Looking for unique older names

Does anyone help me with a unique, uncommon, or “older” names that go with Lorraine as the middle name for a girl? Husband and I have a boy’s name picked but can not agree on a girl’s name, and we find out on the 22nd what we are having.


Hattie (has forever been a favourite of mine :relaxed:)

Emmerantiana was my great grandmothers name… I’ve never heard of this name before , definitely unique.

Not mine but Oleta Patrylak is bout the oldest prettiest name i know of.

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My name is Michelle Loraine. I like it

Bernadette Morgan nathaniel

Gwyneth or Gwendolyn

Mollie, Violet, Emelia, Harriet

Matilda, Elsie, Evelyn, Aleta, Constance, Eudora and Winifred…
Emily is a timeless name but still common even tho it’s very old.
Penelope is also a cute name that goes nice with Lorraine.


Margaret, Beatrice, Gretchen, Mabel, Dorothy, Lillian, Alice, Agnes, Barbara, Anastasia, Helen, Lois, Ruth.

Google names of 1930 or other yrs


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Andrea, Dawn, Contessa, Katherine


I like Ruby Lorraine (I know you for the middle) but there it is. Blessings to your family.

My youngest is called Elsie Raine - Raine came from my cousin Lorraine :slight_smile:

Anya Lorraine
Adela Lorraine
Allegra Lorraine
Althea Lorraine
Carol Lorraine
Cassie Lorraine
Cosima Lorraine (Kosima)
Constance Lorraine
Dinah Lorraine
Donna Lorraine
Georgina Lorraine
Gemma Lorraine
Gillian Lorraine
Gretchen Lorraine
Honor Lorraine
Ida Lorraine
Juno Lorraine
Ksenia Lorraine
Keturah Lorraine
Levinah Lorraine
Larissa Lorraine
Liza Lorraine
Maren Lorraine
Margo (Margot) Lorraine
Molly Lorraine
Mildred Lorraine
Nadia Lorraine
Oona Lorraine
Olivia Lorraine
Octavia Lorraine
Petra Lorraine
Prudence Lorraine
Sabina Lorraine
Sonia/Sonya Lorraine
Tatiana Lorraine
Tilly Lorraine
Tyne Lorraine
Ty Lorraine
Verity Lorraine
Vivian Lorraine
Yvonne Lorraine
Zenovia Lorraine
Zenya Lorraine

Edith, mary, sadie ,

Marianne (pronounced as merry-in)

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Vera, loraine, Betsy and corrine

Ada, Florence,. Juliet,. Grace,. Harriet,. Ursula, Hephzibah (my delight is in her) Hera,. Delilah,. Pandora,. Phyllis,. Noreen

Francesca, Aurelia Arabella

Catrina Lorraine. Evelyn Lorraine.

Margret , Margo, Judy , Dorothy, Edith

Ivy , Shanie, Agnes, Alma,Emilia and Delia would love to hear what you have chosen please let us know

Iris ,Ora,Sabina,Janice

Hazel and Iris are beautiful

Scarlette Lorraine :slight_smile:

Cora or Coralie Lorraine

Goldie, Verna, Evelin, old names from my family.

Loretta, Gretta, Lillian, Isla, Iris

Beatrice, eunice, Gretchen, Hetty/henrietta, gloria, gladis

Hattie, Quinn, Elizabeth, Elsie

Della, Dulce, Sandra,Arlene

Hazel, Estalene, Una, Gertrude, Lillian, Leona, Hattie, Hilda.

Opal, Rose, Eleanor, Gertrude, Alice, Irene, Ilene.

Kimberly, Elizabeth, Amanda, Kayla, Tiffany,

Lola… Alma… Cecilia

my first name is Lorraine and my middle name is Dellanne :slight_smile:

Gerlinde, Alice, fanchon

Gertrude, call her Trudy for short

Genevieve, Vera, Dorothy, Julianne, Pauline, Constance

Alma , Daria , Tori , Marie.

Judith Lorraine is name

Loretta, blanch, alva, doris, Florence


Eleanor, Phyllis, Ester, Eileen.

My grandma’s name is Phyllis Madeline

Kathleen, Olive, Hazel and Iris


Maggie Leanna has always been my favorite girl name.

Pearl, Rose, Gertrude


Helen Luraine ( she said it like Lorraine) was my grandmother

Olivia, Mary, Audra,

Lydia, Frances, Moira

My name for my next girl if I ever have one is gonna be
Harper Lorraine

Genevieve is gorgeous gene. Provided Jen or Jenny as nickname… Or vi. Vivianne

Mabel, Gertrude (Gertie), Amelia

Adelaide, Alexandra, or Viola :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Emmie, lenora, elisabeth

Molly catherine lavinia


Eleanor. Nickname Ellie

Annabella then you can call her bella

Delores, Mallory, Charlotte,

Wincie Ruth was my mom’s name

My great grandmothers name was Lola Mae.
I’ve always loved that name- the hubs did not :disappointed:
Ester, Martha, and Ellery

Charlotte, Evelyn, Fiona, Gwendolyn, Hannah, Jillian, Meredith, Norah, Stella

Eugenia & call her Genia or Genie

Eleanor, Clara, Evelyn, Georgia

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I have a Callahan. Callahan Lorraine is cute

Martha & Elsie are my absolute favourite :ribbon:

Ruth is my daughter’s middle name

Myrtle, Dorothy, Christine, Jeanne

Emily lorraine is nice

Harrietta Lorraine
Iris Lorraine
Esmè Lorraine

Violet, Ruby, Judith, Carolina, Ingrid, Maisy, Eleanor

Francesca, Sybell, Vayda, Tilly, Nyrie, Bethany, Charlotte, Penny

Millicent, Helen, Grace, Lillian

Nora has always been my fav

Love the name Lorraine. My aunts name is LaRae Lorraine and my grandmothers name was Lorraine Gladys.

Faith or Hope… we need more of it in 2021 :pray:t2:

Dominique. Kathleen. Monique. Dana. Diana. Dina. Maria.

Emmoline or Emmaline Lorraine, Coralyn Lorraine, Georgia Lorraine, Everly Lorraine

Margaret Lorraine, Wanda Lorraine, Shirley Lorraine

My friends little girl is called Clarissa

Margaret Lorraine
Calista Lorraine (Callie)
Rebecca Lorraine

Vivian, Loretta, Josephine, Evelyn, Elizabeth, Margaret

Joanna lorraine, bethany lorraine, diana lorraine, deedra lorraine, dorothy lorraine, melanie lorraine

Cora Lorraine
Abigail Lorraine
Clara Lorraine
Gianna Lorraine
Rebecca Lorraine
Dorothy Lorraine

Rosalee Pearl Rawlings Ezra Edgar Lydia Blanche Sylvia Nellie

vada lorraine , willow

Florence or Virginia

Dawn Lorraine, she’ll brighten your every day !

Maggie Lorraine Johanna LORRAINE

Adelaide Lorraine - Addie for short

Rose, Carol, Helen, Eva,

Mine is Jessica Lorraine