long.

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You should be having weekly appts with your OB at 38 weeks, so just bring it up at your next appt and voice your concerns. If you suddenly spike a fever go into the hospital because you may be developing infection or something else. You can also download an app onto your phone to time contractions, this might help you determine if you’re going into labor. Good luck to you.

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Timing your contractions worked for me . If they get more intense and less and less time apart I start getting ready and soon as they get to 5 minutes in between go to the hospital I have 4 kids none of them were born in their due dates . Also inducing you should not have took the pain away if anything it should have gotten worse because all they are doing is starting your labor unless they gave u meds that’s another story . Also was your first one delivered naturally ?

I have 3 and 32 weeks with my 4th. My water never broke on its own they always had to break it at the hospital. If you are in that much pain you should definitely call the hospital and talk to someone or if the contractions get closer or more painful get to the hospital

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You might have prodromal labor. I had it with my first and I was down and out for about a week before they decided to induce me. My water broke and they didn’t believe me or check. So to help they usually have a line that you can call and ask questions to your nurses and doctors at the place you are gonna give birth. Don’t be afraid to talk to them it’s part of their job to discuss what’s happening and to answer your questions and help prepare you with information.

Yes, every pregnancy is different. Check with your doctor’s office. I don’t think B-H are supposed to be all that painful.

You will know when your water breaks like it did with my 1st one, 2nd was easy I just felt uncomfortable but I knew she was on the way, third and last I knew when I thought the pain was going to rip me apart. They were al worth it!

I have no words of wisdom cause I only have one child and was induced do idk about contractions or Braxton Hicks or water breaking or rushing to the hospital!!! On a positive note, next time you will have more knowledge!! So sorry you feel this way but stay calm mama you’re almost there!! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Sounds like me with my second. Instead of laying down, stay upright and walk/pace around the house. It might kick start it into a proper labour

Every pregnancy is different. That’s the first thing you need to know. And yes, you will have to push through the pain because it’s likely Braxton hicks at this stage and they will turn you away. Get in a bath and meditate through. If contractions continue on and are minutes apart then you can get ready to go. After 4 kids, my water never broke on its own so don’t necessarily feel like you should wait for that…

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Are you timing? No pregnancy is easy, no two are the same. With my second one got to the hospital . Got admitted 20 minutes later labour stopped fir over an hour. 2hiurs later she was born, good luck m breathe try to stay calm.

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It’s hard to tell, and waters don’t always break. Honestly I’d ask your doctor what should you be looking out for and when do you call him or go into l&d.

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Go. Have them measure you at the hospital or delivery place even if it’s multiple times. Get measured each time you go there. You are right. There’s no way to know when baby #2 is coming. There’s no sense in waiting even if you aren’t certain.

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I was told my contractions could feel non existent by my 3rd baby, and it was true. Didn’t feel any contractions after a week of active labor, just pressure

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I’d go to the doctor and have them check you. I had Braxton hicks with my first and they only lasted 2-4 mins tops. When I went into actual labor the pain lasted way longer 5-10 mins and it radiated from my belly all through my mid to lower back. If you feel like you shouldn’t wait, don’t.

I’m currently pregnant with my second I’m 31 weeks and already starting the lightening crotch and Braxton hicks. Good luck mama.

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My 2nd I went in to my scheduled c section and when they hooked me up on the monitors seen I was having contractions every 5 minutes. My daughter sat so low that I had been in pain for weeks and didn’t notice the difference. It is always safer to get checked out. You could call labor and delivery or your dr as well. There’s a reason we pay dr and hospital bills. They provide a service to us.


My second baby was a lot easier than my first. I was only at the hospital about 30 minutes when she was born. I started having contractions around midnight but they were not reg, so I waited until I had 2 that were 10 minutes apart. That was around 4. Then I left for the hospital. On the way they jumped to 3 minutes. When I got to the hospital, I was already on 9. Very little pain. I have 5 kids. They started out weighing over 9 lbs. my last 1 was 4.9 and he was the hardest, had to have a c-section.

If you get up from bed and walk around and the pain quits it’s false labor. Unfortunately, you won’t get much sleep when this is happening. You’ll be up and down, walking around. And it feels like real labor so it’s too uncomfortable to sleep through.

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Braxton hicks are practice contractions and shouldn’t be that long or painful. When your water breaks…it does not smell like pee.
If the contractions become regular…youre in labour.
If you’re in pain or scared that something is wrong…go to the hospital. Thats what they are there for.
At 38 weeks you could deliver any time so be prepared and dont wait too long . Good luck

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Lol that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Trust me I understand the frustration as I am 37 weeks with my second child and just had a false alarm yesterday. This time around I am having soooo many Braxton Hicks too whereas the first time I only did like once or twice at the most. Now I’m just going to tryn sit back n relax as much as possible and until I am 100% sure what I am feeling is definitely something new I probably won’t go in. Especially if it doesn’t progress.

Take a breath girl your body will tell you what you need to do go with what feels right for you and by the way mine got easier with each delivery

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PROBABLY THE PAIN IS PART of the labour but not yet You will know when your water breaks … Afast labour you may have … ALLS FINE HELL COME WHEN HES READY … :heart::thinking::heart:

Braxton hicks is your bodies way of preparing for labor. Take a bath and lay on your left side with cold orange juice to get baby moving. Like thunderstorms babies preparing for birth in the canal become very calm before all hell breaks loose. A warm bath will help ease/ stop the contractions. If you notice your leaking fluid and its smells kind of like bleach start timing your contractions. Any pain in your lower back could be considered back labor so also look out for that as labor does not always happen in your belly although you may notice your belly tightens and releases when contracting. If you feel uncomfortable always head in and advocate for your right to be followed up by a doctor and not just L&D nurses. Some contractions are so strong and can only be seen using a vaginal monitor. Gas is a good sign. If you notice yourself pooping alot more these days even better! This is your bodies way of releasing all the toxins to prepare for the pushing motion of birth

Things change in each pg , just because the hicks pain was bad DOES NOT MEAN labor will be worse… think positive Mama you GOT THIS​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Breathe just relax I have a friend who on her 4th pregnancy had the worse braxton hicks she thought she was in labour but nope . Then it changed and when she was finally having contractions she said it was nothing compared to the braxton hicks… every pregnancy is different I’ve got 4 kids and my 3rd was the worse pain ever ! Lol

My sister was in so much pain that they induced her. It was her 4th child and she was 39+weeks so they knew it was bad. Yes unfortunately everytime it is a waiting game and guessing game.

I had Braxton hicks with my son for weeks that were very painful. I had lots of pressure that I could barely walk. Every week I went in I was told my son was head down and the pain and pressure are just him getting ready to come. But my 38 week appt I hadn’t felt my son move very much for 2 days so I was sent to l&d. I had the start of preclamsia so they decided to induce me. After hours of trying and I was having front and back contractions a different dr realized my son was breech. He did an ultrasound to confirm it and than I had to have a c section.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Just needing to vent

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It really sucks ay, definitely know how you feel